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I had been given over to The Order of the Black Rose when I was a mere six years old. For ten years I studied with our beloved High Priest, until my own powers and manipulation of The Black Arts surpassed even his skilled hands. I bounced around from one chapter to another for another ten years, learning everything that everyone in The Order knew or had known. I poured over the ancient texts and resurrected even the oldest spells and incantations. Through it all one thing above all else was the key to my continued power: I was completely untouched and uneducated in the pleasures of the body. So extreme had the precautions been that I had even been tied to my bed every night since I was thirteen, The Order making sure that not even my own hands would introduce the carnal lust to my brain and body. I was never left alone for a single moment, my entourage of two females and one eunuch always at my side through meals and showers and bathroom time. My life was lived in the open to them, but such as it was I was never close to any of them. To be certain, it was not until I was nearing my thirtieth birthday that my love of The Order and the ancient texts stopped being first most in my life and my mind began to wander around the thoughts of what I had missed out on by devoting my life to The Order.

Despite this, I knew that I would spend my entire life in The Order. There was no way that The High Priest would ever let me leave, so powerful had I become. I could have easily wiped them all from the face of the earth had I wanted to. Instead, I renewed my efforts to resurrect the most ancient and powerful spell which would allow me to open up the Thirteenth Gate and with it, The Dark Lord. Only He would be able to grant my ultimate wish of all supreme power and allow me to escape The Order once and for all. I was not content to just be the High Priest over it. In time I knew that another one even more powerful than I would eventually spring forth to take my place. No, the only thing that would secure my place and power would be to call forth The Dark Lord from the Thirteenth Gate, a feat that had only been attempted once in the history of man. Any archeologist wanting to know about the missing link in the human fossil record had only to ask a member of The Order to know that the entire race had been obliterated because they dared to try to control The Dark Lord.

What I was about to attempt was beyond dangerous. It could very well bring about the apocalypse that the religious people kept babbling about. Only the picture painted in their holy works would be a picnic compared to what The Dark Lord was capable of. He was the single oldest living entity to inhabit any frame of time and space. Lucifer himself had merely been a pawn in a game of cat and mouse that The Dark Lord had chose to play with the angels and demons until He had become bored. His power was great, but He and His following of demons had been banished to The Thirteenth Gate millions and millions of years ago. He could manipulate the human plane of existence, but only with the help of a great warlock. I would have to take huge precautions to ensure that I only called Him forth but did not allow Him enough control to break the confines of The Sacred Circle.

I spent weeks preparing the time and place, waiting until all the astrological and astronomical signs lined up perfectly to enhance my own power. Finally the hour arrived, and I had preened and dressed especially for this occasion, my long auburn hair piled high on my head with small ringlets hanging down. My dress was a soft white and sheer, the tiny straps keeping the bellowing sleeves up on my thin shoulders. The skirt had slits up both sides of my legs clear up to the waist line, displaying both hips and an amble amount of leg. A small gold chain hung low on my hips, the charms a representation of The Dark Arts.

I had drawn the huge Sacred Summoning Circle on the stone floor, placing each black candle with care. The offering was laid out nearby, the blood slowly seeping towards the Circle. I took my place above the whole thing, my body tucked safely away on a ledge nearly two stories above the Circle. As the time approached, I began chanting the sacred summoning incantation, asking the Powers that Be to open up time and space at my command and urging The Dark Lord to come forth to do my bidding. As the earth trembled beneath my feet, I slit my wrist, letting my virgin blood drip down into the Circle. The entire thing lit up like a flash of lightening as the stone building once again shook on its foundation. An ear-splitting rumble erupted from the Circle as The Dark Lord burst through from The Thirteenth Gate and into the Summoning Circle.

I withdrew my arm, quickly binding it as The Dark One slowly came to view. I glanced down to make sure that the spell and Circle would hold Him. I gasped as He stepped through the rip in fabric of the mortal world. I knew The Dark One was demon, but not even the ancient texts had come close to accurately describing Him. Hair as black as onyx flowed down past muscled shoulders and chest. His skin was a reddish brown, His stomach flat and chiseled, His hands ending in black claws. His eyes were as black as His hair, His teeth all sharpened canines. Two small horns the color of His skin came up from His hairline at His forehead and curved backwards around His skull. His entire body was hard chiseled muscle, His biceps and thigh muscles thicker than the largest part of my body. He stood erect, the only clothing that of a modified loin cloth covering His midsection. The candle light glinted off the gold rings that hung in both ears and His hardened nipples. Had it not been for the horns and claws, He would have passed as an avid human body builder.

As The Dark One opened His mouth and roared, I took a step back as I wondered for the first time if I had been too hasty in my plans to breech The Thirteenth Gate.

“I am Vindictus, The Dark Lord!” His voice boomed out and echoed through the room, sending shivers running down my spine. In the twenty odd years that I had been part of The Order I had been surrounded by hundreds of men, but I had never so much as glanced their way. Seeing this all-powerful being in front of me suddenly sent an electric shockwave through my body straight into my groin.

“Who calls forth The Dark One?” His voice bellowed out again, demanding an answer that I was actually hesitant to give. Gathering my wits about me, I slowly moved forward on the small ledge that I stood upon.

“It was I who summoned you,” I said clearly to Him.

The beast looked up towards the sound of my voice. He merely glanced at me before seemingly to dismiss me. “No female has the power to summon The Dark One. Show your Master to me or I will take you as payment for disturbing my rest.” He went to scanning the room, moving further into the Summoning Circle.

Slightly annoyed, I repeated myself. “It was I who summoned you. I have the power and am my own Master. I have called you forth to grant a favor.”

Once the words were out, I realized that I had phrased my request entirely wrong. You never asked demons for favors; they always expected something in return.

The Dark Lord turned His attention back to me once those words were out of my mouth. He scrutinized my appearance closely, once again sending a shiver of excitement down my spine to settle into the pit of my stomach like liquid fire. His black eyes roamed slowly over my small frame, raking over my b-cup tits and rounded hips. I felt myself blush under His gaze. Trying to stave off any additional embarrassment, I stepped forward to the edge of the outcrop and said clearly, “I would ask that you grant me ultimate power in this mortal world. In exchange, I have brought an appropriate offering.” I gestured towards the sacrifice that was close at hand, but he did not so much as turn that way.

For a moment He stood staring at me, and I feared that He would turn down my request. And then in one sudden movement, He flicked His hand towards me, causing the foundation to tremble beneath my feet. I gasped, struggling to keep my balance as the earth beneath me lurched and swayed.

“Your request is granted,” he stated flatly. “Now I will take my payment.” Without another word The Dark Lord’s arm suddenly breached the Summoning Circle. I squealed as the hand extended and grew, clutching me tightly in its grip. I felt myself falling, crashing through the Summoning Circle and through the rip that I had created in the fabric of this world. Horrified beyond words, I slipped into darkness……..

……………..My eyes slowly opened, blinking in the dim light of the fire. I groaned slightly as I attempted to move my aching body. The clank of the metal alerted me to my predicament before I tried, and failed, to move my arms. Startled, I jerked my head up, baffled at why I was standing up with my arms chained above me and my legs spread out and chained to the floor. My body was chained in such a way that I was standing spread eagle with my arms shackled to the ceiling and my legs to the floor. I jerked lightly on the chains only to suddenly and very violently jerk the chains again and again. My green eyes looked around wildly, my brain still foggy and uncomprehending of what was going on.

“So the trip through the portal did not kill you. You are stronger than your frail body lets on.” The deep voice was familiar but still I could not fully grasp what was taking place. Finally I set eyes on the owner of the voice: Vindictus, The Dark Lord.

“W-w-what happened?” I rasped out through dry lips. “Why have I been chained?”

Vindictus merely looked at me from his sitting position upon his throne, one hand resting under his chin. He had no doubt been starring at me all the while I had been unconscious. I wondered briefly if he had really thought I was dead.

“I granted your request, then took my payment for the favor I had granted.” His voice was deep and melodic, almost soothing, but I was too upset for the hypnotism to take effect.

“Payment? You were given an appropriate offering. It was right in front of the Summoning Circle. Now why have I been brought through the portal?”

Vindictus waved his hand at my words as if to dismiss them as petty ramblings. “That pathetic human? That was not an appropriate sacrifice. You, however,” he rose from his throne to approach me, his six foot frame looming a good foot above me. “You were an appropriate payment for such a deed.” He walked slowly around me, his eyes grazing over every inch of my body as effectively as if he had touched me with his hand. I shuddered involuntarily, trying in vain to push my thighs together as the warm spread out from my stomach and downwards to my pussy.

“If I have been taken for payment then my request has not been granted. You have breached the Sacred Circle and the rules that governs it.” My words sounded braver than I felt.

“Ah, but I did grant your favor. You asked to be all powerful in the mortal world, and so you are.” He continued to walk around me slowly, his nails slowly raking over the thin fabric that still clung to my body. “And as payment for that granted request, you are now mine to have any way I see fit….now and forever…..”

His nails began to dig deeper as he slowly circled me like a predator after its prey. Soon the nails were gouging out small crevices in my skin, the blood flowing leisurely from the scratches. The tiny rivulets made their way down my arms, dripping onto the floor beneath me. The Dark One stopped in front of me, his head tilted to the side as he regarded me silently. His hand reached up and I watched mesmerized as the black claw drew another scratch across my breasts, the blood immediately welling up and spilling forth onto my skin and dress. I glanced up, his black eyes capturing me in his gaze as he leaned his head towards me, his tongue flicking out to lick the blood from the wounds. My heart leaped into my throat as his tongue made contact with my skin, the heat almost searing the delicate flesh as his tongue flicked seductively across my breast. Involuntarily I gasped, my whole body jerking with the touch. I was trembling before him, my body causing the chains to tinkle slightly with the movement. And it was then that I realized that the memories were in the blood.

The memories. Everything I had ever thought, ever done, ever learned, ever felt were encoded in my blood. It would take a great wizard to decode those memories, but for the Dark Lord before me, my entire soul had just been bared before him as easily as opening up a book. He knew instantly that my body had been untouched by even my own hand for 29 long years....years that had been spent learning and waiting for someone who was stronger than I to finally take what had been kept a secret from everyone within The Order. It had not been chance that The High Priest had made certain my body and mind never once gave in to carnal lust. And it had not been because he himself had one day hoped to lay claim to me. No, what he had planned for me was much worse, for I had discovered long ago that the High Priest had intended upon sacrificing my virgin flesh to The Dark Lord in return for the very same power I had asked for. Unfortunately for both of us, I had beaten him to the proverbial punch. Now I discovered myself as an offering to The Dark One, but not for the sacrifice I had originally been intended.

And with the blood memories came the knowledge that I was only partly trembling in fear, that every touch of his hand had sent shock waves dancing along my nerves, and that even now those waves had settled into the center of my groin.

The Dark One moved away from me, walking slowly around the room as he spoke aloud, "Sacrifice? He wished to make of you a blood sacrifice?" Vindictus settled onto his throne, still speaking to no one in particular. "A sacrifice yes, but not for what he intended."

I shuddered as he spoke this, wondering what horrors awaited me this night. It took little time for me to discover this. Vindictus clapped his hands and instantly a female demon of sorts appeared at his side. He whispered something that I could not hear, but immediately the woman disappeared into the shadows to reappear only seconds later. In her hands was a gold plate that had what resembled jewelry arranged on its surface. Vindictus took the plate from her and moved towards me, sending my pulse racing again.

At that moment my wits seemed to return to me. My hands were chained, yes, but they were chained together, and after all, I was in one of the most magical realms that existed. As Vindictus approached me, I took one last glance up at my hands and then back at him, my eyebrows furrowing together as I concentrated to call upon the magik.

"Invito te, la magia vecchio, ascoltare il mio appello, venite a me ora e mi liberi!" Instantly the ball of magical energy appeared between my bound wrists, growing brighter as I pulled the energy into myself. The chains that held my arms together evaporated into the ball of light, but still I concentrated. "Magia della vecchio, sentire il mio invito, prendere queste catene, rimuovere tutti loro!" I pulled the magic into myself, growing the ball of energy until it had grown strong enough to remove the chains that held my feet and legs together as well.

All this took less than two seconds to utter, and then I found myself standing in the middle of Vindictus' thrown room without a single chain to hold me down. I quickly removed the small silver dagger that was hid at my waistline. Without wasting a second I slid the warmed metal across my arm, spilling my blood onto the stone floor. I moved backwards, uttering the words that I hoped would save my life, "Magia della vecchio, sentire il mio comando, venuto da me ora, take me da questa terra!"

I vaguely heard Vindictus let out a mighty roar as the rip opened up between our worlds. I caught his eye for a split second before I hurled myself through the opening before me. As I was thrown through the portal I heard him speak, "Le magie di inferno, porto da tu, i regali che ho dato, ora lei ?ibero. Porto da lei la magia dentro, ritornarle nel peccato concupiscente! Ritornarmi, la sua innocenza intatta, ritornata a lei, la magia che restituisco! " It was not until I woke up in the middle of a forrest and tried to teleport myself back to The Order that I fully understood the incantation that The Dark One had cast. In trying to command the most powerful magiks of old, I had met the most evil and most powerful of all beings. And he had stripped me of all my power.


The vengeful spells cast upon me by Vindictus were twofold. It was bad enough that I had been completely stripped of every ounce of magic within the cells of my flesh. To add insult to injury, Vindictus had also managed to redirect my incantation enough that while I had been delivered from his throne room, I had landed somewhere within his realm instead of my own. I managed to hide out in a small village, but as I learned the history of the Thirteenth Circle, it soon became clear that it would only be a matter of time before I was discovered.

In the beginning when the half-breeds between humans and demons were born it was not so easy to distinguish the hybrids from the humans. But after centuries upon centuries of breeding, if a child born had so much as one drop of demon blood in their heritage, even if it had been decades before, then the demon gene would show up by any combination of a thousand different traits. Some bore tails, others horns while a few had the reddish brown eyes or tell-tale reptilian like skin. A few had forked tongues and fangs of their forefathers. And a very special few, like King Vindictus of the Nedella Outlands (known to my kind as the Thirteenth Gate), showed nearly every conceivable sign of his demon blood while still maintaining a human appearance.
The human blood had become so rare over the last century that it had become a much sought after trait among brides. It was revered so much, in fact, that a pure blooded female was married off and her virginity taken as soon as the first drop of blood fell from her womb. These were dark times to be human. Some had taken to selling off their own female children to the demons in exchange for huge sums of gold. Those who did not want their children sold into slavery or taken by force either hid the girls or arranged for their early marriages.

It had been rumored amongst my new family and neighbors that King Vindictus had never married. He ran the kingdom with a fist of iron, and had always made it clear that taking on a bride would make him weak in the eyes of the demons. Or so he had claimed.

His father, the former King of the Nedella Outlands, had made a proclamation before his death. It was proclaimed that King Vindictus had until the end of the Year of the Beast to take a wife. If he had not wed by then, he would forfeit his throne to his younger brother. As was demon law, and the law in which we all lived by, a king could only wed a pure blooded virginal human female. In the last few years King Vindictus had taken to raiding villages and townships, searching for the elusive virginal human. His reaction to my spell that called him forth now made perfect sense to me. A pure virginal female had opened up a rift between the human and demon worlds. I might as well have delivered myself on a silver platter. And as the Year of the Beast grew to a close, the King had ordered every square inch of the Nedella Outlands searched, every house turned upside down, every female checked regardless of age.

A few months after my harrowing escape, it was rumored that Vindictus had finally found a bride of human blood and was set to wed on the eve of the Year of the Beast. I sighed a half-hearted sigh of relief. I had been on pins and needs for the better part of the last nine weeks, fearing every night that I would awaken to the sounds of soldiers marauding through my tiny village. And then my worst fears came true.


I had screamed so much that I had nearly lost my voice. The only thing that now kept me from cursing them further was the gag that had eventually been stuffed into my mouth to quiet my tirade of insults and curses. My body had been scrubbed from the top of my brown head to the soles of my small feet. My skin was now a healthy pink from the hot water, my hair left lying in ringlets to air dry as I was dressed in an elaborate white gown of silk, satin, brocade and tulle. The bodice of the dress fit tightly, pushing my breasts up and together to create more cleavage than I actually owned. The sleeves were sheer and flowing as was the rest of the gown. The bodice held an intricate lacing of gemstone beads and embroidery in red and blue and gold. My feet were fitted into small satin slippers. Once my hair was dry it was brushed till it shone in the firelight, a few daisies entwined in the strands. I had underwent this entire ordeal demanding to know why I was here, cursing the demon girls that tended to me, finally spitting and slapping at them in an effort to diminish their attentions. All this was taken in stride, my mouth finally gagged to stop the screaming questions, my arms and legs held tightly as I was bathed and dressed.

Combed and pampered, perfumed and powdered, I was escorted by four heavily armed demon guards to the center of the castle. My gag had been removed, but at this point I was too scared to speak.

I was greeted by twelve councilmen, six additional guards, and the six foot five inch tall half demon whom I had barely escaped from a few months earlier. Vindictus. His black hair gleamed in the dim light, the two small horns at his hairline almost invisible within the strands of hair. The black eyes held that demon reddish glow to them, his body inhumanly muscled and defined. As he spoke I could see the glint off the double set of fangs in his mouth, the tongue slightly forked. My pulse immediately began to race as I thought back to my few brief moments spent in his presence. The delicate slices he had made into my flesh had long since healed, but I still bore the scars that his claws had inflicted. I remembered the feel of his tongue against the flesh of my breast, my breath catching in my throat as I suppressed a small groan.

My feet slowed as we approached a vast pit of fire set in the center of the courtyard, a large metal disk suspended over the crater. Upon this disk set a large wooden bed, the posts decorated with flowering vines and tulle. It was becoming obvious even to me that I was looking upon the ceremonial bed where the king’s marriage would be consummated. I looked down at myself, my feet slowing to a complete stop as my attire answered all the questions that I had been screaming for answers for earlier.

“NO!” I suddenly found my voice, my blue eyes growing wide at the sudden awareness that I had been brought to be sacrificed as King Vindictus’ bride. The rumors had been little more than a clever ruse to trick the humans into thinking that we were all safe.

Tearing away from the guards, I turned to run, the white gown flowing out behind me as the terror urged me on, faster and faster. I only managed to get a hundred feet away from the courtyard before a guard had caught up with me, picking me up as easily as a child would a doll, carrying me back to the ceremonial alter. The guard stood me up but grabbed hold of my arms, forcing me to my knees as he hissed, “Kneel before your Lord and Master, his Majesty the King Vindictus.”

I had no choice but to practically grovel at the king’s feet, which I immediately noticed were normal looking human feet rather than the hooves I half-expected. I also took note to see if I could find a tail, but I did not see a trace of one of those either.

King Vindictus bent down to place his fingers beneath my chin, forcing my face upwards so that he could peer into my face. The tips of the claws that extended from his fingertips bit into the flesh of my face, but I did not gasp until I looked into his black eyes once again, my face only a few inches from his. His eyes glittered in triumph as he whispered to me, "I have turned my lands upside down looking for you. Now that I have you again, I will not let you slip through my fingers this time. And without all that magic at your disposal, I imagine you will find that escaping will be near impossible this time."

"No one touched her as she was brought back?” Vindictus asked the guard at my side, his fingers lingering momentarily on my skin before letting me go.

The guard at my side shook his head. “No, sire, upon pain of death no one was allowed near her.” King Vindictus made a rumbling sound of contentment deep within his chest, nodding his head towards the councilmen that stood in a semi circle around the alter. A shudder ran through my body at the sound. The guard more or less dragged me to the bed, depositing me on the soft white coverlet. “Upon pain of death, you will not move from that spot. It is up to King Vindictus as to whether or not he will take you for his bride. Until you are told otherwise, you will not move.” He pointed to a set of shackles and chains that were built into the bed frame. It was obvious that I was going to stay on that bed regardless. I could either go willingly or forcefully.

“I don’t want to be his bride or anyone else’s!” I shouted at him, trying to scoot past him. My feet never even hit the ground as the guard reached out and grabbed one of my arms, the shackle fastened around the wrist before I even had a chance to blink, must let try to yank my arm from his grasp. My other wrist soon followed suit, and I found myself chained to the ceremonial bed and alter.

The councilmen that stood around the pit began to chant in the ancient language of the demons, their voices rising and falling with the lyrical phrases. Suddenly I felt as if I had been caught inside a vacuum. My head was spinning and for a moment I could not get any oxygen into my lungs. Black dots began to form in front of my eyes as I heaved in a huge lungful of air. The air around me began to glow a bright gold, illuminating my skin and hair in a warm halo of light.

“At last!” King Vindictus bellowed as the chant finished and the glow began to fade from around me. “It is true, she is untouched by man nor beast. She will be my bride who shall sit at my side as my Queen!”

The guards began cheering and bleating, the councilmen moving back several feet to begin the marital ceremony that would bind my life and body to the king. Vindictus approached me, his hands moving to his front to slowly remove the robe-like garment he wore around his waist. As soon as he took a step towards me I had immediately moved myself as far back onto the bed and as far away from him as the shackles and chains would allow. I gasped as the king’s robes came off his body, his organ swollen with his passion. I had never seen a naked man before and so I had nothing to compare The Dark One to. I trembled at the site of him, the head of his shaft swollen and pulsating with each beat of his heart. His girth was more than that of my wrist, and his member was ten inches long if it were an inch. I tried to swallow past the lump in my throat, my mind unable to wrap itself around the idea that this man, this beast, had every intention of putting his massive organ into my body.

I was unable to rip my eyes away from him as he moved upon the bed, me staring openly at his body as he crawled across the silk fabric. His eyes never left my face, the edges of his lips turned up in a smile. He was obviously happy that he had such an effect on me. Oddly enough, I didn’t care that he saw me staring at him, that he knew I could not take my eyes off him for one single second.

Moments ticked by as if I watched him in slow motion, his hand reaching out to grasp my ankle gently in his hand, pulling me towards him. His hand felt like a hot brand against my skin. I made some type of moaning sound as he eased my body towards his, the white ceremonial gown that I wore sliding up my legs as he pulled me closer. For the first time since he removed his robes, his eyes left my face to roam over my long legs that now lay exposed. Vindictus moved his finger to lightly run them down the top of my right leg from knee to ankle before tracing the same path on my left leg.

My entire body jerked violently when he touched me, a bolt of electricity dancing along my skin wherever his fingers lingered. His smile widened as my body began to shake, rather from nerves or excitement or both I know not. I could still hear the councilmen chanting in the background, but my quickly beating heart and labored breathing were most prominent in my ears. In the back of my mind somewhere I realized that the alter was once again glowing, a whitish light surrounding the alter and us within it, obscuring the rest of the courtyard from our view. The chanting grew fainter until there was nothing left but the two of us on the bed, Vindictus’ fingers working their way slowly up my leg.

“No,” I muttered, but there was no conviction in my voice. The king only smiled as he crawled closer to me, forcing me onto my back. He reached out to unlock my hands from the shackles, his body poised above mine as the metal fell away. Vindictus’ hands returned to my body, sliding the gown up to my hips as he straddled my legs. In one quick movement he forced the garment up and over my head, removing the cloth completely from my body, leaving me laying beneath him clad only in my own skin.

The king gasped as he drank in the sight of my naked body spread out before him, my own arms moving automatically to cover myself as best as I could. His reached out to grab hold of each wrist in his left hand, moving my arms above my head so that he could view my body at his leisure. I squirmed under his gaze, a hot flush tinting my skin a light pink as his gaze raked across every inch of exposed skin. His breathing had quickened to match mine as his right hand trailed from my shoulder down to my breast, his large hand grasping each breast in turn to give them a gentle squeeze. A low moan escaped me and my back arched. My legs were bent slightly and I could feel the juices from my womanhood seeping down my thigh, the dull ache in my groin that had gone unnoticed until now suddenly flaring into an inferno of passion.

“Mmmm, so young, so delicious. I hate that this first time must be so quick, painful. This marriage must be consummated before the stroke of midnight. But I promise I will make this up to you. I will give you so much pleasure in the nights to come that you will beg me for rest and forgive these few moments of pain.” I shuttered at his words, his voice so deep and melodic that it crossed my mind briefly that I could listen to him forever. My own lips were parted with my heavy breathing, my small yet firm breasts rising and falling with each intake of breath. I was scared out of my wits and yet so excited that I was once again shaking beneath him. Vindictus lowered his head to mine, his lips brushing softly against mine before pressing them hard against my mouth, his forked tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I moaned again, my lips opening up to allow him access to the dark recess of my mouth. His tongue darted around, quickly exploring every inch of my mouth.

I whimpered slightly as he suddenly ended the kiss, his knees moving to nudge my legs apart. A low rumble, something akin to a growl came from Vindictus as he positioned his body between my legs, his mouth moving to suckle at my right breast. I yelped slightly at the sudden onslaught of sensations, a line of molten fire burning its way from my nipple down to my dripping pussy. My back once again arched, forcing Vindictus to take more of my tit into his mouth. He growled again, letting go of my wrists so he could use both hands to raise my hips towards him. In the back of my mind I realize that something about him had changed, that the gentleness of only a few moments earlier had been replaced with a violent urgency.

His previous words came back to me, and suddenly they made sense as he lifted my hips off the bed, the tip of his organ pushing against the outside folds of my labia. Panic flooded through me as my situation grew clear in my eyes. “No!” I screamed, suddenly thrashing about beneath him in an effort to wiggle away. But Vindictus only growled at me again, his hands squeezing tightly against my skin as his nails extended to cut into my flesh. His double set of fangs clamped down around my nipple, the teeth sinking deep into the tender flesh of my breast.

I screamed, throwing my body upwards towards him. In that second he impaled my body with his huge, engorged dick, the head ripping quickly past the delicate layer of inner skin, Vindictus’ hips ramming hard against mine as he buried himself to the hilt inside of my pussy. The pain that shot through me was so intense that it took my breath away, leaving none in which to scream with. I gasped as I struggled to breathe, the pain growing to a white hot bolt inside of my groin causing my vision to suddenly recede as I passed out for a moment. As I came back to my senses I screamed, my body writhing beneath his in an effort to get away from the ripping pain. I honestly didn't see how my body was accommodating such a large organ without tearing me to shreds. Vindictus bit deeper into my breast, his claws digging into my hips to keep me from squirming away from him.

My screams slowly subsided to be replaced by moans as Vindictus moved slowly inside of my body, the waves of pain slowly subsiding momentarily. My eyes were shut to try to stamp out the pain, tears falling heavily down my face as Vindictus began pumping faster and harder into my body. Each thrust of his hips sent shockwaves of pain through my pussy. I silently begged for this to be over. I kept waiting for the pain to subside but every time his dick rammed home it felt like I was being hammered with a white hot sword. I whimpered when his fangs finally left my breast, his body stiffening as he shoved himself deep inside of me one last time, the heat from his spurting seed feeling as if it was scorching my insides.

As Vindictus collapsed on top of me, I noticed that the white mist that had surrounded us was no longer white but red, and it was now fading as our breathing slowly returned to normal. The councilmen stopped their chanting as the alter was once again revealed. The two of us lay entwined, our bodies still united. I buried my face in Vindictus’ neck, the tears flowing unheeded down my cheeks as I cried softly. I was confused and embarrassed as I tried desperately to hide myself from the view of those who now stood around the pit, waiting anxiously for I knew not what.

Vindictus eased himself from me, his spent member sliding easily from my body as he kneeled beside me. I could feel his seed mixed with my own fluids and blood dripping from within my well fucked pussy. The king helped me to a sitting position, taking the bunched up silk sheet and wiping away the blood and semen from my thighs before picking me up and moving away from the alter.

A huge cheer went up from the guards and councilmen alike as they saw the blood stained sheets from which my body had only moments before lain upon. I now understood the words that Vindictus had spoken to me earlier, why the consummation had to be quick and painful for me. The marriage would not be legitimate if there was not proof of both our union and of my virginal status. Now that both things were assured, I was now considered the undisputed Queen of the Nedella Outlands.

The guards beginning chanting, “All hale the King and Queen!” as Vindictus cuddled me against his chest, using his free arm to wrap his robe around the both of us before carrying me away from the courtyard and deep into the castle. I kept my face hidden as he walked, cringing with each new gasp and whisper that my ears encountered, my body curled up into a tiny little ball held closely by Vindictus. I wanted nothing more at that moment than for the earth to open up and swallow me whole. My entire groin and lower abdomen were burning and each step that Vindictus took caused the deep seated ache inside of my body to pound unmercifully.

Minutes passed by that felt like hours to me, until Vindictus finally entered his own suite, ordering everyone out as he lay me down gently upon the bed. I did not have the courage to look at him, my embarrassment over what had just transpired too much for me to handle at that point. The king, now my husband in the eyes of the kingdom, smoothed the auburn hair back from my face. I curled up into a tight ball beneath the robe that he had wrapped me in, trying in vain to disappear from view. “Rest now, my Queen. Once the moon rises this night you will be crowned as my bride and presented to the court. There will be a great feast prepared in your honor.”

I only murmured incoherently, enough to let him know that I had heard him, even if I were less than enthused about this whole situation. Vindictus sighed at my response, moving from the side of the bed to pull the heavy coverlet over my small frame, tucking the fabric around me before walking into an adjoining room. Soon I heard the faint splashes of water coming from the room that Vindictus had entered. Sighing myself, I rolled over onto my other side, falling immediately into an exhausted sleep.


The warm glow of the setting sun shone on my face, rousing me from my slumber. My green eyes opened slowly, staring dully at the window for a few moments as I tried to figure out where I was before the sound of steady breathing brought me out of my reverie. I tried to turn over, but a heavy arm was thrown over my waist, a leg thrust between my own. For one moment I panicked, my brain rushing through to grasp at the memories buried beneath the veil of sleep.

The arm on my hips tightened slightly before the body snuggled up to me moved to sit beside me, black eyes fringed in long black lashes looking at me a bit groggily. “Mmmm, you are awake. I trust you slept well my Queen?”

The utterance of those last two words brought the entire episode of more than twelve hours ago crashing back into my memory. I made a noise deep within my throat, something akin to a wounded animal, and vaulted myself off the bed in a blink. Working on pure instinct of self-preservation, I ran towards the first open doorway that I saw. My heart leapt with joy as for one instant I thought I was going to make it out of the room without being stopped.

A hand slithered out to grab hold of my arm as Vindictus suddenly appeared in front of me, him hissing under his breath as he gave me a little shake. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Home!” I shouted at him, yanking my arm free of him. Vindictus let go but he was still standing between me and the door. “This is your home. You are my bride and the Queen of the Nedella Outlands. Your place is at my side now and for always.”

“I don’t want to be a queen and I don’t want to be your bride. I want to go home!” I shouted at him once again. I tried to push past him, but he took hold of my arms in a fierce grip, shaking me hard this time before pulling me up against him. I gasped, becoming acutely aware that the both of us were still naked.

Vindictus lifted me up so that I stood on my toes, my small breasts pressed against his chest, my auburn hair falling freely around my body to provide a veil. He moved his face closer to mine. “This is your home and your life, your body is mine. You stand before me as an equal only because I allow it. If you cannot accept these privileges willingly then I can take them away just as easily as I took away your magiks. I can have you thrown into the dungeon until you decide to embrace what I so freely give you.”

My body trembled at his words, the feel of his body against mine rekindling a portion of the passion that I had felt previously before he had so violently taken my virginity. Vindictus kissed me hard on the mouth, bringing back the memory of our one and only union. All traces of the gentleness he had shown me earlier that day were gone. He had taken me once against my will, and I knew without doubt that he could take me again and again whether I wished it or not. It was slowly dawning on me that this was to be my life regardless of what I had planned for myself.

“Attendants!” he ripped his mouth from mine and bellowed loud enough for most of the castle to hear him. Immediately the door behind Vindictus burst open as six demon females poured in followed by four guards. “Shackles!” he ordered, the guards bringing forth a length of chain and shackle to him within a few seconds. The king released me long enough to place the shackle on my ankle. He then ordered the chain locked onto a steel ring embedded in the stone floor. I stood rooted to my spot in shock, watching silently as the room once again cleared of everyone but Vindictus and myself. I looked at him a bit dumbfounded. He turned on me then, his usual black eyes now glowing a reddish brown in his fury.
“Until you can fully appreciate the gifts I have lain at your feet and accept them and me willingly, you will not leave this room unless I allow it.” I knew these words were directed to me, but Vindictus had turned his back to me as he spoke. His hands were clenched tightly into fists, the nails digging into the palms of his hands. And then, without a word, he stormed off into the bath room. As soon as he disappeared I burst into tears, throwing myself back onto the bed. I did not understand how all my careful planning over the years had ended up with me being wed to Vindictus, The Dark Lord, and chained to his bedroom floor. I cried until my head began to pound and the rushing of my blood in my ears was the only sound I could hear. By the time the king had reappeared from the bathing area, I was once again fast asleep, the tears drying on my cheeks.
It was pitch black outside when I awoke again. This time, however, I was alone in the bed. I sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes and looking around. It was utterly quiet in the rooms. Dully I got up and moved to the bathing area, only to fall flat on my face as the chain attached to my ankle fell a few feet short of the door way. Cursing, I got back to my feet, pulling in vain at the chain and spewing every imaginable damnation upon Vindictus that I could possibly think of. My anger gave way to tears and back again. Giving up, I finally retreated to the bed where I sat until dawn, waiting until the king finally came back to the royal suites.

He stopped in the doorway as I turned to look at him, anger still in my eyes at being chained like an animal. Vindictus looked surprised to see me awake. But mostly he looked drunk.

“You awake?” he mumbled more to himself than to me.

“Yes I am awake,” I snapped at him. “I had wanted to take a bath but seeing as I have apparently been downgraded from bride to animal, I have been unable to wash up.” I glared at him, my lips dripping venom and my eyes as cold as ice.

He laughed, stumbling into the room and flopping down on the bed. “You were the one who did not want to be a bride,” he reminded me, his words slightly slurred.

I yanked at the chain, causing it to rattle loudly in the stone room. “No, what I asked for was to go home, not be chained to your bed like a common whore!” I spat at him. Before I could even blink he had sat up and slapped me hard across the face. I yelped in surprise and pain, my hand going to my cheek as my eyes watered.

“This is your home!” he screamed at me, grabbing hold of my upper arm, his nails extending to dig into the skin. He shook me hard enough for my teeth to clack together before those nails sliced deeper into my flesh. A trickle of warm blood began to drip from the wounds as he hissed in my face. “If you insist upon acting like a common whore then I will treat you as one. When you accept your place as my bride and Queen, then and only then will I treat you as such.”

I pushed at his biceps with my hands in vain, my skin pale in comparison to the reddish-brown hue of his.
"Let go of me!" I screamed at him, my small fists beating furiously at his chest. "I am not your whore and I do not want to be your damn bride!" I scratched at his face with my nails, causing him to snarl at me through his canines. Before I knew what was happening I was face down on the bed with my naked ass in the air. Realizing the predicament that I had put myself in, I began wiggling like crazy, trying desperately to get my knees out from underneath myself. My position upon the bed, however, seemed to give Vindictus other ideas. Before I could straighten myself out the demon lord had jerked me to the edge of the bed, his lower calves holding mine captive as his hands roamed over my bare butt cheeks. I squealed, begging him to let me go. In answer he drew back slightly, and I let out a sigh of relief, thinking my ordeal was over for the moment. A split second later I felt the entire length of him shove its way into my cunt once more, filling me up beyond anything I thought imaginable. I screamed at him, kicking my legs, but the more I moved the harder and faster he shoved his dick into me.

"If you are going to act more like a whore than my bride, then I will happily treat you like one," he grunted more to himself than to me. I begged him to stop, but somewhere amid his hard thrusts and my tears my body began to betray me. I felt an unfamiliar warmth spread through my groin to settle into a dull aching need in the middle of my pussy. Gasping, I discovered myself shoving my hips back to meet his. My brain screamed at me that this was wrong, it was not what I wanted, but my body would not listen. The ache grew and grew until suddenly it exploded inside of me, spilling its warmth through my legs and pulsing in the center of my being. The muscles of my vagina clamped down on Vindictus' organ, effectively milking his cock. I prayed that my orgasm would go unnoticed, but just as it hit my core I heard him gasp. His whole body tensed as his dick erupted inside of me, bathing my womb in his demon seed. Ashamed of my behavior, I began to cry again quietly. Vindictus withdrew from my body and I slumped down into the bed, curling up into a ball. My new husband curled himself around my back, pulling the cover over our bodies. His arm pulled me closer to him, but this only made me cry harder. He sighed in exasperation, deciding it better to keep his mouth shut for the time being. Soon he was sound asleep, his breathing deep and even. I lay awake for several hours before my mind finally gave up out of sheer exhaustion and I slipped into the wonderful oblivion of sleep once again.


I jumped immediately awake as the sound of knocking came at the door. Vindictus mumbled something before rolling over. I reached over to shake him awake, his black eyes opening slowly to stare at me. The knocking came again, but he seemed oblivious to the noise as he lay there gazing up at me. I removed my hand from his shoulder, bowing my head as I blushed under his scrutiny. “Someone is knocking at the door,” I muttered, turning my head to hide my blushing cheeks.

“Your Majesty!” someone yelled outside the door. “Will you and the Queen be coming down for the evening meal or shall I send something up for the two of you?”

The mention of food caused my stomach to growl loudly, reminding me that I had been here for nearly three days now and had not eaten a single thing. Vindictus’ eyes moved from my face to my stomach which I was clutching at beneath the cover. He laughed slightly, saying, “Bring something up for the two of us.”

Without waiting for an answer, the king rose from the bed, his body naked. I watched with a mixture of both fear and mounting passion as he leaned over to unlock the shackle from my ankle. He placed the key back around his neck as he let the chain fall from the bed. “I am going to bathe. You have until I get finished before I replace the chain.” He glanced at me with an almost evil glint to his eye, the corners of his mouth turned up in the barest of smiles. “I suggest you join me in the bathing area or else you will go another day without a proper bath.” He turned his back to me and walked into away without another word or glance back to see if I would follow him.

I lay there staring at him for a moment, my eyes drinking in the sight of his broad shoulders and tight ass as he disappeared into the next room. For a brief second I debated on just staying in bed and seeing just how stinky I could get. But I figured I would either be forced to sleep on the floor or given a bath against my will. Either by Vindictus himself or his demon attendants I knew not, but neither sounded like something I wanted to do. Sighing, I slid from the bed and followed him into the small room. Vindictus was already soaping his body as I walked slowly into the room. His back was still turned to me, and he made no move to turn around. I was hesitant to move further into the room until he reached out and turned a knob that released a torrent of water from the faucet beside him. Blushing, I ducked behind the small stone wall that separated the showers from each other. I settled in under the water, letting the hot spray wash away the tension and soreness from my body. Without a word Vindictus handed a bar of perfumed soap over to me. I took it and began to lather up my own body, equally as silent as he.

Several minutes passed in silence as the two of us went about bathing. I was surprised when a female demon quietly entered the room and moved towards Vindictus and picked up the bar of soap. "Please allow me to service you, My Lord." Her voice was melodic and husky as she began to wash my new husband. I poked my head around the corner of the divider wall to watch in astonishment as the young demon began to slowly wash Vindictus, her hands snaking around his body to move towards his groin. I felt my blood boil in my veins as a violent streak of jealousy had me shaking beneath the hot water. I didn't know where this unwanted emotion came from, but at the moment all I wanted to do was claw the female's eyes out.

Undaunted, Vindictus unwound the demon's arms from his body and pushed her away. "Your services will no longer be needed," he said rather pointedly. His meaning was not lost on me or the young female demon. She looked over at me and gave me a nasty look full of enough hatred to melt a steel wall. I returned her look as I wondered if Vindictus has spent the previous evening in her bed before stumbling back to ours.

Ours? No, I corrected myself, his. Annoyed at myself and these new and unwanted emotions, I snorted in disgust at my own thoughts and went back to finishing my bath.

"I am at your disposal, My Lord," I heard the female say. I could sense rather than hear her move closer to him. "I am willing to service you whenever you feel the need."

I clenched my teeth together as her words and their implications washed over me. I peeked around the wall again to see the female kneeling in front of my new husband, her head moving towards his half-erect cock as her eyes looked up at him beseechingly.

At that moment something inside of me snapped. I was not sure exactly what happened, only that one moment I was staring in disbelief at the scene in front of me, the next I had wrapped my hands around the black strands of the female demon's hair and yanked her back hard enough to send her sprawling on her back a few feet away. I was breathing hard and I had my teeth barred at the demon, a strange sound coming from deep within my body that almost sounded like a growl. I had moved in between her and Vindictus, my small frame almost crouched down like a cat ready to pounced on her prey. "Get away from my husband you filthy whore!" I hissed at her.

The female made a little squawking sound as she landed, her hand going to her head as she sat up a bit dumb founded. She looked at me with growing anger on her face. She moved to sit up but then looked at Vindictus. She immediately lowered her head and mumbled an apology as she moved towards the door. But it wasn't enough for me. I yanked her around by the arm and wrapped my hand around her small throat, shoving her up against the wall with more strength than I knew I possessed. I glared up at the taller female, moving my face close enough that she could feel my breath as I spat at her, "You are to not ever come near him again! If I find you anywhere near him again I'll rip your heart out where you stand!" I shoved her ruthlessly towards the door.

I collapsed to the floor, pulling my knees up to wrap my arms around my legs. I was still shaking as the tears ran down my face. I did not understand why I had acted so violently or where these emotions were coming from. What I did know was that I was suddenly very sick at my stomach.

Vindictus had watched all this without a word. While he was stunned by my sudden, violent behavior he was also immensely pleased and proud that I had fought for his affection and laid claim over him as my mate as he had done to me. It was a point that he really wanted to rub my nose in, but at the same time something told him he better not push his luck. Instead, he wordlessly picked me up and carried me to the bed. I was still shaking and crying uncontrollably even as he snuggled up next to me. He slowly stroked my hair as my shaking body gradually relaxed beside him. I was almost asleep when there came a soft knock at the door.

I tensed as I heard a female voice behind the door announce, "My Lords, your food is here." I did not give Vindictus a chance to answer as I clamored out of bed and threw open the door. I did not even care that I was still naked, my only concern was to see if the female demon I had thrown out earlier was stupid enough to come back.

As soon as the young girl saw me she threw herself at my feet. "My Queen, how may I be of service?" I was relieved to see it was a different female this time, but judging by her reaction to me it was obvious that word had spread about my earlier encounter.

I turned my back on the female as my husband motioned for her to come in. Modesty finally got the better of me and I climbed back into the bed, pulling the bed clothes over my body. The female glanced up momentarily and I immediately gave her a nasty look. She instantly dropped her eyes to the floor and quickly finished up before hurrying from the room. Still wondering why seeing another female around Vindictus was causing me to freak out, I unconsciously moved closer to him.

"There were rumors, of course, over the centuries regarding humans," he spoke as he got up from the bed, wrapping a robe around himself before holding open a smaller robe for me. I scrambled out of the bed and slipped into the velvet fabric, thankful to be covered up in his presence for once. He continued to speak as he sat down at the small table. He heaped a plate with food and placed it in the vacant spot at the table directly across from him. Vindictus motioned for me to sit as he continued his tale. "The ancient texts tell that when a human and demon mate, they do so for life. Demons were created out of the very soil of the Nedella Outlands with the oldest known magiks in existence. It has been encoded in the very cells of our bodies to attract human females and that, once united, neither will ever take another mate for the rest of their lives. Each will defend the other with their last breath. It has been entwined in our very beings to be attracted only to each other and to become violent around others of the same sex when that attraction is being given to another. And with each union, that attraction grows stronger, the bond closer and the fits of violence even greater."
He paused long enough to take a few bites of food. I had moved to sit across from him as he spoke. I sat through this tale alternating between nibbling lightly at my plate and wolfing down the food in front of me. I was intrigued to learn that what I was feeling was not only normal but had been expected. And at the same time I was furious that I had no control over my own emotions. My brain screamed that I did not want to be so controlled and yet at the same time my heart thought that the whole thing made perfect sense.

"I had seriously doubted the validity of the ancient texts. Even after you called me forth into The Sacred Circle and I had brought you across the portal into my realm, I convinced myself that I brought you here because the Year of the Beast was growing near and I was being forced to find a human bride. And when you escaped I told myself that I stripped you of your power and kept you in the Nedella Outlands because time was running out and I was not going to find a pure human bride in my own lands."
I looked up from my plate long enough to give him a rather nasty look. I knew he had stripped me of my magiks as I made my escape from his throne room, but to have him admit it only infuriated me more. Vindictus took no notice of the evil eye that I directed at him. He continued on with his tale. "Even when I felt my heart leap with joy upon finding you again I kept telling myself it was not because of what the ancient texts had stated. But once we had united, I knew that the texts spoke the truth. But I did not want them to speak the truth. I went to Odonna last night with every intention of proving the texts wrong. Instead I discovered myself drinking myself into a stupor, staring into a fire that offered no answers save the ones that I already knew were true. And now seeing your outburst in the bath over the one who has ripped you from your home and forced you into proves without a doubt that the texts have spoken nothing but truth."
I sat still for a moment slowly chewing on a piece of fruit. My brain kept alternating between the blinding rage that came from being kept here against my will and the furiousness at myself for finding myself so completely attracted to him. The longer I stayed in his presence the less real my old life seemed and the more at home I felt around him. Even now I caught myself staring at the patch of skin that was visible between the folds of his robe and how much I would love to run my tongue over each of his pierced nipples. Realizing where my thoughts were wandering to, I mentally shook myself. I did not want to be attracted to him. I did not want to be here, did not want to be married, did not want to be stripped of my magiks.

I sighed. I may not want any of these things, but as the days began to flow into each other, I realized that my former life was beginning to seem more and more like a dream and this demon sitting before me seem more and more like the only reality I could ever remember.

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