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Story about me and some young cheerleaders
Note: I have chosen a different name too remain anonymous.

I was so excited, it was friday and I only had one more week of school left. It was my last period class which was PE, I never did anything in PE except for talk to friends and sleep, when out of nowhere I saw 2 young cheerleaders walk into the door with their cheerleading uniforms on. I knew both of them, One was named
Samantha, the other was named Katlyn. Samantha was a Beauty, Blonde hair, cutest face ive ever seen, C cup tits, nice ass, and with a mildly tanned body. Katlyn was no slack off either, she had a cute freckled face with curly brown hair, she also had C cup tits, nice ass, but not quite fair complexion like Samantha's. I couldn't believe they where only 13 years old.

I was a year older than both Samantha and Katlyn I was 14, 15 in a couple of days. My name is Ken I have blue eyes, not very muscular but girls did tell me I had a cute face, anyways. I didn't expect too see them in my class, I noticed later that some other girls came in too, all of which I didn't know there names, but they where still hot non the less. They where dragging mats onto the floor, the kind of mats that the cheerleaders did there routine on. there was about 15 of them, and they spread there legs on the mat and stretched their legs.
I could see everything then, their matching panties hug the outline of their little pussy's. I was sitting in the top row on the far right side of the bleachers, with a massive boner in my pants.

I watched them practice, and seeing them do their routine got my boner going even more. after they where done they put up the mats and went into their dressing room. I wasn't known for making stupid decisions, but I was bold this day, I was planning on getting a sneak peak of Samantha and Katlyn getting undressed. I waited until all the other girls had gotten out, then I snuck in. I opened the door just a crack, and then I saw Katlyn taking her uniform off, seeing this my body took over and I unzipped my zipper, and wiped out my 7 inch cock, I started stroking it slowly, then Samantha took her uniform off and I got a bit faster, I then let out a slight moan.

Suddenly the girls snapped, they heard me. "What was that?" Samantha exclaimed. "I don't know lets go outside and check it out" replied Katlyn. As quickly as they had gotten their uniforms off they put them back on, and headed for the door. I freaked out, I was trying to put my cock back in my pants but it was too late. I was standing there, with my cock, rock hard, just looking at the girls in horror. They both where suprised at first,
then Samantha asked, "Ken, why is your dick out?" I studderd. "Uhhh, I was, uhmmm... "Looking at us Undress?!" Katlyn snapped at me. "Uhmmmm, yeahhh..." I sighed. Samantha giggled. "Awwww, Katlyn,
I think he has a crush on us!" "More than a crush Samantha" Katlyn replied playfully. as they said this they where both starring at my cock, smiling.

They both went back into their locker room, and shut the door. I was wondering."Am I gonna get in trouble?"
"Are they gonna tell the whole school?" This was quickly put to rest as Samantha poked her head out the door and lured me into the locker room with her finger. I followed her inside Katlyn was sitting inside smiling. Samantha walked to her locker and tried to unlock her lock. As she was doing this, Katlyn crawled on her hands and knees towards me, grabbed my cock by the shaft and started stroking it slowly. She giggled and said. "You like?" I replied in a moan and she just giggled. Samantha got a towel out of her locker and spread it out on the floor.

Katlyn gripped my cock and lead me over onto the towel, she got back on her knees, and started stroking again. Now Samantha got on her knees and slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. the sensation was amazing. I felt like I could cum any second now. Katlyn let go of my cock, and Samantha deepthroated it all the way into her mouth."I'm gonna cum I said" Samantha quickly got it out of her mouth and covered the tip of my cock with her thumb so I wouldn't cum." Not yet" she said. She backed up and took her uniform off revealing her red bra and panties. Katlyn had also taken her uniform off.

They both undid their bras revealing their perfect C cup tits."Lay down." said Katlyn I did so and in unison they squished their boobs together on my cock. They where so soft, they then jiggled them up and down, the pleasure was immense I was close to cumming but they again stopped before I could. They then took their panties off and got on the floor, they both then said,"Fuck me" They looked at each other and they argued. "No, I want his Virginity!" "No I want it!" I smiled at them and said. "Rock-Paper-Scissor for it? They looked at me and nodded. "Dang!" Exclaimed Katlyn. "Woo Hoo!" yelled Samantha. She leaned back and flew her legs up into the air and said to me in a seductive way."Now stick that Hot piece of meat inside me"

I obeyed her and stuck the head in."this is it" I thought to myself."just stick it in and I won't be a virgin anymore. I slammed it in her and paused to let my cock relish inside her pussy, to get a feel of what it felt like."Feels good, right?" I nodded at her with my mouth wide open. Katlyn shrugged,"Hmph!" I then started pumping away at her, she was really tight, and I wondered if it was her first time. I quickly got the answer as bit of blood trickled out from her pussy onto the towel."Are you okay?" I asked "Y-yeah" Samantha replied "Its just my first time and your so big... just give me a second to get used to it" I did so and my pumped slowly and then gained speed, Samantha started too moan slightly.

I then got real into it and pumped harder and faster, the feeling was pure ecstasy. I was so close to cumming, and then Samantha let out a howl, and I felt her juices running down my cock, she had just had an orgasm, I felt proud that I made a girl cum before I did. After hearing Samantha's howl of pleasure, Katlyn pulled me out of Samantha and jammed me into her. "Woah!" Katlyn Exclaimed. Blood also trickled out of her pussy, "I think I put it in to fast..." I waited for a few seconds and started pumping away, they both felt equally good, I couldn't believe my first time was with two hot cheerleaders."Oh ken!" Katlyn moaned
"Oh Ken, oh Ken, oh ken!" Katlyn yelled, then I felt her warm juices trickle on my cock, I kept pumping and pulled out realizing I was about to cum.

Samantha and Katlyn both realized I was about to cum, they both huddled together and lifted their boobs up. I was jerking off, and then I came all over their face, boobs, torso, everywhere. "Wow!" Exclaimed both Samantha and Katlyn" that was quite a load, Ken." "hehehe" I snickered. Samantha and Katlyn cleaned up, put their uniforms in their lockers, got dressed, and we both went out the door. they both kissed me with tongue. "Here's my phone number, call me k?" Katlyn said, she then walked off. "Here is mine." Samantha said seductively. The bell rang,"Talk to you Monday sweety." said Samantha, and she walked off. All I could think about for the weekend was how amazing they where. and I thought on Monday maybe they would do it again...


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2011-10-16 17:30:11
I think it was good. Not the best but it was definitely erotic and that's the point here. Don't listen to those clowns! Next time, take your time to slow it down so pick up grammatical errors. Take a break, the read it over to make sure it sounds okay. Be sure to add more character information so we get a feel for their emotions. Goodluck in future stories and hope to see more! Thanks..

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2010-11-25 20:08:35
More details and this could really turn someone on. I love cheerleaders!←←←←♭♪

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2010-11-25 20:07:54
More details and this could really turn someone on. I love cheerleaders!←←←←♭♪

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2010-05-28 17:39:22
A bit too fast but I liked it 7/10

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