Zack and Sam Part 5
A Run Across The Road
Zack and Sam Part 5
If you read my story “Trapped” you would know that the last time I left Zack and Sam’s house they had put a chastity device on me and not to come back for a fortnight. That fortnight has now gone by and it was a very frustrating fortnight. I was used to putting my hand on my cock and having a pull anytime I wanted now that was no longer possible due to this cock cage that had been applied.
As instructed I had no underwear on when I arrived at the boy’s home. Sam opened the door and straight away I noticed that Sam had a chain around his neck with the key to my cage hanging from it. I was ordered to strip naked except for my joggers and then Sam told me that he would unlock me. All I had to do was one little thing. I wondered what it was.
But I was not able to find out just then as Sam unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. I was ordered on my knees and began to give him a blowjob. His hot teenage cock growing rapidly in my mouth and Sam grabbing my hair and pulling it hard as he fucked my face. He came down my throat and it tasted good .A dribble of cum oozed out of the side of my mouth. Finished with me Sam put his pants back on and I started to stand but zack entered the room and said “Don’t get up”
Zack was in his Speedos and had just been in the pool. He ordered me to lick his cock through his swimmers which I eagerly did. I could see his cock getting thicker and harder and eventually the tip peeked out of the top of his speedos.He pulled them down as his cock sprang out hitting me in the face. I got to work on it with my mouth and tongue before he came, splashing the back of my throat. He was satisfied and went off to get changed while Sam ordered me to stay on my knees till he got back. I was on my knees for about an hour when they both returned. Sam had a pair of handcuffs and I was ordered to put my hands behind my back and he cuffed merit was getting dark and they took me to the garage and we got in the car with me stark naked in the back.
We drove in silence for a while and then we came to an area where there was a big park. We pulled into the carpark and Sam turned to me and said “It’s very simple Mr M.All we want you to do is get out and run across the road and back and once you are back in the car I will unlock you and you can have a release okay?’
I looked at the road. It was not too busy just a few cars from time to time but enough that I would definitely be seen but after all what choice did I have. It was a warm night so I was sweating a little and a little more I think when I agreed. So I got out of the car and then stood near the trees at the roadside and then when it was clear I ran across the road. A car came past on one side but they would have only seen my bum. But a second car pulled over. It had a P Plate on it and the young guys all wound down their windows and called out as I then ran back. This time they saw my little cock and yelled out about its size. When I got past the trees I noticed that the car was moved to the end of the carpark so I had to run a bit further. I got to the car and went to open the door and found it locked. Sam and Zack weren’t even in the car. I was mortified but then terrified as I heard some motorbikes coming into the carpark. The bikes approached and the headlights were shining and just then Zack and Sam came into view.
“Hey Mr M” Zack said “Nice running there”
They stood there not moving to the car as the bikes approached and I panicked “Please let me in the car. Please don’t let them see me”
“Let them see you?”Sam laughed “We told them you’d be here. You have a few cock sucking duties to do before you get in the car”
The bikes surrounded me in a circle. All on high beam and The engines were turned off. With the lights still on the bikers approached me. It was hot but I Was shivering.Zack and Sam moved to a bench and sat down. One of the bikers, probably the leader reached out and grabbed my cock and balls in his hand giving my nuts a squeeze.”Get on your knees bitch”
I did so and knelt before him on the grass.”Hope your mouth is better than your package “He said and so saying dropped his jeans. He was in his 20’s and his cock was much longer and thicker than the boys. “get busy “he said. So as usual I kissed the top and then licked the slit and then started sucking him. It wasn’t long before my mouth was full but he didn’t stop from trying to put more in which made me gag a bit. He liked that and my mouth would puff out with the coughing. My eyes were bulging as I looked up at him. He was trying to choke me.
“Fucking little whore”He exclaimed. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked “what are you?’
“A fucking little whore sir” I replied. He laughed and told me to get my mouth back round his cock which I did. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and to Zack a guy said “Have you fucked him yet?”Zack told him not yet and the hand was removed.Zack and Sam were told that the group would respect that they had first go on my virgin bum.
I was passed round the group of six sucking cock and licking balls and be stopped every so often to be called names and then having to declare that I was a slut, a whore or a cocksucker. Finally with eight loads of hot biker cum in my guts the onslaught stopped. A couple of the bikers seemed up for two go’s but finally had had enough. I was exhausted and cum once again dripped from my chin. I was told to lie on my back and was surrounded by the 6 bikers and Zack and Sam. One by one they started to piss on me using me as a human urinal. They covered my legs ,my caged groin,stomach,chest,face and hair before the six bikers got their pants up and rode away.Zack and Sam zipped up and told me that I would have to stand there until I dried off and when I got home the dried piss would be hosed off. So I stood there naked, handcuffed and helpless as the warm night air dried my piss soaked body. In the distance I heard a siren and it got closer and the police paddy wagon with siren going and lights flashing turned into the carpark. It stopped and two young police officers got out leaving their high beam firmly on me. They walked up to me and examined me before one said “Looks like a definite case of public indecency”
“Yes “the other one said “I’m sorry sir but you’re under arrest.”They grabbed an arm each and escorted me to the police van. I turned my head to beg to Zack and Sam
“Please guys tell them what’s going on. Please not this. I’ll do anything “The cops opened the paddy wagon and I looked in to see two very rough aboriginals sitting in there grinning. I kept screaming and pleading as I was shoved in and I was crying as they closed the door. As I looked out the small back window I saw Zack waving and Sam twirling the key. I hollered one more time in vain as the police van took off and I felt a large hand on my ass.I turned around and looked at a toothless grin.
“Looks like you been a bad un”He said “think you might need a good spanking “The other guy had removed his belt and I was lifted over the first man’s lap. I looked up and begged him not to do it but he just laughed at me. My night of terror was only half done.
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