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It all started one Friday night after a long day at school. It was the first semester of freshman year in high school and a guy named Paul and I had become great friends. I had planned a small party at my house for about 10 guys and girls. Paul was staying at my house because his parents were out of town, so he rode home with me once school got out. Being that it was mid December, it snowed a lot. Before we knew it, a huge snow storm had come in and shut down everything in the city. None of my friends could make it over to my house. We were all stranded.

Likewise, Paul and I were stranded at my house, and we tried to occupy ourselves. We played Call of Duty for a few hours followed by some pool. We watched a few movies and before we knew it, it was late, around 3am. My parents had gone to bed for the night. I asked Paul if he was tired and he said no. I wasn’t either.

Like guys always do, we got talking about girls and sex. Being only freshman in high school, we were both still virgins. I asked Paul if he jacked off.

“I mean...yeah”, he replied.

“How often do you do it?”, I asked.

Paul got a little nervous and hesitated. He eventually said he did it a few times a week. I could already feel my dick starting to get hard. Still nervous, Paul changed the subject and said we should play some cards. I got the cards out and we started to play poker.

A few hands in, we were back to being bored. I had never done anything with a guy before, and after being in high school for half a year and showering with other guys after gym, I got a little curious. I had never seen so many young dicks in my life. I decided to make things interesting.

“Want to make this game a little exciting and make it a game of strip poker?”, I asked.

“I guess.”, Paul said.

We agreed that each hand lost would mean losing an article of clothing. We each counted to make sure that we started with the same number of items. Each of us had a pair of socks, pants, boxers, and a shirt on.

I dealt the first hand, and I lost. There went the socks. The next hand I won, and off went Paul’s socks. Paul lost the next two hands. He was now just down to his boxers. I could see a nice happy trail going straight to his pubes. The bulge in his boxers was starting to get bigger. Again, Paul seemed pretty nervous.

I dealt the next hand, and sure enough, Paul’s luck didn’t get any better. He slowly stood up. “Okay, here it goes.”, he said as he slowly pulled his boxers down to his ankles. There he stood, with his beautifully hard dick and his freshly trimmed pubes to go with it.

At this point my cock was raging hard. “Now what?”, asked Paul.

With no hesitation, I stood up and took off my remaining clothes, showing Paul my seven inch hard dick.

“Since we’re both naked and hard, let’s look at some porn,” I suggested. He agreed.

I got my laptop and we both made our way to the couch. I put on some porn, with the laptop on the coffee table in front of us, and Paul and I sitting together naked and hard watching.

Glancing over, I could see Paul’s dick throb. God he was hard. He slowly started tickling his balls. Then with his other hand he began to pump his cock up and down. I was quick to follow and grabbed my cock and starting to slowly pleasure myself. My heart was pounding. Neither of us had ever done anything like this with another guy. My eyes were focussed on Paul’s cut cock, listening to him give out a subtle moan every now and then.

A minute or two later, Paul stopped caressing himself and looked at me. “This doesn’t make us gay right? This is just two guys experimenting and talking about sex, right?”, he asked.

“Yeah. We’re just two guys helping each other out”, I said back.

We both got back to jacking off after that. Paul then started to get a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

“If we’re just helping each other out, then why don’t I give you a hand”, he said. With that he reached over and grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I had never had another guy jack me off before, and it felt amazing. I didn’t hesitate to reach over and grab his dick. I could already feel his precum slowly building up in my hand. My heart was racing more than ever before. Going this far made me want to experiment even further.

Still stroking Paul’s dick I leaned over and began kissing him. His lips were so soft and wet. I began to work my way down, kissing his hard nipples and toned six pack. I finally got to his hardrock cock and put it in my mouth and began sucking. Paul immediately tilted his head back and let out a moan of satisfaction. He put a hand on top of my head, begging me to take more of him in my mouth.

I slowly sucked his dick, licking the tip and playing with him. I began to gently lick his ballsack. He went wild for this. His head leaned back and his eyes closed as he gripped my hair with his hands. I went back to his cock, putting all six inches of him in my mouth, and loving every minute of it.

His dick began to harden even more, and I knew what was coming next.

“Holy shit. I’m about to cum!”, he gasped.

He began breathing heavily and faster, his legs tensing up. He shot his load of warm and creamy cum right into my mouth, and I swallowed all of it. His breathing slowed and he began to relax.

Our eyes met and we both smiled. I got up from my knees and gave him a little peck on the lips.

We both stood up. He slowly kissed my chest as he grabbed my dick in his hand. I turned Paul around and grabbed his ass. Licking my finger, I began to caress his asshole. He was tight as can be. I put one finger in and he let out a moan. We both stopped for a moment, and he gave me a nod for more.

We made our way back over to the couch, and Paul got on his back, ready for my cock to fuck his virgin ass. I pushed my cock around his tight asshole, slowly working my way inside. I started off slow, enjoying every minute of his cute ass.

“Oh yeah. Faster. Oh,” he whispered.

I fucked his ass harder. Deeper and deeper. We both began to moan louder and faster. Paul began jacking off his still very hard cock.

I was pounding Paul’s ass harder than ever, and I could feel my cock harden even further. I knew I was about to cum any minute.

“Oh my God...”, I yelled out. “I’m gonna cum.”

I pulled my dick out of Paul’s small ass and he began sucking me off. My head leaned back and I had the most sensational orgasm. I blew the biggest load of my life right in his mouth. Cum was dripping down his chin. Paul continued sucking and licking my dick, swallowing every drop of cum.

We both leaned back on the couch and lay naked with each other for a few minutes.

“Damn that was awesome.”, Paul said. I nodded my head in agreement and smiled.

Paul and I remained close friends and still get together every now and then for a little guy “experimentation”.

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2010-07-19 09:09:54
now that makes u gay


2010-06-11 16:44:01
Sure makes me remember my friend from high school.

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2010-05-27 02:13:28
This is a wonderful story. great job.

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you do notice paul is a common name right

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