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A man and his wife find ways through life's challenges
Life isn't always full of joy and happiness. Sometimes it throws you a curve ball; a challenge. Survival and happiness all depends on finding satisfaction and fulfillment through those rough times. My wife Kiki and I have always been adventurous, and loved the outdoors and nature. We'd made love in every conceivable place, indoors and out in our twenty years of marriage, and we used to joke that we think our daughter was conceived in the barn, so it wasn't much of a surprise that our daughter grew up loving the outdoors too. Ever since my daughter was a small child she loved horses and dreamed of riding a world champion jumper, and my wife and I shared her dreams. When Rebecca was 14 we bought her a young stud of good jumping lineage and took him into our stables to live with my wife's horse (Hammer) as soon as he could leave his mother. The young stallion and our daughter were practically inseparable, spending all day and most of the evening together daily. More than once I'd visit the barn late in the evening to find the young stallion lying in the hay with Becca asleep, laying against his side. All of our dreams were cut short when our daughter was killed in a car accident at the young age of sixteen. How it happened really doesn't matter, but it was a very challenging time for my wife and I. We were devastated. For the next year my wife and I clung to each other to make it through the pain. We kept Tony (Becca's stallion) as a way of keeping her memory alive, and because that's what we felt she would have wanted us to do. To make matters worse, in the same year of our mourning I began developing prostate issues. Like many women, I knew my had fantasized about larger cocks, and enjoyed seeing photos or videos with men with huge cocks, but when I suggested a threesome with another man to fulfill her needs when I couldn't, her answer was a flat "No", not even if it was a man with an enormus prick. She loved me and said she would not ever take on another man. She felt that having sex with another man would be cheating on me, so I dropped the idea, but was frustrated for my wife because of my problem- It was kind of like sometimes I couldn't get an erection, and sometimes I'd go soft during sex. My wife never complained, but I knew it was frustrating to her.
One Saturday morning I awoke to find my wife getting prepped for a morning play session with her favorite toy- an 8 incher with a clit stimulator built into it. I was feeling pretty turned on, knowing what she was about to do, and I love to watch, so when I got up, placed her silk robe on her shoulders and took her by the hand, she simply smiled and said, "Have something in mind, honey?". I should mention that I am very Dom and thankfully my lovely wife is very Sub- it makes for a wonderful love life. I grabbed a small comforter and we walked hand in hand outside and into the barn. My wife had mentioned in the past that for some reason the smell of fresh cut alfalfa hay was a turn-on for her, so I decided to take advantage of it. Inside the barn I slid four freshly cut alfalfa hay bales to the middle of the floor, facing the stalls and lay the comforter on them. I'm quite tall and my wife is rather short, so the hay bales made it easy for me to stand and make love to her doggy-style. The stallions apparantly thought we were there to feed them and were jostling around in the stalls, so to prevent an interruption I opened the stall doors and let them roam about freely to munch on the hay on the barn floor. My wife was sitting on the makeshift bed and petting Hammer when I walked up and slid her robe from her shoulders. We kissed and played for several minutes, then I directed her onto her knees on the bales. Next I proceeded to tongue her deeply, making sure I tongued and teased her clit mercilessly until she was sopping wet. By that time I had a nice erection, so I slid my six inches into her- both of us enjoying the sensations immensely. After about ten minutes of good, slow fucking my wife moaned and began bucking like a bronco. The horses it seemed had caught scent of my wife's juices and Tony was standing only a few feet from my wife. I heard a thump and looked up at my wife, and away from her amazing ass that I'd been focused on. I could tell that she was had noticed and was watching Tony's now fully erect member, which was at least two feet long and bobbing up and down excitedly. "Oh God...!" she moaned. Unfortunately, at about the same time I started losing my erection. There was nothing I could do about it- it just happened. Sensing my frustration and softening member, my wife gently said, "It's okay were good". Not feeling fulfilled or agreeable I told her, "You haven't cum yet, so we're not finished here yet!" I ordered her to move to the other side of the hay bales and turn around, which she did. What I did next stunned her. Stepping over Tony's massive shaft, I pulled him close to her beautiful ass and held the huge throbbing cock between my legs as if it were my own. With it's length, more than a foot of its incredible length and pussy-splitting thickness stood out menacingly from my body. My wife looked back at me, and didn't know what to say. I didn't give her time to object or think about what I was doing. I grabbed her by the hip with one hand and pulled her sopping box against Tony's hot cock, rubbing her clit with his shaft. She moaned and trembled slightly, and she looked back momentarily and said, "I love you". I reaffirmed her that I loved her and that I wanted this for all of us. I pushed her forward slightly and she bent her head down, her long black hair falling forward over her shoulders. With one hand I positioned the huge cockhead of Tony's prick against her lathered pussy lips, and with the other positioned her. I held Tony's cock tightly between my legs and I gripped my lovely wife's waist with both hands, pulling her tightly against the swollen cockhead. I let go of her waist with one hand and grabbing my makeshift monster cock, began rotating the huge cockhead with her juices to ease it's access into her pussy. Tony snorted approvingly. "Fuck him, Baby", I said softly, but firmly. Without further instruction my beautiful wife began rotating her hips in big circles, further lubricating the tip of Tony's cock. My wife cooed back to me, "You're so big...fuck me good!" In her mind, Tony and I were now one and the same. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back against me, and in her extreme state of arousal the cockhead slowly disappeared into her hot box. "Oh God, yesssss!" she cried aloud. "That is sooo fucking good, baby!" I smiled broadly and spoke to her, "Tell me what you want". "I want your cock baby", she said. "I want that huge fucking cock inside me so I can fuck it till it cums inside me!" Grabbing her by the hips, now that the head was inside, I worked her ass back and forth quickly, encouraging her to take more of it deep inside her pussy every time she pushed back against the invading monster. My wife had only been with me in all of our years, and I wanted to see how much cock she could take pleasurably. For several minutes she thrust really hard back against the massive intruder that was impaling her, taking a little more with every stroke. My wife is only 5'-4" and about 120lbs, and I was amazed when her ass was within two or three inches of my thighs bevause that meant she was taking in over ten inches of incredibly thick cock...probably close to twelve inches. His cock was so thick and stiff that it was hard to bend. I grabbed her hips and began making her fuck the huge shaft in long, deep strokes. I steadily increased the pace, and afterabout five minutes of sweat rolling off her back, suddenly I saw my wife arch her back in a sudden convulsion. "Oh God, yessss....Oh God, yes! I'm cummming!!!" she screamed. Her convulsing pussy began coating the huge cock with her orgasmic juices as I continued to push and pull her faster on Tony's prick. The speed and tightened effect were too much for Tony's cock and I felt it begin jerking strongly. "Here it comes Baby" I yelled. "Yesss....!" was all she could moan between gritted teeth as the huge shaft sudddenly thickened and released the first shot of hot, sticky cum deep inside my wife. "Oh my God, yes!!!" she screamed, convulsing into a wave of multiple orgasms. She bucked violently on Tony's shaft and screamed, "Give me it all! Give me all your cum, you big cocked fucker!" Tony complied with another huge load that surged down the length of his shaft, into my wife's hungry pussy, and squirting out all around like a garden hose shoved in a closed hole. Kiki fucked like a wild animal. Cum squirted out of her pussy so hard that it spattered against my stomach and thighs, as even more ran in streams down her legs. With one final squirt and one deep moan from my wife it was done. She collapsed forward in a sweaty heap of dark trusses, her chest heaving as she gasped for air. Tony's now softening cock slid from her still twitching pussy, as a torrent of cum drooled into a puddle on the comforter below her sweet derierre.
That was our first time together with a horse; needless to say it wasn't our last. We have found a way for my wife to nbe incredibly filled with a prick bigger than any man's, and she doesn't feel bad about it because she isn't "cheating" on me by having sex with another man. Hammer got the pleasure of enjoying my wife's nice, tight pussy on our next adventure, but that is another story.

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2014-05-01 04:36:35
Wonderful story. It's always nice when a couple finds a solution to an in-house issue without involving a third person which always ends sadly. Very touching.
Reader who is unable to read because of lack of paragraphs, be creative. Use a ruler or do it the kindergarten way, use a window envelope to read word by word!

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-12 12:59:57
I have not read your story it is probably a very nice story by the comments that I have read,but I cannot enjoy it because you need to use paragraphs to make it easy to read.

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2011-08-26 08:49:30
This is a fantastic idea! An extra man would just make a bad situation worse if the couple aren't into group sex. For me, the full length would not fit, but I would definitely take all of that nice, thick cock that I could! I know I could get enough in to get me off and i think it would be amazing to feel the horse fill me with cum!


2011-07-09 14:08:09
If the people reading this are more concerned about paragraphs than the story, I think they might need to get a life. The story was porn. it was also a love story. i personnally go for one or the other, it's nice to be remind there is a different way. THANKS GOOD job

anonymous readerReport

2010-10-02 20:04:33
This is hard to read because it needs paragraphs and separation. But damn, it's a hot story. I've fucked dogs, but I've always wondered what it would be like to take a horse's cock in my might be too big, because I'm not that big and some men and dogs are too big and hurt me..............but I'd love to try!

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