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SO I thought my ending to Untitled kinda sucked, so I rewrote from the walk home with James and Tory on.
I’m Melinda, and my sister- my twin sister- is Melissa. At times, we absolutely can’t stand each other- we’ve gotten into a fist fight or two, actually, and too many screaming arguments to count. But that’s normal for siblings.

We were reflections of each other. 48D breasts, round juicy asses, think black hair, slightly tan skin, hazel eyes, and one beauty mark on a cheek (Melissa’s was on the right, mine was on the left).

Even after seventeen years, our parents still mix us up. Which we don’t mind too much., but you’d think they’d know buy the beauty marks or something. But either way, for twins, we’d like to think that’s pretty normal. We can get along, too- also normal for any siblings.

My sister was more vain than I- as a cheerleader, it was almost like it was in her job deion or something. She spent at least an hour everyday on her hair and makeup. Meanwhile, I’d take maybe ten minutes to brush through my hair and put a little bit of eyeliner on. She went all out though. Eyeliner, mascara, brush, red lipstick, and lots of foundation for the hickeys that were on her neck so often none of the family asked about them anymore.

That’s what usually set us apart, that’s how Mom and Dad knew who to call who. But when We got home, first thing Lissa did was wash her face and apply a little eyeliner like I had done for the whole day. That’s when it got difficult for my family.

We didn’t dress alike, at least not as far as matching outfits. Though I’m not to vain, I’m proud of my body and have no problem with displaying it. My sister and I both like wearing low cut tops and short shorts. We coordinated our outfits like that, we’d both wear tube tops and miniskirt one day or low cut shirts with short shorts and leggings, stuff like that. Melissa usually took it a step farther than I did though, she’d cut the tube tops even lower than they already wear so the tops of her areolas were exposed and things like that. Or she’d wear a miniskirt but no panties.

I wasn’t a virgin, but I felt no need to be a complete slut like she did. She said it was a cheerleader thing, and I assumed she was telling the truth since one day the entire team came in with see through white t-shirts, no bras, and miniskirts so small they’d’ve had more covered up if they wore ribbons around their waists.


“Lissa!” I yelled up the stairs. “If you don’t hurry the fuck up we’ll be late!”

She came prancing down the stairs just then. “Calm your self the hell down, Melinda. We’ll be there on time. Tory actually wants everyone to be a little early today.”

I rolled my eyes. Tory, the captain of the stupid cheer team. My sister was second in command, but whatever Tory send was law.

I slipped on my sneakers and headed out, not bothering to wait for my slowpoke sister.

The school is only four blocks away. As we walked, Melissa caught up with me, clicking along in heels, we talked and joked.

No sooner than Lissa saw Tory did she leave me with a little wave in my general direction. I just rolled my eyes again.

“Melinda!” I heard behind me. I spun around, smiling inwardly as my boobs shook. It was James, my “friend with benefits,” as he liked to call himself.

He put his arms around me, his hands immediately dropping to my ass. I didn’t really understand why we didn’t just go out, I mean, I’d lost my virginity to him anyways. But he had an on and off girlfriend. Apparently, right now they were off.

“Hi,” I said, my arms reaching up and going around his neck. I smiled up at him, tilting my face back to get a good look at him. He leaned down, and his lips pressed against mine.

Our lips parted at almost the same time. Our tongues danced together.

I heard a little cough behind me. I reluctantly pulled away from him to turn and face the whoever decided to interrupt us.

It was Tory. Followed my her minions. Including my sister.

Oh, did I mention that his on off girlfriend was Tory?

“What do you want?” I said. His arms wrapped around me.

She ignored me. “James, a word?” She batted her mascara coated eyelashes.

“Not right now,” he said, his lips lowered onto my neck. I closed my eyes.

“Get your hands off that heartless bitch, James!” she shrieked.

I opened my eyes, steaming mad. I pulled away from James, getting right in Tory’s face. “What the fuck did you say?”

“Read my damn lips!” she shouted at me.

“It’s kinda difficult when I’m watching the pounds of makeup running down your ugly ass face!”

Tory seemed temporarily stunned. One of her follows stepped up. Of course, it just had to be my sister.

“Make runs away from your face,” she yelled.

“And it runs off this bitch’s face,” I said, my voice was menacing. “There’s no damned reason to put seven pounds of makeup on every morning.”

Tory was beyond words. She swung for my face. I rolled my eyes at the her. She had a right hook that was pretty much slow motion. I grabbed her fist like those people in the movies do. I twisted her arm, bringing her to her knees. “Do something now you fucking whore!” I shouted at her.

I gasped as I felt three hard blows into my back. I let go of Tory, spinning around, my fist balled and moving toward my attacker’s face.

I didn’t have time to stop before my fist collided, quite hard, with my sister’s face.

I got jumped after that. James was holding Tory back, whispering to her. Probably about how he just wanted to kiss someone, and since it couldn’t be her, she settled for me because I’m easy or something.

Tory’s disciples were attacking me. There wasn’t much I could do with at least fourteen girls attacking me. I was strong, but not that strong.

After they were satisfied with the beating they’d given me, they backed away. The hardest hits had been from my sister. I thought it was kind of ironic that I’d taught her how to hit that hard.

When they moved away I got back in Tory’s face, and before anyone could do anything, I spit in it.

She was shocked, she didn’t even move. I heard a bell ring from within the school, and went inside.


Between fourth and fifth period I went in the bathroom to see how bad it was. I was surprised that my face wasn’t as bruised as I thought it would be. The worst black and blue anywhere near my face was just a little above my collarbone.

I hated people and their damn phones. By the end of first period it had gotten around that I’d got jumped. But, since I’d had the last laugh of it, everyone was saying that I won. So I guess it wasn’t too bad overall.

When I got home that day, Melissa refused to talk to me. She was freaking out about the huge bruise I’d given her on her cheek.

I’d gotten detention, along with the all the cheerleaders and James.

During the detention, the teacher fell asleep, no one dared to leave because the principle was on guard. But James sat me on his lap in his desk and we had a half hour long make out session. Tory had been fuming the whole time.

It had been a month, and Melissa was finally starting to talk to me again. At first, she’d had a screaming argument with my mom about letting her move into the attic. Mom said no.

So this morning, we actually walked together for the first time since the fight. We talked a bit, but it was a little awkward.

James was waiting for me when we got there. Tory had already found a new boyfriend, already fucked him. And, unsurprisingly, was cheating on him.

“Hey,” he said when we got there. He put his arm around my waist and walked me to class. Melissa, of course, went to go find the whore.

So after school, James walked me home. The whore came with us, she was going to be at my house for a few hours. Ugh! When we got home, we let my sister and the slut pass before James kissed me long and hard on the porch, before groping my ass for a second and leaving with a semi-hard dick that I wanted back inside me.

I went inside and flipped on the TV. Melissa and the whore were upstairs, so I had no intention of going up there.

I flipped through the channels for about a hour and a half, I’d made a couple circles. There was nothing on. I planned on making another loop but when I heard an odd muffled noise from upstairs I muted the TV and decided to go see what the hell they were doing.

I sneaked upstairs silently, avoiding all the floorboards that made too much noise. I peeked through the crack in the bedroom door, expecting to see them quietly practicing some retarded little cheer or whatever.

Instead, I saw Tory on all fours on Melissa’s bed, panting and moaning softly. Melissa’s had was pounding in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. I was horrified for two reasons. First, my sister- my own sister!- was fisting the whore. Second, because in the back of my mind I was getting very turned on.

I could feel my nipples getting hard, my pussy was just a little bit slick. I went back downstairs before they would notice me and pulled my pants down, our parents weren’t due home for another few hours, a friend’s birthday party or something right after work.

So I slipped down my shorts and panties and closed my eyes, moaning quietly as I slid my middle finger- that was all that would fit- inside my hole and slowly fingering myself. I was panting and moaning and completely lost in myself. I was getting so close to orgasm. The fantasy I was having was sick. Melissa was pounding me out, saying nasty things to me and telling me how much she loved me.

So I gasped and jerked up when I felt something moist on my right tit and clit.

“What-?” I jumped onto my feet, my pussy was so tense it hurt. It had been Tory’s tongue on my clit, and my sister’s mouth on my nipple.

“Oh, c’mon sis,” Melissa said, standing up and grabbing my tits, groping them. “Let us help you.”

“I don’t want that little whore anywhere near me,” I said, stepping away from Melissa’s touch.

“We don’t bite… hard.” Melissa moved closer again, I wasn’t expecting her move. She put her arms around my waist, pinning my arms to my sides, and reached down my ass to my pussy lips. She spread me open.

“Lissa! What’re you- oh fuck!”

Tory’s tongue slid inside me. Her thumb teased my clit.

Since it was so unexpected, I let out an involuntary moan. After which, I turned scarlet red and opened my mouth to protest. Melissa slid her tongue into my mouth.

I tried to pull away, but once again my sister demonstrated her incredible strength and held me there while she kissed me and Tory tongued me to orgasm.

I couldn’t deny, Tory’s tongue felt amazing. She slid it in and out of me, ran it all over my labia, and sucked on my clit. It wasn’t long before I lost control and my moans filled my sister’s mouth like her tongue was filling mine. I came hard in Tory’s mouth, I could feel her lapping up my juices as they spilled out.

By then, I’d lost my will. I wanted them to take me. I forgot myself, forgot about James, forgot my name.

My clit was throbbing and burning, demanding attention.

“Please, fuck me!” I begged. “Please! Do whatever you want to me, my body is yours!”

“Good girl,” Melissa said, releasing me. She sat down on the couch, and Tory sat next to her about a foot apart. They spread their legs at almost the same time.

“We’ll help you if you help us,” Tory said. She spread her pussy lips. She was shining, probably from the session with Melissa.

“Who’s going first?” I asked. I didn’t care that they were going to use me. I just wanted to cum, badly. I guess I was multi-orgasmic, because I knew with how horny I was I could go for a while.

“Both at the same time,” Tory said, taking control. “You’ll eat one of us while you finger the other. When both of us cum, you’ll switch.”

I got down in front of my sister first. “We both have to cum twice,” Tory reminded me. “Once form eating us, once from fingering us.”

I nodded, sliding my hand up Tory’s thigh while I lowered my head to my sister’s cunt.

She smelled good, tasted better. I eagerly lapped at her juices, I ran my tongue up and down her whole slit like Tory had done to me. I pumped Tory as fast as I as able from my position.

Both had their heads thrown back and were moaning quite loud. It turned me on to hear them, my pussy was getting wet and tense again. My clit was still burning and throbbing so hard it was almost painful.

I slid my tongue in Melissa’s hole, and at the same time I pressed my thumb into Tory’s clit. They both let out a loud moan and came almost at the same time. I sucked Melissa’s hole, wanting every drop of her.

Tory soaked my hand. I sucked on my fingers, she didn’t taste as good as my sister, but it was enjoyable all the same.

I switched. It took me a little longer, probably because they were both exhausted from just cumming. It didn’t take too long though, I was apparently good at this sort of thing.

After both of them soaked me again, they gave me naughty smiles and said “Your turn,” together in seductive voices.

Melissa started to kiss my slowly on my neck while Tory went down on me. They had me laying on the couch, legs spread. Melissa was sitting on my stomach, without putting any of her weight on me, and her sloppy pussy was still warm and oozing slowly.

“Say dirty things to us, Melinda,” my sister whispered in my ear, grazing on it. I shuddered. “You can do it, talk dirty to us.”

Tory sucked on my folds lovingly, her thumb and forefinger pinched my clit. My sister’s lips moved down my neck, trailing along my collarbone, and finally making their way to my nipple. She teased my left nipples with her fingers while she kissed my right, and vice versa.

“Ah,” I moaned, my hips were slowly rotating. “Ah, right there, right there! Ah, fuck yes! Mmm, that’s it. Eat my pussy. Ah, fuck! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, my clit is burning! Ah, fuck! Yes! Oh God! Fuck me!”

Tory slipped two fingers inside of me, her perfectly manicured nails scraped against my insides but the pain felt good. She slowly pumped them in and out, my pussy was wrapped around her fingers like shrink wrap, I was so tight.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned with every push in. “Ah, I’m so fucking tight. You’re so good, so good!” My body started to rock, my hips ground against Tory’s fingers. Melissa’s mouth locked onto mine. My pussy tightened on her fingers and I lost control of myself.

I was exhausted and panting when it was over. That had to have been the biggest climax I’d ever had. Tory and Melissa got back down near my pussy and cleaned all my juices up.

We went upstairs and locked the bedroom door, after a couple more fucks we fell asleep, Tory was in my arms, Melissa’s were wrapped around her from the back.

Part 2?

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