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The club expands....
Mark walked into the kitchen and took the orange juice out and poured himself a big glass full. Jane watched and was unsure of what to say as she watched him. "OH, Hi Mom, I did not see you. I'll tell you, thanks to Ash I don't hurt like I did before. Jane smiles and just nods her head as she feels her vagina quiver. He can tell the mood she is in and says "I can't believe how Ash is helping me." He can tell Jane is aroused.
Ashley drives to Sandy's apartment an hour away. They talk a few minutes and decide which club they want to go to. Sandy was surprised that Ash called her at all and suggested it to begin with. Sitting at their booth and having two drinks Sandy finally mentions how much happier Ash seems the last couple of weeks. Sandy can tell something is going on and figures Ash has a new boyfriend. "So who is the new guy?" Sandy asks.
"What makes you think I have a new guy?" Ash says.
"Ash, I've know you since second grade and I think I can read you by now." Sandy responds.
"I just feel good right now, that's all." Ash tells her friend.
Sandy gets another drink and this makes her third which Ash thanks her for driving. Out of the blue Sandy says "You seem to spend an awful lot of time with Mark lately. I'd fuck him in a heartbeat if I were you."
"Sandy, I can't believe you just said that, he's my brother." Ash says softly.
"Well, I just mean that he is so cute and if I were horny there could be trouble, that's all. I never told anyone this so promise me you will never say anything. A couple of years ago my parents went out and Tommy and I were drinking by the pool. Long story short we were both horny and..."
"You had sex with your brother?" Ash asked.
"It just happened, I bet it happens more than we know. He fucked me so many times I was sore for a week." Sandy said.
"I never thought about it before." Ash replied. Ash thought to herself what was happening at home. Was Jane going to tease Mark and Ash started to get excited just thinking about it.
At about 8"00 Jane walks in the living room and Mark is watching a movie. "Why don't you go take a shower and you know that cute Wrap around I gave you for Christmas, wear it and come back and watch your movie. Mark could feel his cock getting hard just wondering why Jane told him to wear the wrap around. Showering quickly, Mark dried himself and wrapped himself with Mom's present from Christmas. He did not like it normally because it felt like he was wearing a skirt but this time he was excited in it.
Jane slid the black nylons up to the top of her thighs. She modelled in the mirror and thought she still looked cute in them. The elastic top kept them from sliding down. She put her little plaid skirt on and forgot just how short it was on her. It barely went down below her thighs. Putting the tight white blouse on with no bra she hadn't seen this reflection in the mirror since Dave died.
Mark is lying on the couch when he sees Jane walk in, he can't believe his eyes what he is looking at. She looks so hot in the nylons and such a short skirt. Jane acts as though it is normal to wear her little teaser outfit and just walks around the room feigning looking for a magazine. Sitting in the love seat right across from Mark she starts to leaf through the pages slowly.
Mark watches as she crosses her legs and just shows a little more of her each time. For ten minutes she teases him until he decides he is going to play this game too. He lies on his side and bends one knee but also undoes the tie around the wrap and opens it completely. His eight inch cock is free of its confinement.
Jane glances over and her pussy throbs when she sees the wrap off. She lays the magazine down and draws one knee up opening her skirt completely. Mark watches as her pussy comes into view. "Who is seducing who here" Jane says to herself. Jane leans back and draws the other leg up and is wide open. Mark looks at the black nylons spread wide open can't believe what he is seeing.
He gets up and kneels right in front of Jane's open skirt. He puts his mouth on her lips and she shakes as she feels his tongue licking her. For a few minutes he sucks and licks her and even licks her tiny asshole which drove Jane crazy with passion. Mark finds her clit and starts to rub the knob back and forth as Jane quivers with delight. She can feel it coming, not far away she knows she is going to cum. For someone so young Mark knows how to please a woman with his mouth. Jane pushes her pussy against his lips as she feels it over taking her. The first wave hits her and she closes her thighs around his head but he is so strong he opens them and keeps licking her clit like a dog licks its water dish.
"I'm Cumming" Jane says softly and feels it completely. She pushes Mark's head away gently with her clit so sensitive right now. For a few minutes Jane just gets her breath and Mark sits there kissing her thighs gently. Jane opens her eyes and pushes Mark down on the floor and straddles his cock like Ash did and lowers her pussy onto his shaft. Mark feels how tight she is as she glides up and down for a few minutes.
Jane then lifts up and to Mark's total surprise she lowers her ass on to his cock. He had seen pictures and videos but never thought he would experience it. "Are you going to fill my ass with cum?" Jane asks.
To her total surprise Mark answers "You're my MILF fantasy girl Jane and I want to see it drip out of you." For ten minutes Jane rides up and down as her asshole opens and contracts. Mark knows he cannot hold out much longer and Jane can feel the first of several hot shots of semen explode inside her.
"It's so hot in me. You certainly know how to use your cock and your tongue my fantasy lover." Jane says. She glides up and down a few times and lifts off and turns her ass towards Mark's face and lifts her skirt so he can watch as his cum oozes out slowly. Mark can't believe this is happening. Jane spreads her cheeks wide open and the white cream slowly oozed out of her ass.
"Do you still have sex with Tommy?" Ash asked back at the club.
"We have an agreement, if we go with other people we use a condom, the STD and HIV issues are too scary but that way we don't use condom's with each other. But to answer your question, yes we still do. Maybe because it's so taboo or the thought of getting caught but it is just so exciting more than I have ever found with a boyfriend." Sandy explained.
"What about your Mom?" Ash asks.
"Since the divorce Mom seems less uptight and I think she may have walked in on us once but she never said anything and we kind of just shut the door and she doesn't bother us. She has to know though." Sandy says.
"So, you're not going to tell me about Mark, are you?" Sandy asks.
"San, I just never thought of all the things you're telling me." Ash tells her best friend.
"Ash, anything I told you tonight, promises me never to reveal. I guess the drinks opened me up too much." Sandy says.
"I promise." Ash tells her friend while reaching out and holding her hand. Sandy knows her friend is indeed having sex with her brother but decides not to push the issue.
At home, Mark watches as Jane gets up and turns to him and says, "Bet you never thought you would see that, did you." and then walks into the bathroom to wash her. Mark is stunned and still excited too.
Ashley gets home late around 12:30 and see's Mark's room is lit from the TV. She opens the door and he is watching a movie. "So, how did you guys do tonight?" Ash asks.
"Ash, you wouldn't believe what happened. He tells her everything that went on and finishes with saying "Mom is so hot."
Ash cannot believe Jane did anal. She always wanted to try it but was afraid it would hurt her. "Did you like it too?" She asks.
"When she turned around and showed me as it drained out of her ass, I thought I was goanna cum again." Mark told her.
"We have to get her to do it again, that sounds so hot. I want to see it too." Ash says.
They talk for a while longer then Ash says good night and goes to her room. Mark lays there thinking about Jane in that little skirt and starts to get hard just picturing it.
With the Fourth of July long weekend, Jane gets the grill going and they all hang out at the pool. For the whole afternoon they talk and Jane cannot think of a recent time before Dave died that they all were having so much fun together. Mark and Ashley noticed it too and liked being together like this. The thought occurred to Jane that since she and Ash have been helping Mark with his problem, they have grown closer. Was it the sex Jane pondered to herself? Whatever it was she liked it as did the kids.
"I have an idea, let's go out for a couple of beers and listen to some music. I know a place about twenty minutes away off of 91" Mark says.
"You know, that sounds like fun. I'm in" says Jane.
"Me too." Ash chimes in.
Jane walks in Ashley's room and asks if she has an extra jean skirt she could borrow. Ash is surprised but also gets excited when Jane tries it on. At forty two Jane could pass for thirty Ash thinks to herself. Ash hands her a top too and they look like sisters in their outfits. Jane never considered dressing like a twenty something but last night when she seduced Mark she liked the attention and the thought of being out with all those kids turned her on.
Jane and Ash looked in the mirror and both commented how cute they both looked. Jane's feelings of apprehension show on her face as she looks in the mirror. "I'm forty two years old Ash, I don't want to embarrass myself."
"Trust me, if I thought that I would not let you go out dressed like that. Believe me, you look closer to thirty. Trust me." Ashley says to Jane.
Mark almost fell over when Ash and Jane walked into the kitchen. The other night when Jane wore her school girl outfit was one thing but seeing Jane dressed in ash's clothes made them look like sisters. "Wow, I can't believe how much you two look like sisters." Mark said.
Jane felt relieved, she always knew when Mark was lying and he was really sincere so she felt like she wasn't making a fool out of herself. "Have fun like when I was their age while I still can" She told herself.
Walking in to Bobby R'S Club Jane suddenly was stuck with the sight of a couple of hundred kids of Ash and Mark's age. Dimly lit and the music playing loud, it brought her back to the days when she used to go to the same places. Moving through the crowd she could feel the eyes of the young men looking up and down her figure, she felt excited knowing they were staring. Ash, it was expected for them to look at but at forty two Jane felt a shiver between her legs as she welcomed their stares.
The next three hours flew by as the three of them drank and listened to the music. Jane and Ash were approached numerous times to dance but Jane felt awkward and let Ash go and enjoy the attention on the dance floor. The three drinks were starting to affect her and she liked the feeling of not worrying about having to work tomorrow.
As they were sitting a familiar voice sounded, "Hey guys" said Sandy. Jane turned and there stood Sandy and Tommy next to her. "Mrs Gates, is that you?" Sandy asked.
"Hi Sandy, I figured I would get out and have some fun tonight." Jane replied.
"I can't believe how much you and Ash look just like sisters." Sandy said. For the next few minutes they talked and out of the blue Tommy asked Jane to dance. Jane always thought Tommy was a good looking kid and something about tonight and the drinks made her say yes when he asked her.
On the dance floor, they moved through the usual rhythms then Tommy came behind her like in the dirty dancing style and rubbed up against her butt. She could feel his erection through her skirt and at first she was shocked and then she pushed backed and rubbed herself closer. It only lasted a matter of seconds and it was enough to light the fire inside her.
Tommy could not believe how hot Mrs Gates looked. She and his mother were built about the same way and he always liked to fantasize about what Susan looked like naked.
Both Ash and Sandy saw the dirty dancing move and were so surprised how Jane played right along. Both girls were getting horny watching them and longing to go home and do something about these feelings. Jane and Tommy came back and sat down and joked about the dance move Tommy put on Jane.
"That was a very erotic move you put on me Tommy, now you have to go home and have Sandy finish it with you." Jane said. They all were so shocked no one said anything for a minute then started talking as though the comment was never made. Sandy was unsure whether Ash had betrayed her and she looked at her and Ash shook her head as if to say I didn't say anything. The fact remained that the comment raised the sexual tension by a level of ten.
Sandy feeling bold with a few drinks in her and also horny asks Mark "So how are you managing with both hands in casts?" Before he can answer she adds "I bet it must get frustrating not being able to.... you know" and she strokes her hand as if to simulate jerking off.
Everyone is silent but the excitement is right at the surface. "Oh, he might get some help. I think Mark and Tommy have a lot in common in that regard." Jane says, knowing she is teasing both the boys and Sandy. Ash and Sandy look at each other and smile, Sandy can't wait to get home. She thinks she knows how Jane knows so much and she thinks she and Tommy will do a little teasing of their own tonight.
Where they are all sitting gives them privacy as Tommy starts to slide his hand up Jane's skirt. At first Jane literally jumped but quickly realized what was happening. She spread her legs apart for just enough room for his fingers to reach her thighs. Tommy inched his fingers to her panties and started to rub Jane's soaking pussy through the material. "Tommy, what would your mother think if I told her you have your hand between my legs?" Jane said. Ash, Mark and Sandy all looked at each other in amazement. Tommy kept rubbing Jane as she leaned back and could see the look on the kid's faces as she enjoyed both the attention from Tommy but also teasing the kids.
"Excuse me, but would any of you like another drink" Said the waitress snapping all of them out of their trance. "No thanks, what I need I can't get here." Jane said.
The waitress smiled and walked away.
"Ok guys, time to go home and get some relief." Jane said. They all walked outside and said good night. "Don't be too hard on your sister, Tommy." Jane said as she sat in her car.
Susan heard the door close and looked at the clock. It was only quarter to eleven; she wondered why they were home so early. Reading a little more of her novel she finally got up and went into the kitchen. Sandy came out of the bathroom and had a shorty robe on which was open revealing her naked body. "Oh, Hi mom. I didn't know you were still up." She said.
Susan looked at her daughter and how comfortable she seemed literally being naked in front of her mother this way. "Yeah, I heard you guys come home and figured I would get a glass of water." Jane said.
"Guess who we saw out tonight?" Sandy asked her mother.
"Who?" Susan said.
"Ash, Mark and....Mrs Gates were with them. You would not believe how hot she looked. She and Ash looked like sisters." Sandy told her mother.
"Jane was out with her kids at a club with you guys too?" She asked.
"She even danced with Tommy and he made a dirty dancing move on her. That's not the half of it, Tommy even put his hand up her skirt and she just sat there and acted like nothing was going on. We couldn't believe it. I'M still in shock.
"Are you kidding with me?" Susan asked.
"Mom, it was so hot watching her sit there and Tommy rubbing her between her legs. It was so erotic." Sandy said.
A part of Susan was stunned and another part was turned on. She knew she was getting excited but not sure why which complicated it all the more. They talked a few more minutes and finally Sandy said she had to go and talk with Tommy.
Susan watched her walk towards Tommy's room and opened the door and walked in. Tommy lay on his back with his cock erect waiting for her. Sandy took her robe off and straddled Tommy and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. "I think Mom is going to be coming in so act as though nothing is going on. Let's tease her." Sandy said. She moved up and down slowly waiting for the sound of the door to be heard.
Susan opened the door slowly and stepped into Tommy's room. Sandy heard the door open and whispered to Tommy "Spread my ass wide open, Mom just came in." Tommy grabbed both her cheeks and spread her wide apart. Sandy felt her asshole open up too as he forcefully opened her.
Susan looked with both shock and excitement as she watched her son's cock glide in and out of his sister's cunt. She could not move as she just stood there feeling herself getting wet. Sandy and Tommy both were so excited knowing Susan was watching them. For several minutes Sandy rode Tommy's cock and then he said he was Cumming.
"I'M Cumming" Tommy said. Susan watched as Sandy moved all the way up and just the head of Tommy's cock was still in her. Slowly the white cream oozed from her hole. Sandy slid down his shaft then pulled up slowly as Tommy's semen glistened on his shaft. Susan could not believe what she was looking at and then realized they were putting on a show just for her and she actually enjoyed it.
"So tell me about Jane" Susan said. Ignoring the obvious of Sandy still sitting on her brother's cock.
Sandy lifted off Tommy and just sat on his legs and turned to Jane and told her again everything that had happened. As she was telling Susan about last night Sandy had her hand on Tommy's cock and was stroking it slowly back to its full erection. Susan was just amazed how the two of them were just so comfortable about having sex right in front of her.
"He recovers so fast" Sandy said. While stroking Tommy.
"It's the age he's at" Susan said.
"That good for Ash and Mrs Gates, I'M sure Mark is fucking both of them right now." Sandy said.
Susan was surprised but also knew it was true. "Well, don't stay up too late." Susan said and walked out of the room.
Back at Jane's house, Jane rides Mark up and down and feel the hot semen shoots into her ass. She moves slowly up and down enjoying the feeling. "I can't believe you came three times in less than an hour." Jane says to him.
"The two of you drive me crazy." Mark replies.
Jane rises up and turns and let's Mark watch as the cum drips out of her ass. Ash too watches with her pussy still quivering from Mark fucking her so hard.
"I guess we'll all sleep tonight." Jane said.
"Hi there, I was wondering if you would like to meet for lunch." Susan asks Jane.
"That would be great but I have an open house from 1:00 to 3:00 so any time after would be fine." Jane replies.
Pulling into the diner Susan watched as Jane got out of her car noticing how she was dressed in her Century 21 Jacket. "Well, you don't look like a twenty something today." Susan said.
"I sure don't feel like one either." Jane replied.
"Rough night?" Susan asked.
"It's all your fault but I do love what is happening." Jane replied.
"So what's happening?" Susan asked with a smile on her face.
"You know what happening since you more or less has pushed me into it." Jane said.
Is it that exciting, I'm guessing from your smile." Susan asked.
"Mark fucked me so hard last night and then did Ash too. Twenty minutes after the second time he was hard again and he came in my ass. I do love anal though even more than intercourse." Jane told her friend.
"Wow, I guess you and Ash are helping Mark out. Did you have a problem the first time?" The fact that it is taboo and all." Susan said.
"I did the first time but I walked in on them one morning and they were fucking right in front of me like it was just an everyday thing. I think they were trying to seduce me and it worked. It brought back all those memories of the three of us back at college." Jane said.
"I still think of those nights you, me and Dave spent together. If Dave were still alive I suspect we would be a three some again after I divorced Bill. Funny how things are turning out now though. Last night after they got home I walked in on them having sex and the first thing I thought of was when I walked in on you and Dave that first time. God that excited me seeing them fucking right in front of me like they didn't even care about being caught." Susan said.
"What are you going to do about it?" Jane asked.
"We're all kind of in a little club and I have a feeling I am going to be joining it soon. It's been over four years since I had sex and now I'M horny all the time. I know this sounds terrible but both Tommy and Mark turn me on so." Susan explained.
"Tommy had his hand between my legs last night and it drove me crazy so I know where you're coming from." Jane replied.
"If they're going to seduce me, it's not going to take a lot." Susan said.
"Or, you can seduce them and have a little fun with it." Jane said.
"That might be fun now that you mention it." Susan said.
Sitting on their deck, Susan, Sandy and Tommy sit enjoying the sun going down. Sandy and Tommy each drinking a beer and Susan sipping a glass of wine. "I have to tell the two of you that when I walked in on you last night that were one of the most erotic moments I have ever had." Susan said.
"I know, I couldn't believe how excited it was for me." Sandy replied.
There is only one other experience I have ever had that tops it. I still think of it now and then and get just excited as when it happened so long ago." Susan tells them.
"Tells us." Tommy asked.
"I was in college and one night I walked in on my roommate and they were in the same position you two were last night. My roommate motioned for me to join them and being a little drunk I had no inhibitions at a threesome. Well, I lay down on the bed and watched as my roommate rode up and down until her boyfriend climaxed inside her. She sat there for about a minute then lifted herself off him and straddled my face before I could even react. She told me to lick her dry and make her cum. I licked all the cum from her and the made her cum. A few minutes later I mounted her boyfriend until he came in me and she licked me as I rode her face as well. Bet you guys never thought you would hear me speak like this." Susan said.
"Wow, I can't believe what you just told us." Tommy said.
"Mom, wasn't your room mate Jane Gates? Sandy asked.
Susan smiled and just nodded her head yes and smiled.
"And wasn't her boyfriend Mr Gates?" Sandy asked.
"Guess you two never thought Jane and I were very wild, did you?" Susan asked them.
"That sounds so hot." Sandy said.
"It was the most erotic experiences I have ever had. Maybe one day it will happen again." Susan said.
"Maybe sooner than you think." Sandy replied.

End of part II
[I know u people are waiting for the rest of the part............]

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