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Sorry this one took so long, I couldnt find the time to write, but I'm working on it so I wont have to quit altogether, I have an idea for an upcoming story, but I need it to be in Rita's point of view, would you guys be ok with that? as usual comments are appreciated
I woke up to the most perfect sight imaginable, my little sister lying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps, with her hair pulled back, that big smile on her face, her cute little button nose, I was head over heels for her. I watched her sleep for ten more minutes until she finally opened her eyes.

“Good morning you” she said smiling. “It is now, how’d you sleep?” I asked as I stroked her hair. “Beautifully, I love the way you held me, I feel so safe with you” she said. “We’ll have to do this more often, but for now I better get out of here in case dad comes” I said as I started to get up. “No! Don’t leave! Stay here with me!” she said grabbing my arm. I looked at her and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I lay back down and she rested her head on my chest. For about fifteen minutes we held each other as we lay quiet until she broke the silence.

“What do you love best about me Randy?” she asked. “What don’t I like about you, here’s so many things to choose from I wouldn’t know where to begin” I said. “Just say what comes to mind” she pushed. “I love your sense of humor, your personality, your figure, your beautiful face, but most important, I love that you love me” I said as my voice got lighter. There was silence for a brief second as she looked at me with her pretty blue eyes. “Take me now!” she whispered. Just then she climbed on top of me with her legs on either side of my body and kissed me all over my face. I ran my hands down her still naked body and cupped her ass in my hands (I swear it feels like it’s getting bigger and firmer). She interlocked her hands with mine as she ground her hips into my pelvis, making me harder by the second. I rolled her over so I was on top, then I took her left nipple in my mouth.

“Oh yes, that feels so good! Suck it, suck it harder! I love how good you make me feel!” she cooed.

I kissed back up to her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, all of a sudden she moaned louder and her body started vibrating and she squeezed me with her legs. I knew then I found her spot. I kept working at it, licking it, sucking it, biting it, until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh god Randy fuck me! Fuck me please! I need you in me now!” she begged. As much as I teased her, I wasn’t gonna make her wait any longer. I positioned myself over her and pushed my cock deep into her. She instantly let out a sigh and wrapped her legs around me. I pounded into her with long, fast strokes as I kept nibbling on her ear. I could feel her pussy walls contract and squeeze my cock, which made me wanna fuck her harder. “God Rita you’re so tight! I can barely slide out of you!” I moaned. She didn’t say anything, she just kept her eyes closed and smiled. I was getting more and more worked up by the big grin on her face and her tits bouncing around, so I leaned back and put her legs on my shoulders and really slammed into her. I took her foot into my mouth and sucked her toes while I rammed her, knowing I would get a reaction from her.

“Fuck your cock feels so big! Keep pounding me while you suck on my toes! I have the best brother in the world! Uuuuuuugh god keep fucking me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep doing that!” she moaned.

I couldn’t talk because I still had her foot in my mouth, but I did scream onto her foot, sending vibrations through her body as she curled her toes in my mouth. She pulled her foot out of my mouth and looked at me with pure ecstasy. “Now it’s my turn” she said as she pushed me back. She crawled her way up to me in the sexiest way possible, if I wasn’t already fucking her, that would’ve given me good incentive to start. She mounted me and sat down full force on my cock, then rocked her hips in a circular motion. She closed her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip as I pinched both her nipples through my fingers. Just the sight of her doing that made me want to fuck her harder, but she controlled the pace with her hands pushing down on me. When she started bouncing up and down I grabbed her ass cheeks and met her thrusts halfway, and she took one of her nipples into her own mouth. Soon after she lost all control and bounced up and down on me furiously.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me! You like that ass bouncing up and down on you? How about when I grind it into you, like this? Or maybe in a circular motion like this! Oh god I’m about to cum on your cock!"

I knew I was about to cum too. The way she kept switching up her technique I couldn’t keep myself under control. I went to grab her ass again but she grabbed my hands and crossed them on my chest. “No you just lay back, I want to make you cum this time” she said seductively. “If you keep fucking me like that it wont be long!” I told her. She again went back to riding me three different ways while holding my arms down, the feeling was incredible and I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh god Rita I’m about to cum!” I warned. “Go ahead, let loose in me, I wanna feel it as it spurts out!” she moaned. With one big thrust I emptied a ton of cum into her, and then I felt her start to shake as my orgasm must have triggered hers.

“Oh god I’m cumming! Oh yes Randy it’s so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming I’m cummmmmmmming!

She fell down on my stomach still twitching a little, and in her own world, as was I. Neither of us said a word for close to twenty minutes. “I love you big brother” she finally said. “I love you too little sister, so much” I added. She rolled off of me and cuddled face to face with me as we kissed on and off for ten minutes, until I realized it was 10:05 and that breakfast could be ready any minute so I really had to get back to my room before anyone noticed I wasn’t there. Again, she grabbed me before I could get up and begged me to stay, me never being able to say no to her, crawled right back into bed next to her and picked up where we left off. She finally let me leave twenty minutes later when she realized she had to take a shower to get all of my cum out of her. I crept back to my room, realizing both parents were downstairs, and stayed there until we were called down for breakfast.

There was so much tension at breakfast it could be cut with a knife, but it was a good kind of tension. I looked at mom, who was looking back at me, then I looked at Rita, who was looking at mom, then I looked back at mom, who was now looking at Rita, then looked at Rita who was then looking back at mom, and I went back to Rita one more time, who was now looking at me, then we all looked at dad, who was looking at all of us. “You’re all weird!” he said as he got up to put his plate in the sink. If only he knew how “weird” we really were. “Oh yeah dad can you take me to take my drivers test today?” Rita yelled before he could leave the room. “Why not, since you helped me out yesterday I guess I could, but we have to go now, I have to stop by work later on” he replied. When dad said this a big grin came across mom’s face as she looked right at me. I don’t know what she was thinking but it couldn’t be good. Rita saw this and made hand movements not to mess with me while she was gone, then mom waved her off and blew a kiss at me. A little while later Rita and dad were heading out the front door as mom and I finished breakfast. She shook her fist at mom and mumbled something, but I couldn’t make it out. I finished up and headed to my room, just as I heard the car pull out of the driveway and drive off.

I had a little time to kill until Rita came back, so I cleaned up my room, took a shower and sat down to play Ninja Gaiden. I was getting into it until I heard my door close, which scared me a little. I whipped my head around and saw mom standing there in a silk robe.

At breakfast she had on a big cotton bathrobe, but this one was way smaller and hugged her skin, she looked dam gorgeous n her. I sat there looking at her for what seemed like an eternity. “Well I’m glad my son thinks his mom is hot” she giggled. I had been lost in how sexy she looked I forgot to question why she was in my room in the first place. “Uh is.. is there s-something you need mom?” I stuttered. “Relax honey, I’m not here to seduce you into sex, I’m just here to talk” she responded. “Oh, ok then, what’s up” I said a little relieved, but also a little disappointed. “This thing with you and your sister, how’s it working out so far?” she asked. When she said that I smiled and forgot all about her being half-naked as my thoughts drifted to Rita. “I can honestly say I have never been happier than the past week, I’m in love with her” I said smitten. I was in a daydream state until mom brought me back to reality with a slap across the face. “You two and your teenage hormones are gonna drive me crazy! She said pretty much the exact same thing when I asked her yesterday, just remember, sex isn’t everything” she said. “That’s the thing mom, it isn’t just about sex, I truly wanna be with her! I wanna spend all my free time with her, take her on vacation, buy her a house, support her so she’d never have to work, and just love her, like a man should do for his girl” I replied. Mom looked a little shocked at what I said; to be honest I surprised myself a little. “Well, I knew it was serious, but I didn’t know long-term serious!” she said. “Yea it is. I honestly can’t picture life without her” I said back. She leaned forward putting her hands on my head and kissed my forehead. “My little man is all grown up, and I do mean grown up” she said looking at my crotch. “Mom!” I said back in embarrassment. “I’m just saying a tool like that could keep a girl hooked, you have your father beat by a good inch in length and width, and you can certainly feel the difference” she replied. “And how would you know that?” I asked suspiciously. She never gave me an answer; she just grinned, retied her robe, and walked out. Oh that sneaky devil! I knew it was her, but why tell me? Maybe she did it on purpose so I’d wanna have sex with her again, or maybe she just slipped up. I told myself to let it go before my brain started to hurt, as I was a little tired, so I decided to take a nap until my sis got back from her drivers test.

“Randy! Randy! Randy!” That was all I could hear as Rita ran up the stairs and burst through my door, jumping directly on me as I still lay in my bed.

♪♫ “I got my liiiiiiiicense, I got my liiiiiiiiicense, and ima uuuuuuse it, when we go driiiiiiiiiving!”♪♫ she sung as she waved her license in my face while bouncing up and down on me.

“Passed with flying colors huh?” I asked. “It was so easy! I only drove around for five minutes because the instructor had to leave, so he passed me!” she said ecstatic. “Come on, let’s go somewhere!” she added. “Yea ok, just don’t drive us off a bridge!” I teased. She playfully slapped me on the cheek, and then kissed the same spot. “Now why would I want to hurt my dear big brother? The love of my life?” she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me. “Now hurry up and get dressed, ill be waiting in the car” she added. I threw on some pants and a shirt and met her in the car, and she took off down the street.

As were driving along I notice she doesn’t turn down any side streets, and she picks up speed on every straightaway. “Ok slow down you little speed freak were not on the freeway” I teased. “The freeway, why didn’t I think of that, then I could really fly!” she said all too excited. Before I knew it she was on the freeway doing 80+ mph. Now I myself like speeding just as much as she does if not more, but I’m smart about it. “Rita this is a bad area to speed in, if you don’t slow down, were gonna get…. (siren), too late. We both look out the rear view mirror and see a cop car right behind us, sirens blazing.

“Oh crap! What am I gonna do? I can’t get a ticket, dad will kill me!” Rita said as she pulled over. “Just calm down, remember to keep eye contact, answer questions directly, and tell the honest truth. When he looks at your license, he’ll know you just got it and let you off with a warning, trust me. Just as I finished telling her what to do, a male officer approached her window as she rolled it down.

“License, registration and proof of insurance please.”

“Here you go sir.”

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Uh, I think around 75 I think sir.”

“More like 85, the speed limits 65, any reason you felt why that’s not fast enough for you?”

“I’m really sorry sir, we just got this car and I wanted to test it out, but I guess I got carried away.”

“Looks like you just got your license too, hold on, ill be right back.”

He was in his car for five of the longest minutes of our life. Rita was scared he might be writing her up but I tried to tell her she did fine and that he would let her go, but she didn’t seem too convinced. Just then we heard his car door slam and saw him walking back over to us.

“Everything seems to check out, and seeing as this is your first offense, ill let you off with a warning, but you better watch it, the next officer that pulls you over might not be so understanding.”

“Thank you so much sir! I will definitely watch my speed now.”

“Good to hear; now you two get outta here, and remember what I said.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

She drove off breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Dad surely would have taken her license if she’d gotten a ticket. “Crap that was close!” she said relieved. “Yea, and you got to use your license!” I teased. “Oh ha ha very funny!” she shot back. “We got off with a warning so let’s not worry about it” I told her. By now I realized even though we were driving, we didn’t know where we were driving to. “Where are we going?” I asked. “I don’t know, we were just driving around. I know, lets go to the mall since were already down this way” she said. On that note we were headed to the downtown mall, the one with more stores for girls than stores for boys and she knew this, but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

We get in the mall and it is crowded beyond belief, I mean people everywhere. We walked around for a good ten minutes; all the stores are packed with people who probably aren’t even buying anything. The only thing open is a couple picture booths, so we went in for a couple shots. The first roll was of us smiling, making stupid faces, the weird backgrounds, and us play fighting, the second roll was us kissing and hugging each other. It felt great to do that in a public place, even though it was still technically private with the curtain pulled back, but nonetheless made the kisses that much better. After a while we finally emerged from the booth, pictures in hand, and looked around for an empty store to go into. We passed a Verizon phone station that had a sale on 2-line phones for $80.00 a month, so we both went in half and bought two new phones. The mall was still crowded, but it calmed down a little in the food sections, so we went to the dairy queen. I got an m&m blizzard and she a banana split (she loves those, I wonder why), and went to the food court to eat, and mess around with the new phones we just bought.

“So mom came into my room when you left to take your test” I said through a slight brain freeze. She stopped eating and looked up at me with a look of determination. “What did she do?” she snared. “Nothing, she came in to talk, about us actually” I replied. “Oh yeah she did that with me yesterday. She wanted to know if we were really for real” she said as she grabbed my phone and took pictures of herself. “Yea same here, but she asked me way more questions than she asked you, because she was surprised at my answers” I said as I took her phone and took a picture of myself like she did. “What did she ask you? What did you tell her? What did she say when you told her what u said?” she asked eagerly. “Oh no, I don’t kiss and tell” I responded. “What do you think you’re doing now?” she smiled. I sat there knowing full well she was right, but I still wasn’t gonna let her win. “Yea well you’re still gonna have to ask her yourself” I said back. “Ok fine I will, and you better not have kissed her!” she playfully snapped. We finished our ice cream, threw away all our trash and headed out of the food court.

Finally all of the stores cleared out a little and we were able to go into some of them. I went with her into Claire’s, some shoe store and Rave, and she went with me into FYE and Foot Locker. She bought some shirts, a couple skirts, a few pairs of pants, some accessories for her hair, two hats and some open-toed heels, and I bought a movie (I know right!). As we were getting ready to leave we walked past Victoria’s Secret, and she pretty much ran into the store, I told her I had to use the bathroom and I’d meet her there. I really didn’t have to go, I just said that to go to the jewelry store. I owed her a pair of earrings and I couldn’t go to a jewelry store with her, we’d never leave. As I looked around I saw a pair of two carat diamond earrings that went perfectly with her necklace, but they were $1000.00. I wanted to get them but they were just so expensive, then the manager of the store saw me and came over to help. As we were working out a deal I got a message on my phone. Since only one person knew I had a phone I knew it was Rita. She sent me a picture message. When I opened it up my eyes nearly popped out of my head, she was wearing the sexiest piece of red lingerie I have ever seen, dam if she didn’t look beautiful! I finished up with the manager and went to find her. The store was a little empty, but not enough where anyone would pay attention to a guy walking in and looking around. I saw her poke her head out of a dressing room and wave me over. I eased my way over trying not to draw attention and slipped into the room she was in, still wearing the lingerie she took the picture in.

I stood there to look at her for a minute; she looked so good a gay man would consider going straight again. “Well I can see you like what I’m wearing” she giggled. I didn’t say anything, I just attacked her, kissing her while stripping off my pants. She took off the lingerie so she wouldn’t get it dirty. As soon as my cock sprang out, I picked her up off the ground and pushed it right into her. We both bit our lip so we wouldn’t scream, then she put her arms around my neck for balance and shoved her tongue down my throat. “Oh fuck you feel so good! Ride that cock!” I said as I broke the kiss, maybe a little too loud. She realized if I kept talking loud we would get busted, so she grabbed her panties off the ledge behind us and stuffed them into my mouth. She moaned under her breath as I rammed her, which was causing her to swing all over the place, so I pushed her back against the wall, which gave me more leverage, and I fucked her harder, as she tried her best not to scream.

“Yes, big brother fuck me! Shove that cock all the way in my pussy! Yes, fuck me hard! Oh god it feels so good! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!” she whispered in ecstasy.

She pulled the panties out of my mouth and kissed me hard on the lips, and then she hopped down and took my cock in her mouth. “Oh my god” was all I could say, she had really gotten good at sucking my cock. She would deepthroat me every time she withdrew and went back down on it and sucked in long, smooth strokes that just about had me ready to explode, but she didn’t cum yet, so I wasn’t about to. I lay her on her back, gave her pussy one good, long lick, and forced my cock back into her. I was kissing her as I was fucking her, but she broke free and let out a moan I was scared somebody would hear.

“Keep it down Rita, someone might hear us!” I pleaded. “Oh god, I right now I don’t give a shit who hears us, all I know is you better keep fucking me! Fuck your sister hard! Make me cum!” she moaned.

I put her left leg on my shoulder and grabbed her thigh with my left hand, and rubbed her clit in a circling motion with my right hand and pounded away. As long as we’ve been in there I was surprised no one came to see if she needed help with anything. I had her going crazy. I was fucking her while rubbing down on her clit, this time I had to cover her mouth with my hand. If anyone had walked in at that moment, it would look like I was raping her, but we both know that wasn’t the case. A few minutes later she went into her shake motions.

“Oh yes here it comes! I’m cumming Randy! I’m cumming! Oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeesss!” she screamed in a really low voice so she wouldn’t be heard.

When she came I pulled out and drank her juices as they squirted into my mouth, and then went right back to fucking. As always when I watch her cum I went into auto-pilot and speed fucked the hell out of her. A couple minutes later I told her I was about to cum, and even though she was still shaking, she hopped up and put my cock in her mouth just as I started spurting. I squirted at least nine blasts into her mouth and she swallowed it all. When I finished we both fell out on the floor winded, but happy.

“I see you’ve been drinking that pineapple juice” she said still trying to breathe. “Yeah, you have too. You’ve never tasted so good before!” I replied. “We can talk about all that later, right now you better get out of here, wait for me outside, I have to get one more thing” she said. I made a mental note to thank the officer that made us drive out this far. I got dressed, looked around to make sure no one was looking, and eased back into the store and out the door. About ten minutes later she emerged from the store with all her previous bags and two Victoria’s Secret bags. “Need a little help?” I teased. “If you would kind sir!” she said back in her best British accent. “Haha you’re horrible at that!” I laughed. She stood there with a smug look on her face. “I wish I could say you were horrible at something but I’d be lying my ass off” she smirked. We went into a few more stores but I didn’t see anything else worth buying so we headed home.

On the way home she was going through all her stuff, putting it up to her, making sure the outfits went together, etc. she took my phone and hers and was doing something with both of them, but I couldn’t figure out what, so I just concentrated on the road until we got home.

When we walked in the door our parents were sitting on the couch watching TV. “Shopping much?” dad said sarcastically. “Only a little bit, I really didn’t see anything I liked” Rita replied. “If that’s a little bit, I’d hate to see when everything goes on sale!” dad joked. “When that happens were gonna need two cars!” I said as dad and I shared a laugh. “You better hope not, otherwise you’ll be following me and Rita around all day. Now you two go get cleaned up dinner’s in five minutes” mom said. We both went to our rooms to drop off our stuff and to change into house clothes and met in the bathroom as we washed our hands and face. “Do I get to see you in any of the stuff you bought anytime soon?” I asked. She put her arms around my neck, smiled, and said “if you’re good to me, you’ll be able to do more than see me in it, ill let you take it off too.” A shiver ran down my spine as we locked lips. We were caressing each others bodies and getting those familiar urges, when the buzz kill parents yelled upstairs for us to come and eat. I slapped her on the ass and watched it jiggle, and then she looked at me and let out a slight moan and licked her lips, which made me hard all over again. “Fuck you are so sexy when you do that!” I told her. She didn’t say anything; she just walked to the door, turned around and pulled her pants down her ass, no panties! She was really fucking with my head, both of them, and she knew it.

We joined our parents at the table as they were already eating. They were having their own conversation and didn’t even notice we were there until they were done talking. “Oh, didn’t see you guys walk in” dad said. “Yea we’ve been here for a while, we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to interrupt your conversation” Rita said back. “Well that’s why we were talking, your father and I want to ask you guys something” mom added. Rita and I looked at each other confused as if we did something wrong, then looked at dad. He smiled as he picked up a picture and handed it to us, it was a picture of a cabin in the woods, a very big cabin by the looks of it. “Since I’m doing so well at work my boss has decided to reward me, he lent me his cabin for three days. How would you guys like to take a little family vacation?” dad asked. We have never been out in the woods before, so I was a little skeptical, but it did look like a nice place to spend a few days. “It has a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, game room, and probably more, the only thing it doesn’t have is bedrooms, there’s only two, so you guys would have to share” dad said. I looked at Rita and knew she was thinking the same thing. It was everything two kids in love could want, minus the parents being there. At that point we knew we were going, but we had to play it cool in front of dad. “Sounds good, it might be a lot of fun” I said nonchalantly. “Yea, I’d like to check out that swimming pool” Rita followed. Mom looked at us knowing full well what we were really thinking, and just smiled at us. “Great! Now that everyone’s on board, ill let my boss know. We’ll be leaving in a few days, so don’t make any plans” dad said. We spent the rest of dinnertime talking about what we would do at the cabin, good hiking trails, wildlife, etc. when we finished eating we all helped clean the kitchen and sat down in the living room to watch TV.

After almost 30 minutes of looking at clips of shows then changing to another channel, we decided to make it into a movie night. As usual, dad and I wanted a blow-em-up or comedy, and Rita and mom wanted a drama or romantic, so we compromised (more like dad and I were overruled), and decided to watch Titanic. Rita and I grabbed blankets and pillows and mom and dad put on popcorn and got the drinks. We all lay on the floor for the first part of the movie eating the popcorn and stuff, but as the movie progressed it got a little cold in the house so we all sat on the couches and got under the blankets, mom and dad on one, and Rita and I on the other.

We all sat quietly watching the movie, exchanging a couple glances between each other now and again, but when it got to the part when Jack was drawing Rose naked, the girls started to get a little, tingly. I could see mom doing something with dad’s ear, and Rita took my hand and put it on her breast under the blanket. When mom and dad weren’t looking Rita would steal a kiss from me, and I’d return the favor by kissing her neck, which made her breathe heavier. When the scene of them doing it in the car came, I took it upon myself to slip my hand inside her pantyless pajamas, and stuck a finger into Rita’s moist pussy. She covered her mouth and pretended like she was about to sneeze, but mom wasn’t fooled, I don’t think we can get anything past her. I fingered her for a couple minutes, and then used my thumb to rub her clit. She looked over at mom with a “help me” face, silently asking her to distract dad, otherwise she might explode from the pleasure. Mom smiled at us in acknowledgement and kissed dad, which blocked his view of us, so we took advantage of the situation and locked lips as well, all the while I’m still fingering her. Before I could make her cum she pulled my hand out of her pants, “no baby, I’ll squirt all over the couch!” she whispered. I nodded in agreement as I pulled my hand from under the blanket and sucked the finger that was in her pussy, it drives her crazy when I do that. Soon we all straightened out and finished watching the movie. When it got to the part when Jack died I heard mom and Rita start to cry. Rita grabbed my hand and laid her head on my shoulder. “I love you so much” she said as she looked at me with tears still in her eyes. “I love you too” I whispered back as I kissed her hand. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie. When it ended, we cleaned up and grabbed the blankets and pillows to take back upstairs. We all said goodnight and headed to our rooms, just as I turned around I saw Rita wink at me and close her door, I love when she does that.

Over the next hour as I lay in my bed waiting to sneak into Rita’s room I heard someone walking around and going downstairs and back to their room, I didn’t know who it was so I lay there for a while longer in case it was mom or dad. I lay there drifting in and out of sleep until my phone started ringing. It was playing the song “Secret Lovers” and knew it had to be Rita, since she was the only one who had my number, so I answered it.

“You downloaded Secret Lovers?”

“Yea I thought it was the perfect song for our situation, do you like it?”

“It does kinda fit, its ok I guess. What you doing up?”

“Thinking about you of course. I’m wearing that lingerie I had on in the store today.”

“Really! You look so sexy in it, like you belong on the cover of a magazine.”

“I feel sexy in it. In fact, I feel so sexy I’m touching myself right now.”

“You dirty girl! Play with yourself for me, suck on your nipples and rub that pussy for me.”

“Mmmmmm yes! My nipples are so hard, and my pussy’s begging for something to be shoved in it.”

“Oh yea baby play with your pussy, stick your finger in there, get it nice and wet for me.”

“I am, oh god it feels so good, why don’t you stroke your cock for me.”

“Fuck yeah baby I’m stroking it for you, long smooth strokes up and down my nice, hard cock.”

“Mmmmmm oh yea, now I’m fucking myself with two fingers now, oh god yes!”

“Take your fingers out of your pussy and suck on them, how does your own juice taste baby?”

“It tastes so fucking good! I’m so horny for you Randy my pussy needs you!”

“Finger that pussy while I stroke my cock, rub that clit for me baby!”

“Oh god Randy, it feels so good! I’m fingering myself thinking of that hard cock inside me!”

“Yea you want it don’t you? My cock rammed all the way into your tight little pussy?”

“Yes I want it bad! I can already feel you stretching me out! Fuck I’m about to cum!”

“You gonna cum for me? You gonna cum all over my cock?”

“Yes baby, oh god yes! I can’t hold it much longer. I’m gonna cum all over you!”

“Go ahead baby, squirt all over me, squirt all over your big brothers cock.”

“Yes, yes, yes! I can’t hold it anymore! Oh god Randy I’m cumming! Oh it’s so good! I’m cumming big
brother, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

For a moment all I could hear was her bed shaking and heavy breathing, and then she hung up the phone. A couple minutes later Rita burst through my door completely naked and landed right on me. We were kissing each other passionately while feeling every part of each others body. She then kissed her way down my chest and pulled my pants off. She grabbed my semi-erect cock and jerked it up and down a few times, licked her lips and swallowed it whole. I was in heaven, she wasn’t rushing or speed sucking, and she had a nice rhythm going that was giving me the full experience of a complete blowjob. I lay back and relaxed as she bobbed up and down on my now fully erect cock. Just as I’m getting the feeling that I’m about to cum I hear her let out a little squeal, and then she bites me, not hard, but enough to get my attention. I sit up to ask her what happened and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, moms face was buried deep in Rita’s ass.

I couldn’t really see what was going on, but the looks on Rita’s face showed that mom was doing a good job. Every once in a while Rita would squint her eyes and let out a moan on my cock, which sent vibrations through my body and making me want to cum right there, but I wanted to last as long as I could so I fought the urge. Just then mom emerged from behind Rita and crawled up next to her and kissed her right on the lips. “Feel like sharing?” she asked Rita as she broke the kiss. Rita just looked at her and smiled as they both worked on my cock. They were licking up the side from base to head at the same time, and when one was sucking my cock, the other was licking my balls. I thought the earlier blowjob felt great, but this one was far better hands down. They picked up their speed sucking me off and I couldn’t hold off anymore. I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, and they stopped and simultaneously jerked my cock. A few seconds later I squirted straight up into the air as it came down and landed on mom and Rita’s face and my chest and groin. They both licked each others face clean and what was left on my body. They traded kisses swapping leftover sperm that was in their mouth and swallowed, and then they looked at me and giggled. “Mommy’s gonna teach you guys a thing or two tonight” she said as she went back to kissing Rita. I was so turned on at that moment my cock was starting to get hard again, but I still needed a little time before I was fully erect again, so I lay them both down on the bed to return the favor. I kneeled down in front of them and started eating Rita’s pussy and playing with her breasts while I fingered mom, both were squealing like little girls.

“Yes big brother eat my pussy! Keep doing that it feels so good! Lick me while you finger fuck our mom!”

“Yes Randy get your fingers all the way in there! Rub my clit, yes right there! Fuck yes! My son sure does know how to please a woman! Don’t wear your tongue out, I want you to eat mommy’s pussy next!”

“If you guys don’t be quiet you’re gonna wake up dad!” I pleaded. “Oh don’t worry about that, I gave him a sleeping pill a while ago, he’s completely knocked out, you just keep doing what you’re doing” mom said. I switched to eating moms pussy and fingering Rita’s while they kissed each other. Both of their pussies tasted so good I was like a maniac switching from one to the other, but I knew fucking them would be a whole lot better, so I had to make them cum. I attacked Rita’s clit knowing from experience what I needed to do to make her cum. I licked her up and down, side to side, and sucked on her clit so hard I thought I was gonna pull it off, and she held my head in place with both hands as she grinded her pussy into my face.

“Oh fuck here it comes! Oh god oh god I’m cumming! Yes! Oh god! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed.

She squeezed my head with her thighs as she continued her orgasm and wouldn’t let me move, just then her juices poured straight into my mouth as I gulped down every bit I could. When she finally let me go she fell back into the bed and just laid there with a big smile on her face, one down, one to go. I looked at mom with lust filled eyes as I dove right into her pussy, right away she put her hand on the back of my head and moaned as loud as she could. Since I didn’t know how to make her cum yet, I did everything to her that I did to Rita, who by the way was still in her own world on the bed. I was getting a slight reaction, but nothing that showed she was gonna cum, so I tried a little incentive. I flicked at her clit and twisted her nipple while I stuck a finger in her ass, needless to say that did the trick. She bucked her hips into my face and trembled as she started her orgasm.

“Yes baby, oh you eat mommy’s pussy so good! God I haven’t felt like this in years! I’m gonna cum all over your face baby! Oh shit! Mommy’s cumming! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!” she moaned.

She too fell back onto the bed with a smile on her face. I must admit I was very proud of myself, I just satisfied to beautiful women orally to shaking orgasms, but we weren’t done yet. I grabbed hold of Rita’s waist as I positioned myself over her, and thrust my now hard cock into her pussy.

For about five minutes I was pounding her pussy with everything I had, then slowed it down so we could enjoy ourselves. I leaned over and kissed her as I looked into her eyes, there was a sparkle that always appears when she comes down from a climax that I’ve come to know and love. She snapped back into reality and thrust her hips into mine fucking me back, then rolled over and was riding me cowgirl. She bounced up and down on me while licking her nipple, and then ground her pussy into me as she threw her head back and moaned to the ceiling. Just then mom sat up and straddled my chest in front of Rita, then scooted back until she was sitting on my face. “You ate my pussy so good before I just had to have you do it again” mom said. I wasted little time and licked her pussy, ass, anything that was in front of me. I couldn’t see anything because my mom’s big ass was blocking my view, but I could hear moans and faint kissing sounds, so I knew everyone was enjoying themselves. After a while mom climbed off me and stuck her tongue down my throat, then looked at Rita with a friendly stare.”Ok honey, now its mommy’s turn to ride that cock” mom said. Rita was a little reluctant to get off of me, but she gave in. Mom stood over me and gave me a wink, then slowly dropped into a split and sat perfectly on my cock, I almost blew my load right there as mom let out a long, load moan of ecstasy. “My god that’s a big cock!” mom said as she began fucking me while still doing a split. Rita looked on in awe at how flexible our 35 year old mom was, and I could tell she had gotten a little turned on.

“Fuck her Randy, fuck our mom’s pussy” Rita said as she played with mom’s breasts. “Yea, fuck your mom’s pussy, just like that! Shove that cock up my pussy as far as it’ll go!” mom followed.

Her ass looked so juicy the way it was bouncing on my cock, I had to grab it. I squeezed her ass as she continued to bounce up and down on me, if I hadn’t cum earlier, I surely would have then just from the sight of my mom’s lovely ass. After a few more minutes she stood up again and told me to scoot to the edge of the bed, and then she hopped down onto the floor and sat down perpendicular on my cock. She used her hands to steady herself as she rode me sideways. I had never seen this position before and was definitely going to try it with Rita, who had climbed on the bed and put one of her nipples in my mouth.

“Oh god baby your cock feels so much bigger than your fathers!” mom moaned. “I’ve never felt a cock this deep in me!” she added. I nodded as I moaned through the breast still in my mouth.

After about ten minutes Rita started to get a little agitated. “Ok mom quit hogging him, I wanna get fucked too!” she pouted. “I’m sorry baby, but his cock feels so good I don’t wanna take it out of me!” she replied. Mom eventually got up and Rita bent over the edge of the bed. I took my cue and plunged straight into her waiting pussy. “Ugh, god!” she screamed as I went all the way in. “Fuck me hard Randy, I mean it, really hard!” she begged. I grabbed her hips and fucked the life out of her, so hard that she couldn’t get any words out, just grunts and half-words.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, fuck m…, ugh, yes” she said through gritted teeth.

Mom looked on in amazement either for the fact that I was fucking Rita so hard or that she was taking it. A few minutes passed and to my surprise I was still fucking Rita like crazy, and then I felt her legs start to buckle. She let out a big scream as she squirted all over my cock and fell forward on the bed. “Oh fuck yeah I want you to do that to me!” mom grinned as she took position where Rita was. I stroked my cock a few times and got ready to push it into her when she stopped me. “Oh no, not there, I want you to fuck me in the ass!” she said. I was in total shock, but quickly snapped out of it when she took my cock and guided it into her ass. She winced in pain for a minute, but it quickly went away and she told me to fuck her like I did Rita. Her ass was so tight around my cock it took me a while to build momentum, but when I finally did I fucked the shit out of her non stop for a long time.

“Yes Randy fuck my ass! Pound that huge cock in me! Oh god yes! Oh fuck I’m cumming again! I’ve never had an orgasm from being fucked in the ass before! Oh god! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed.

I didn’t let her fall; I held her hips firmly in place as I kept fucking her. A couple more minutes passed and Rita came back from her orgasm and positioned herself right next to mom. When I pulled out of mom she fell forward on the bed next to Rita and turned over on her back. I shoved my cock back into Rita’s waiting hole as she buries her face in mom’s pussy muffling her scream. Rita must be a quick learner because mom had her hands wrapped around the back of her head while she ate her out. The only sounds in the room are my balls slapping against Rita’s pussy, Rita making slurping sounds on mom’s pussy and mom screaming in pleasure. Watching Rita eat mom’s pussy as well as fucking her finally made my balls tighten, and I knew I was about to cum. I screamed to them of my upcoming climax and Rita lay on the bed next to mom. “Cum all over us Randy, squirt your load all over your mother and sister” Rita said. “Come on, I wanna feel that hot jizz all over my body” mom added. I stood over them and stroked my cock furiously, and then I felt my cum rushing through me and like a volcano I squirted all over their tits, their stomachs, and even a few drops landed on their faces. When I had nothing left I fell in between them and we all lay there completely fulfilled.

“I can honestly say that was the best sex I ever had” mom said smiling. “That was wonderful, just wonderful!” Rita added. “Definitely the best I’ve ever had!” I said out of breath. We all lay in silence for about 20 minutes holding each other until we had the strength to move or talk, until mom broke the silence. “I wish I could stay in here a little longer, but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I need to rest, especially after the workout I just had!” mom said. Rita and I smiled at each other and agreed. “Ok mom, I’m gonna stay in here with Randy tonight if that’s ok?” she asked. “That’s fine honey, but first lets go get cleaned up then we can go to bed, and remember to lock the door” mom said back. I told mom goodnight and they both blew a kiss at me as they got up and went to the bathroom, ten minutes later Rita came back in a t-shirt and panties, locked the door and climbed into bed with me.

“I didn’t know mom was such a freak!” Rita said. “I know, I never would have guessed! How come you don’t let me fuck you in the ass?” I asked. “I don’t know, it just hasn’t been the right time to try it, but don’t worry, I wont make you wait long, or maybe I will” she joked. I just lay there and looked at her, “you’re so beautiful” I said. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. “I love you” she whispered. I kissed her forehead, both cheeks, her nose, and finally her lips.

“I love you too.”

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