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The Bisexual Romance of Two young Girls
My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 10

The soft dirt mound that Jane was naked and staked over was the home to a colony of red imported fire ants!!!...The little people had brought this ant colony to this particular place in the woods for just such an occasion. An as she started to realize her fate the feeling of the first aggressive ants were on one of her nipples! quickly followed by many more, and at almost the same time her nipples and then her clitoris was pinched just hard enough by several of the young naked women, so as to stimulate her body and to incite those ants that were around her nipples slit and clit! The results were to infuriate them and this resulted in them taking their rage out on Jane's bare an unprotected breasts and genitals!!. The red imported fire ant, is a much more aggressive species than the black fire ant and can be as much as 5 times the size of a common ant ! They can readily be distinguished from all other ant species by their color and 10-segmented antennae with a 2-segmented club. These characteristics, combined with the presence of a sting! Fire ants are omnivorous, feeding on almost any plant or animal and the human animal such as the soft tender flesh of a young Italian virgin was the perfect thing for these ants to try and devour !!!...The honey and spice mixture would satisfy and keep the fire ants from actually feeding on Jane's tender flesh, but not from stinging her!

Fire ants are most notorious for their stinging behavior. They respond rapidly and aggressively to any disturbance or to there food source., and a single fire ant can sting repeatedly and will continue to do so even after their venom sac has been depleted. Initially, the sting(s) result in a localized intense burning sensation !!!..and this was what Jane was now starting to experience! The sensation was becoming quite sadistically stimulating as well as painful along with the spicy mixture of honey that was spread over her nakedness had to some degree tempered the stings!

The gypsy ritual and custom was not only the deflowering of a virgin but was how the men in the tribe passed into manhood and how they kept their manliness. For the younger male gypsy's it was the passage into manhood and for the older ones it was to maintain their manliness the exact sequences of this event required a virgin! “Jane!”...

Her, along with a well kept secret mixture of honey and spices would be applied to the virgin! The actual deflowering of the virgin took place when the fire ants were at there peak of multiple stinging of the victims breasts bottom and genitals! This is when the act took place! It was done first by the king of the gypsy's followed by those that were next in line for the right of passage. This had to be done according to custom when the fire ants were at their voracious peak, so that both submissive virgin and male aggressor would be subjected to the sinister act of the fire ants nasty behavior. This would thus pass them into the elite group of male gypsy's that have had this erotic manly and painful experience!!!...It also enhanced their women as they, after having a virgin would then have intercourse with their woman and thus the juices of a virgin would be passed on to them making their women younger and more virgin like or at least it was thought to be the custom!

Jane was becoming more terrified as the fire ants began to sting her more frequently, one of the small naked young gypsy women had, in order to take her attention away from this sadistic ordeal had placed her legs on either side of Jane's head and had crouched down dangling her rather large clitoris and pussy lips over Jane's mouth and had said several words that Jane did not understand? Although the meaning was obvious as Jane opened her mouth and sucked it in, her lips then closed around it! The taste was sweet and spicy and this young woman made the most unusual sounds of a wild animal in heat as Jane sucked on her to orgasm and the fire ants continued to sting!

At about the same time The king of the Gypsy's in all of his make up and regalia appeared , for a little person he had one of the biggest and hardest cocks a normal man would have been envious of! He had smeared the honey all over it and with out noise or ceremony had viciously shoved it into Jane! This had surprised Jane as she screamed and screamed as it passed through her virgin pelvic opening and into her vaginal tunnel, the first thrust as well as the others that followed were harsh and brutal, he screamed at her , in a language she did not understand! This was some of the most brutal fucking that one could imagine and it was exactly what there custom and this ritual demanded he do to this virgin! The blood of what was left of her hymen along with the pussy juice and the honey not to mention the hundreds of stinging and agitated red fire ants had more that produced multiple and pain filled orgasms! Jane was going down the path of incredible pain and torture on one side, and on the other her young inexperienced body was now experiencing sensations of penetration and erotic orgasms along with sexual release she could never have imagined! She went from agony one minute, to ecstasy the next if she had not been a young healthy girl she may not have been able to endure this harsh probing and these so numerous swings! !!....

After the king grunted and satisfied himself the next of five different young gypsy men had also enjoyed themselves at Jane's expense, and had then earned their right of passage while doing so!!!..but the next thing that was going to happen to this sweet, formerly virgin young Italian girl was to be even more diabolic and sadistic!

What happened next for Jane was something she, in her wildest dreams could never have imagined! These little people “gypsies “ had an animal, that had been practicing on all of women it this band of gypsy's! This animal was an “Anteater” and not just a normal one! There are several different sizes and types but this one, the one the little people had acquired and trained was one of the giant Anteaters that are found in Belize and other south American countries. With tiny eyes and ears that greatly contrast its large snout, body, and tail. The world's largest anteater is truly an extraordinary animal to see, and this one was extraordinary! His snout was long (over 45 cm in length [18 in.]) and his skull was streamlined with small eyes and ears. His tail was large and bushy and is nearly as long as the body,and this critter weighed over (70 kilos or around 180 lbs)

Along with his gigantic snout he had two other attributes of most interest to the gypsies and their purpose. One was his gigantic tongue that was able to extend well over (610 millimeters [24in] outside of his mouth and that it had spine-like protrusions on it!!!... but his most coveted attribute was his male organ it was much the same as a small donkey and as the saying goes if he has a long nose his dick will also be long! And in this animals case this was certainly true! When he was fully stimulated and fully erect was easily [18in] long and almost [3in] at the head which was also similar to many horses as it mushroomed out making entry into a female easy and exit much more difficult! as Jane was soon to find out! These animals contrary to what many believe, are quite easy to train and make very good pets! This ritual of the Gypsies had dictated that this animal was perfect for such an occasion! One other interesting aspect about these giant anteaters was their forelegs, they walk on the wrists of their forefeet, and have 5 claws with the inner 3 being very long and sharp. They walk with these large claws curled out of the way. Their hind feet have 5 short claws, these were also things that sweet cute little Jane and her virgin little muff was going to experience!

Jane was laying there in agony and ecstasy as the giant ant eater was lead in! She in her position could not see the animal at first and was only able to feel the burning sensation of the thousands of fire ants that continued to sting her breasts bottom and now very swollen clit and pussy mound! OMG she was screaming again for some help and relief! Just when she thought she was going to pass out she felt very strange sensations. It was as if a wet spiny rough leather belt had wrapped itself around one of her red and swollen breasts and the prickle points of it coiled and uncoiled as it lashed out and retracted! Gathering numerous ants as it was the animals tongue! The sensation was at first slightly painful followed by the most wonderful euphoric feeling of erotic well being in almost no time at all her breasts although still quite red and still burning from all of the fire ants were now starting to feel much better!..... But her bottom and pubic mound was still on fire! The animal was led around to her genitals and was allowed to start the same process on her pubic mound and slit, the animal had been trained to leave her clitoris for the last! The sensation, first on her buttocks and then around her asshole had again became euphoric as the fire ants continued to sting her even with ever so more sadistic behavior as the giant ant eater continued to disturb and suck them down!

Jane was torn between pain and pleasure once again! As the animal slowly took his time in sucking and licking these voracious ants down into his gullet! As more and more of the ants disappeared the perverse pleasure seemed to be overpowering the painful burning and stinging sensation........ To at the very last, the animals very long tongue had found its way down into her vulva and past her pelvic opening and into her very female sexual being the sensation was something that few women have ever experienced and for a young ripe virgin the deep and drawn out sexual orgasm it produced was for her, earth shattering! Jane screamed out again, and again as uncontrolled orgasm after orgasm reeked throughout her formerly young virgin body!

OMG the sensation had gone from one extreme to the other. Jane's heart rate, pulse and breathing was at its peak as the animals long spiny tongue retracted for the last time from her love tunnel she was holding her breath with the most pleasurable look on her face and with this wonderful sensation had not wanted it to stop, but the fire ants that were left were now, not only stinging her now very big and swollen clitoris that was almost twice its original virgin size they were also starting to bite!!!!..... The giant anteater had easily taken care of thousands of fire ants and had left only a few in her slit and on her clit to deal with. The eaters spiny tongue wrapped around this so abused an succulent fleshy orb several times, and in doing so the sensation brought Jane off in one of the highest peaks of orgasmic pleasure that any female could imagine let alone withstand. OMG,OMG, OMG !!! as what little female cum juice was left squirted out like a man ejaculating his unused and stored up semen!!!!

Jane was now begging for this animal not to stop! !!....And had no idea there were several more painful and pleasurable things in store! The big anteater had backed off momentarily, which allowed Jane to recover. She still in her helpless bound vulnerable and arched up position heard a most unusual noise, it sounded like some sort of a homemade wooden musical instrument with a deep low tone that came closer and closer? It was the anteater who was bellowing in a lustful mating call!, and the noise was coming from his long tapered snout! This beast had taken his fore feet that had the very sharp curved claws and had painfully forced them into her very red and swollen surface of Jane's mound these claws had also penetrated into each of her cunt lips. The pain at first had jerked her body taunt! As she was again screaming! and had gone from begging him not to stop to begging for this awful anguish to quit! As if this was not bad enough the animal was slowly pulling her cunt wide open all the time this was going on she could still hear this strange and unusual noise. The intent and noise changed as the beasts snoot entered her wet and wide open pussy! Jane was now trembling and shuddering as the anteaters tapered snoot proceeded deeper and deeper into her sore and tender female woman hood! His snout was well over 18” long and as the animal pulled his snout along into her the unusual noise was tempered as it descended deeper and deeper until only his beady little eyes were sticking out above her swollen cunt lips! Jane could feel the animals tapered skull almost splitting her pelvis open as the now muffled noise continued!!!!.....

For Jane the feeling was incredible as his snout was deep into her vaginal canal the muffled sucking musical noise of the beasts skull was vibrating in her slit and his tongue was rotating around inside of her womb. Her “G” spot something she never knew existed had now been found by this animals spiney tongue and was being sadistically abused ! The results were as if Jane had been given a most euphoric and very stimulating sexual aphrodisiac ! The anguish of his claws had now for the moment been forgotten, as incredible pleasure had again overwhelmed the pain as this animal held her wide he so sinfully used his snoot to pleasure her forcefully!!!

OMG her heart was racing and racing! She was gasping and moaning incoherently as she tried to beg, but the words were unintelligible! The beast finally and slowly pulled his long snout out!!!... Leaving her with an incredible empty feeling!...... No sooner was his snout out and he had released the painful grip of his fore paws, on her pussy lips and cunt, that had left Jane's pussy vulgarly wide and open! It had also given new meaning to the word dilated! She could easily feel the cool morning breeze down deep in her vaginal opening. This big animal had now climbed further forward and in doing so had painfully grabbed her tender 36” breasts with his sharp claws and at the same time, pulled himself up and forward so that the head of his gigantic mushroomed shape cock easily slipped all the way into her still stretched open pussy and as it did her cunt and pubic muscles slowly started to contract tightly around it. The big anteater let out an animal groan of pleasure from all the excitement as he was very hard and erect! In animal haste and with his incredible lust had now begun to hump and ram her tender and very sore pussy,..just like the wild animal he was!!... ! Jane was again screaming but this time was not sure at all why? She was doing so from the earlier fucking of the male gypsies , and now from this large beast!!!... OMG she thought how much more could a young woman like her take?.....

The sinfully abusive intercourse continued on for what seemed like hours and had been a much longer session than what the gypsy men had taken! Apparently the big anteater was, for an animal, taking his sweet time and really enjoying his mating duties and pleasurable intercourse with this beautiful young girl! The sight was almost unbelievable and with all the gypsies watching this beast unloaded a incredible amount of stored up animal cum the force had slightly lifted Jane up as it squirted out from around her tightly clinched pussy lips! The animal then tried to pull out and could not! He then took several more strokes and tried again and could not, this went on for more than twenty minutes as he tried and tried to remove his gigantic organ!!!!.. The Gypsies had grabbed his hind quarters and began pulling on him harder, and with several more of them had lifted the animal up and pulled him back! This had raised Jane up as well to where her bottom was several inches off of the dirt mound and the only thing holding her were the chains on her wrists and ankles along with his gigantic impaled organ and mushroomed head! They had lifted the animal even higher and the chains were now taunt as the animals cock finally popped out with a very audible and unladylike female sucking noise! Jane hit the dirt mound hard knocking the wind out of her..

The Big Black Master showed up earlier to actually witness what the gypsies were going to do to Jane and had watched the entire sadistic ritual! He now cheerfully announcing that he was here to take Jane back to Sissy's! With the excitement of ordeal over the gypsies quietly slipped back into the woods, along with the anteater bellowing in conquest, this had signaled the ritual was over!....

The black master could see that Jane was laying there so helplessly beautiful and used, this sight had made his big black cock surge to attention! He carefully unchained her, but she was unable to move on her own as she laid there in a daze. She had been so sexually abused and was in no condition to resist anything. She was also sore from all the stings, abuse and was very tired. The black master lovingly picked her up and tried to help her stand on her own, but each time she collapsed as her legs were unable to hold her! The results were only to allow what was left of the anteaters cum to drip out of her well used little pussy and onto the ground! He finally had to pick her up as there was no way she would be able to crawl let alone walk, and as he did so she had placed her legs around him. He lifted her up even higher and stuck his big hard cock up into her cum dripping wetness she easily placed her arms around his neck and softly moaned in pleasure laying her head on his chest as his big cock slowly buried itself into her, this would keep her from sliding down. It was a very pleasurable walk for him and for her. He took his time making his way back to Sissy's and would occasionally pause, each time he made sure to give her several good and very hard humps! Although she would not remember a thing from the point of when the anteater and her had been forcefully separated! One thing the gypsies had done though as a souvenir, had taken two bottles one small and the other larger and had tied them around her neck! The smaller one was full of the mysterious exotic spiced honey and the other had over two dozen or so of the voracious red fire ants! They were now hanging down her back as she was walked along. Almost every time they stopped the big black master would again hump her that would again produce several pleasurable moans, until the last he finally had the ultimate release!

Both Sissy and Patty had been unstrapped from Stevie and the other male dog whore and both had been leashed and left down on all fours! It was well after midnight when Katie herded them out of the the big Quonset hut and into the cold night air they could hear faint screams off in the distance, apparently it was from Jane! They were both still naked and acting like female dog bitches in heat, as not only Sissy, but Patty was really starting to love being a dog slave bitch and it was a kinky fetish that both would embrace numerous times over the years! Katie occasionally gave both of them a wicked lash on their bottoms!... She had been using the stinging little whip on the trip down the trail and back to Sissy's house!....Once up in Sissy's room Katie had unleashed them and had told both to take a shower together. Katie had removed her boots and red leather outfit. After they were in the shower she had gotten in with them the conversation now revolved around all the things that had happened that night. From young Katie's passage into a dominating mistress to Patties dozen or so matings and intercourse with big mean dogs! Along with Sissy being chased and finally caught by the young timber wolves and then both of them being fucked by the human male dog slaves! Boy what a night it had been, but Jane was not back yet, and her story, and what had happened to her, would top anything that Sissy and Patty had done!

Katie now told Sissy that as her mistress, and for the rest of the night she had to be her most ardent lover and that she was expected to make love to and on her in the most aggressive sexual way she could think of and should spare nothing to please her!
Patty after her shower was so tired and in the twin sized bed next to Sissy's had tried to watch Sissy make the most inspiring effort to love and sexually please Katie's most deep and darkest desire. This fantasy about loving and having Sissy love and sexually pleasure her had been one of Katie's most deliciously sinful thoughts, and that now she was Sissy's mistress could easily command and have her willingly do what ever she wished! For Patty to watch this was a most beautiful and sinfully wonderful thing!
Two young attractive girls one almost sixteen an the other almost fifteen. It was an incredible sight, the loving and touching that these two naked young girls were exhibiting was hot! First the passionate kissing and then the fondling of one another, neither had experience in this kind of intimate relationship as neither had boyfriends to experiment with. The fact that they had both been loaners in school and that this is what had drawn them together, and now that both had some experience with at least the sex part especially for Sissy as she certainly had much more of the sex part over the last several weeks than most women do in a lifetime! Katie had listened to the other masters and mistress's and had picked up a lot, but much of what was said had not had gone right over her head!.

The fact that these two young girls cared for one another had only perked this relationship. Both were ripe for a very intimate relationship. Neither were lesbians as they were more bisexual and neither really understood exactly what it was, only that they wanted the feeling of being in each others arms and both had pent up desires that needed to be fulfilled! Sissy was now pushing her against the bed, erotic and sinful thoughts had taken the place of what had happened earlier. She had grabbed both of Kate's hands and was holding them above her head, this made her very small breasts and nipples perk right up! As she touched her slightly bigger breasts and nipples against Kate's the sensation for Kate was electric!!!... Sissy smiled at her with obvious lust in her eyes Kate had never had such feelings before,...for anyone...... OMG!!!... was the feeling as Sissy forcefully rubbed her nipples across Kate's even harder ones, Sissy's smile was now even wider at the reaction that Kate was having from her more than genuine attention.....

Kate's breathing was heavier now her cheeks were flush as she started to blush from the attention she had never experienced! Her eyes closed and she turned her head away in disbelief as more feelings she had never experienced seemed to instantly creep into her sexual being! This started with tiny little goose bumps that sent shivers up and down her spine followed by small droplets of sweat starting to form on her brow and breasts!

Your nipples are hard, Sissy said teasing, as she pressed hers against them, can you feel them? Katie tried to form the words her mouth opened and her lips moved but there was no sound! Her chest was now heaving as if she was trying to to breath but the moment of this sensual experience had forced her to hold her breath!!!...OMG the feeling of a first love along with youthful sexual lust had produced sensations in her she had never thought existed, much less ones that could be experienced. Her face became contorted and ever so more flush! Sissy had pushed herself up still holding Kate's hands and was now just barely licking the tip of one of her nipples and then sucking it ever so tenderly. Katie's large nipples were hard and swollen as her breathing had stopped again for the moment!... she finally gasps out loud for breath and pushes her breasts up to have this wonderful touch linger. You like this don't you? Sissy knows she does from the look on her face! She releases her grip on Kate's hands and slowly kisses between her breasts!!..

Sissy's lips and tongue slowly descend from in between her soft small developing and virgin like breasts down to her belly and to the tender crater of her button! Sissy's warm wet tongue first flicks and then did a perverse dance around the opening and then goes right for the sensitive root of Katie's naval. This part of young Kate had never been touched in such a way before, and its roots were hooked by young and very sensitive nerve endings to every part of her sexual being. The results were predictable in that this alone had produced a quick uncontrollable and shuddering orgasm!!!...and no one had even touched her little clit! Kate in the past had only been able to achieve and orgasm just a few times before, and this was only when she masturbated and at the same time fantasized about Sissy, but now with all that had happened today, and Sissy's earlier sexual abuse of her, and the dog slave bitches sucking on her! Had brought about more orgasm's in one day than she has had in her entire young life! And this feeling along with orgasms were not over!

Sissy's lips and tongue were now in between Katie's button and her soft virgin and almost hairless mound! The feeling for Kate was something she had never thought about, nor could she imagine this feelings she was experiencing. Just when Kate was expecting Sissy's tongue and lips to devour her wet little clitoris Sissy stopped! Katie screamed out in unfulfilled bliss along with the agony of denial. Oh! oooo! Please Sissy, please don't stop!!!.....But she did!... You like this don't you Sissy said?.. Please Katie said in anguish as she still squirms in anticipation as a frown forms on her face........ OMG... please don't stop!

Slowly Sissy goes back to the soft flat area between Kate's belly button and the upper most region of her tender fleshy like virgin clitoris! Please don't Kate said again, please don't what? Sissy counters! Don't...stop,.. or..... stop? Which is it? You,.. are either a innocent little sweet heart, waiting to be used..or a succulent little bitch which is it?.......slowly Sissy's fingers caress her swollen mound and kneed the tender folds as she bunches the meaty flesh up into as soft wet pulsing taste of young clitoral womanhood! Sissy is just holding it as Kate again says no, but means yes! Her,...... more ragged now, as Sissy's tongue touches this most wonderful place! Kate lets out a pleasurable and very distinguishable sigh!.... Sissy now knows that the tables have turned, and that she now has control as Katie is trembling almost uncontrollably in anticipation of an even more wonderful feeling that she knows is only moments away,.... and again is holding her breath!!!!......Sissy's fingernails dig in to the soft tenderness as Katie jumps with a start as a little pain and pleasure intersects her barely touched girl nerve ends! Sissy had been working her way down in between Katie's legs and at the same time was spreading them farther and farther apart as she let go of Kate and now had taken a mouth full! She had sucked her soft wetness in, her clit and lips were now well under Sissy's control......

Sissy had slipped both hands under Kate's bottom and had grabbed her ass cheeks and had again used her nails to gouge the soft tenderness of her buttocks!, and is forcing her young womanhood up! At the same time does not allow her to move at all! She can only squirm as Sissy digs her nails in deeper and becomes a very busy girl, the lust for one becomes the sexual pleasure for another and it is not an even match! Grunts and groans followed by juicy wet slurping sounds of orgasmic sexual pleasure that can easily be heard, it is a battle as to which one is the victor. The aggressor, or the victim as this most wonderful battle continues! Both are panting and sweating as one devours and the other surrenders!.....

This scene, was all that Patty could do do watch, these two beautiful young girls and before she knew it was sound asleep! Sissy had easily pleasured Katie several more times and had now moved up to hold and caress her. She had rolled Katie over and had placed her head in between her breasts as they two, both fell asleep with arms and softness wrapped around each other!

The first too awaken was Sissy, it was now around 6:00 AM in the morning and the big black master had made his way into Sissy's back door and was half way up stairs. each time he raised one of his legs to climb the stairs he was greeted by a pleasurable moan or sigh from Jane! As to do so just allowed his big cock to pleasurably impale her just a little deeper. This was the noise that had awakened first Sissy and then Patty. As the black master entered the room both were awake. The black master had removed the two bottles from around Jane's neck and had placed them on the night stand.

Sissy had two beds in her room one king sized and the other a twin. She originally had Belinda set up a futon on short notice after Kate had invited herself along on this sinful overnight adventure. With Katie still asleep and both Sissy and Patty now wide awake watching, the black master then lifted Jane up farther, and farther, until his big black cock finally popped out!!!... Both Patty and Sissy were amazed at the size as it was almost 13” long and was glistening with his cum, it was still fully erect and standing up at attention! Under the circumstances the futon had turned out to be the perfect place for the black master to deposit Jane. Sissy could feel her little clit and genitals perk up at the sight of his gigantic black cock, and Patties eyes were wide in disbelief as he walked over with it wagging back and forth, standing right in front of them! He then asked, does this interest either of you? Sissy said yes!.... and Patty just nodded. For the moment Jane was forgotten, until she moaned quite loudly as if she was having a pleasurable dream!... There attention was drawn to her as she was still nude, as no one had yet covered her with a blanket..

Sissy for the moment had gotten up and was about to throw a blanket over her, when she noticed just how abused her breasts and pubic area was!!!... Now with all three standing over Jane's naked and abused young body, that was littered with all sorts of dark red tiny stings, hundreds of them! They were all over the fair olive skin of her breasts bottom and bare muff along with some incrusted honey! The real impressive and noticeable thing was her clit! It was still swollen, and too almost twice its original size!! The master went on to explain just what had happened. The deal that was made with the little people, the fact that they were gypsies, and that they had this ritual and custom of deflowering virgins!!... For Sissy, and to a lesser extent Patty,.. both were amazed to hear what had happened earlier, but the real and almost unbelievable part was the sadistic use of not only the honey, fire ants and what the little gypsy men had done to ravish her! It also was what the giant anteater had done!!!... For Patty it was terrifying and almost unbelievable! But for Sissy's twisted and sadistic little mind along with her craving for harsh and abusive sex, had made her wonder just how she might encourage the same thing that happened to Jane , could it happen to her?

She had asked him what it would take for them, “The Little People” to do this to her? The black master said that for them to do the exact same thing required a virgin, and that she no longer was one! But that he might be able to set something up so they could use her for some kind of a practice ritual! Sissy had walked over to the night stand and had been eying the two bottles. One with the spiced honey, and what was of greater interest to her, was the red fire ants themselves. She picked up the jar and shook it, watching the ants closely as the scrambled around quite agitated, as the big black master and her came to the exact same conclusion at the same time! He also wanted to see if his manliness could withstand such an ordeal!

He then told Sissy and Patty to pull the twin bead away from the wall and into the center of her big bedroom. Sissy had produced the leather wrist and ankle cuffs, they had used last night along with the case that Belinda had left with all of the other interesting female instruments, and sex toys! He then had them place a number of pillows in the middle of the bed and capped it off with a folded blanket to top this mound of pillows off. It certainly was not an ant farm mound, but would do quite nicely under the circumstances! Sissy was totally nude and had no trouble, nor had given any thought about walking around in front of the big black master in her naked state! This beautiful young red head with pig tails and sparkling green eyes was a tempting and very imposing sight. Her soft round slightly plump bottom and 32C” little titties jiggled and wiggled so obscenely as she bent over several times and crawled around right in front of him! All of this sinful display only kept his big black dick rock hard and dripping with anticipation. He then told Sissy to get up on top of this mound and place her bottom on the pillows,... and just like Jane, she had not positioned herself quite where he wanted. So like Jane he happily stuck several of his fingers into her already moist little pussy and lifted her up and placed her bottom exactly where he wanted!

The results of his fingers sliding into her already stimulated cunt had almost brought her to orgasm! While he was holding her in place he rubbed his thumb across her clit!this had brought a pleasurable yelp from Sissy! As he now had Patty put on the wrists and ankle cuffs he also made sure that Patty had secured the chains very tight at each corner of the bed and told her to make sure that her legs were also sinfully wide open and tightly chained! He then asked Sissy if she wanted a blindfold? Just like someone going in front of a firing squad, she declined, as she wanted to not only feel everything she also wanted to see it!!....She was arched high with her pubic mound and sweet pink little pussy helpless up and vulnerably exposed! Sissy could not move at all, as the master took the smaller jar of honey and spice and started rubbing it around and over her tender little breasts but leaving her nipples exposed! He then started rummaging around in the big leather case and found exactly what he was looking for? It was a Vaginal Speculum a device that obstetricians used for inspecting vaginal slits and cavities it was cold expandable steel, and her already being very wet with anticipation made it fairly easy for the master to insert its eight inch length all of the way into her. He then squeezed the handles together quite hard she squealed as the long curved duck bills opened her tight little vaginal tunnel nice and wide!!!.....

Then he dumped more of the spiced concoction down into her love tunnel and with his long fingers started smearing it around inside her opening, he finished it off by smearing even more of it up and down the folds of her cunt lips leaving her clitoris and virgin ass hole free and totally bare of the spiced honey the latter left them just like her nipples with absolutely no protection at all!!!......

To be continued in part 11

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Amen brother just just finished reading no. 10 I will read no. 11 later this week. But sure write about these girls. And hope you put a afro-American dog bitch in one of your story's. Keep up the good work and I read it for the stories not the Grammar

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I've seen a lot of good answers above with svareel thumbs down not sure why. You bring a bridal shower gift to the shower (typically for the bride) and a wedding gift to the wedding (for the couple). Traditionally, the shower was to shower the bride with things she'd need for her new home (like kitchen stuff), as she would be moving from her parents' home to her first new home with her husband. Obviously, in this day and age, that is less often the case.I've noticed lately that people seem to buy something from the couple's registry for both occasions. I've also seen suggestions that you put a note in the shower invitations to indicate where the registry is. Sorry, but I disagree with both those things.Some showers have themes (kitchen, time of day, lingerie). In any event, you certainly don't need to shell out the same amount of $$ for the shower gift. I might spend $100 on a wedding gift and $30-$40 on a shower gift.

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2010-06-08 02:38:22
How can you call the story "My Slutty wife used as a Dog Slave Bitch" if every single story is based in the past? huh? are you ever going to get to the present? most of the first chapter of the story you go on and on about your wife and you and how she did stupid things as a kid. you all ready have 10 chapters come back to the present make it so she is 18 or 19 like you said in the first chapter and she has been the dutiful wife for 2 or 2 years and then something clicks inside her and she becomes super nasty ass slut again and now the the husband is her master and they discover the world of super kinky animal sex together.

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