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Susie, Amanda and Liz stay in !
Slippery Susie part 4 - Girls Night Out (Susie, Amanda & Liz)

I'm glad you decided to come with us, Liz,” Susie said as she headed towards her friend Amanda’s house. “Girls Night Out with Amanda are always, uh, unique.”

“Yeah, I think I just needed a little break,” Liz said. Liz had been a little surprised when Susie picked her up. She had seen her sister dress a little risque before, but she looked down right slutty tonight. Susie was wearing a very tight fitting red tank top and obviously she was not wearing a bra despite the fact that she had large breasts. Liz could clearly see her nipples sticking out of the tank top and just shook her head. Of course, the skirt seemed even worse to her. Short, black and leather was the only way to describe the skirt, almost too short to be actually worn in public. Glancing down she swore she could just about see her sister’s panties as she was driving. Added to the slutty outfit was a pair of black leather boots that went up to her knees with at least 4 inch heels. Liz just shook her head at her sister thinking how much she resembled a whore at that moment.

Liz, on the other hand, had decided to have fun that night as well and dress it up a bit. But her idea of dressing up was a bit different than her sister’s idea. She was not sure why, but she had put on a matching black bra and thong set with lace trim that Shane had bought for her for Valentine’s Day a year ago. She had only worn the outfit for him once or twice, but she thought it would be fun to be sexy under her dress tonight. Nobody would know about it but her. Over her lingerie she wore a tight fitting little black dress that hugged her body perfectly. It helped to make it look like she had bigger breasts than she did, something that she was always a bit jealous of her sister about, and cupped her cute little butt just right. She added a pair of black, strappy sandals that had 3 inch heels and she thought she looked damn good and a lot less of a slut than her sister.

The drive to Amanda’s house took only 20 minutes but it helped to relax Liz. Her sister would be responsible for herself, she was tired of trying to act like a mother around her and tell her how she should act. If her older sister could not tell she was acting like a fool, she was done trying to point it out to her. Tonight was going to be about having fun and letting go.

“Amanda has a few bottles of wine,” Susie added while glancing up at the rear view mirror to check her makeup for the tenth time. “We thought we could get a good start before going out.”

“Sounds perfect,” muttered Liz, wanting to get out of Amanda’s house as fast as possible. There was just something about Amanda that made Liz uncomfortable, even more so than her sister. She was already starting to regret her decision to come with her sister.

The door opened and Amanda stepped back to let the two women inside, whistling at the outfit Susie was wearing. “Damn girlfriend, you looking to get fucked?”

Liz just rolled her eyes and found her way to the couch where she sat down heavily. She found it funny that Amanda was commenting on her sister’s outfit when she had even less on than her sister. A black crop top molded against her larger breasts and left her stomach bare. The skirt was so low on her hips, that she was sure if Amanda had any pubic hair it would be visible and the bottom of the black, lycra skirt was even shorter than her sister’s skirt by at least an inch. When she turned her back to Liz, she could see the bottom of her butt cheeks in that skirt and she was not sure, but she thought Amanda might even be completely naked underneath.

There was little surprise that Amanda was already well on her way to finishing the first bottle of wine when they arrived and the three women made quick work of that bottle and the next. Liz had been impatient to go when she first arrived, but the scandalous outfits her sister and Amanda were wearing along with the buzz she was already getting from the wine made her change her mind. ‘Maybe a girls night in was not such a bad idea,’ she thought to herself.

A third bottle was opened and like always with Susie and Amanda, the talk turned to sex, another topic that always made Liz uncomfortable. It did not take long until the two women started talking about the toy parties that Amanda held and which Susie attended a little too frequently for Liz. “I swear Liz,” said a slightly intoxicated Amanda, “I’m going to get you to one of my parties.”

Liz just smiled and said, “I’m really not interested, Amanda.”

The other two women burst out laughing which caused Liz to blush. She hated when she blushed, she felt it made her feel inadequate which happened way to often around her sister and her friends. “That’s just because you’ve never USED a toy before, sis,” said a laughing Susie. “Hell, toy orgasms are ALMOST as good as the real thing. And you don’t have to deal with as much bullshit either.”

The more the women talked, the quieter Liz became. Not because she was getting more and more embarrassed, but because she found herself becoming more excited with each new topic. There were plenty of reasons that she never attended Amanda’s parties, but most of those reasons were because she was simply too afraid and embarrassed to go to one of them. She was so curious about the things she heard her sister and her friends talking about, but she was simply too afraid to ever bring up the subject. And now here she was, in Amanda’s house, well on her way to being drunk and feeling sexual aroused by the conversation. Liz was not really sure what was wrong with her, but she knew she did not want it to stop.

It took a minute for Liz to realize that the other two women had stopped talking and were looking at her. She figured they must have asked a question and she blushed because she had been thinking about the toys they had been talking about earlier. “Still with us, Liz?” asked Susie with slightly slurred speech.

“Yes, sorry. What did you say?” she asked trying to regain her composure.

Amanda stepped in front of her and said, “I asked if you accepted the challenge.”

Liz had no idea what they were talking about which caused the two women to burst into another round of laughter. Amanda squatted in front of Liz and her suspicion about her not wearing panties turned out to be correct. She sat there, legs spread apart while her skirt rode up her legs leaving her pussy exposed to Liz. Liz was shocked by the lewdness of the display but she was even more shocked by the fact that Amanda’s pussy was nearly bald with just a thin stripee of red hair above her bare shaven lips. She had never seen a red bushed pussy before and the sight brought on another round of blushing.

“I said,” began Amanda as she held up a plastic tube like device, “that I can make you cum in less than two minutes with just my little friend here.”

She wanted to blame her feelings on the wine she had drunk already, but she knew it was much more than that. She had never been attracted to a woman before, but the sight of Amanda’s nearly-bare pussy and the tone of the conversation was having a huge impact on her. Never one to be overly sexual, Liz knew that her pussy was already excited and that her juices were flowing into her tiny thong. Every part of her mind was telling her to say no, but the rest of her overheated body was screaming to let Amanda help her find relief.

Her mind was a whirlwind of emotions as she sat alternately staring at the little vibrator in Amanda’s hands and the wide open pussy on display. She did not trust her voice so she simply looked into Amanda’s eyes and nodded her head yes.

“Good girl,” sighed Amanda softly and she began to move slowly closer to Liz. Liz closed her eyes to hide herself from the embarrassment of the situation. She felt one of Amanda’s hands touch her knee and begin to slowly slide up her inner thigh. Without prompting her legs began to spread on their own until the dress kept her legs from going any further apart. Amanda used her hands to help push the dress up further Liz’s thighs which allowed her legs to be spread wider.

“How adorable,” Amanda said in a seductive voice that sent shivers through Liz’s body starting at her already drenched pussy. With one hand Amanda was able to pull aside the front of the thong revealing the curly hairs covering Liz’s pussy. Liz continued to refuse to open her eyes as she heard a soft buzzing start. Holding her breath she nearly jumped out of her skin as the vibrator made its first contact with her sensitive clit. “Now,” was all Amanda said and Susie began to time her friend with her sister, a smile plastered on her face.

Sensations and electric shocks shot through her body as the vibrator relentlessly buzzed her erect clit. The situation was so wrong and yet the feelings were so intense that she never wanted them to end. She was lost in the moment, her hips gyrating in response to the ever present buzzing. Her clit seemed to have a mind of its own as her body shook with anticipation. Liz could feel an orgasm growing. While she had orgasms with her husband, the power behind this orgasm was staggering. The feelings were centered around her pussy, but it seemed that the rest of her body was a lightning rod to the power building inside of her. Her hips seemed to be working on their own as she humped her butt off the couch while Amanda maintained contact with her clit. She vaguely remembered her sister calling out “one minute” at one point, but she did not care. All that mattered was her pussy and the wonderful little toy bringing her so much pleasure.

She closed her eyes even tighter and she knew her orgasm was about to hit. She tried to catch her breath when suddenly she felt something push into her wet pussy. It took her a second to realize it was at least one of Amanda’s fingers that was pushing into her pussy but still she did not open her eyes. Her pussy welcomed the two fingers as they forced their way into her, a woman’s fingers in her pussy for the first time. The fingers fucking her pussy and the vibrator on her clit sent her over the edge and her body convulsed in the most powerful orgasm of her young life. “Oh fuck,” she screamed over and over, not realizing it was her own voice. The vibrator continued to stimulate the clit throughout the orgasm causing it to last longer and hit her harder than she could possibly believe.

The vibrator was finally removed from her now over-stimulated clit but the fingers remained in her pussy. She knew that during her orgasm the walls of her pussy had gripped those wonderful fingers like they did Shane’s cock during their love making. Liz was exhausted, but she did not want those fingers to leave.

Amanda’s lips placed soft kisses on her neck and cheek as she moved up next to Liz on the couch, the fingers never slowing from their constant plunging. “Take a look at that, baby,” she whispered softly.

Liz’s eyes fluttered open and it took a second for them to focus on what she was seeing. Her sister was less than ten feet away, laying back in an oversized chair. A black, see-through g-string was on the floor at her feet. Her legs were splayed wide apart and Liz saw that her sister’s pussy was as bare as Amanda’s. Susie had her eyes closed and was using another vibrator on her own clit, clearly coming close to her own orgasm. Liz could not take her eyes away from her sister as she watched the erotic scene of another woman masturbating in front of her. She felt the fingers in her pussy slip out and she cried out and tried to bring them back inside but it was too late, Amanda was slowly crawling across the floor towards Susie. She looked back and smiled at Liz, licking her lips before turning back to her target.

Without pausing, Amanda moved between Susie’s legs and planted her mouth on her pussy. Liz could not see what was happening, but she knew that Amanda must now be licking her sister’s pussy. The thought of that sent new shivers through her body which seemed to coincide with the feelings her sister was having as well. The vibrator never stopped as Amanda’s head seemed to move in a circular motion. Suddenly, her sister’s body went rigid and she grunted that she was coming as her orgasm hit. Amanda continued to lick and suck on Susie's pussy until the orgasm slowly ended. When Amanda turned back to Liz, her face was wet with juices from Susie’s pussy. It was a sight that Liz would never forget.

Moving to the end of the couch, Amanda tucked herself in the corner and spread her legs wide, making sure that Liz had a perfect view of her pussy. She picked up the tiny vibrator she had used on Liz and began using it on her own excited clit. Rather than closing her eyes, Amanda stared into Liz’s eyes while she let the little toy stimulate her clit.

Out of the corner of her eye, Liz saw her sister begin to move and the next thing she knew, her sister was at Amanda’s side. While Amanda continued to play with her clit, Susie closed her mouth around one of Amanda’s nipples, sucking it gently into her mouth. A loud moan escaped from Amanda’s lips as Susie sucked on the sensitive nub. While she used her tongue on the nipple in her mouth, Susie looked at her sister and then looked away at the other nipple, a clear sign that Liz should help her out. Liz was frozen to the spot. She had never had relations with another woman until Amanda had helped her cum, nor had she ever even THOUGHT about another woman until those wonderful fingers entered her pussy. The two bald pussies made her mouth water for some reason and her body was moving before her mind had finished making up its mind.

Amanda finally closed her eyes as Liz slipped the second nipple into her mouth and began to nibble and rub it with her tongue. The two sisters worked the nipples in and out of their mouths, the feeling of two mouths on her nipples adding another layer of eroticism for Amanda, especially when one of those was a virgin mouth. That was the last thought in her mind when her body flushed and her pussy began to spasm in orgasm. Both sisters sucked harder on the nipples as the orgasm hit which heightened the pleasure for Amanda. They softened the pressure on the nipples and Amanda slowly came down from her high, her breathing slowing as she smiled down at the two sisters.

“THAT was amazing, girls,” said a satisfied Amanda. “You have a talented mouth, Liz,” she added as she looked at Susie’s younger sister.

The compliment caused Liz to blush again, but this time there was no embarrassment. She had participated and she had enjoyed herself, and it was not nearly as bad as she thought it might be. In fact, it was down right exciting and thrilling and oh so erotic. She still did not trust her voice so she simply smiled in response. Amanda moved closer and Liz knew what was coming next. She felt panic rise up inside of herself and her initial reaction was to move back. However, her new resolve stopped her and suddenly she found Amanda’s mouth on her own and a split second later, she felt another woman’s tongue enter her mouth for the first time. It was the sweetest, most passionate, softest kiss she had ever experienced and her whole body responded. She could tell that her nipples hardened and her pussy began to heat up again the longer the kiss lasted. When the kiss finally ended, Liz once again felt her heart beating faster and it left her body wanting more.

When Amanda began to help lift the dress off her body, Liz did not stop her and soon she was left sitting in just her bra which quickly followed the dress onto a pile on the floor. Now completely naked, the two women returned to the kiss as hands roamed over each other’s bodies, feeling the soft skin.

Liz had not realized her sister was missing until she returned and said, “Damn, you two look hot!”

Sheepishly looking over her shoulder at her sister, Liz received yet another shock. Her sister was carrying a HUGE assortment of toys all in various colors and shapes. For the first time, Liz realized that the night was long from being over.

Slippery Susie part 4 (girls night out 2 of 2)

Amanda slipped off the couch and helped Liz into a prone position with her head on the armrest. Her hands stroked Liz’s body, paying particular attention to the two small breasts with their very hard nipples. While Amanda continued to play with her nipples, Susie had selected a neon pink 12 inch double dildo and was moving between her sister’s legs. The head of the dildo made contact with the moist lips of Liz’s pussy and Susie pushed gently forward. She knew her sister was very wet and since she knew how big Shane’s cock was, she knew her sister was also well stretched. Therefore she was not surprised as the head of the dildo easily slipped into her sister’s willing pussy. She did not stop as she simply fed more and more of the pink dildo into the wet pussy.

She finally stopped when at least 8 inches of the dildo were buried in her sister’s pussy. She grabbed firmly onto the dildo and began to slowly fuck her sister with long, slow strokes. Liz moaned as her pussy was invaded by a fake cock for the first time, but she already knew it would not be the last time. While it was not as good as a real cock, the entire scene and the company she was keeping made it incredibly special for her.

While Susie was stroking her sister’s pussy with the dildo, she could not help but stare at the soft patch of hair covering the lips. She preferred to see a pussy bald, but the fact that she was seeing her sister’s pussy for the first time since they were a lot younger excited the hell out of Susie. There was little doubt that what they were doing would be considered wrong by some people, but at that point she was too sexually alive to care.

Susie stopped the motion of the dildo as she climbed onto the opposite end of the couch with her pussy facing her sister and the pink dildo sticking out of her pussy. She lifted her hips off the couch and scooted closer until she felt the head of the dildo make contact with her own pussy. She felt Amanda’s hand on her own and she let go of the dildo so that Amanda could take control of the situation. Moving a little closer she felt Amanda get the dildo in place. A contented sigh emanated from Susie's lips as the pink double dildo entered her own steaming pussy.

Holding the dildo in place, Amanda helped Susie move a little closer until the sister’s pussies were almost touching. She was just able to move the dildo from side to side, fucking both sisters as the two got used to the feel of the two headed cock. A rhythm was developed and soon Amanda was able to remove her hand as the two sisters began to use their hips to fuck each other. Amanda was so turned on by the sight of the two pussies fucking the dildo and rubbing up against each other that her hand instinctively went to her own pussy and began to rub her clit again.

Liz could feel the fake cock buried deep in her pussy before it was pulled out a little to disappear into her own sister’s pussy. She could also feel the bald lips of her sister’s pussy mashed against her own which added to the sexual thrill. The two sisters continued to grind against each other as they shared the cock. Amanda joined in the fun again this time with her tongue teasing the two exposed clits of the sisters. In this position she was easily able to move back and forth over both clits, taking each into her mouth and sucking on them while the dildo continued to pound the pussies.

Each time she would take one of the clits into her mouth she would feel the body beneath jump in excitement. She knew that both sisters were close to another orgasm and she was determined to get in on the fun. There was a chance she was pushing things too fast, but she was so lust filled at that point that she did not care. She was determined to have her own orgasm with the help of little Liz.

Her eyes were still firmly closed as she concentrated on the impending orgasm when she felt Amanda’s body begin to move over her own. Again Liz’s first thought was to protest that she was not that kind of girl, but she knew it was a lie even as she thought it. Once again her clit slipped into Amanda’s mouth and all resistance faded for good. She did not have to open her eyes to know what Amanda was doing. She could feel Amanda’s legs slip onto each side of her head and she could already smell the aroused pussy that was mere inches from her face. Liz was not sure, but she thought she could feel the heat radiating from her new lover’s pussy.

There was only a short pause and then Liz finally let go and surrendered to the feelings that were building. She opened her eyes and was looking straight into the most beautiful and erotic sight she could imagine, Amanda’s bald pussy. There was no pause this time as her tongue pushed past her lips and she tasted another woman for the first time. She slid her tongue up and down the soft lips, pushing inside as she savored her sister's best girlfriend’s juices. The taste was intoxicating and seemed to increase the lust inside of Liz. Her tongue was everywhere, licking up and down the slit, pushing inside to lick the inner walls of Amanda’s pussy, pushing deep to fuck her new playmate and finally findings its way to the clit where she sucked greedily on the erect nub.

This may have been Liz’s first taste of another woman’s pussy, but Amanda realized she was a natural. What she lacked in gentleness, she easily made up for in pure lust. Her tongue assaulted Amanda’s pussy and was clearly determined to help her reach her second orgasm.

The moans of Liz and Amanda caused Susie to open her eyes and she was shocked to see her little sister sucking on her first pussy while sharing a double dildo with her. The scene was too intense and erotic for Susie and her body began to shake as her second orgasm of the night washed over her.

The dildo in her pussy began to jerk quickly and Liz knew that her sister was having an orgasm. Her own pussy seemed to grip the dildo tighter and she too lost control as she sucked harder on the clit in her mouth. The extra sensations and the sight of the two sisters’ cumming helped Amanda find her own relief as the three women came in rapid succession.

Bodies rubbed against each other and Liz and Amanda never let the clits out of their mouths as the orgasm continued. Slowly the women began to breathe again and their minds cleared. A warmth seemed to surround the three women as they slowly untangled themselves from the couch. Audible sucking sounds could be heard as the dildo slipped from the sisters’ pussies. The lovers embraced and kissed, tongues playing with each other. Neither Susie nor Liz seemed bothered by the intimate kiss they shared, it just seemed so right for the two of them.

“My turn for a good fucking,” exclaimed Amanda as she grabbed an even larger double dildo, this one was at least 18 inches and black. Without saying anything else, she began to work the head of one of the cocks into her pussy while as she laid back onto the carpet. The sight of the huge dildo splitting the bald lips and disappearing inside was terribly exciting for Liz. She watched as more and more of that huge black cock pushed inside of Amanda’s obviously well stretched pussy. Liz looked at her sister who just smiled and motioned for her to go ahead. Grabbing the other head, Liz stuffed it into her own pussy which was still gaping open from the other dildo.

The two women shoved more and more cock into their pussies as they moved closer together. Susie just sat in awe as the two women swallowed the entire length of the cock into their wet pussies. Liz and Amanda began to hump against each other, once again grinding their clits together even after having just shared an orgasm. Susie began to wonder if she had unleashed an animal in sister, she just hoped she had. The women looked incredibly sexy as they writhed on the floor making love to each other in a frantic manner.

Like Amanda before her, Susie felt a need to join in on the fun. She looked at both women and it was an easy choice for her. She moved until she was straddling her sister, her own bald pussy hovering over Liz's face. Letting herself sag, she felt her pussy lips brush against her sister’s face. There was only a split second before she felt the tongue, the wonderful tongue as it began to explore her pussy for the first time.

Liz knew that the pussy pressed against her face belonged to her sister which made her want to work that much harder to please the pussy above her. Her tongue once again began to explore an unfamiliar pussy. She was less urgent this time, determined to take her time with her second pussy and truly explore every inch of the smooth pussy. She dipped her tongue in deep, trying to tell if there was a difference in the taste of the two women. If there was, it was not a big enough change for her to tell as they were both simply delicious. Her tongue easily pushed between the folds as she licked the inner walls of her sister’s pussy.

Pushing her pussy back harder against her sister’s face, Susie reveled in the feelings of the tongue inside of her pussy. She loved to be licked and her sister was doing a fantastic job. Her orgasm was far away so she just enjoyed the feel of the inexperienced tongue in her pussy as she rode her sister’s face.

This new dildo seemed to fill her completely as she shared it with Amanda. It seemed that Amanda was used to large toys but this one stroked every inch of her pussy. The fucking continued and her body just seemed to crave it more. She just could not seem to get enough. These thoughts were flashing through her head when she felt her sister’s tongue begin to lightly flick her clit. She was using her hands to pull her pussy apart, exposing the clit to her assaulting tongue. With each flick she felt her body jump and slam against Amanda’s pussy. Her hips began to rotate on their own as her sister slowly worked her clit into even more of a frenzy.

All of the women lost track of the time as the double dildo stretched the two pussies. Liz was rapidly becoming an expert at licking and sucking pussy as she attacked her sister’s with great enthusiasm. All three of the bodies had a sheen of sweat covering them as they all continued to breath heavily and moan in pleasure.

Liz was the first to reach yet another orgasm. This time it was very subtle and gentle. It was more of a rolling wave that covered her body in a warm glow. The wave carried her on without ever seeming to really crest. It was not the most powerful orgasm but it seemed to last longer and longer. Susie continued to gently flick her clit which added in the slow burn of the orgasm.

She seemed to return to her body and the emotions slowly ebbed as she resumed her licking of her sister’s pussy. Her orgasm had faded, but the cock still buried in her pussy seemed to elicit mini orgasm each time it was pushed back inside of her welcoming pussy.

Seeing the little slut orgasm again just made Amanda’s night. She loved being the first woman for another woman and the fact that this little sexpot was Susie’s sister was all that more enjoyable. In addition, not only did she get to break in this new toy, but now the sisters had taken it to a whole new level. Seeing Liz shove her tongue into Susie’s pussy and Susie hump her sister’s face was truly awe-inspiring for Amanda. A self proclaimed slut, this was a long time fantasy for her that was finally coming true. And by the looks of things, this was not the last time these two would be having fun together.

Even though she had seen Liz cum again, Amanda had no intention of stopping the action. Her pussy was too in need of this fucking and it was clear that little Liz could more than handle the huge cock fucking in and out of her pussy.

In the afterglow of her third orgasm, Liz again felt no shame at what was happening, she was just glad she finally succumbed to her inner most desires. She sucked her sister’s clit into her mouth and felt the body above her shiver in orgasm. Pride swelled up in Liz with her accomplishment. She had always admired her sister and there was always a tremendous amount of jealousy that her sister could act so free and Liz felt she should be more reserved. She laughed at herself inwardly as she wondered how reserved she could be when her sister was showering her face with pussy juices and she was rushing to lap up as much as she could.

Liz knew her face was drenched with pussy juice as Susie finally lifted her satiated pussy from her sister’s lips. Smiling down at her sister, Susie moved to suck Amanda’s clit into her mouth. Sucking hard and fast on the clit caused Amanda to buck wildly as she finally came as well. The cock finally stopped moving inside of the two women as they sat and rested, the lips of their pussy pressed against each other, their juices forming a small pool on the carpet.

There was little chance that Liz would ever miss another girls night out or one of Amanda’s little sex toy parties. Besides, she needed to start her own collection of toys.
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