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Finding your mother on the Internet nude is not something that most boys do.
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Found Mom On The Internet

I stumbled onto an Internet site that features nude pictures of wives and girlfriends. After a very long look around the free area I spotted several pictures of my mother. It had to be her, it looked just like her, and to top it off the pictures had been taken in her bedroom. There was a picture of me on her nightstand. Her sign-in name was Sexy34inNY.

I copied all ten of her pictures to my hard drive and then I made a back up copy to hide. I thought about letting her know that I knew but instead I just left a comment. I praised her beauty and asked her to post more pictures. Then I told her that I would to love to see her holding her pussy lips open.

Three days later there were more pictures of her posted and she had her pussy wide open with lots of pink showing. There was a shinny tool holding her open even more, so that the camera could see deep inside her. The pictures were crystal clear and quite remarkable, I wondered who had taken them. I left another comment that she was my dream girl and that I would love to meet her someday for sex, then I told her that I lived in New York too. I gave her my anonymous email address and asked her for some outdoor pictures.

A few days later I found a dozen high quality pictures waiting for me in my in basket. Mom posed fully naked in front of bushes, behind flowers, and squatted down in a garden of tulips. Each picture looked suitable for framing. I recognized that backyard. It belonged to my Aunt Christine, Mom’s sister…that explains it.

The accompanying note asked me if I could come for a visit and possibly spend the night. I replied that I didn’t drive.

Within an hour she asked me if she could come to my place and spend the night. She said that sending me pictures made her awfully horny. I decided to tell her that I was just a kid. I did not get an immediate reply.

At bedtime I found a message asking me my age, I replied that I was fourteen and went to bed.

In the morning a new message said that she had a son my age and that he made her pussy wet every time that he touched her, gave her a hug, or kissed her goodnight or goodbye. She said that if I were her own son that she would have fucked me a year ago. Then she invited me once again to spend the night in bed with her if I could arrange it, even if she had to come to me and rent a motel room. She signed it, desperate.

I went down to breakfast and kissed Mom good morning, I made sure to touch her as often as I could, and then I gave her a nice hug and a kiss before I went to school. I thought all day long about what to do about Mom. Finally after school I sent her an email requesting some pictures with her and her son together and for her to be flashing her tits or pussy in the background if possible.

When Mom came home from work she told me that we were invited over to Aunt Christine’s house for dinner. I was to look nice and comb my hair. Mom had on a pretty but simple dress that tied around the waist. Dinner was nice then Uncle Bob took his kids to the playground leaving me behind. Aunt Christine said that she wanted to take some family pictures of Mom and me. I went right along with it, knowing that I would be getting copies soon. In all of the pictures Mom was behind me. I stood, I sat, and I squatted down. I always faced forward and smiled at Aunt Christine. After several pictures of Mom behind me Aunt Christine finally had her stand next to me with my arm around her waist, then she had Mom sit in my lap like a little girl, and then we kissed. In fact we kisses about a dozen times until Aunt Christine was happy with one of them. Next she asked Mom if we could get a little risqu?Mom asked how risqu?to which Aunt Christine told her to just go along with it.

The first risqu?icture was of Mom and I kissing very passionately with my hand cupping her breast. We both liked that and I even squeezed her breast occasionally. Aunt Christine asked Mom if she was comfortable letting me feel her up. Mom replied that she was. Then Aunt Christine asked me if I had enjoyed it and if I wanted to do more. I did and of course I did.

That time the passionate kiss found my hand inside her dress holding onto her bare breast, however the camera couldn’t see that. So naturally in the next picture Mom’s dress was open and my hand was in her bare breast. Aunt Christine had me move my hand around a few times cupping Mom’s breast in various ways and with her hard nipple trapped between my thumb and first finger. The dress was then removed for more breast holding pictures and then nipple sucking pictures. Aunt Christine had me cup Mom’s pussy, put my finger into her slit, and to tickle her clit. Aunt Christine asked me to undress and pose with Mom. She had Mom hold my hard cock, kiss it, and then suck it. When I had cum in Mom’s mouth she just smiled, opened her mouth wide, and then she showed Aunt Christine the white creamy puddle on her tongue before swallowing it. We had to stop and get dressed before Uncle Bob returned.

That night when I checked my email Mom had written her fourteen-year-old admirer that she no long needed his services. The note was accompanied with a dozen pictures of her exposing herself behind me in Aunt Christine’s garden.

When I kissed Mom goodnight she informed me that I was to sleep with her from then on. She said that if she could give me a blowjob in front her sister that she could certainly let me fuck her…that is if I wanted too. You bet that I wanted too.

Then I asked, “Can we do it the first time with Aunt Christine taking pictures of us? That excited me this evening.”

Mom called her sister and told her of my request.

When Aunt Christine arrived, things became very organized in her mind. Mom and I got nude, we each used the toilet with Mom holding my dick, and then Mom douched while I sat on the floor inches from her crotch. We showered washing the other one and then we got on the bed. With Aunt Christine inches from Mom’s pussy I sank my cock down into her. It was simply amazing, Mom was nice and tight, and she was hot as hell. Loosing my virginity was much more special than I had ever imagined it would be. Aunt Christine let me fuck into Mom like that for a few seconds then she had Mom rest her ankles up on my shoulders so that I could really pound into her. When I had cum in her and pulled out Aunt Christine was right there taking pictures of my cum dripping from Mom’s pussy.

I quickly recovered, so Aunt Christine had Mom get on top facing me and feeding me her nipples to suck on. I came in her again but again I quickly recovered. That time Mom was on her knees with her ass high in the air and her breasts flat on the bed. I got behind her and fucked her doggy style until I came in her again for the third time. I was tired but when Aunt Christine offered to let me fuck her pussy my cock popped up like a rocket ready to take off. Mom giggled and Aunt Christine spread her legs.

Aunt Christine was four years older than Mom at thirty-eight, she had given birth to three daughters, and her husband fucked her every day, so I expected her to be more sloppy down there. However, it felt just as good. Mom had been taking pictures and was right there when I pulled out. The camera was handed to me and those two women got into a sixty-nine and started to swallow my cum from the other’s pussy. I enjoyed watching them, Mom told Aunt Christine to go home and let us get some sleep.

The next morning Mom phoned into work saying that she had a sick son to look after. She phoned my school and told them that I wouldn’t be in that day. Then she called Aunt Christine and told her to get her pussy in our bed as quickly as she could.

While we waited for Aunt Christine to arrive I told Mom that I was the other fourteen-year-old too. She was glad that I had found her pictures on the Internet and that I had contacted her. Then we posted a set of pictures from that garden blowjob. My cock was in her mouth and then my cum was on her tongue. The comments were incredible.

When Aunt Christine arrived she asked me if I would like to fuck my three cousins. Sure I would. Then she told me that she wanted to make a child porn movie of me taking their virginities on film. She said that she could make a fortune selling it over the Internet.

I fucked the hell out of those two women that day, just thinking about staring in a porn movie while fucking my three younger cousins.

The End
Found Mom On The Internet


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