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This is the first of seven parallel and related stories; they work best if read in sequence. It is fiction, and all places and characters are invented.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010

It is the annual alumni reunion event at the Lauderton High School, which they hold in the large gymnasium in the main school building. The events in these stories take place at various times during the evening, and to different characters; they are not chapters of the same story, but a series of separate takes. We are the invisible camera, panning around the scene and then zooming in for a close-up ...


Nashiko Giancona had graduated from the high school five years ago, and was now aged 23. Her mother was Japanese and her father of Italian-American descent; her name in Japanese meant ‘child of the west’. She had the slim build, pretty face and straight dark hair of her mother, whilst her European heritage showed through in greater height and a fuller bust than most Asian women. Her face was a blend of the classic high cheekbones and large almond eyes of the Far East with hints of Mediterranean lushness, producing a unique and striking presence all of her own.

This was the first reunion that Nashiko had attended; previously, she had felt that it was too soon after graduating. However, now that she had completed her computing degree and landed a job with an internet company based near Pasadena, she felt that she had at last left the education system for the so-called ‘real world’. There was an attraction in touching base with her roots again, and so she had arranged to come back for the reunion event, staying with her parents for the weekend.

The high school was unusual in hosting the event on its own premises, but the former students who attended quite enjoyed the experience of seeing again the places that had once been so familiar. The real reason, however, was that a few years previously they had been very poorly catered for at the main hotel and convention center in the town, and the Alumni Association had decided to organise it themselves at the school instead, and donate the money saved by doing so to the fund that they were raising to improve the track and sports facilities. The practical organisation was handled by some of the teachers; the food and drink was delivered by outside caterers, but at the event it was served by volunteer helpers from the present 11th and 12th grades (in this state, it was legal for 18 year olds to serve alcohol, and so the older 12th grades poured the bubbly wine for the guests). Using current students in this way both reduced the costs and meant that a more lavish provision could be afforded.

Nashiko circulated around the large room, enjoying the lively hubbub of conversation and random encounters with people she whom knew. There were quite a few of them here, former students and present staff, although the Principal of her time had retired and his female successor was a stranger to her. It was interesting to see people after an interval of five years, and observe how much – or, more often, how little – they had changed. Mary Beecher still seemed to be an empty-headed giggler and Carrie Malone was as uncommunicative as always, but that was surely Hayley Statten over there, looking so much more stylish and assured than she ever had at school, in fact she had a much better figure than Nashiko remembered. She made a mental note that she must chat to Hayley later on and find out what she had been up to. Just now, Nashiko needed a refill of her glass, and she made her way over to the serving tables in a quieter corner. She collected a fresh glass of the fizzy white wine from a tall young man who looked like a basketball player, and then moved to the adjacent table of snacks and nibbles, hesitating over what to choose. The server here was a stunning redhead with a slight dusting of freckles in her clear complexion and, although she could only be about 17, evidently quite a full bust under her buttoned-up white shirt. Nashiko was captivated by her looks and her engaging perky manner, and they chatted for quite a while about how the school was now – which, in truth, seemed pretty much unchanged since her day, although the girl (it turned out her name was Lauren) was quite gushing about the new Principal. Their conversation was just running down when Nashiko felt a touch on her arm, and a familiar voice greeted her:

‘Nashiko! How lovely to see you here – how are you, what have you been doing?’

She turned with a smile of real pleasure, for this was one of her most favourite teachers, who had helped her a lot when she had been in the 11th and 12th grades. Ms Henrikson had taught Nashiko math; she had been in her late 20s then, and was now 33. However, she looked younger than that, being fit and healthy from her sports coaching of the junior softball and badminton teams, and from regular running and swimming. At five foot ten, she was slightly taller than the younger woman, her blonde hair in a neat short style with a fringe and then cut away around her ears to the nape of the neck. The teacher had a warm and attractive smile, a slightly snub nose, and clear blue-grey eyes. She was wearing a pair of smart grey linen slacks, which dropped sheer from her flat stomach and trim flanks, and a white short-sleeve top with a pale blue cashmere vest over it; underneath these was the outline of the bra which encased her C cup breasts.

Nashiko chattered away about her new job, on which Ms Henrikson congratulated her. The teacher also complimented her on how nice she was looking, and admired the younger woman’s knee-length strapless dress. This was in a pattern of greens which strikingly offset Nashiko’s hair and skin tone; it was cut to cover her shapely bust with apparent modesty, yet also drew the eye to her cleavage, which was accentuated by the uplift given to her D cup breasts by their underwired strapless bra. Nashiko noticed Ms Henrikson’s eyes strayed there several times during their conversation, and she suddenly realised that her former teacher was not just making routine ‘small talk’, even of the friendly kind with a favourite ex-student. It felt more like flirting, that there was a sexual undercurrent which was expressed as much in Ms Henrikson’s eyes and gestures (her hand resting several times on Nashiko’s forearm), as in her conversation. Perhaps, thought Nashiko, just perhaps something more is – or, with encouragement, might be – going on here!

An opportunity to find out soon presented itself, when Ms Henrikson commented that Nashiko must have had a lot of exciting experiences since she left town to go to college. Nashiko whole-heartedly agreed – thinking of how she had discovered her true sexual preference with her freshman roommate, who had deftly seduced her in the first week, and how after a time she had become confident enough to frequent the local lesbian bars and clubs, which had resulted in some longer affairs and at least two dozen passionate one-night stands. Nashiko had always liked and admired Ms Henrikson, without at the time realising what underlay her feelings. Now, perhaps there was a chance to recover one of the lost opportunities of her teenage years. She looked the handsome teacher directly in the eyes, and said boldly:

‘I have learned things about myself – my pleasures – that might surprise you, but I’m sure there is so much more that you could teach me – if you would like to?’ As she said this, she took Ms Henrikson’s hand, gently raised it to her mouth, and – without for one second breaking her steady eye contact with the slightly-flushed older woman – brushed her lips along the knuckles and kissed the fingers softly. Ms Henrikson gave a faint noise, a mixture of a gasp of surprise and a moan of pleasure; her nostrils flared, and for a second the tip of her tongue moistened her slightly-parted lips. Then, with a slight shake of the head, as if to bring herself back from dreamland, she took a firm grip on Nashiko’s hand. Delight and desire showed in equal measure on the teacher’s face, but in her position she had to be sure she was not wishfully misinterpreting the signals. Even with an indication as blatant as this, she had better make sure ...

‘Oh, Nashiko! Do you mean? ... Do you want to ...’ asked the teacher, and then she swallowed, unable to say in public what it was, even in a room so buzzing with conversation that no one could possibly hear their soft-voiced exchange. Nashiko knew that this was the cusp moment, the second when things could turn one way or another – and she knew exactly what she wanted, now even more urgently and desperately. Leaning forward, standing slightly on her toes so that her lips were almost brushing Ms Henrikson’s ear, she made sure that no doubt at all could remain.

‘Take me somewhere, and fuck me to pieces’, she whispered, the invisible caress of her breath arousing the teacher even more. Ms Henrikson looked like she had been struck by lightning, and she shivered slightly from head to toe. The teacher had kept a firm grip on the stunning Japanese-American girl’s hand, its fingernails painted green to match her dress, and softly she replied:

‘Oh, gosh! Oh – my sweet angel ... I know a place, we won’t be disturbed there ... quickly, follow me out!’

Ms Henrikson slipped away from the room when the Principal had her back turned, talking to some former students, and Nashiko was a couple of seconds behind her, hopefully making their departures look quite unconnected. They soon left the hubbub of the reunion behind, padding quickly and quietly down the deserted corridors, leaving the lights switched off and using only the minimal emergency lighting that was always on at night to guide their way. As they walked, Ms Henrikson told Nashiko how she had always been very attracted to her, that she had found it difficult not show this when she had been at the school, but that she made it an absolute rule never to touch a student.

‘But I’m not a student here any more’, grinned Nashiko, and her former teacher smiled back, her eyes gleaming in anticipation of the long-desired pleasures to come.

They arrived at the section of the building which contained the school’s other indoor sports facility, a smaller gymnasium which was mainly used for gymnastic exercises and dance classes. Ms Henrikson stopped outside the door of this, to which of course she possessed a key. After they had entered, she made sure to lock the door again – to have someone blunder in upon them now would be a disaster in every way. Ms Henrikson arranged one of the larger exercise mats on the floor, and then turned to take the lovely lush figure of the Japanese-American girl into her arms for the first time – something she had longed and longed for when Nashiko had been a student, and only iron resolve had restrained her. Nashiko had certainly learnt quite a bit in the intervening five years – she came into the embrace without a hint of hesitation, her mouth opening for the kiss and her hands eagerly roaming Ms Henrikson’s upper body, especially stroking the curve of her bust.

In her turn, Ms Henrikson did something that she had often fantasised about those several years ago, alone in her own bedroom at night and with just a purring vibrator for solace. First, her hands descended to grasp the Japanese-American girl’s firm and sexy ass, one hand taking each buttock, squeezing them and lifting them slightly apart. Next, she tugged the hem of Nashiko’s dress up to her waist, exposing a very pretty pair of quite modest midi-style panties, trimmed with lace, in an emerald green that co-ordinated with the young woman’s dress. And then, and at last, one of her hands slid over the front panel of the panties, and cupped Nashiko’s mound in the palm of her hand, feeling her womanly warmth.

‘Oooh, yes!’ breathed Nashiko, just as transported by this sexual encounter with her long-admired former teacher as the older woman was with her. Ms Henrikson’s fingers found the zip fastener of Nashiko’s dress at the back, and pulled it downwards in a single fluid but unhurried motion. As she did so, the dress fell away from the younger woman’s body like petals unfolding on a flower, until the whole garment was bunched around her hips. With an attractive and nimble wiggle, Nashiko shed the dress, letting it tumble to her ankles and then stepping aside from it. She was left wearing just her hold-up stockings (which were pale green), the panties and a matching strapless bra which had a slight push-up effect on her already substantial 30D breasts.

Nashiko struck a statue-like pose for a moment, and both women laughed in shared harmony and happiness. The Japanese-American beauty reached behind her back to unsnap and fling away the bra, revealing her splendid breasts in all their glory. She cupped them in her palms, offering them to the teacher not only by gesture but also by saying:

‘Ms Henrikson, I’m all yours – take me, and fuck me!’

The teacher smiled at her, and replied: ‘Y’know, considering I’m gonna do just that, right here and right now, I think you can call me Sally!’

Nashiko gave a sweet smile and a slight bow of her head; in many ways, she had absorbed more of her mother’s culture and customs than perhaps she realised. With a hunger that signalled the passions to come, Sally took the younger woman into her arms again for a long clinching kiss, and then bent to bring her lips to the swelling prominences of Nashiko’s breasts.

‘Aahhh, ooooh, yes!’ murmured the pretty half-Asian, entranced to see her former very correct teacher sucking, licking and nibbling on her nipples. Whilst she did this, Sally’s free hand dropped again towards Nashiko’s sex, but this time slipping inside the panties to take a first direct feel of the girl’s cunt, probing the length of her slit and feeling the oozing dampness of her sexual arousal. Nashiko made appreciative noises as she clung onto the taller woman’s shoulders, her own head back and her breathing coming in erratic gasps.

Sally broke away from her oral pleasuring of Nashiko’s breasts to pull the younger woman’s panties down and off, and then she knelt in front of her. After easing the luscious Oriental babe’s thighs apart, the teacher brought her tongue to her ex-student’s pussy. Nashiko was delighted by this, as she had found that cunnilingus was one of her most favourite lesbian love-making practices. She spread her legs as far apart as she could manage, and gave a shudder as Sally’s fingers slipped between her labia and probed the entrance of her pink tunnel. The older woman’s tongue dove in like a rabbit going down a hole, and Nashiko gave a squeal of pleasure. The combination of Sally’s expertise in pussy-munching and the mind-blowing reality of being eaten out by her former teacher brought Nashiko with sudden abruptness to an orgasm which she could not have held back even if she had wanted to. Instead, she writhed in Sally’s grip with her eyes screwed tight shut, and gave vent to a series of short ecstatic cries as her body trembled and sweet juices seeped from her pussy. During this love-making, the two women had been so engrossed in each other that they had not noticed the handle of the gymnasium door turning as it was quietly tried once from outside, or the faint sound of footsteps quietly retreating along the corridor.

In the wake of her orgasm, Nashiko opened her eyes and gazed at Sally in delight and wonder. Then, realising that the teacher was still fully dressed, she became the one to take the initiative. Sally’s hands fell to her sides, as the Japanese-American girl swiftly tugged the light cashmere vest over her head, and then undid the blouse underneath, pulling it away from both shoulders to flutter unheeded to the ground. For a moment, Nashiko admired the pert jut of Sally’s breasts, which were a little smaller than her own, as the teacher took a 32B bra size. Sally was clearly a bit of a traditionalist: her bra was in white, but more feminine in its shape and decorative small bows than might have been anticipated from the no-nonsense softball coach and the logical math teacher.

Now it was Nashiko’s turn to go down onto her knees, her face level with the single round black button at the waist of Sally’s elegant grey slacks. However, the younger woman did not immediately undo this – instead, she brought a hand up under the crotch of the slacks and pressed the fabric firmly against the base of the teacher’s pudenda, grinding back and forth. It was intensely arousing – much more so than if it had been done against the naked flesh – and Sally’s eyes went round in surprise and appreciation. After a few seconds, Nashiko changed tack, undoing the button and zip at the front of the trousers, and pulling them down to the teacher’s knees. The latter was revealed to be wearing much the scantier panties of the two of them – although again a decorous plain white, they were skimpy tai briefs with a high-leg cut and tantalising lace panels. Nashiko bent to undo the straps of Sally’s rather elegant two-inch heels, and this allowed her to pull the slacks the rest of the way down and to remove them – after which, she put the teacher’s stylish black shoes back on.

With gentle delicacy, almost with formality, Nashiko bent her head to place a single kiss on the fabric at the front of Sally’s briefs, directly on top of her slit. The deferential decorousness of the motion had a powerful erotic impact upon the teacher, as she gazed down in wonder and delight at the lithe body of her favourite ex-student kneeling at her feet, her naked breasts jutting out invitingly. Then she caught her breath, for Nashiko was slowly drawing Sally’s briefs down her legs, until the teacher was able to step out of them and take up a stance with her legs further apart. Nashiko thought that the older woman looked stunningly sexy in her half-naked state – her breasts were still modestly enclosed in their bra, whilst the wanton availability of her pussy was highlighted by her black hold-ups and heels. As Sally trembled with anticipation, Nashiko brought her face back to the newly-exposed cunt – and dispensed with all restraint, fastening onto to it with hunger and desire, plunging her tongue into the teacher’s moist cleft and sweeping it around in every direction. Sally went weak at the knees and felt as if she might lose her balance – the only thing holding her up was Nashiko’s firm grip on her ass cheeks.

They were so well-attuned that the Japanese-American girl sensed this, and she softly drew her teacher down to lie on her back the exercise mat. Nashiko marvelled at the role reversal – for now it was almost as if Sally was the novice, or at least the overwhelmed youngster. Kneeling next to her, Nashiko tugged the teacher’s bra straps off her shoulders, pulling them downwards so as to peel away the cups from over her breasts, revealing their warm pinkness and stiff red nipples. She followed this up with her mouth, spending some time on each breast as Sally lay with her eyes tightly closed and an expression of pure bliss plastered across her face. Lost in the stimulus from her breasts, the blonde woman’s legs spread wider and wider apart, and her back began to arch. Never one to refuse such an offering, Nashiko plunged two fingers into the teacher’s pussy and began to stoke her fires of passion even higher.

Ms Henrikson was now losing all her inhibitions, as a mixture of swear words and pleas to be fucked more, harder and deeper tumbled in a cascade from her lips, and the palms of her hands smacked up and down against the rubber mat in a torment of ecstasy. At last, under the merciless combined assault of Nashiko’s left hand tweaking her right nipple, Nashiko’s agile teeth pulling on her left nipple, and the two fingers of Nashiko’s right hand squirming in and out of her vagina whilst her thumb rubbed around her teacher’s clitoris in circles – the dam broke, and Sally Henrikson came and came and came, in waves of orgasm more upliftingly exhilarating and crashingly exhausting than she could remember ever having experienced before. She gave a long wailing cry, her body shuddered from head to toe, and sweat broke out on her face, breasts, back and thighs. Amazed and thrilled by the effects of her ministrations, Nashiko lay down next to the tall blonde, taking her in her arms for a long slow kiss.

Surprisingly, it was Sally who bestirred herself first, sexual release having first drained and then even more emphatically restored her. She propped herself up on one elbow to look down on Nashiko, and slipped a hand between the younger woman’s thighs to fondle her mound.

‘Your turn next, hot spot – and you’re coming home with me, I want to take my time with you!’ announced the teacher in a decisive, almost classroom tone. It had the desired stimulating effect upon the former student, and a gleam came into Nashiko’s eyes.

‘Oooh, yes Ma’am, yes please!’ she replied. They exchanged one kiss before rising, a second when they were both on their feet, and a third at the door of the gym, after they had quickly put back on their outer clothes (Sally scooped her breasts back into her bra cups, but they stuffed both pairs of panties and Nashiko’s bra into Sally’s bag). The teacher unlocked the door and peeked out into the corridor, but it was deserted and the coast was clear. They swiftly exited the small gymnasium, locking it again behind them, and they saw no one else as they reached the front hall and then left the building.

Nashiko had never been to Ms Henrikson’s house when she was a student, and so she carefully trailed the teacher’s car on the short journey until she pulled up behind her in the driveway of a modest but pleasant white-painted single storey house. Whether the question had been in her face or not, as Sally Henrikson unlocked her front door she commented, slightly sadly:

‘No need to worry, I live alone – it’ll be just us.’

Nashiko took the teacher’s hand in hers and pressed it, replying with warm enthusiasm: ‘that’s just fine with me!’

Once in the hallway, Nashiko took a moment to telephone her mother and explain that she had gone on from the reunion ‘to an old friend’s house’, and so as not disturb her parents by coming in later she was going to stay over for the night – so they could lock up, she would see them some time on Sunday, probably after lunch. Sally had been using the toilet during this call, and whilst Nashiko took her turn in the lavatory the older woman poured two large glasses of chilled Californian Chardonnay.

The ex-student and her former teacher drank a toast to each other in the kitchen, their eyes drinking in more than their mouths. Then they took the glasses with them as Sally led Nashiko by the hand up the stairs and along to the main bedroom. The centrepiece of this was her greatest indulgence: the largest king-size double bed that she had been able to find, and Nashiko admired it with salacious anticipation. Sally pulled the large duvet off the mattress, leaving the bare expanse of the pink undersheet. The teacher removed her cashmere vest (which was carefully folded into a drawer), her blouse and the grey slacks, and then Nashiko stepped up behind her, reaching round to cup her breasts for a gentle grope before unclasping the blonde’s bra and tossing it away. This left Sally in her hold ups and high heels, a look which Nashiko found very much of a turn-on. As Sally eagerly watched, Nashiko slipped out of her green dress, putting it on a spare hanger in Sally’s closet; now she, too, was naked apart from her hold-ups and shoes.

Sally felt suddenly sure of how she wanted to take Nashiko, a desire for dominance taking grip of her. As the opening gambit in the campaign, she positioned the pretty Japanese-American on her back, legs apart but not widespread. Then the older blonde climbed onto the bed next to her, sliding her legs between Nashiko’s so that their cunts were pressed together for a classic tribbing session. At once, Sally began to hump and grind, and her superior physical condition soon told – although she might be the older of them, she was certainly the fitter. As their sopping cunts mashed against each other, they reached out with their free hands to clutch and grope the other woman’s breasts, further adding to the erotic stimulation.

Nashiko was hugely aroused; curiously, although she was physically the slighter of the two, her pussy was both more prominent and wider and larger than her former teacher’s. This had the effect of forcing her labia further apart, whilst the friction of Sally’s hot and inflamed lips rubbed along the inside of Nashiko’s vagina. Within a few moments the Japanese-American beauty was in the throes of her first orgasm, her eyes screwed shut as she climaxed with a series of mewling wails. Sally was relentless – not for a moment did she pause to acknowledge her ex-student’s climax, as she continue to press her unsatisfied pussy against Nashiko’s lubricated and highly-sensitive flesh. In fact, the half-Asian babe came four times before Sally rode the wave of her own first orgasm – which had been helped along by Nashiko slipping a hand in to feel the top of Sally’s pussy and rub frantically at the nub of her clitoris.

After the tribbing, Sally continued the mutual satisfaction with a long flexible double-ended dildo, but taking the dominant position. Nashiko was content to lie passively on her back, legs spread wide open and one end of the dildo tube deeply penetrating her, as Sally rode the other end, the rise and fall of her hips slapping the plastic phallus in and out of both of their vaginas. Nashiko lifted up her hands to cup and cradle Sally’s bouncing breasts, and then suddenly squeezed on them, causing a convulsion to run through the frame of the older blonde – it started as a shudder, and became a full-scale earthquake, so much so that in the aftermath of climax Sally collapsed forwards on top of Nashiko, cradling her in her arms and whispering soft endearments.

‘Wow, Ms H!’ gasped Nashiko, ‘that was so amazing – you are so hot, lady!’ Then her voice turned confiding, as she added: ‘you know, since when I discovered that I’m a lesbian, I’ve quite often thought about you ... I always admired you, and I’ve had so many fantasies about this, about doing it with you – so this really is a dream come true for me, literally it is!’

The teacher sighed happily. ‘It is for me, too, you sexy babe – I did fancy you very, very much when you were at school, but I’ve always thought it wrong to have an affair with a student, quite apart from the risks involved ... but I would lie here at nights, bringing myself off with the vibrator, and imagining having you here, in my arms and in my bed ... but I never thought it would ever, ever actually happen.’

‘There’s a way I’ve wanted to take you’, said Nashiko, with sudden determined vigour; ‘do you have a strap-on I could use?’

‘Mmmm?’ replied the teacher, ‘oh! – yes, yes I do!’ She left the bed for a moment to cross to a wardrobe, returning with a quite substantial strap-on dildo in her hands. It was at least eight inches long and over an inch in diameter, not fully life-like but with an enlarged and ribbed knob at the tip. Sally handed it to her former student, who deftly buckled the straps into place around her hips and waist. Nashiko then instructed the blonde woman to kneel on the bed so that her butt was sticking out over the edge of the mattress, and the slight half-Asian babe positioned herself behind her former-teacher’s spread buttocks. Sally’s vulva was open, glistening with juices and perfectly in line with the dildo. Nashiko took a firm grip on Sally’s hips and then rode the dildo forwards, sinking it into the older woman’s cunt-hole. Sally gave a deep grunt as she was penetrated by the first firm thrust from Nashiko’s pelvis, and then a shaky moan as the dildo was withdrawn. Nashiko paused for a tantalising second before thrusting in again, and then she began to speed up, until her hips were whiplashing backwards and forwards, the dildo shaft slamming in and out of the older woman’s pussy like a piston rod. Sally was starting to mumble incoherent words, her hands clawing at the bedsheet, her knees spread wide and a transported look of ecstasy on her face. Suddenly she rose up slightly, arching her back and giving a series of sharp yelping cries as she had her biggest orgasm yet, and then she fell forwards in something not far off from a faint. Nashiko had come herself from the stimulation of fucking her former teacher in this way, and she collapsed on top of Sally’s back, kissing the older woman passionately on the shoulders and the back of the neck, and slipping her deft hands underneath her body to find and grasp her breasts.

They remained like this for a while, breathless not just from their physical exertions but still more from the realisation of their long-held fantasies. Eventually, Nashiko withdrew the dildo, with Sally sighing deeply as it rubbed along her vaginal walls on the way out. The two women took turns in the bathroom, and then climbed back into bed, both still naked, but this time under the large duvet. They lay in each other’s arms, caressing gently and kissing softly, until first Nashiko and then Sally drifted off into a deep and contented sleep.

In the morning, Sally lent Nashiko a robe and they breakfasted in their dressing gowns, before going back to bed for another long and lazy fuck with the double-ended dildo. After a few moments, Sally eased the slippery plastic tube out of their well-lubricated cunts, and then swung herself around into the classic 69 position, dropping her mouth to devour Nashiko’s pussy and shoving her own spread-open crotch back onto the young Japanese-American’s eager lips. The two women took their time with this as well, letting the sensuous feelings mount slowly and inexorably. They did not aim for simultaneous orgasms, but rather to take it in turns – whoever was on top would tongue the other woman to a climax and then, her pleasurable duty done, she would roll underneath to become the one being eaten out. They pursued this through several orgasms each, and then cuddled up, dozing in each other’s arms until the early afternoon. After a quick shower, it was time for Nashiko to leave, with Sally waving from the front porch as she drove away in the neat little metallic-blue Ford that somehow suited her so well. The wistful smile on Sally’s face was due to the hot young half-Asian babe’s promise to visit again when she next made a trip home, although that would not be for two or three months.

Sally Henrikson had profoundly enjoyed her wonderful, amazing night with Nashiko, which was so much like a dream come true. It had also strengthened her growing determination not to let her love-life continue to drift so aimlessly. She knew that what she really needed was a permanent relationship with someone fit and attractive who was around her own age. There are lots of good-looking women in their 30s, she mused, thinking suddenly of her former classmate Tessa, whom she had spotted at the reunion. Sally hadn’t seen her for several years, and she had thought that Tessa was wearing very well, looking trim and pretty in a nicely mature kind of way. She needed someone like that – not actually Tessa, obviously, she was married with kids, but for some reason she stuck in the mind. However, Sally thought wryly, the problem was finding that someone discretely; it was a small town, and in her job she couldn’t be too careful about avoiding any possible scandal. She gave a slightly dispirited sigh, and went back into the house to put on her jogging outfit and yet again run off her frustrations.

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2016-06-27 17:19:49
First he reached was a c cup. Then a b cup. I wondered if she was gonna turn into a a cup next. I like more seduction, but still a good read.

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Erin,I don't know if I could ever express how awemose, amazing and truly talented you are! You made Brad and I look and feel like rock stars all day! I love love love all the pictures and I can't wait to see whatelse is in store for us! Thanks for introducing us to John and Tara- you guys are quite the threesome (that's what he wishes) hahaha! Can't wait to see more over some Surf Taco!!!LOVE YOU!!!!!Vicki and Brad

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you are truly an amazing author. These have such great quality, such amazing detail. If you were to write on other subjects that could be able to become best sellers, then I am sure that with your writing, they would.

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I Loved it Keep them Coming Hon


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Very nice and hot beginning to what seems to be a really hot story. Looking forward to the rest.

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