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i am going to make you pay for making me wait. we have danced around this idea of us being together for almost 2 years now. time passes, and yet i think of you. you think of me. i wake some mornings, hard as a rock, with you on my mind. i think of your first confession to me: "i like it rough. i like tying. i have handcuffs." i describe the porn i am watching, of a man fucking this girl from behind. he pulls out and she kneels as he comes all over her face. you say, "that is hot."
the way you say it is hot. you have a boyfriend, and are torn. but you know it will happen between us. it is only a matter of when. we are hot. when we kiss, there is fire. you like it when i grab you hard, pushing my hand into your crotch as we kiss. i feel your heat. you move against me, our bodies wanting to become one. the things we do for each other, behind closed doors, do for love.

the dream

i want to have a place we can meet, a place just for us, that nobody else knows about. a room with a bed, a chair, a couch, and hooks in the ceiling. and two hooks on the floor. from the hooks on the ceiling i will tie ropes that attach to a swing. the swing will support your legs and arms, and leave your ass and pussy bare. there is a wooden rod connecting the ropes above to which i have attached leather cuffs. there is a table nearby, with a crop and a blindfold. there are several candles. there is a drawer underneath with some other toys…i will not show them to you yet.
the bed has several pillows, a foam wedge, and 4 straps attached to the corners. in the corner there is a horse that i have built for you. I have designed it so that you can bend over it and have your hands and feet secured to its legs.
one end is higher than the other so that I may take you or whip you from behind, your ass elevated above your body, your legs straight. Or I may tie you the other way, with your face elevated and ready to be fucked. if you are good with your mouth, I might untie one of your hands so you can use it too. If you are really good, I'll untie the other so you can work on your clit.
I will make you do things you may not be comfortable with. you will learn to masturbate for me, to dance as i sit in the chair or on the couch. You will spread your pussy for me, show me your flower, pinch your nipples. turn around, spread your ass and drop it down. As I sit up you will push your ass into my face, and drag your sex from my face down my chest to my cock. I will smack your ass while you are doing this. I will expect you to keep pushing yourself to offer me more. I will train you. I will punish you. I will reward you. Sometimes I will be passive, allowing you to entertain me with your body and your dirty mind. Other times I will grab your hair and push you to the floor and enter you roughly from behind, my thumb pressing into your asshole as I hammer into you. When we go out you will wear dresses. You will not wear underwear. I will slip my hand up while we are at dinner just to feel your hot wetness. You will always be wet. Before I arrive you will put on your perfume, then dab some of your wetness behind your ears, on your nipples, on your throat. you know that I will kiss you there, and it will drive us mad with lust.
I sit in the chair with the riding crop in my hand. My legs are spread, my cock hard. you are wearing a collar with a leash and you crawl to me like a bitch cat in heat. you take my shaft, and start licking beneath my balls to the tip. It feels great, but I want more. This is called the "guessing game." Before we start I write on a piece of paper what i want you to do. When you do not do exactly as I want, I will take a cut at your ass with the crop. One, two strikes and you are taking me all the way down. I can feel your nose touching my stomach as you reach for my balls with your tongue. I wrap the leash around my fist and pull you off. I pull you up and kiss you. Your mouth is hot and wet, and you are breathing hard. "Very good, but not it" I hiss into your mouth then hit your ass with two sharp strokes. You moan into my mouth, then I pull you down again. I don't give any more hints, you've gotta figure it out. If I tell you I'll have to punish you real good. You go down to my balls again, and I give you one stroke. You move lower. You have remembered something from our first online session. I feel your hair between my legs, feel your breath below, hear you lick your lips. You are not sure about this.
Then suddenly I feel your tongue on my asshole. It feels amazing and a moan escapes my lips as I raise myself to you. I can feel you smile. I give you a little tap and you get to work. You have realized that my asshole is clean, it's just skin. Very sensitive skin. You feel it pucker and twitch. Your thumb is rubbing my cock just below the head, still wet with your saliva. You look up and see my head back, I am losing myself in ecstasy. I come back into myself for a moment and pull you up to kiss you again. As i do so, I mark you yet again with the crop.
"Close, but not quite it." "Baby, tell me. I want to hear you say it." "But i will have to punish you, slut you know that don't you?"
"yes i know. just tell me." I don't tell. I give you four sharp stroke while holding your face to mine. I want to see the pain register. Your eyes well up and your breath is ragged. I can see you pumping your pussy with your right hand. I tap your elbow and you remove the hand and bring it, slick with your wetness, to my shaft. "Show me" you whisper. "I am going to punish you" I say. Then I show you. I take your hand and suck your middle finger into my mouth. The nail is short because it is the one you like to masturbate with. I guide your hand down to my wet asshole, and you get the hint. You start making slow gentle circles, and gradually work it in. You are watching me as you do this. I push down and you push in further. You have stopped rubbing my cock but it is so hard it stands away from my body. I begin tapping your ass with the crop and you slowly press your finger inward towards my prostate gland. Your warm, wet mouth takes me in again. You are pushing my cock up into your mouth from below. In and out as I bring the crop down a little harder now but in rhythm to your sucking. I am so fact my orgasm is starting and you add your free hand, following your lips up and down. The cum starts to flow and you are rubbing my prostate between your finger on the inside and thumb outside.
"Harder" I moan. "Faster. Jerk it faster." You feel it pulsing as the cum begins to pump into your mouth. It keeps coming, and there is no way you can swallow it all. You pull me out, jerking me as my orgasm continues, spraying your face. I howl in absolute bliss. I am yelling "fuck yeah you slut fuck fuck fuck!"
You are watching me, feeling the hot cum everywhere, all over your face, tits, hair…the clenching muscles squeezing your finger as you slow. Then we start laughing uncontrollably. After I quiet down you slowly remove your finger. "That", I say, "was it!"


the nice thing about these games that we play is that foreplay lasts a long time. when we have all day to play, we can relax and really let go.
why do you need this? i keep asking you. you do not know…only that you need it. and i need it too. it is our escape from the world, this place of ours, where we can explore and find the most incredible ecstasies. the only thing that matters is our pleasure. whatever is needed, we have.
i have told you that you need to be punished. we have been relaxing on the couch since you took my cum from me. you are lying across my chest, my hands are stroking your back, moving down along your lower back to your ass and back. you have not cum yet, and are moving under me. i tell you it is time for your punishment and you move over my lap, your ass turned up towards me. i take your arm and hold it behind your back, and caress your bottom. i can smell your sex, and you are moving around to get positioned…or are you trying to rub your legs together to stimulate yourself? i begin to spank you, and you begin to moan and move your body. 20 good and hard smacks later, and your ass is turning red. i stop and feel your wetness penetrating you with my thumb as my fingers rub your clit. you are on fire and ask for my cock. "fuck me.fuck me. fuck me". i grab your hair and pull you up, and lead you on shaky legs to the horse. you lie over it and i secure first your hands, then each leg to the stand. i stand back and admire the view…you are open to me, wondering what i will do next. i reach in the drawer and pull out a little vibe, and strap it around your waist. it is pressed against your clit, and i turn it on. this drives you crazy. i take my belt, and stand back and begin whipping your ass. you are crying, moaning, screaming as i thrash you. you start begging again "fuck me, fuck my pussy, god damnit give it to me! after about 20 strokes i drop the belt and come behind you. your ass is red and hot, and my cock is hard as stone and i enter you all the way. the heat is incredible between us. i have your hair in my hand, pulling your head are sweating, pushing back as i pound you from behind. i can feel myself touching your cervix, and feel the vibrations from the vibrator lodged between the horse and your mound. i am using you, fast and hard, and pulling your hair i bend down to suck your mouth with mine. we are biting each others lips, our tongues twining together. i break the kiss and bite your shoulder, inhaling your scent.
you are cumming, i can feel your cunt squeezing me, milking my cock and i begin to cum again, this time deep in your pussy. you can feel my cock jerking, filling you with my warm seed.

After a much deserved rest, I arise and look at you; you are so hot, your black hair a mass of tangles on the pillow. I come to you with a toy in hand…a modest sized butt plug. I want to train you to take my cock in your ass, to love it. "Do you know what this is?" I ask you. You nod, and roll onto your back, spreading your legs for me. You hold your pussy open for me, and it is beautiful. Wet, and warm, you are inviting me. "Want to fuck again?" I ask. you nod. I tell you to say it. Oddly, this is hard for you. So I slap your face, then grab your mouth and tell you again; "Say it." You say "please fuck me. please fuck his pussy." It is all wet, and red, and hot. "Touch yourself" I tell you. You do so. Your right hand parts the labia. while your left caresses your clitoris. It is standing erect, peeking out of the folds of your sex. I put some lube on the dildo as you touch yourself. Then, I grab your hands and pin them above your head. I am on top of you, attaching first the right then the left wrist to the restraints above your head. You are looking at me with a mixture of fear and lust. I push the foam wedge under your ass, you are now open and tied above. I caution you to keep you legs open or… I press the tip of the dildo against your asshole, and tell you to bear down. I press harder. It slides past your muscle and you gasp as it fills you up. I move up on top of you and slap my hard cock against your opening. I grind the head against your clit, over and over, until finally I push into your pussy. "Oh god"' you say, your head thrashing from side to side. I grab your face with my hand and kiss you, hard. I am crushing your mouth, our mouths are hungry and dirty. You suck my tongue as I push all the way in. The dildo has a switch on it, and I reach under and flip it. Vibrations surge through your tight ass, and I can feel it as I am fucking you. You feel so full, so loved, so safe. My arms are pulling you closer, pulling you by the breasts. I grind into you, slowly but hard. You are cumming, I can feel your pussy squeezing me. I push myself all the way in and hold, and your hips are grinding your mound against me to get the most out of your climax. After your orgasm subsides I pull out of you without a word. "Roll over, on your knees" I tell you. You are a little slow to respond, almost dazed. But I need to fuck you more, to take your ass. You know this; you are a little nervous about it. I gently help you turn over; now your hands are crossed in front of you, still attached to the bed. "Ass up, head down" I say, smacking your ass, my voice thick with lust. I can't believe how lucky I am, that I found in you the willing submissive slut that I always longed for. I take the lube, generously apply it to my rock hard cock, then slowly remove the butt plug. You moan as it comes out. I press my hard, wet cock into your asshole and wait as you get used to the sensation. "Push into me" I say, pulling your hips back. You push slowly, and I am pressing forward, and then I am inside you. I stay all the way in, letting you get used to the feeling. I pull out about half way, then push back in. It is an incredible feeling, much different than fucking your pussy; the tension is all focused on your sphincter, it feels like a tight band gripping my cock. I work it around, pulling almost all the way out so I get that grip right below the head of my cock. "Fuck me." I say. I slap your ass, and you move back, bringing me in deeper. I stay still, letting you control the pace. "That's right you little slut fuck that dick with your ass." I slap your ass again, and again, my right hand spanking your left side, then the right. You are building speed, and working me out good. You love it when I scold you as I am fucking you, and I do not disappoint you. "You are a fucking whore, know that? You like me fucking your asshole?
You dirty slut. Your pussy wet all the time. Get up here! Fucking bitch." I pull your hair, pulling your head back, arching your back. With your hair in my fist I whisper into your ear. "You are my dirty little whore. You love this. You love me using you, owning you, don't you?" I suck your neck behind your left ear, my fist still tight in you hair. I release your right hand and tell you to rub your pussy. "That's right, work that pussy slut. Come for me while I fuck your tight ass." I am hammering you good and fast now, and you are meeting my thrusts, pushing back. I can feel myself cumin and drive all the way in. You grab my balls, feeling up behind them as I explode into your ass. My orgasm is mind blowing, it's as if time stands still and I am seeing stars. I collapse on top of you, my cock still pulsing in your ass. I can feel your heart beat in my cock.
I roll off of you and say, "holy shit. That was…incredible." I can barely speak. You roll over to me, your free arm touching my face as you watch my expression. "Did I do good?" you ask. "Oh fuck yes. fuck. yes."

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Another superb story. Thank you.

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