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This is the second of seven parallel and related stories; they work best if read in sequence. To find the other chapters, follow the author link above. These stories are fiction, and all places and characters are invented.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010

It is the annual alumni reunion event at the Lauderton High School, which they hold in the large gymnasium in the main school building. The events in these stories take place at various times during the evening, and to different characters; they are not chapters of the same story, but a series of separate takes. We are the invisible camera, panning around the scene and then zooming in for a close-up ...


Hayley Statten was restless and bored, wondering why she had come to the reunion and rather regretting it. Attending had been something of an impulse – it was the first time she had done so since graduating from the school five years’ ago. She had been living for most of the time since then in a large city about four hundred miles away, first as a student and then finding a job there, and she only made short visits home two or three times a year. However, one of these had coincided with the reunion event and when the invitation arrived in the mail, she had thought – well, why not? Whilst the reunions were for all former students, there was always a particular emphasis on bringing together those who had graduated five, ten, fifteen, twenty and so on years ago. So Hayley had vaguely expected to see more people whom she knew, but the truth was that she had only had a small circle of friends at school, and most of them were now scattered around the globe and not able to be here. A few minutes earlier, she had spotted Nashiko Giancona on the other side of the room, talking to one of the teachers; Hayley liked her, although she hadn’t known her well, but when she looked that way again the pretty Japanese-Italian girl was no longer in sight.

In fact, Hayley had not very much enjoyed her time at high school (or her teenage years), and she had disliked many of her classmates. Unfortunately, those seemed to be mainly the ones here, and she had been avoiding people much more than seeking them out. Of course, she wasn’t interested in seeing any of the boys (or young men, as they now were), and most of the girls were cats and bitches. Hayley drifted around, thinking that she would stay just long enough for it not to look odd when she left. She chatted for a while with the new Principal – an attractive full-busted woman who looked surprisingly young for the job, as she was surely under forty – and also with one of the biology teachers. Hayley’s eye was caught for a moment by a slim female in a striking and quite skimpy red halterneck dress, who puzzled her as being surely too old for a student and yet too young to be on the faculty – but her thoughts were diverted by an encounter with her 12th grade history teacher, Ms Fuentes. The elegant Hispanic woman had seemed pleased to see her, engaging her with charm and warmth, but before things could develop very far they had been joined by Mary Beecher. There was only so much inane prattle that Hayley could put up with and remain polite, and when there was no sign that Mary would run down any time soon, she mumbled some vague excuse and disengaged herself. After that, Hayley ended up at the furthest end of the room, by a table with trays of small sandwiches and canapes – perhaps she had been drawn to it by the very pretty 11th grade girl standing behind it – a tall, slim blonde, just the type that Hayley liked best. She picked up a pastry case filled with something that looked vaguely like tuna mixed with sweetcorn, took a small bite, turned around – and almost walked straight into one of her least favourite classmates of them all: Vanessa Harrington. They both gave a start of surprise, and stood awkwardly for a moment, looking at each other.

Hayley’s clothes were much more stylish than anything she had worn in her school days. Her tooled leather cowboy-style brown boots revealed a brief expanse of shapely leg, below the soft suede beige-coloured A-line skirt which hung to her knees. Over this, cinched around the waist with a wide brown belt in matching suede, was an emerald green cowl-neck wool sweater which clung quite tightly, putting on view her trim form and the swell of her 28D breasts. The colours went well with her slightly tanned complexion, expressive brown eyes and chestnut-coloured hair, which these days was stylishly trimmed to shoulder-length and tinted with auburn highlights. The overall effect was restrained, but with an undercurrent of feminine sensuality and allure that no one would have expected from the rather dowdy Hayley of her late teens.

Still, Vanessa was the more obviously fashionable of the two, chic as always. Her tall and slender form was showcased in black silk wide-leg palazzo trousers, over which she had a flowing knee-length open jacket in the same fine material. Under this, an elegant white silk scoop-neck top showed the swell of her breasts, which caught the eye not so much for their size (she was a 30C) as their almost conical jutting shape. Her natural blonde hair was cut to collar-length and styled to shape elegantly around her face, framing her smooth translucent complexion and her wide blue-grey eyes. Her fingernails and toenails were painted jet black to match, and her ensemble was completed by a pair of expensive Manolo Blahnik black pumps with pinpoint heels.

‘Hi,’ said Hayley, briefly and frostily.

Vanessa came from ‘old money’ in the town, and had never lacked for the smartest clothes or the latest accessories; as soon as she was old enough to drive, she had been given a sleek open-top sports car. To make it worse, she was a classic ‘blonde bombshell’, slim and shapely; inevitably she became a cheerleader, and automatically she was a member of the coolest ‘in-crowd’ at school. Hayley had lacked and envied Vanessa’s style and almost-arrogant confidence; she had always been on the periphery, a quiet, studious girl, thought of as a bit of a geek. The glasses which she used to wear (now replaced by contacts) had added to that impression, and Hayley had never tried to keep up with the expensive whirlwind of changing teen-girl fashions. In those days, her preferred outfits of loose jeans, shapeless T-shirts and baggy jumpers accentuated this, and effectively hid from casual scrutiny the shapely curves of her hips and breasts.

In their school days, Hayley and Vanessa had been chalk and cheese. They had never quite been enemies, but they had antagonised each other in a series of small incidents which had built into a strong mutual dislike. Vanessa had not exactly bullied Hayley – certainly not physically – but she had gone along with the mocking and hurtful comments made by others in her set. Her wealthy background, her looks and the charm which Hayley knew that Vanessa could direct to anyone she thought was worth bothering about, all grated on the outsider; she despised the blonde for her eye-catching style and sexy outfits, and thought of her as just another shallow and empty-headed clothes horse. When Hayley heard that Vanessa had won a place at Princeton, she had smothered her surprise with jealousy, and had dismissed it as due to influence and connections – the bitch’s daddy had probably made some generous donation. Hayley would have quickly side-stepped past the insufferable cow – but Vanessa put out a hand, as if to restrain her, and replied with more warmth:

‘Hi, Hayley ... how are you doing?’

Hayley was surprised to be even recognised, and still more by the apparently friendly tone – although from past experience she was wary of that. Still, it would be rude not answer, and she thought herself above the pettiness of ignoring Vanessa; in any case, she would almost have had to push her aside, which certainly would raise eyebrows. So she paused, and replied in a tone which was less chilly, but still distant.

‘Yeah, I’m OK, thanks,’ and then she added, more for form’s sake than from any real interest: ‘how about you?’

‘Oh, you know – up and down,’ Vanessa answered vaguely, somehow embarrassed and lacking the gloss of confidence which Hayley had always associated with her. Vanessa did not expand on this, and the conversation turned to a few desultory and conventional remarks about the reunion event. Hayley was just about to extricate herself from the uneasy situation, when Vanessa, who seemed to have settled some inner debate, looked directly at her and said, with just a little hesitation:

‘I’m glad to see you ... I’ve wanted to say for a while, I think I was rather a bitch to you back in school.’

Hayley had expected almost anything but that, and was so surprised that she made no reply at all. There was a short silence, but, having gained momentum, Vanessa forged on into even more unchartered territory:

‘Well, anyway ... I’m sorry. Not that it’s any excuse, but I was having a lot of problems then, “issues” that I was trying to keep covered up – from everyone, myself included – and I guess that I vented some of that where it was easiest. Things were difficult ...’

Vanessa trailed off, with a vague gesture and an inward look on her face. Then, as if glad to find another topic, she switched direction, enquiring:

‘Someone told me that you had come out – as gay, I mean?’

Hayley was immediately suspicious. ‘Ah!’ she thought, ‘the grapevine has been humming, has it? – I wonder what catty remarks she has up her sleeve.’ She kept her reply factual and short, leaving no chink in her armour for the bitch to exploit – and, after all, she was not ashamed in any way.

‘Yes, after I finished at college – about two years ago,’ Hayley responded, rather stiffly.

Again, the comeback was very different from her negative expectations. ‘That must have taken real courage’, said Vanessa, sounding quite sincere. The blonde shuffled her feet and looked at the floor, her face flushing slightly. ‘I wish I was as brave as that,’ she said softly.

‘Oh?’ responded Hayley coolly, and then – more suddenly and more warmly – ‘Oh!!’, as she realised what she was hearing. She looked at Vanessa in a new light, with understanding and even some sympathy. ‘Well, with your family ... I can imagine it would be very difficult, not fit the image at all. I only had my Mom to worry about, and she’s a pretty liberal type – I think she’d already more or less guessed, anyway.’ As well as being rather patrician, Vanessa’s parents were stalwarts of the Christian right in the community – no, they would not react at all well if told that their only daughter was a dyke.

Vanessa seemed carried forward by a wave of relief at Hayley’s supportive response. ‘I couldn’t tell them – I still haven’t. I dropped out of Princeton, you know ... I couldn’t handle my feelings, and then an affair went badly wrong, and I couldn’t cope. My parents assume it was a man ... but it wasn’t.’ She looked directly at Hayley, with a spark of her former vitality and charm, and the other woman suddenly remembered how attractive Vanessa could be.

‘So ... are you saying all this because you want to make it up to me?’ Hayley enquired, with lips pursed and eyebrows raised.

‘No, I think I want to make up to you’, Vanessa laughed, and then she added, more seriously: ‘I think I was always attracted to you, I knew how nice you were and I could see the sexy figure under that dreadful frumpy garage-gear you always wore – and that’s what I was fighting, I couldn’t admit back then that I’m a lesbian, so I pushed you away by being bitchy and buried my feelings, doing everything conventional.’ She gave another, more bitter laugh. ‘I even did the whole cheerleader schmozzle, letting one of the football jocks have my cherry, trying “dating” with the blockhead. I was a stupid cunt ... but now, yes, I’d gladly spread for you, if you would want me to.’

Hayley was completely amazed at what she was hearing, and she was also now getting very, very turned on, as she realised from the sudden dampness seeping into the crotch of her panties. It had been worth coming to this stupid reunion after all, she thought, offering up a prayer of thanks to her fairy godmother for making her take up the invitation. And now, she was definitely going to take up this invitation! Vanessa had always been hot stuff, and this less-assured and warmer version was even more attractive. Hayley took her by the hand, and smiled back with anticipation.

‘I’d say “let’s get a room”, but I’ve already got one – I’m staying at the motel on the north side of town, and it’s very private. Let’s split this scene, and then I’m gonna split you!’

Vanessa looked at her, wide-eyed and eager, and half-stunned with a mixture of relief at Hayley’s response and joyful shock at her earthiness. With just one look over her shoulder to make sure that the sexy blonde was going to follow, Hayley headed for the door and out into the hallway. Vanessa was only a few seconds behind, although no one looking would exactly have thought that they were leaving together. In the empty corridor, Hayley laced her fingers through Vanessa’s, and they walked briskly, almost breathlessly, hand-in-hand as lovers do.

Half-way to the front entrance of the building, Hayley was overcome by a sudden impulse, the product of a churning mixture of desire and doubt – might this be some elaborate set-up, another nasty joke at her expense? She made a right turn into a long, semi-darkened corridor, towing the slightly bemused Vanessa behind her. Her intended destination was about thirty yards along: a female toilets that would be deserted, being completely off the beaten track for tonight’s event. She pushed through the swing door, and the lights came on automatically – the washroom was in the interior of the building, with no outside windows, and so no one would notice that it was in use.

Hayley quickly pushed Vanessa up against the wall, kissing her passionately, and she felt the blonde’s avid response as their lips mashed together, tongues entwining. Then she drew back, and with a swift tug pulled Vanessa’s smart palazzo trousers over her hips and half-way down her thighs. A pair of skimpy high-legs bikini panties came into view, in sheer black with a feminine lace trim, and Hayley plunged her hand inside them, cupping the young woman’s mound. Vanessa’s responsive soft moan, as she reflexively arched her hips forward, and the dripping wet soft ripeness of her cunt removed Hayley’s last doubts – this babe was clearly gagging for it. There was no resistance at all as she thrust her index finger for its full length into Vanessa’s vagina, eliciting a mewling noise as the blonde convulsively gripped Hayley’s shoulders, drawing her into a tight clinch and seeking her mouth with her lips. Vanessa’s pelvis began to buck up and down as she humped herself on the finger inside her – Hayley barely had to move, as the impassioned blonde repeatedly impaled herself, gasping and then suddenly shuddering in an unmistakeable orgasm.

Vanessa went limp, her eyes closed, and for a moment she slumped against Hayley’s soft chest, with her head resting on her shoulder. Wondering at this astonishing turn of events, Hayley slowly withdrew her finger, raised it to her lips and sensuously tasted Vanessa’s cunt-juice. As she did so, Vanessa’s eyes fluttered open, and with a satisfied smile she nibbled gently on Hayley’s ear lobe.

‘That was wonderful,’ breathed Vanessa softly, and then she added, with an enticing smile: ‘I want to show my appreciation.’ Before Hayley could wonder what that meant, the lithe blonde dropped to her haunches in front of her, and thrust her hands up Hayley’s legs, hoisting her skirt above her hips. One of Vanessa’s hands pinned it there, whilst the other pulled aside the gusset of Hayley’s damp string panties, putting her glistening and parted outer labia within a few inches of Vanessa’s face. Now it was Hayley’s turn to gasp and spread her hips open, as Vanessa first gave her a delicate, tender kiss, directly in the middle of her slit, and then followed it up with a firm but squirming, inquisitive tongue, lapping up and down, finding and nibbling on her swollen clit.

‘Aahhh!! Oh, shit, babe, yeah, fuckit, yes – yes! – yes!! – right there, honey, oooh! YES! YES!!!’ Hayley moaned, the last coming in increasing shrieks as she came herself. Vanessa pulled away, her eyes shining in pleasure and her face streaked with pussy-juice. They adjusted their clothing back to normal, quickly washed hands and rinsed faces, and exited the washroom. So engrossed in each other were they that they did not notice the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm which were coming faintly from the school’s smaller gymnasium which was almost opposite. A few moments later they were in the parking lot, and Hayley indicated her small and dusty second-hand Toyota. Vanessa nodded, and her snazzy white Mercedes coupe followed Hayley back to the motel, drawing up outside her cabin. It was quiet in the mid-evening twilight, and no one saw the two women enter the room, switch on the small table-lamp and draw the curtains.

Vanessa slipped off her long silk jacket, and then came eagerly back into Hayley’s arms for a long, slow, tongue-tangling smooch. The two women’s’ hands roamed over each other’s bodies, fondling breasts, squeezing buttocks, stroking up inner thighs to explore the soft opening lips between them. Flushed with excitement and entangled together, they sprawled across the bed, still fully clothed. After a while, they ended up with Vanessa lying underneath with her legs spread apart and her white silk top pushed up above her bra, revealing the smooth skin of the top half of her breasts and the valley of her cleavage, along which Hayley was trailing a finger. The brunette’s suede skirt had ridden up to her hips, and Vanessa deftly insinuated one hand inside Hayley’s panties and slid a finger along the length of her slit, causing the woman on top of her to tremble in arousal.

Vanessa returned to her earlier subject. ‘I know I was a bitch’, she said, adding regretfully: ‘when I think of the opportunity we missed, I am so sorry ... we need to put all that bad feeling behind us, get it out of the way.’ Then she gave a wicked smile and a lustful gleam came into her eyes, as she slid a second finger into the cunt she was caressing. She lifted her head to whisper huskily into Hayley’s ear:

‘I want you to fuck me like the bitch I am! Give this bitch what she deserves, give it to me hard – I’ve been such a fucking bitch!’

It was a mind-blowing enticement, combining in an explosive cocktail Hayley’s previous deep dislike of Vanessa and her conflicting new feelings of desire and attraction. Relishing the sight and feel of the cool and stylish blonde underneath her on the bed, with her legs apart and her breasts on offer, Hayley lost all hesitation and inhibitions. Her voice took on a harsh rasping note as she replied:

‘Oh, yes – you bitch, I’m gonna do you! – you’re going to get it, bitch, real hard!’

She swung off the bed and delved for a moment in her suitcase, briefly offering up a prayer of thanks that she brought the item with her after all – for she had nearly not bothered to do so. With a triumphant laugh, she held up a large strap-on dildo – it looked at least eight inches in length, and Vanessa gave a small moan of anticipation when she saw it. Putting the dildo temporarily aside, Hayley leaned over to grasp the blonde’s trousers at the foot of each wide leg, slowly and sensuously pulling them off. Vanessa then discarded her top and rose from the bed, clad only in her black bra and panties. She unclasped Hayley’s broad belt and then tugged the brunette’s sweater over her head, pausing for a moment to fondle the globular breasts encased in the three-quarter cups of her yellow bra. Vanessa reached behind to unfasten this garment, and then softly planted a kiss on each nipple as it was exposed. Next, she knelt in front of Hayley, taking down the brown suede skirt, and admiring the other two parts of the matching lingerie set which now appeared – the thin garter belt from which four suspenders held up Hayley’s pale brown traditional stockings, and the low-rise string which had been slipped over them. Vanessa cupped the brunette’s mound through its thin fabric, massaging firmly and arousing Hayley even more.

‘Get rid of that, and put this on me!’ ordered Hayley abruptly, thrusting the strap-on into Vanessa’s hand. As the blonde stripped the string panties down Hayley’s legs, she could not resist giving a swift kiss and a swipe of her tongue to the naked cleft that was only inches from her face. Hayley stepped into the strap-on, and Vanessa adjusted the buckles so that it was firmly in place, and then she took the plastic phallus into her mouth, sucking and licking until it glistened with her saliva.

Hayley could no longer contain her mounting desire, and she suddenly gripped Vanessa by her short blonde hair and hauled her to her feet. She thrust a hand inside the woman’s elegant black panties and groped her pussy with deliberate roughness – which had the desired effect of stimulating Vanessa even further – before she jerked the panties down and away. Hayley knew exactly what she wanted to do, the memories of past frictions and slights rising in her mind – oh, what sweet payback! She ordered the blonde to kneel on the bed with her tits and face down on the mattress. Without being asked, Vanessa slid her arms back and gripped her ankles, an erotically-charged posture which thrust her ass up still higher and parted her butt-cheeks even more invitingly. It was a spectacular sight: Vanessa had always had one of the jauntiest eye-grabbing asses of any girl in the school (as anyone who had seen her perform with the cheerleaders well knew), and her submissive pose went a long way as a peace-offering.

Hayley savoured the delectable sight – really, she thought, that is one of the neatest, sexiest, most fuckable butts I have ever seen ... and it’s all mine! She placed a fingertip at the small of Vanessa’s back and then traced slowly and firmly down the crevasse of her buttocks to her ass-hole, rimming around it and gently pressing inwards (inducing muffled whimpers of arousal from the blonde bombshell), and then continuing – slower and more sensuously – to the base of the vaginal slit, rubbing upwards along its length to find the clitoral hood and the sweet nub of pleasure nestled underneath. She pressed against this and then rasped her finger along it, transforming Vanessa’s shaky whimpers into a throaty moan. The blonde looked back over her shoulder, a half-glazed expression of entreaty on her face. Locking her eyes on Hayley’s, she whispered:

‘Fuck the bitch ... ’

With her nostrils flaring and her teeth clenched in a lustful grimace, Hayley climbed onto the bed behind the blonde’s ass and positioned the knob of the lubricated strap-on between her puffy and gaping labia. Then, gripping the other woman just above her hips, the brunette pressed forwards with all of her weight and drilled the plastic cock for its full length into Vanessa in one firm and fluid motion, eliciting a broken rasping cry from the recipient. This was the first penetration in what became a frenzied fuckathon, as Hayley rode Vanessa’s upturned ass like a bronco-buster at a rodeo, slamming up and down against her. She was half-crouching and half-standing on the bed, gripping Vanessa by the hips and shafting the dildo down into her vagina at a 45 degree angle. The deep and powerful penetrations were having a convulsive effect on the pretty blonde, who had lost any pretence of cool – her mouth was open wide, drooling saliva, whilst her hands had let go of her ankles to claw and clutch desperately at the bedsheet. Between gasps of indrawn breath, words tumbled from her lips that drove Hayley to wilder heights:

‘Oh, shit! – I’m such a bitch, I’m a bitch! – fuck me! – do the bitch, do her!! – Christ, oh God, yes! – fuck-the-bitch, shit! fuck-the-bitch, FUCK-the-bitch, FUCK---THE---BITCH!!

Hayley was almost lost in a red haze of passion, the anger of the past throwing fuel onto the flames of her present lust. She took her hands from Vanessa’s waist, and with the left she grasped the blonde by the hair, pulling her body backwards into a tighter and higher arch. Simultaneously, and with an increase in the pace of her pistoning penetrations, she swung her right arm to deliver a series of stinging slaps to the jutting buttocks so invitingly available. Vanessa let out a series of harsh sobs – but they were the sounds of release, of the baggage of the past being consumed in the white-hot purity of the present.

‘Oh, I’m a bitch, I’m a cunt!’, moaned Vanessa, begging Hayley to do her harder, do her more. With sweat dripping from her face from the sheer physical force of her exertions, Hayley drove them both to a bone-shaking climax. At the last moment she shoved her hands under Vanessa, pushing inside her bra to grab and squeeze her nipples. Changing the rhythm of her penetrations to rapid, almost vicious, short stabbing thrusts, she rasped in the blonde’s ear:

‘I’ll make you cum for me, you bitch, you cunt! Cum for me, bitch, cum for me – CUM NOW, BITCH – NOW!!’

And Vanessa did, shrieking in heights of ecstasy and release that she had never attained before, quivering and shaking from her head to her toes, her voice gibbering ‘I’m coming for you, this bitch is fucked, I’m coming, I’m so fucked for you!’ This took Hayley over the crest, and her back arched as she thrust the plastic cock as far as it could go into Vanessa’s sopping pussy, and then held it there. In turn, the shudders of the brunette’s orgasm caused the dildo to vibrate deep inside the blonde, and with a frantic wail Vanessa climaxed for a second time.

The blonde slumped down on the bed, the dildo sliding out of her with a wet popping noise as she did so. However, whilst Vanessa was nearly exhausted, Hayley was not yet satiated. As she contemplated the gorgeous body sprawled in front of her, she mentally acknowledged that Vanessa had been right: they needed to purge the antagonism of the past, so that they could start afresh. Hayley felt that she had unloaded much of that negative feeling in the last few minutes, but that some still remained – and she knew how to work it off, and achieve full and complete satisfaction. She unbuckled the strap-on, standing proud in brown leather cowboy boots, stockings and garter belt, her nipples rose red and erect. Resting one knee on the edge of the bed, she gave a slap to Vanessa’s rump and indicated that she was to roll over onto her back. With an expression of reviving interest, the blonde promptly did so; when she saw the strap-on in Hayley’s hands, she began to sit up and reach for it – but, to her surprise, Hayley shook her head and pushed her back to lie down again.

Instead, Hayley slid the straps of the dildo up Vanessa’s legs and buckled it in place around her ass and pussy, with the plastic rod pointing vertically at the motel room’s ceiling. Then she climbed onto the bed and straddled Vanessa, lowering her cunt so that the dildo slowly entered her vagina, easing down until the full length was inside her. The blonde watched in fascination as Hayley impaled herself on the dildo, rose again on her haunches so that most of its length re-emerged, and then thrust sharply downwards again. Vanessa was turned on by the sight of Hayley fucking herself, and by the energetic brunette’s sexy costume – in particular, her boots.

‘Ride me, cowgirl’, she groaned, ‘oh – ride me, ride me so hard!’

Vanessa clutched Hayley at the waist, steadying the plunging brunette and adding further impetus to her downwards thrusts, so that her moist pussy lips impacted on the dildo’s face-plate with repeated wet smacking sounds. Hayley began to moan as her pistoning self-impalements became faster and more frenetic, and she leaned forwards to grasp Vanessa’s pert tits in both hands, squeezing them and then pulling on them as if they were the reins of a horse that was stampeding away from her. Vanessa felt like a human trampoline, and was almost dizzy as she was bounced up and down on the mattress. She began to respond to Hayley’s movements, her pelvis surging upwards as the lithe brunette pushed down, thus giving even greater force and depth to the dildo’s penetrations. The blonde gave a shriek as her tits were suddenly pulled much harder, but the reason for this was immediately apparent – Hayley had stopped at the end of her last downwards plunge, and from her tightly closed eyes and the rictus of agony or pleasure on her face (they looked so similar it was hard to tell), and the quivering shudders of her body, it was clear that she was in the throes of a succession of climaxes.

After this had ended with a long exhalation of breath, Hayley lay down on top of Vanessa, gently kissing her first on the neck, then the earlobes and then the lips. The dildo was still fully inside Hayley, her vaginal muscles contracting and relaxing against it. Now it was Vanessa who had some energy, and with an agile shift of her hips she rolled them over so that she was now the one on top, with the strap-on that she was wearing still deep in Hayley’s pussy. The brunette took a trembling breath in anticipation, and obligingly spread her legs wide apart. Vanessa took a position similar to doing press-ups, her hands flat on the bed next to Hayley’s shoulders, and her legs and feet together, resting on her toes. She rose above Hayley, staring intensely into her eyes, and then she began to flex at the waist, arching her pelvis up and down as the strap-on fucked the brunette in the classic ‘missionary position’. Hayley gasped – she had forgotten how athletic and sporty Vanessa had been when at school, and evidently that toned fitness was something which she had more than maintained. The blonde started with long and slow strokes, gradually building up the pace and pressure. As she heated up, her pointy breasts swinging wildly just above Hayley’s quivering and almost painfully erect tits, Vanessa looked down with an expression of steely determination on her face that Hayley had never associated with her before.

‘You’re mine!’ Vanessa hissed between her thrusts, ‘you’re mine, you’re all mine!’

Hayley was transported, almost beyond ecstasy. Just as she felt herself about to explode in orgasm, she swung her legs up and locked her ankles over Vanessa’s back, squeezing and pinning their two bodies together, mashing their breasts against each other, and she wrapped her arms tightly around the blonde’s shoulders. As her climax overwhelmed her, she gasped her reply:

‘Yes! – yes, I am, I am! And you’re mine too, you sexy bitch – you ... are ... MINE! ... Ooooh, fuck ... I’m coming babe, I’m coming! ... FUCK ME, I’M CUMMMMMING!!!

Hayley’s back arched, her orgasm so powerful that she lifted both of their upper bodies clear of the sweat-soaked sheets, before she sank back again – without relaxing her legs’ pythonesque encirclement of the blonde babe, and still retaining the dildo inside her vagina. The couple rolled onto their sides and lay there, caressing and kissing. After a while, Hayley reached down to Vanessa’s hips and unbuckled the strap-on, before rising from the prone body of the blonde with it still deeply embedded inside. Moving slightly awkwardly, she disappeared into the room’s small en suite bathroom to remove and rinse it, and then she quickly dried herself with a bathrobe before returning to the main sleeping area. Vanessa was propped up on one elbow, watching Hayley’s trim figure with deep satisfaction.

‘How do you feel?’ asked Vanessa, and then, before Hayley could frame a reply, she continued: ‘I feel so much better – like I’ve lost a great weight which I hadn’t even realised that I’ve been carrying all this time!

Hayley lay down next to Vanessa, enjoying the wonderful smell and glow of the freshly-fucked blonde. She stroked a jutting breast, and answered that she felt the same – adding that what was past was past, and that they should start anew.

‘Does that mean you’ll ask me out on a date?’ asked Vanessa, pretending to look coyly at Hayley through half-closed lashes.

‘Maybe’, conceded the brunette. ‘or maybe I’ll just cut to the chase, take you straight to bed and fuck all night!’

‘Mmmm, oooh – yes, do! Candlelight dinners are sooo over-rated!’ laughed Vanessa as she rolled onto her stomach, and snuggled up with the eagerness of a happy puppy. Her tongue snaked across Hayley’s chest and found her left breast, tracing around the aureole before gently lapping at the nipple. The brunette gave a pleased murmur, and settled an arm companionably around the other woman’s shoulders.

After a period of contented silence, Vanessa said with quiet sincerity:

‘I want to thank you – you’ve given me the jolt that I needed. It’s time to come out of the closet, I’m going to tell my folks.’

Hayley was surprised at this sudden decision. ‘When?’ she asked.

‘Tomorrow.’ replied Vanessa, knowing that if she did not act upon this resolve immediately, she never would. She gave a deep chuckle: ‘I’ll tell them after church – I sure hope the text is something forgiving from the Gospels, not fire and brimstone from the Old Testament!’

Hayley spoke from the heart, without her head having time to think: ‘Will you tell them about us?’

Vanessa shifted position in order to look directly into the other woman’s eyes. She bit her lip in unconscious nervousness, and softly enquired: ‘Is there an “us” to tell them about?’

A deep warm feeling of closeness, which Hayley had not realised was there, moved her again. ‘Yes, babe, if you want there to be,’ she answered, surprising herself even more, as she trailed a finger caressingly from the blonde’s throat, between her breasts, across her stomach and ending at her pussy, with gentle strokes along her outer labial lips.

Vanessa gave a sweet-sounding mewl of pleasure, and bestowed an electrifying smile which made it all worthwhile. The sexy naked blonde looked as if all her Christmas presents had been rolled into one. She drew Hayley’s breast back to her mouth, cupping it in her hand as she firmly kissed the nipple. ‘Oh yes, my angel, yes – I do!’ Then her eyes closed, and like a cat she curled up against the warmth of her lover’s body, falling into a deep sleep.

They woke once again, around 5.00 a.m. as dawn was breaking, and made love more gently and slowly, ending in a 69 position, each enjoying a mouthful of gaping moist pussy, licking it and then finishing off with deep penetrating strokes of their fingers – Vanessa being amazed that Hayley could take, indeed begged for, four fingers to be thrust deep into her vagina.

After this, they slept in a tangle of sheets until nearly nine o’clock, and then showered together with many splashes, squeals and giggles. Hayley ordered two breakfasts from room service (the motel charged by the room, not the person, and did not care if there were two people there now), and they chatted animatedly as they ate and got dressed, arranging to meet again in mid-afternoon. Then, after a series of lingering kisses, a suddenly tense Vanessa climbed into her gleaming white sports car.

‘They may throw me out, y’know,’ she said sombrely, ‘they’re gonna to be upset and angry – I’ll be cut off without a shilling.’

‘Don’t worry, babe,’ Hayley replied encouragingly; ‘you can always move in with me’, she added, and then bent over (her half-unbuttoned shirt giving a nice view of her tits) to kiss Vanessa gently on the cheek.

The blonde looked at her steadily for a moment, and said: ‘I think I will anyway, however it goes – if you really mean that, you would really want me to?’

Hayley nodded, now quite certain of it, and a relieved Vanessa drove off to confront her family. The brunette went back into their love-nest and, before gathering up her few belongings, lay down on the wide double-bed, still smelling Vanessa’s sweat and cum on the sheets. Hayley gazed up at the ceiling in contemplation. Had she fallen in love, and of all people with ‘that bitch Vanessa’?

‘Yes,’ she said aloud, with a delighted smile, ‘I think I have!’

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