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High Fantasy - Druidess held captive.
Druids Ordeal – Chapter 6
by E.Y. Toad

I kept running for what must have been almost an hour, stopping every few minutes to catch my breath. I had no idea where I would end up; I just kept running north. I had noticed a red glow back to the south. I thought it was the faint, distant glow of Kelmane atop the tower, but as I rested this time, it seemed to be moving... getting closer.

I jumped up and tried to run again, but I was exhausted. I needed a few more minutes of rest. Gods, give me just five minutes to rest.

As I lie there panting and gasping for breath, the light became much brighter. It was definitely getting closer. I stood up and ran, stumbling maybe ten steps before falling down again. I was done. I could not continue. I slowly crawled in to some thick bushes, curled up in a ball and prayed. The light was only a few yards away now and I could see it was a man... it was Kelmane! Gods help me!

As he approached to within a few feet of me, he stopped, spoke a few words and looked around. He appeared to be confused. I lay there completely still and silent, afraid to even breathe.

Kelmane raised both hands and spoke different words than before, much louder this time. He then looked directly at me, reached in to the bushes and grabbed my foot.

“BITCH!” he screamed, “You fucking... BITCH!!!”

He jerked me out from behind the bush, nearly pulling my leg out of its socket. He grabbed my robe around the collar, pulled me up to my knees and started slapping me across the face.


“Where are your friends?!” he demanded.

“I don't know!” I replied.

Slap! He used the back of his hand this time, his rings digging in to my cheek.

“WHERE ARE THEY?!” he screamed.

“I... I don't know! They told me to run north...” I began.

He then began to viciously beat me, slapping and back-handing me over and over, screaming a word with each blow.

“YOU... FUCKING... CUNT... TELL... ME... WHERE... THEY... ARE... OR... I... WILL... BEAT... YOU... TO...”

That was the last I heard, as everything went black.


I awoke, confused and tasting blood. I have no idea how long I was out. As my vision slowly started to clear I realized I was hanging naked and spread-eagle from vines, roots wrapped around my ankles, my robe on the ground below me.

“Good! You are awake.” Kelmane said.

“I... I don't know... north... they said... north...” I stammered.

“I believe you girl.” he began, pulling his leather strap off of his waist, “So we're going to try a different strategy. If I can't find them, I'll bring them to me!”

He circled around behind me as I desperately tried to turn my head to see him.

“No... please! I've told you everything... PLEASE GODS, NO!” I begged.

He reared his arm back over his head and brought the strap down across my ass.

“YYEEAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!” I screamed, as the searing pain shot through me.

He paused a few seconds, then brought it down across the back of my thighs.

“AAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!” My whole world spun around, as I was stunned from the pain.

He paused again. He was spacing out my screams to lead the rogues to us.

I felt the lash of the strap between my shoulder blades.

“EEEEEEEEIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA!!!” I screamed, my voice getting hoarse.

He lashed me several more times, pausing between each, as I continued to scream. He moved all around me, lashing my breasts and all the way down the front of me to just above my knees. My screams eventually subsided to loud yelps as I was becoming numb to the pain.

“By the Gods... please... have... mercy... “ I begged, blacking out again.


My next memory was of Kelmane shaking me back to consciousness. I was still hanging by the vines, my whole body numb with pain.

Kelmane took a few steps away and faced me. He raised both of his hands, spoke some words and thrust his hands towards me. My vagina seemed to explode with invisible flames.

“NOOOOO!!! OOOOHHHH GOOOODDDSSSS!!! IT BUURNNNSSS!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!” I screamed, finding my voice again.

I screamed for several seconds as I felt my entire groin burn as if on fire. Then the pain subsided. I looked down and my pubic hair was not even singed.

He waited a few seconds and repeated the spell. My vagina again exploded in fire.


I passed out again.

“Damn you, bitch. I need you awake!” he barked, slapping me back to my senses.

“Kelmane... please... I can take no more...” I begged.

He did not reply, but lifted his right hand and gestured towards a nearby tree. I heard a noise below me and looked down. A large tree root was emerging form the ground. It was about as thick as my thumb at the end, and became as thick as my arm about a foot down its length.

“What... what are you...?” I said, trailing off. The root started crawling up my left leg, slowly making its way to my inner thigh.

“Gods, NO! Please don't... not that! God, Kelmane! Pleeeasssee!” I begged.

The end of the root bumped against my vagina.


I could feel the root pushing past my lips, forcing its way to my opening.

“YAAAHHH!!! NOOOO!!!” I pleaded.

The root probed for a few seconds, found its mark and and thrust itself in to me.

“GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” I felt my vagina stretching as it penetrated me several inches. It was cold and damp.

The root pulled itself almost all the way back out and then thrust back in, even deeper this time.

“GGGYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!” I screamed with a shrill voice. This thing was going to rip me open!

It retreated once again, pausing for a few seconds. As I was trying to catch my breath, it thrust back in to me more violently than before.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!” My whole body tightened and convulsed. It felt like my vagina was being ripped open.

It started viciously pumping my vagina, going a full eight or nine inches deep. It was as thick as my arm at the point where it was entering me.

“YYYAAAHHH... AAARRRGGGHHH... GGGAAAHHH!!!” I screamed with each thrust.

The pain, and my screams, eventually subsided somewhat as my vagina stretched out and I became numb to it. Finally, the root pulled out of me and fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Gods be dammed!” Kelmane swore, “It looks as if your friends have abandoned you.”

“They... they are not... my friends...” I said, “I only met... Brom... you... sent him to... my room...”

“Well, girl... you are of no further use to me in your current condition.” he said. I didn't understand what he meant.

The vines and roots released me and I fell to the ground. I rolled around in the dirt, writhing in pain. I looked down and saw red welts all up and down my body, and there was a trickle of blood running down my right thigh. I understood now; no one would want my used and scarred body ever again.

“I'll use you one last time and then put you out of your misery.” he said, removing his robe.

He walked over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my knees. He jerked my head back, forcing my mouth open.

“This was all you were ever good for, cunt!” he yelled as he rammed his penis in to my mouth, burying it deep in my throat with a single thrust.

“MMMMMFFFFF!” I grunted, grabbing at anything I could reach.

“Suck it, bitch!” he yelled, viscously ramming my head up and down on his penis, “I'm going to come down your fucking whore throat!”

“Guh... Guh... Guh...” I gasped, trying to take a breath in between each thrust.

He fucked my throat for what seemed like several minutes, and then tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

“Here it comes, cunt!” he yelled, “Yesss... here it fucking comes... “

He jammed his penis all the way in and held my head in place as the first load spurted directly in to my throat. I could feel his penis stiffen and throb.

“AAAAHHHHH! FUCK!!!” he yelled, convulsing with ecstasy.

He pulled his penis back out several inches, and then jammed it in again.

“YESSSSSSS, CUNT!” he groaned, shooting another glob of semen down my throat.

He continued to rape my mouth, pumping his penis deep in to it with every shot of semen.

“Aaahhhh... fuck... ahhhhh...” he sighed, trailing off as the last few spurts of semen trickled out.

He pulled his penis out of my mouth and took a step backwards, raising his hands. I looked at him, still on my knees, too weak to offer any resistance. I now welcome the oblivion of death. Let it come, but Gods, please let it be quick.

“Your lovely mouth will surely be missed,” he began, “but now... you die!”

He spoke strange words and moved his hands in small circles, and they began to glow with a bright yellow light. He raised his hands over his head and pointed his palms towards me as the yellow light formed a ball of fire in each hand. I cowered, covering my face, sobbing deeply.

“URRRKKK!!!” he grunted.

I looked up at him, my tears and the fading daylight making it hard to see clearly. He seemed frozen in place, staring at me with a horrified look on his face. He just stood there for several seconds, the glow in his hands fading.

His expression slowly changed from horror to anger. He spun around, facing away from me and I saw two daggers stuck in his lower back, one on each side. I wiped my eyes and could only then barely make out the object of his anger: Brom stood before him, now unarmed and defenseless.

“Cursed half-man!” he shouted. He waved his hands and spoke some unfamiliar words. Brom clutched his throat and started gasping for air, as if he were choking.

Kelmane reached around with both hands, each grabbing a dagger in his back, and jerked them out quickly.

“YYYEEEAAAARRGGG!” he yelled, dropping the daggers to the ground. He staggered a bit, then stood up straight and returned his attention to Brom.

Brom's fell to his knees, still struggling for air as his face turned red.

“I will kill you, then I will kill the bitch!” Kelmane snarled through gritted teeth, “You have brought my wrath down upon your entire guild! You have no idea what your interference has cost me!”

Brom's eyes rolled back in his head several times as he struggled to retain consciousness.

Kelmane started speaking some words and rotating his hands towards Brom as he had done to me earlier. Bright yellow balls of fire began to form in his palms.

I jumped up, naked, covered with welts and in numbing pain. Dirt and bits of leaves stuck to my sweaty body. I reached down and picked up one of Brom's daggers from the ground.

As I felt the dagger in my hand and looked at Brom's life fading away, my instincts took over and like a wild animal, I jumped on his back, wrapping my legs around his waist. I grabbed the hair on the top of his head, jerking his head back.

“Wha...?!” Kelmane yelled, stunned by my aggression.

With one smooth movement, I ran the blade across his throat.

“DIIIEEEEE!!!” I screamed, digging the blade deep and slitting his throat from ear to ear.

Kelmane spun around wildly, holding his throat with both hands, knocking me off his back and on to the ground.

“EEEAAAARRGGG!” he gurgled, as blood shot out of his throat, and foaming blood trickled from his mouth. He dropped to his knees, staring at me blankly.

“Bitch... “ he whispered as he fell over, face down on the ground.

Something inside of me snapped. All of Kelmane's cruelty and humiliations came flooding back to my mind. I crawled over to him, raised up to my knees and stabbed him in the back. Over and over I drove the dagger in to his now lifeless body, crying, screaming and cursing him.

As my fury faded, my exhaustion returned and I fell back to the ground.

Lying there on my back, I closed my eyes and sobbed. I felt consciousness slipping away from me. I opened my eyes and through tear-blurred vision, I saw Brom standing over me. I closed my eyes again and let the darkness overtake me.


I awoke and looked around. I was in a dimly lit room, lying on a bed and dressed only in a thin white robe, a blanket covering my legs. A candle flickered on the table next to me.

My whole body was stiff, but there was surprising little pain. I turned my head and saw a hooded figure slumped over in a chair next to my bed.

“Brom?” I said weakly.

“Milady!” Brom said, jumping out of the chair.

“Where am I?” I asked, trying to sit up.

“You are safe now. We are with friends.” he replied, gently pushing me back down to the bed.

“How long...?” I trailed off.

“You have been sleeping for almost two days.” he said, “The healer tended to your wounds. You will be OK, with a few more days of rest.”

Brom poured water from a pitcher and handed me the cup. I didn't realize until then how parched I was. I drank three full cups.

“Is Kelmane dead?” I asked.

“He is quite dead.” he replied with a grin, “You made sure of that!”

Suddenly, the memories started racing through my mind and I broke down in tears, sobbing and clutching Broms' arm.

“Gods! I killed him!” I cried, “I... I slit his throat... I watched him bleed and die...”

“If anyone has ever deserved it, he surely did!” Brom reassured.

A flood of memories washed over me; the rapes, the humiliations, the beatings. They all came back to me, flashing through my mind. I felt a hardness come over my heart... a cold realization that I was no longer the same innocent girl I once was.

“Yes,” I said. “He did deserve it.”

“And you probably helped avert a war between the races.” he added, “Our relationship with the night elves is... strained... to say the least, but that will work itself out.”

Just then a halfling walked in, carrying a small tub filled with various items.

“You are awake!” he said with some surprise, “Good! You are healing much faster than I had expected.”

“This is Dink, Milady. He is my cousin, and a fine healer.” Brom added.

“Thank you, Dink.” I said, “I am feeling much better.”

“Um... pardon, Milady, but I... I need to apply salve to your... vagina.” Dink said sheepishly, “It is almost fully healed, but we will still need the salve for the next day or two.”

“Of course, Dink.” I said, spreading my legs slightly as he pulled the blanket off of my legs.

“I will leave the room while...” Brom started.

“No, Brom. Please stay.” I asked, taking hold of his arm.

“Yes, Milady.” he said, turning his head away.

I could feel Dink's soft fingers massaging salve in to the lips and opening of my vagina. It was still a bit sore, but the cool salve was very soothing.

“It seems to be my lot in life to have strange men in my vagina.” I said. I tried to laugh, but felt a stripe of pain across my left cheek. I put my hand to my cheek and inhaled, hissing through my teeth.

“You had quite a nasty scratch across your cheek.” Dink said, “I did all I could but I'm afraid it may leave a scar.”

“Do you have a looking glass?” I asked.

Dink reached in to his tub and pulled out a small mirror and handed it to me. There was a long, deep scratch across my left cheek. It was probably from one of Kelmane's rings. There were several other minor abrasions that were almost healed.

I lie there for several moments, staring in to my eyes in the mirror. The girl looking back at me was no longer Dahlia, Initiate Druid. She was... something else.

Dink put his things back in his tub and started out the door.

“A couple more days of rest and you can be on your way home! It is only the third hour. You should sleep now.” he said, closing the door behind him.

“I... I'm not going home.” I said slowly.

“What?” Brom exclaimed.

“I cannot go back.” I said, “I'm not that girl anymore.”

“But you are betrothed...” Brom began.

“He must think me dead by now.” I replied, “I will let him believe that. It would be shameful for him to marry me now. I believe he loves me and would still have me, but we would be outcasts and shunned. He deserves a chance to be happy. He will find another, eventually.”

“What will you do, Milady?” Brom asked.

“Maybe... I could stay... here... I mean... with... you?” I said, embarrassed.

“With me...” he said, mouth hanging open, eyes wide open.

“I mean, just so you could teach me...” I quickly added, “I mean, I could continue my magic studies on my own. Maybe you could... could teach me... I mean...”

“I know what you mean.” he said, gently taking my hand. “And I would love to have the honor of your companionship for as long as you will have me.”

He bent over and kissed me, deeply and passionately, for several long moments. My stomach fluttered as I wrapped my arms around him.

We fell asleep in each others arms.


Three days passed quickly. I was up and around, almost back to normal. The scratch on my cheek was healing, but there was a definite scar forming.

Brom knocked on my door and came in and handed me a dark brown, hooded robe. I put the robe on, raised the hood over my head and looked in the mirror. A tinge of excitement came over me as I saw the new Dahlia, cowled and mysterious, looking back at me.

“You'll also need this.” he said, handing me a shiny, pearl handled dagger. “We start your training today!”

“It can wait for an hour, can it not?” I asked, as I took his hand and led him to my bed.

*** End ***

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