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finally nailed the mother in law....

Well, contrary to some of the advice I got here on XNXX, and in coherence with some too, I finally threw it to my hot MIL.

And it was as hot as I could ever expect.

I'd been getting signals, or what I interpreted as signals, for quite some time. Flirtatious signals. Comments.

Then I started commenting back. Flirting back. Rubbing her back and shoulders. Making comments about her being sexy. Making comments about me liking to fuck.

My wife confessed to her that we had been in a dry spell. Well, the factors causing it mitigated themselves (thanks to medication and the end of a 28 day cycle), and my wife said, "I'm gonna ask my mom to keep <our kid> so we can fuck tonight".

"She'll die!" I said.

"Nah. My old man would, but she won't." she replied.

When I got home from work, the MIL was at our house. I thought, 'well, I'll get some of the same ole stuff I've got for the last 5 years'. We chatted, and I hinted around to see if she was taking the kid with her. The wife was in the laundry gathering clothes.

"Why?" she asked, with a wry smile.

"Well, I need to know who I'm fucking tonight. Her if <our kid> goes with you, or you if you don't feel like

Her face got as red as her hair for a second, and the wife stepped back in to the room with a basket. She's got bright red hair - everywhere - and a freckled, ruddy complexion. I have a panty fetish and have found my share of her pubes.

"Mom's got to work tonight" my wife informed me. Damn. No drunk all-over-the-house eat-69-suck-and-fuck for us.

"Well, I gotta run. Maybe I can get off tomorrow night" she said. I winked at her and she left.

My MIL and her old man aren't very tight. Wife has told me of 3-4 affairs that each has had since she was old enough to know what an affair was. No doubt there's been a lot more. Plus, the FIL has a real stable of winners for brothers and sisters. Booze and pills all the time; drives the MIL nuts.

We did our usual afternoon routine - TV, dinner, more TV.

Then the phone vibrated. It vibrates on text messages. We have a server at work that emails my phone trouble codes.

"cum see me. Ken's at Dudley's playing poker.". You know who those names are, don't you? ;)


I cursed a server for crashing, and the wife said, "oh... no...". Third time this month I'd been called in. Being salaried, I don't get overtime.

I was literally trembling as I left our house. The inlaws lived near my work, so no suspicions there as I left out, heading to "work".

When I pulled up, all the lights in the front of the house were off. I sat for a minute and gathered my thoughts.

Then I went to the front door. It was open; only the screen door was shut. I let myself in.

There she stood across the living room, in the black outfit I'd jacked off in so many times before. It was a low cut teddy with a snap crotch. She'd just showered.

Without saying anything, she walked over and shut the door, and turned and grabbed my cock thru my pants. She let go and grabbed my belt, snatching me through the house.

She dragged me to the bedroom, and still without saying a word, shoved me back onto the bed, face up. Like a pro she had my belt and pants down and my briefs around my knees. She climbed up onto me and unsnapped the crotch in her teddy.

"Wait a minute..." I finally protested.

She paused and said, "Why?"

"Cause I'm gonna eat that fine pussy..." I growled.

I grabbed her thigh and flipped her off of me, causing her to exclaim "Oh!!!" like she'd seen a mouse. Before she could move I buried my face in her 50 year old twat. It was covered in groomed, bright red hair. Her labia were long and pink, and it had that wonderful peppery smell that I'd smelled in her panties and that teddy before. That smell that I'd came to, like musk and sweat and sex. After two or three strokes of my tongue she got her hips situated and started grinding into me a little. Her labia parted and her clit swelled up as big as the end of little finger. I licked and sucked her juices into me, and after what seemed like only a few seconds she squeezed my head and pulled my hair and screamed as the orgasm shot thru her. I felt a rush of cunt juice as I kicked my pants and briefs and shoes off while buried up in her muff. Then I climbed on top of her on the bed.

It was my turn to get shocked as she slid out away from me and impaled her face onto my cock while I was still on my knees. She twisted and threw me down onto my back and straddled me like I just had done her.

Now, my wife doesn't swallow; and really don't like for me to cum in her mouth, so I've trained myself to hold my cum in and not get off on head. But this was different. She sucked all my massive 5 1/2 inches in - and relished it. She wanted me. Lusted for me. She grunted and sucked and licked and rubbed my cock on her face... she jacked my cock with one hand while she sucked my head and rubbed my ass with her other hand. Then she started rubbing my stomach and looking at me. She inhaled my cock and stuck her tongue out as far as she could down my balls. The sight of her green eyes, damp red hair, and 34C tits sagging in that teddy put me over the edge.

"I'm gonna..." I said, as I shot 2 weeks worth of backed up cum into her mouth.

She clamped her lips and tongue around and just behind the head of my cock. I felt 7 or 8 goooood shots go straight into her mouth, as she moaned and swirled her tongue around me. My cum gets thick and yellow after 2-3 days, if I go that long, so I could only imagine the massivle load she was getting. After I was done she pulled her lips tight over my head, keeping every drop in her mouth.

She jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Damn, like mother like daugher...

When she got back, she was stark naked. I then realized how fine she really was, especially for a 50 year old. She had perfect firm breasts, with faint pink areolas almost as big as a beer can. The bras of hers that I'd came in (yea I got a bra fetish too) indicated they were 34Cs; and I'd seen her spilling out of them a time or two. Guess they don't make a 34 "C and a half". Her nipples were about the size or a little bigger than a pencil eraser, and as she climbed on top of me I admired how her nips and areolas sat on the top half of her breast. No saggy headlights pointing to the knees here; hers were pert and turned up like bananas. Her breasts were freckled all over - and being freckled means they've been in the sun. I knew she was sexual, but damn.....

She eased her hot slit down onto my still hard cock and rammed me home in one thrust. She was tight and as she worked my cock it felt as if her cunt was sucking it. I latched onto one of her tits and sucked her areola until it bunched up and became like a strawberry As I sucked her tit she moaned; so I grabbed it and sucked the other one. She ground on me furiously as I pulled a vacuum on her nipple, and then she shuddered and froze as another wave of twat juice spilled out onto me, while she came for half a minute.

I let her fall off of me onto her back. I wasn't into kissing her and being intimate at this point, so after a brief
rest I rolled her over and pulled her to the side of the bed on her hands and knees. Standing up, I had full access to that twat with the fire red hair. I speared my cock all the way into her with one thrust, and she came on the 2nd or third. Since I was in control, I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. I could feel my balls slapping her clit with every stroke; I grabbed her hips and grunted and shoved my way into her like and animal. She screamed when she could and pulled her hair as waves of pleasure shot through her. I refused to let up. When my time came I buried my cock in her to the hilt and shot whatever cum I had left as deep as I could. When my hardon slumped, I slipped out and pushed her face down onto the bed.

The whole thing lasted 15 minutes or so. Being it was a rather awkward moment, I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. When I returned, I said, "Whew...."

"whew...." she said, and stood up, walking into the bathroom.

When she came out in her sweats, I said, "THAT was awesome. You are awesome."

"yeah, you too."

She handed me my clothes, and I slipped them on. She didn't say a word as I said goodbye and she walked me through the house.

I'm kind of hoping I get called in to work soon....


2011-04-12 13:58:46
Very hot story, guarantee if you get another chance, and can last, she'll allow you to do anal.

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2010-05-27 10:25:09
that was super tried 2 fuck my mil but she was afraid we would get caught

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