This is the Jack of All Trades, I'm just wanted to get a new account so that I could delete my inferior work.
This is the Jack Of All Trades just using a new account. I wanted to get rid of my inferior work, but I couldn't figure out how to delete it.

The temple was built into the side of a mountain, and it was falling apart from old age and abuse from elements. This was where Medusa was banished after Athena transformed her into a gorgon, because Poseidon raped Medusa in Athena’s temple. Talk about punishing the victim.
Let me back up. My name is Atticus, the God of Revolution. I was created out of the suffering of people to eliminate the other gods. My purpose was to exact revenge on the other gods for tormenting humans, then give the world to humans. I had already set Cerberus loose because Hades wasn’t feeding him and now I was going to help Medusa get revenge on Athena.
My heart ached when I heard her story, and I desperately wanted to help her. I wanted to show her that not everyone is filled with malice. I walked into the hollowed out mountain and looked around. The huge chamber was filled with smashed temples and stone statues. Light streamed in from several holes in the mountainside.
“Medusa!” I hollered. I instantly heard a slithering sound in the shadows.
“Medusa, I want to talk to you!” I hollered again. I quickly ducked as one of the statues was thrown at me. It shattered when it struck the ground, and all of the armor and weapons that the warrior had been wearing was tossed aside.
“Get out!” I heard Medusa shriek.
I walked over and picked up the fallen sword.
“Medusa, the person who that statue used to be, he tried to kill you, didn’t he?” Silence was the only answer. I walked over to a statue that had no weapons or armor.
“This man was like me, wasn’t he? He just wanted to talk to you. He just wanted to take away your pain…” I said. I could see Medusa up on the roof of one of the destroyed temples. She was wrapped in shadow, so I couldn’t make out any of her features. I could hear the hissing of her snake hair.
“I’m here to help you. I’m here to show you that not everyone has a heart of stone. Please, let me look upon your face.” I said.
“I can’t.” She said softly. Her voice was like the singing of birds, and filled with sadness. Her voice was so much different from when she yelled at me to leave. I could hear the tender sorrow from being punished because she was a victim, and locked away in the lonely darkness.
I turned to the unarmed statue.
“Did he ask you to show him your face, and he ended up becoming like this? You had no control over your curse?” I could hear her softly begin to cry.
“Medusa, I am not like the others. My name is Atticus, and I am the God of Revolution. I am immune to the curse that the harpy witch Athena gave you, and I will use my immunity to give you my heart. Please Medusa, let me show you how much I care.” I said. Medusa slowly slithered down onto the ground and came into view. However, she kept her face in the shadows. Even as a gorgon, Medusa’s body was gorgeous. Instead of legs, she had a tail that was about forty feet long. She was skinny, shapely, her scales were like glass with colors arranged in patterns, and her tits were the size of human skulls with pointing nipples.
“Please, let me see you.” I said.
Medusa’s tail began to shrink, becoming skinnier and shorter. By the time it was a meter long, it split in half, and the two halves turned into thin smooth legs. Like the rest of her body, her legs were covered in scales, with thighs that were so smooth and skinny, it was as if they went for miles. Even when covered in scales, her pussy looked more inviting than a doorway into a room full of horny bisexual girls having an orgy.
She stood up and slowly walked over to me. Every swing of her hips sent a rush of blood to my cock. Goddamn, she was sexy. She had her hands on her face, shielding me from the curse that Athena had put on her. She stopped when she was two feet from me. I was struggling to hide my erection as I gazed upon her naked beauty.
“Please, show me your face. And I’ll show you my heart.” I said softly.
I slowly raised my hand, brushing the tips of my fingers against her right temple. Her snake hair became very still, and seemed more like they were purring than humming. Medusa moved her hands away and I was breathless. She was gorgeous. Her face had no scales, and her face was as aged as she had been when she was twenty. Every part of her visage was flawless, from her green eyes, her soft lips, and a complexion that the gods and goddesses would envy. Not even Athena could take away her beauty.
Tears slowly rolled down her face as we looked at each other. I gently placed my hand on her cheek. She gripped my wrist, pressing my hand against her cheek as she gently cried. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.
“It alright my love. I’m going to take your pain away.” I whispered into her ear as she cried on my shoulder. Holding her, I couldn’t help but notice that her scales were as soft as skin. The scales might as well have been painted on her flesh.
“It’s been so long since someone has been kind to me.” Medusa whimpered.
“I’ll be with you forever.” I said as I looked into her eyes. Then I leaned forward and gently kissed her. Our lips were pressed together for several seconds, before we parted. Medusa smiled with her eyes closed, lightly humming. She opened her eyes and we each placed our hand on the other’s cheek. We kissed again, holding that loving embrace while holding each other.
I moved my hand from her cheek, feeling her neck, and then her collarbone. Her body was becoming hotter and hotter and hotter as our tongues wrapped around each other. I placed my hand on her left tit and gently squeezed, causing her to hum in pleasure. I tweaked her nipples, causing her to shiver in ecstasy. I gently moved my hand down her chest, then brushed my palm and the tips of my fingers against her slim smooth belly.
The instant my fingers reached the soft lips of her pussy, she bolted back and tears fell from her eyes. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I remembered that she had been raped. She hadn’t been touched there since Poseidon ravaged her. My body turned cold as I imagined the pain that she had endured. She was holding herself as she cried.
“Medusa, my love, I am so sorry.” I said with my hands trembling. I then realized that she was actually crying tears of joy. She looked at me and her eyes were filled with love.
“No, Atticus my darling, its not that. I’m just so happy that someone who loves me has finally found me. I’m not crying because of what happened to me, because there is nothing similar between what Poseidon did to me, and the act of love I want to commit with you. There is nothing similar between them at all.” She said as she rushed over and kissed me.
“Make me feel goof Atticus. Let me feel you in both my soul and my body.” She cooed. As we kissed, we laid down on the hard ground. But as long as I was with Medusa, it didn’t matter if we were on the ground or in bed. With one hand, I pulled off my clothes, and with my other hand, I explored Medusa’s sexy form. I gently massaged her soft clit with my hand, causing Medusa to hum in pleasure. With unparalleled care and tenderness, I slowly inserted my fingers into her pussy. Medusa let out an incredibly loud moan and arched her back as I massaged her soft insides.
“No way.” I said as I stopped my hand.
“What?” Medusa asked.
“I can feel your hymen. Medusa, you’re a virgin.” I said with amazement.
“That’s impossible. I was raped by Poseidon.” Medusa gasped.
“When Athena transformed you into a gorgon, your whole body must have been completely remade. You’re as pure as you when you were human.” I said. Medusa gave a warm smile.
“Then I want to give my virginity to you, along with my heart.” She whispered.
“I love you Medusa.” I said as I kissed her. I continued massaging her pussy, loosening it up and getting it nice and wet, but careful to keep the hymen intact. I then shifted position so that I was over Medusa and got ready.
“Are you ready my love?” I asked. Medusa wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, and then kissed me.
“Ready.” She whispered with a small smile. Ever so gently, I pushed the head of my dick into her soft pussy. Medusa let out a mix of a moan and whine, as I pushed my whole cock inside her, taking her virginity. I pulled my dick out, letting the blood trickle out of her pussy, then I shoved it back in. Medusa moaned as I began pumping her, shoving my whole cock in, pulling it back in, and then ramming it back into her twat.
Her hot pussy was so soft and wet, that I was using all of my strength not to shoot my load. I was kissing Medusa’s neck as her limbs became tighter and tighter around me. Her snake hair was going crazy. All of the serpents were hissing and screaming in joy.
“I’m going to cum.” Medusa whispered in my ear. I began fucking her as hard as I could, and Medusa’s moans became more and more high-pitched. Finally she screamed, and pussy juice gushed around my cock.
“More, oh my god, fuck me more.” She said as she gently bit my ear.
I rolled over so that Medusa was in my lap. She running her fingers through her snake hair, had her other hand pressed against the middle of my chest, was moaning like a drunk siren, and was bouncing on my rock-hard cock. I was squeezing her tits with one hand, and massaging the rest of her body. As she bounced on my cock harder and harder, I was desperately trying to keep her from falling off. I moved my hands onto her ass for better leverage, and raised my eyebrows. Wow, it was like holding two taut wineskins.
Medusa let out another loud moan as another river of hot juices flowed from her soft cunt.
“Still want more?” I asked with my smile.
“Oh yes!” Medusa moaned at the top of her lungs.
“Turn around.” I said as I sat up and kissed her.
I lay back down and she turned around, so now her back was to me. She leaned back with her hands on the ground to keep her balance, lifting up her hips. With my hands on her waist, I began thrusting upwards with all of my strength. Moaning with a whole new volume, Medusa pretty much came every time I hammered her sweet pussy. After several minutes of fucking her with every last ounce of strength I had, I could feel an orgasm welling inside my scrotum. My body jerked as I shot my load up into her. A mix of pussy juice and sperm gushed from between the luscious lips.
Medusa let out one last small moan and then fell back. We were both breathing heavily as I wrapped my arms around her.
“We should get some sleep.” I said as I kissed her neck. Medusa rolled over and looked at me with sad eyes.
“I don’t want to wake up and find out that this was all just a dream.” She whispered. I placed my hand on her cheek.
“I promise that when you wake up I shall be here.” I said. Then we kissed one last before, before falling asleep as I held her in my arms.

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2014-09-11 13:45:07
Is your info correct? If so then top marks , I'm going to have to check that out, as I love greek mythology. It was a good story, is there a pt2 if not this is too short, I need more ! And a description of Atticus if he is anything like Medusa then he'll be fit. Thanks for the post. Luvsalik xx

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2013-05-17 04:39:11
wonderful story! great sex AND great plot - way to few know that medusa wasn´t a monster but a victim, kudos for getting it right!

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2012-10-03 16:09:14
The beauty of comtimted criticism and of theater in general is that both provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of subjective ideas; if you need a break from an honest reaction to your work, then I'm not sure why you're reading your reviews. I stand by my impression of the piece and what I wrote about the production that I saw.While I'm glad to hear that the Times reviewed and enjoyed the show, and that the same was true of Mr. Taylor in THE INDEPENDENT, I disagree with the implication that those favorable reviews would mean no other critic should register a contradictory opinion. Moreover, quoting reviews of a ten- or twenty-year-old production in order to prove the relevance and quality of a show produced in 2011 (even if by the same team) seems to me a bit misguided. As far as your wondering about who I really am (always a strange thing to hear someone say on the internet), here are two ways to put your mind to rest:1. Read the bio on .2. Best wishes in your future work

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2012-05-15 11:17:37
Fucking good story needs a sequel

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2011-06-27 23:42:27
Holy Toledo, so glad I cilcekd on this site first!

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