Mom, a friend, 2 maids, and me
Our Vaccation Fun

Not a great speller or best of writer just have ideas.

My name is Jesse and I have an average life for a rich kid, I guess. I'm 5ft 12in, 17

years old, dirty blond hair, with an average build. I'm an only child and live in the

states with my mom and dad who's a big stock broker and we have plenty of cash. Heck my

allowance is 100 every week if that shows you anything. Now my parents are werid my Dad

Tommy brings home other girls all the time and fucks them right in front of Mom

Christina, but for some reason she don't care just turns her head. Mom only buys more

and more and more; Just here lately she bought an ISLAND really a ISLAND. It is located

some where in the pacific kind of close to Japan I think not sure.

Well close to the start of june Mom comes bouncing in my room while I was watchin tv

and said "Guess what hun."

We are goin on vaccation to our new island.

Why theres nothing but freakin sand and trees hows that a vaccation mom.

Come on Jesse it will be fun theres a two story house, pool, boats, and I'll even let

you bring one of your friends to.

So a whole month on a island with one friend doesn't sound all that great mom really.

Jess if you don't go I will ground you to this room for longer than a month and make

you stay at a millitary camp. You hear me young man.

Fine just for you i'll go, but is dad going because it won't be fun for any of us.

No he doesn't want to go he would rather stay home and fuck some hore.

So when we leaven mom then?

Next week so start packin and pick a friend to come with k hun.

Well that week went by and I was ready to go and so was Travis who has nevered traveled

out side the states.

So need-less to say he was ready to go.

Well what mom frogot to tell us was that we were taking a plane ride with two black

servents. (I anit so fond of blacks so this don't sit to pretty with me.)

Travis and me boarded our plane on a Monday morning and as boarding I could of swore

mom was staring at me alittle to much for a mom to be doing. I just blew it off as my

imangination playin games on me.

We landed on a little island late monday night and had to wait on our boat to arrive to

get to our island. An hour and half later our boat finally shows up and the dude was

drunk of all things.

Mom didn't notice and jumped in right away and was excited some how. Don't know how I

could barely stand up straight I was so tired.

Travis, me, mom, and 2 black servents plus driver crammed into a three seat boat wasn't

the greatest 20 min boat ride.

When we finally got to our house it was 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, and need-less to say I

was tired and crashed on the living room floor the minute I walked in the house.

That morning I was wokin up to mom breast in my face and her saying hun wake up, wake

up hun come on sleepy head time to get up hun.

Come Jesse up and at 'em honey foods on the table and its your favorite blue berry


As I was standin up I noticed mom with a really low low cut shirt on with some Dasiy

Duke shorts. Now mom was hott a solid 5ft red head, nice tanned skin with 34 C's and a

ass to kill for big, round and plump.

Once I was finally aawake I got a bite to eat and then went up stairs to take a shower

where ever its at in this big ass house. I mean its over kill 5 bathrooms, 8 bedrooms,

living room, den, kitchen, game room, and a sun room. Its just over kill for 5 people

in a house like this.

I got my shower and was walkin to my room in a towel when mom decieded to introduce me

to our two black female servents. Vanessa dark black long hair big tities and a bubble

butt. Jade had short hair average tits and a huge ass.

Mom wouldn't let go me and I didn't want to stand there in a towel talkin to servents.

Finally I was able to get away and get dressed.

After awhile Travis and me took the boat out fishing off the coast just so mom would

leave us alone.

Hey Travis what do you think about our two servents?

Honestly I think I would bang Jade.

Dude really she's black and why?

I don't know really it's just something about her ass that makes me want to fuck the

hell out of it.

Seriously Travis would you really?

Yeah man if I was given a chance i'd fuck Jade in a heart beat, and not think twice

about it.

Well dang that was just a surprise to me dude really.

Ha what about Vanessa Travis. Would you fuck her to.

I'm sure have to be there to know if I would.

Dang Travis, but do think we should be headin back its been about an hour or so?

Well not yet less see how fast this boat can go?

Well Travis are you surprised it can only go 15?

Truely yeah, but to bad though.

Once we made it back we got Jade to make us lunch which wasn't half bad.

Thats when I noticed Jade and Travis making alot of eye contact and I think somethings

gonna happen soon.

Travis go back to your room call her in there and try to make a move if you want her

pussy that bad seriously dude.

Well thats not all that bad of an idea really. I think i'm gonna try it.

I got up and went to find mom and see whats she doing.

Once I found out she was in her room I went up stairs and noticed Jade going into

Travis's room and just started laughing.

Mom ended up running into me in just a towel and fell back dropping her towel and I

just stood there froze staring at her big wet tits.

Her areolas were at less 2 inch arcoss and her nipples were rock hard poking straight

out at me, and being a guy I got a hard on.

Sadly this didn't last long as she jumped up and grabbed her towel and ran back to her


I felt bad now that I didn't do anything and I just stood there like a dumbass.

After 10 or so minutes of pacing around I decided to go to her room.

When I got close to her door I heard moaning and knew something was up so I cracked

open her door and saw mom laying on her bed naked rubbing her clit and moaning

something over and over.
Being a horny teenager I looked around and pulled my cock out and slowly started

As mom rubbed faster I would stroke faster and faster. After about 20 minutes mom

started to moan and wiggle around then she bit her lip and came hard. I stared stroking

faster when I saw mom squirting like a water hose out onto the floor. I couldn't take

it no more and shot my thick white load on her door. I looked about as round as a

softball size spot on the door that I had to clean off fast.

As soon as I got the door cleaned a took off for my room still in a shocked state of

what I saw, and to top it off I saw Travis's door open and heard Jade saying fuck me

harder harder aahhhhhhhhhhh oh yeah thats it.

Travis finally got his black pussy, and I was proud for now it was my turn to get laid

and soon I just had to figure out if I really wanted to fuck mom or maybe Vanessa.

Well when I got back to my room it was around 5 o'clock so I decided to take a nap.

I woke up around 5:50 by mom saying dinner was ready down stairs and to hurry on down.

After dinner Travis and me started playing some halo 3 on the 360 just until everyone

left then I paused it and asked how was Jade's pussy.

Man Jesse you should try her she fuckin tight and all I said was you got a nice ass I

want to see it. I know it sounds lame but it worked. I think you heard the rest of the


Want to know the best part of it?


I got pics and a video.

Thats fuckin great I got to see them.

Ok, but there in my room I'll show you later, but first I'm gonna kick your ass at some


The next day mom told Vanessa and Jade they have a day off. This ment Jade and Travis

were probably gonna fuck all day so I had to find a way to keep mom from finding out.

I went and found mom in her room soon atfer Jade Vanessa told me.

Mom what you doing?

Nothing Jesse why?

I was wondering if you want to buy Avatar over pay per view in my room?

Yeah sure sounds like a good idea. I'll be in there in a minute let me change out of my


Mom entered my room in black short skirt and a low cut blouse exposing a lot of

cleavage. I saw her and started to get hard. She laid down next to me and cuddled up

next to me as the movie started.

I have already seen it so I wasn't paying all that much attention, but mom was zoned

into the movie. She was looking for the remote to turn to volume up when she turned

over and I felt a wetness on my side. As I was rubbing my leg trying to figure it out I

brushed against mom and she just froze in place.

I knew where the wetness was coming from as I noticed mom's skirt had rode up exposing

her bare shaven pussy. I slide my hand over and started to rub her clit. Mom started to

softly moan and thrust her hips at my side.

Faster Jesse please faster.

When she went to move back I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her toward

my dick. She took the hint and unzipped my pants. She saw my 8 1/2 inch dick and tryed

to back away, but I keep her head there until she finally slide my dick into her warm

wet mouth.

I held her head in place and started to fuck her mouth slowly, but picking up pace.

Her mouth was wet warm and smooth and I didn't want to stop face fucking her.

Then randomly mom pulled her head off and said " I want you to fuck me again Jesse,

Please I cant take it."

I then got down and opened her cheeks, revealing her sexy pussy lips over flowing in

jucies. I stuck my tounge and out and lapped up her jucies while massaging her clit

with my thumb.

Please son stop teasing me and fuck yor mother with that hard cock.

I stood up and slammed my cock right in.

She held my ass as I began pounding her hard.

"I like it hard Jesse, FUCK me hard baby" She screamed

I began pounding her harder and harder, driving her face and tits into the bed.

We went on for about 5 more minutes in this position until she pulled my cock out of

her and placed her hands on my chest and lowered me to the bed.

"Let me do some work for you hun" she said

She then lowered herself onto my hard cock.

Her tits rubbed on my face as I started to lick them.

She slowly grinded my cock then gradually went faster and faster and harder and harder.

Oh mom your pussy feels so good on my throbbing cock.

YES YES YES YES OHHHH GOOODDDDDD i'm cumming on my sons hard cock.

Oh God incest feels so damn goooooooooodddddddddd.

I told her to stand up and bend over touching her toe's.

I grabbed her ass and began slamming into her.

"Thats it harder Jesse Harder"

I slammed her harder and harder. Lifting her higher and higher and slamming her down on

my cock.

"Im coming DONT STOP" she screamed.

I continued to slam her on my cock as she gasped for air and moaned in pleasure.


I continued faster and faster as she let out this very loud scream of pleasure.



Her pussy clentching my cock, holding it in this tight grip.

She hugged me as she was still cumming.

"OH FUCKKKK YEAAAA" she continued

Her orgasm lasted very long, and she was going crazy.

As she finished up I lifted her off of my cock.

"Your turn son, do you want it in my mouth or my pussy or Surprise me" She said

She leaned her over the bed and I slammed into her pussy and fucked her hard until I

felt my orgasm coming.

"Here it is,," I said

I then pulled out and forced my cock into her tight ass hole as I came hard.


"FUCKKKK YEAAA" I screamed as I squirt into her ASS Hole over and over again.

"FEELS SO GOOOOD" I screamed louder.

Fuck Jesse that hurt really really bad.

Oh Mom calm down you liked it.

Maybe just alittle, but never again.

Never mind that incest makes sexs SOO much better. Don't lie mom you loved it.

Yes I did son but no one can know about this ever and we can't ever do this again.

No mom we are. I'm not about to spend another month here with no more sex.

No Jesse just fuck Vanessa or Jade just not me. Do you understand me young man.

I understood perfect, but I wanted more of mom's pussy and was going to get it some


The next day when I went to Travis's room.

Hey Travis what about those pictures you said you had?

Ah I thought you would never ask my friend.

Now I am gonna warn you these are not the best but they are pictures.

Oh shit man Jade likes anal!

Oh yeah loves it more than normal sex.

What surprised me the most was that Travis was about the same size as me maybe alittle

bit bigger and Jade still let him up the ass.

Well now I got a question for you Jesse?

OK what?

How do you feel about fucking Jade in a threesome with me?

Well I... I don't know really. I can do it, but on one condition?


Vanessa has to film it.

OK no problem I will tell Jade.

So when we gonna do this threesome?

Any time you want really.

How about around noon out back by the pool.

Naw to open maybe the game room.

OK just tell Jade to be ready.

Noon came and it came fast.

Well, soon enough, Jade and Travis arrived and we began socializing. The afternoon

progressed and eventually all three of us were sitting on the couch watching a movie,

with Jade sitting in the middle. I was caressing her smooth legs and little by little

my hand slid up her inner thigh. Travis spread her legs to give me a little more room

and I began to run my fingers through her pussy lips which were already nice and moist.

I watched as Angel became hot while I fingered her, and the next thing I realize, Jade

has a hand rubbing both of our crotches. I started to kiss Jade while still fingering

her and Tavis reached up and began fondling her tits. I decided to kneel down in

between her legs and yank her skirt off revealing her wet, shaved pussy. Travis watched

as I spread her legs and began eating her out.

Oh.. oh yeah eat my pussy white boy.

As my tongue flicked over Jade’s clit Travis quickly took off his pants and boxers and

stood up on the couch, straddling Jade placing his dick at her face, and she began

sucking him off. This went on for a few minutes and all you could here were Jade's

moans muffled by Travis’s cock in her mouth.

I stood up and got completely naked and I motioned for Travis to do the same. Jade also

stood up and stripped off her shirt and stood there naked.

“Why don’t you sit down on the couch,” Jade said to Travis. “I want both of you to

treat me like a dirty black hore."

Jade knelt down, bent over, and began sucking Travis’s cock again.

I got behind Jade, and while she was going to town on Travis’s dick, I stuck mine into

her pussy and began fucking her hard.

I began to fingered her ass while I fucked her pussy for a while and then I was ready

to fuck her tight little asshole.

I pulled my dick out of her dripping wet pussy and slowly pressed it, inch by inch,

into her tight, pink asshole. Jade slide Travis’s dick out of her mouth long enough to

yell out, “Fuck my ass, OH GOD! Fuck my ASS!!!”

I thrust my hard cock in and out of her tight ass harder and harder everytime picking

up my pace on her tight ass.

“Okay Jesse I think we need to switch spots."

I sat on the couch and without hesitation Travis slammed his hard cock into Jade's ass

and began to fuck her.

He started off slow but when he got comfortable he started wearing her out.

Jade looked up and me as she stroked my cock and the look on her face as she was being

fucked was awesome.

Jade kept moaning and moanin, “Fuck me hard, harder!” At one point she said, “I want

both of you to cum on my face.”That surprised me.

Jade sucked my cock as Travis continued having his way, all the while smacking her firm

ass cheeks.

Travis was fucking her ass hard and said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

He pulled out and both of us began stroking our cocks while Jade knelt down on the

floor. I was on one side of her face and Tavis was on the other, both stroking away,

with our dicks pointing directly at her.

“Come on boys and cum all over my face,”

That’s all it took for me, and I jacked off several streams of warm, delicious cum

which pelted Jade’s black cheek, nose, and lips, and as soon as I just about got the

last drop out of me Travis exploded on to her face with his cum. Travis’s cum smashed

against her forehead and eyes, and dripped down her nose and cheek.

As I looked up I noticed Vanessa for the first time never seeing her walk in.

“I want both of you to fuck me like whore and double team me from now on,” Jade said as

she was sucking cum out of my softing dick.

Jade finally finished and I got dressed as Travis was still hard and about to go back

at it.

Only good comments please maybe there will be another. Maybe Vanessa next time


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