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Me and Sis make plans to expand our sexual horizons. Part 2 of From Nerd to Nympho
A little over a week had gone by since I had taken my sister's virginity, or at least her anal virginity, and had given her mine into the bargain. She was lying on her back in front of me now, her thighs spread wide to give my tongue easy access to her moist and needy pussy as I was licking her to the second orgasm of her morning.

She had downloaded some clips from x-rated movies so we could get ideas of how to have sex without my cock having to enter her pussy and I was putting our new-found knowledge to good use. She kept her whole body hairless, except for what was on her head and her eyebrows, so she looked like she was still a pre-pubescent girl, aside from her height which was nearly the same as mine. Her body had not developed nearly as much as other girls her age had and even though she was edging toward sixteen, she had only the most modest of swelling in her chest and fat, puffy nipples. She took after our mom in this way, as mom only had A cup breasts herself.

Dad had left us a while ago for another woman with boobs like basket balls, and I was pretty sure mom felt her breast size was the reason. She had been really upset by his screwing around behind her back with big titted women, and when he'd gotten one knocked up it was the last straw. Since then mom had only dated a few times, never bringing the guy home, and had pretty much kept her social life on the back burner. Sis was really sensitive about her appearance, too. Guys at school had been less than kind when they had referred to her as a "carpenter's dream", meaning flat as a board. It had pissed me off to hear things like that said about her, and I had warned more than one guy that he skated pretty close to a broken nose when he'd made a comment of that sort in my earshot.

I personally thought they both looked great. My mom was thirty four, trim, tanned and athletic. she played tennis and went swimming regularly at the clubhouse, had great looking legs and a butt that had more than once given me an unwanted erection. Especially when seeing her come out of the shower wrapped only in a towel or when she was wearing her clingy robe in the morning and I suspected nothing else under it at breakfast. Sis, though a little thinner, was almost a match for her in features with blue eyes, blond hair and a turned up nose. She was older than me by a year and a half, but since I'd entered puberty I'd unconsciously come to think of her as my "little" sister because of her lack of development. I had no idea that on the inside of my nerdy, quiet sis there was a nymphomaniac hiding. All of her plain school clothes, knee socks and horn rimmed glasses had been camouflage to hide an insecurity about her breast size and a raging need to have her brains screwed out. That she wanted them screwed out by me was icing on the cake at the cumming out party we had together just a few short and sex filled days ago.

I sort of flattered myself that it was a combination of my own good looks, my not inconsiderable charm and my monster organ that had mesmerized her into masturbating while sitting on the toilet in front of me until she nearly passed out from her self-induced orgasm, but in my more honest moments I know that my cock is of average size, about six inches circumsized, my good looks are no better than any other active boy my age and my charm consists of being nice to her and not saying she'd look better with bigger tits.

The truth is that I liked her small breasts. Maybe I was a bit insecure about girls who seemed to want every guy looking at their chest endowments while treating anyone they caught looking like a pervert. But there was something about sis, and mom, too, that made them both far more attractive in my eyes. I know most folks think having sexual fantasies about your mother and sister is some sign of being mentally ill, but I couldn't see the harm as long as they stayed fantasies. I would jack off thinking of mom or sis on all fours with their asses in the air, but that was as far as it went for me. Until that day when sis and I had taken our tumble in the sheets.

Now I eased sis's thighs a little wider apart and kissed her hairless pussy lips, then stroked my tongue along their wet parting and licked her inner labia. Her clit was swollen and dark ping as it protruded from under it's hood and I sucked at it, hearing her draw in a hissing breath as her stomach muscles tensed up.

"You'd better put your thing in me soon or I'm gonna cum right in your face," she said.

"What do you think I'm trying to make you do down here," I retorted. "Whistle Dixie?"

Sis was what is called a "squirter". I guess most girls don't lose bladder control when they cum but she always does. The laundry was getting to be a headache. I took it as a compliment. How many other guys know for sure that their girl is really cumming without that hot flood on their groin to prove it's not being faked? I kept on licking and sucking at her clit and pushed two fingers up in her, stroking her clit's underside and just touching her hymen. Her vaginal virginity was still intact as we hadn't gotten any condoms yet, but I hoped it would be mine soon. Her birthday was coming soon and I wanted to give her a present.

"C'mon," she groaned as she ground her pelvis against my face and probing fingers. I want your dick up in me when I cum again!"

I relented and pushed her legs up higher to give my cock access to her well lubed anus and slipped a pillow under her. Then I put the head of my penis against that forbidden entry and eased it in. She grimaced a little as my cock stretched her open and squeezed her tiny breasts hard, then relaxed as I slowly slid into her ass. I waited until she began undulating her hips and pushed in farther, then drew out a little and pushed back in more. In just a minute I was all the way in her and my balls were rubbing against her ass cheeks. She wrapped her long slim legs around me and pulled me in tight, moving her hips in the most amazing way as she fucked me with her ass. God! The sight of her stretching and twisting on the bed under me was enough by itself to make me cum right there, but I clamped down on that idea and gave her what she wanted, thrusting into her in a slow but steady rhythm.

She met me stroke for stroke, pinching and pulling on her stiff nipples until they were dark and standing erect on her small chest. I leaned over her and sucked them, first one, then the other, as I kept sodomizing her. Soon the pace of her hip movements increased and I knew her orgasm was nearing. She began moaning a steady song of lust as I fucked her harder, gripping her ass cheeks and shoving my dick into her butt hole as deep as it would go. She tensed up, her eyes screwed shut, grabbing my arms as her breathing stuttered along and she started howling. Then the dam broke and her pussy flooded her orgasm across my groin, setting off my own flood of burning cum into her ass.

We were locked together like that for a few seconds, or minutes, or eternities as our mutual orgasms washed over us. Then slowly we relaxed, the legs that had just tried to crack my spine slid down my waist and stroked my back. There were red marks on my arms from her nails and we were both covered in sweat and the fluids and smells of sex. She looked at me in a glassy eyed way as one of her fingers idly traced the marks of her nails on my arms and her other hand stroked her pussy between us.

"Do you think of other girls when you are fucking me?" she asked with an innocent look in her eyes.

This was really quite a feat as my softening cock was still in her ass and she was splashed with her own female fluids. And even though I was young, I wasn't stupid. She didn't get all of the smart genes and I knew a dangerously loaded question when I heard one.

"There is no way I could think of anyone but you," I said, both meaning it and feeling pleased that I'd managed to dodge a bullet. "What guy could think of anything but how gorgeous you look and how sexy you are? Especially at a time like this?"

She nodded, licking her fingers absently, but I could see she wasn't satisfied.

"But wouldn't you want someone who is, um, bigger than me?"

"I love you the way you are," I said. First, because it's what's inside that matters more than anything (thank you, God, for the Cosmo mag that mom kept in the rack of magazines by the bathroom toilet), and second, because I like the way you look better than other girls. You and mom look great, and guys that don't see past a girl's tits are jackasses."

She reached up, putting her arms around my neck and pulling me down on top of her.

"I'm glad," she said. "I couldn't stand being dumped for some fat titty cow." Then she narrowed her eyes at me a little.
"Do you really think that mom looks hot?"

Crap. I didn't know where, why or how, but I knew I'd stepped in it somehow. When in doubt, lie.

"Not like you are hot," I managed. "You're the sexiest girl I know and the only one I was thinking of."

Ok, this wasn't really a lie. I did think my sis was the hottest little sexpot I'd ever met, and couldn't for the life of me think how I'd missed it until now. And up until then I hadn't been thinking of anything except the way she could grip my cock with her ass and use it to milk my balls dry of sperm. But still, in the back of my mind there was the thought that having my mom under me like my sis was would be at least as hot. My cock, having no morals whatsoever, agreed, and began hardening in her ass. I started easing it in and out and she smiled, her eyes darkening with lust again. I didn't let myself believe that there was a little knowing in that smile, and that maybe she had thought something similar to me.


A while later we were dressed casually and sitting in the family room watching TV when she hit me with the idea that had been percolating in her newly nympho mind.

"I think mom needs a good fuck," she said.

Her statement was so out of the blue that I blanked on it for a minute.

"Uhn... What makes you say that?" I finally managed.

"Well, she hasn't been on a date for ages," Sis said.

"Yeah," I answered slowly. "But what makes you think she wants one? Or that she needs to get fucked?"

"She's horny," Sis said. "I can tell because my room's right next to hers."

"So?" I asked.

"Sooo.. ," she drawled out, "I can hear her masturbating almost every night lately."

Her fingers had moved across my leg as she said this and were stroking my swelling cock through my jeans. The talk of fucking, even if it was my mom, was starting to arouse me. And it wasn't like I had any morals about sex with a family member. But my mom?

"Um, are you sure?" I asked

"Of course," she said, grinning. "I even timed my own cum with hers."

"What?! How?"

"I put my ear to the wall and listened to her last night," Sis said. "When I heard her start running her vibrator I started masturbating to see which of us would cum first. She won. Three times."

"Wow," was all I could say. By now my dick was hard and showed plainly against my jeans under her ministrations, and her other hand was down the waistband of her shorts. My mom didn't have the, uh, 'chest endowment' that would have prompted the other guys I knew to class her as a milf, but I found her tanned tennis athletic body to be a real turn-on. More than once I had jacked off thinking of the few times I'd gotten a glimpse of her nude as she came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around herself. To actually think of fucking her, though...

"Who do you have in mind for the lucky penis supplier?" I asked, hoping for a little clarification on this point.

"You, of course," she said, worming her hand down the front of my pants. "You do great at dicking me in the ass. And we can do her together."

"What's this 'we' stuff," I said. "You got a cock in your pocket or something?"

"Well, actually.." she started, then got up and headed down the hall to the bedrooms. In a minute she was back with something I'd heard of but had never seen before.

"A dildo?" I stared. "Where did you get that?" It was almost twice the size of me, about a foot long and more than three inches thick at the base.

"It's moms. She keeps it in her panties drawer in the back wrapped in some sexy undies" Sis said. She twisted the bottom and it made a humming sound. "It even vibrates! Look!"

She pulled down her shorts and ran the head of it along her slit and over her clit. In minutes her eyes were half closed and she was shiny wet between her legs. She tried pressing the head of it between her pussy lips and was barely able to take the first inch of it or so.

"Hey," I said. "I thought I was going to be the first cock you let in your snatch."

"You are," She smirked. I just wanted to try out the fit. Way too big for me, but the buzzing is really nice. Maybe when you get me good and broken in I'll be able to take it."

"Maybe when I'm breaking you in I'll stick that thing up your ass," I said. My own cock was almost painfully hard by now and I had opened my jeans to ease it free. I stroked it slowly as I watched her playing with herself. Between that and the visuals of us fucking mom that this conversation was conjuring up I knew I was going to shoot off again soon. "So how do you figure on us getting her naked and having our way with her?"

"We get her drunk," Sis said, staring at my hard shaft as I pumped it. "And I have a little something to help things along that I got from a girl at school." She bit her lip and got down on her knees in front of me. "So will you do it with me?" she asked.

"I will if you suck me off and swallow again," I said. Like it was a question. I wanted to fuck mom's brains out, and sis', too.

Not waiting for any further invitation, she took my whole length in one swoop and started sucking like a crack whore. I couldn't say another word until my balls erupted into her hot mouth. She swallowed it all except for a little bit that dribbled down her chin. Then she tensed as her own self-enjoyment brought her to orgasm and she trembled for a few minutes, still milking my dick of the last fey drops of sperm.

"Deal, then?" she asked when she finally stopped and took a breath.

"Sure," I said. "But when do you want to do it?"

"Tonight," my nympho sister said.

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