Chapter 51-54
Hello again Gentle readers, I finished the next installment, If your hoping for lots of senseless sex, well I'm afraid this installment will be short of that. But the story continues and there are more plot twists that you can shake a stick at, its shorter than usual I know, I'll start on part 16 soon and hopefully that will be longer and much more betta. Meantime Enjoy the story because well that's why your reading part 15 after all isn't it? because you liked the first 14 parts. That said thanks for all of those of you who reminded me that I needed to finish this part and get the story finished I had a bit of writers block because I couldn't figure out how to make the story move without being tedious. That said Enjoy the story.

Chapter LI
Jeremy woke up in the semi darkness of the command hut. He had worked out a primitive mattress so that he didn’t have to sleep on the hard concrete or the grainy sand. He looked around Rachel and Sara were laying on either side of him Annabel was between his legs nursing his cock. Naomi was apparently out with the Plane. The four of them had arrived towards dark the night before. He had pounded Sara and Rachel first and then Annabel and Naomi. The girls were all resting for the most part now except for the gentle suction on his cock from Annabel’s mouth there wasn’t a sound. He really wasn’t horny right now, which was good his head was clear of that nuisance at least. He pulled Annabel off his cock she whined slightly and curled up between the other two women. Jeremy stepped outside. He walked to the hangar where Naomi sat at the large double doors. “I think there is a channel here.” She said.

“We’ll have to dig it out I guess”

“Yes it won’t be easy this is all sand that has built up over many years.”

“Float it out then?”

“It’s not like we could even think about pushing it, it’s so fucking big we’d never get it moved we are luck its in as good a shape as it is.”

“Well it has wheels I assume?”

“Actually no not really I mean yeah it has landing gear, but it looks like someone removed them a long time ago, and even if it did have wheels intact we couldn’t trust the rubber”

“You figure it would be rotted out?”

“After how many years? I’d expect it to turn to confetti when you touch it.”

“There is still the matter of the spark plugs.”

“I know I’m sure they will turn up sooner rather than later”

“Do you really think we can make it to Australia?”

“Sure if we refuel about three times”

“So we have to find someplace closer?”

“Well, there are places closer Samoa is a pretty reasonable choice.”

“Could we make it there?”


“That doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence”

“Well I figure we can make the run together and leave the girls on the island for a few days to fend for themselves”

“And if we don’t make it?”

“What are you worried about Jeremy we should all be dead four or five times over already”

“Well you know that was a little bit of luck”

“No that was a whole lot of luck”

“So we are hoping to be lucky again?”

“Well you do seem to be getting lucky a lot lately”

“Don’t remind me,” He groaned

“You know an average guy would cut off his left nut to be in your situation”

“Yeah until he found out what a pain in the ass it is”

“Hrhm” Naomi glared at him

“Oh I’ll give you a pain in the ass” He said

“Oh I know you will, Annabel is still a dirty bitch sucking your cock after it had been in my ass”

“Well Annabel isn’t exactly normal anymore”

“No I suppose she isn’t really”

“Hell, are any of us normal anymore?”

“I’m normally horny”


“What you got that magic stick of yours all ready to fill a girl up again”

“I don’t like it”

“Sex you don’t like sex?”

“Yes, no I mean I like sex and all that it entails it just seems to me that you women would be fucking other guys and not me if well we weren’t here”

“Well there probably is something to that but I am doubtful that now that they have started fucking you and know what a wonderful fuck you are, they aren’t about to give it up”

“You know what I miss the most?”

“What’s that?”

“Cold beer”

“What like a Bud light?”

“Well that would be a start, you know I can almost taste beer if I think about it hard enough”

Naomi chuckled “I know how you feel, I loved those mojitos you know."

“I had no idea you were a rum drinker”

“Well I was until you knocked me up”

“Are you complaining?”

“Oh hell no I mean its different that’s for sure my boobs have never been this swollen ever and I can almost make myself cum just playing with my nipples.”

“There you go again talking about sex”

“What Annabel has half the girls in camp sucking hers almost all day”

“Why the fuck would she do that?”

“She’s trying to make them produce milk”


“I think she wants you to drink it”

“Has she had any luck?”

“Not yet but it’s still early in her pregnancy It won’t be long”

“Should we wait till after the kids are born?”

“I suppose that depends on when the spark plugs show back up”

“Yeah I guess there is something to that.”

“Sun is coming up,” Naomi said

“I see it I’m going to take a walk see some things.”

“Be careful”


Jeremy walked quietly alone in the Canopy for a while, considering he went to go mark his calendar he had neglected it since the appearance of Lee. Hell he was horny all the time anyway what had really changed just the need to restrain himself. To hell with Lee and her damn potion. It probably didn’t work anyway; he didn’t feel like he had gotten any bigger, more potent maybe but how the hell could he tell. When he got around the girls all he could smell was warm wet pussy anyway and it wasn’t like they were playing hard to they wanted him to impregnate them. He really had to admit to himself that he did want to try them all, although the whole crew from the ship might be hard to explain, but he thought that perhaps the girls would come up with an acceptable story to explain it.

“Troubles?” a voice said over his shoulder?

“Hello Lee”

“Hello Jeremy” she said coming around to face him “Come to take your medicine?”

“How do I know if it’s actually working?”

“Well females would be more attracted to you and you would be horny all the time”

“Um all the females were already attracted to me and I was already horny all the time”

“Oh just drink it, amuse me”

“Fine” Jeremy said picking up the bowl and sucking down the bitter fluid.


“Well are you coming back to the camp?”

“I uh”

“Don’t tell me your really a hallucination and no one would see you even if I did bring you to camp”

“It’s not that it’s just”

“What people make you nervous now?”

“Well yes I…”

“Look you had medical training right?”


“You are a Doctor”

“Yes I have an MD in Western medicine”

“So you know about pregnancy and all that?”


“Good then your coming”


“No Buts I don’t care I’m tied of worrying about the lives of these girls if we don’t get off the island I’ll have to deliver these babies and I really don’t want to have to do that especially since my abilities and training is less than adequate for taking care of babies”

“I need to”

“You can get whatever it is later, I’ll get Rachel and Leehi to assist you in whatever you need, that way everyone is taken care of and you can teach them about having these babies”

“No” Jeremy too Lee by the wrist and dragged her down the beach toward camp, Naomi saw him first and she and Nicole hurried to meet him.

“Who’s this Nicole asked”?

“Lee I’m betting” Naomi said.

“Got it in one, Naomi,” Jeremy said “Keep an eye on her introduce her around I’m going to start marking out the area for us to dig a canal.”

“Okay should we join you later?”

“Yeah that would probably be a good idea, we can start work on the canal and then have supper”

“Okay I’ll let everyone else know”

Chapter LII

Clarissa walked into the barn with Amber in tow, Clarissa was dark haired unlike her daughters, though she would never let on that she dyed it. Clarissa had been upset with the loss of her twin daughters but she was for the most part over it. She had Amber to fill her shoes and if Amber wasn’t up to it perhaps Holly was. Her two younger daughters were still in school and still being groomed for the life that was expected of them. They took their place at the railing of the breeding paddock. Clarissa stood back a little under the shade and watched her daughter as they led the mare into the ring. A few minutes later the stallion was led in, the trainer who’s name was Cassandra or Casey as she liked to be called supervised closely as the stallion approached the mare snorting and sniffing at her tail. The stallion’s large cock emerged from his sheath as if it was unfurling a flagpole. Clarissa noticed Amber twitch slightly and adjust her stance. A few minutes later the stallion covered the mare and she watched amused as Amber did her best not to openly masturbate while she watched the proceedings. Several minutes later the Stallion got off the mare hot horse cum was dripping out of the mare’s pussy. The stallions Cock too was dripping with juices. Casey stepped forward and collected some of the drippings in a bucket they were so copious that it nearly filled the bucket half way.

“Wow” Amber said turning to her mother “I never expected that”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself” her mother smiled “Now I need a moment in the office with Casey and then we will return home”

“Do you think she will, I mean do you think the mare is pregnant?”

“It’s very possible, of course if she isn’t we will have her bred again tomorrow and keep breeding her until she’s not in heat anymore”


“Because once is rarely enough”


“Now you can go pet the horses Amber but stay out of the stalls I don’t want you to injure yourself “

“Yes mother” Amber walked back into the barn with her mother and then turned down a row of stalls as Clarissa walked into the office and closed the door. She lifted up her skirt and peeled away her soaking wet panties and stuffed them in the top drawer. She sat down behind the desk and waited, it was only a few minutes before Casey came in and closed the door behind her.

“Can I offer you a drink?” Casey asked

“You can I’d like that” Casey poured a glass full from a thermos bottle she was carrying into a wine glass and then poured one for herself. Which would have been all very normal except the steam rising off of the thick white liquid in the glass, she handed one to Clarissa and took the other herself. Both took a long deep draw from their glasses

“Excellent” Clarissa said smacking her lips.

“It is very good” Casey said as she drained her glass

“Now I have something I need you to attend to,” Clarissa said hiking her skirt up and exposing her well-trimmed slit to her employee.

“Mmm” Casey moaned “I thought you would never ask” and she knelt down in front of Clarissa her mouth making contact with the other woman’s sex.

“Nothing like a mouthful of horse cum while someone goes down on you Clarissa sighed to which Casey slurped loudly between her thighs. Clarissa leaned her head back and gripped the other woman’s head as her clit was lovingly lashed by Casey’s hot willing tongue. She sipped her drink. A few moments more and she could feel her insides trembling as the other woman’s expert tongue drove her over the edge into ecstasy. She gasped and rode her face as her body contracted in pleasure her soft mewling moans barely audible beyond her own lips. She pushed Casey’s face away and stood up Casey stood as well and Clarissa slipped her hand down the front of the other woman’s jodhpurs her fingers finding and flicking Casey’s already inflamed clit she took a mouthful of the viscous white fluid from the wine glass and kissed Casey her mouth opened and she let the horse semen pour out into the other woman’s mouth her fingers quickly bringing the woman to orgasm as she swallowed the salty fluid.

“Thank you Clarissa” Casey moaned as she leaned against the wall

“Mmm your welcome slut” Clarissa said Squeezing the other woman’s breasts with her hands. “I’ll be back in a few days maybe I’ll bring some studs for you to service, I’d like to see you bred.”
“Will you let your daughter watch?” Casey gasped her own hand down the front of her pants her eyes closed.

“I may” Clarissa smiled as she turned and walked out of the office leaving the door open “Come along Amber we have to get back to town so much to do”

“Yes mother” Amber said cheerfully.

Chapter LIII

Jeremy had used stakes and string to mark out where he thought the trench was supposed to be, the Girls had been digging at it for a while and in the mean time he had pulled one after the other into his hut and had his way with them, first Naomi, then Sunni, Annabel, Sara, and finally Rachel. He was feeling fairly sated even though he found if quite erotic to watch the five women trying to suck his cock cream out of each others slits.

The Rain hadn’t stopped in since it had started nearly two weeks ago. Without proper shovels and buckets the girls were having a tough time digging out the trench, the wet sand was like concrete and as soon as they removed some more would fill in but, Jeremy had noticed some progress at least there was a slight indentation where the girls had been digging. This was going to take weeks he decided in the meantime however he had been watching the weather and it really didn’t look as if there would be a break in the rain anytime soon. Sure an hour or two where the sun would come out but the rest of the time it was wet and miserable. It was starting to grate on his nerves and he had seen one of the girls snap at another more than once he needed to come up with a distraction. He retreated to the shelter of a palm grove the rain was still coming down, it made trying to move the sand a lot like trying to break up cement with a tack hammer. He tried to relax, listening to the sounds of the drops on the palm leaves, the distant roll of thunder. He closed his eyes he was suddenly very tired.

He didn’t know the room he was in, it was unfamiliar there was a bed and there was a woman he didn’t know cradling a child, “Jeremy” she said “don’t you have time for our daughter?” He walked down the hallway and there were more women he didn’t know some with one child some with as many as three. A few were nursing they all looked up at him when he walked in the room “Is it my turn now” they asked or it was “Jeremy do you want to play with your baby? she misses her daddy” He ignored them and walked out the front door, there were women laying out nude in front of the house. Sunning them, it was hot, why was it hot? He looked up at the large yellow ball that was the sun in the sky. It glowed with a brilliance that he had never experienced.

Where is Naomi he asked or Nicole?

They didn’t know they had no answer

He needed answers how did they get off the island? Was everyone safe? He couldn’t move,

Chapter LIV

Naomi walked down the beach Jeremy had been out in the rain again trying to figure out how to launch the plane. Since it was about 40 yards inland and the thing was not something that you couldn’t move easily, maybe if you had 100 slaves and a good sledge like the Egyptians she thought. They would have to float it out and that meant digging a canal, she found the vague impressions of his feet in the sodden sand and found the stakes he had been using the mark the path he felt was best. How did he know? She wondered mostly to herself. She heard coughing and went toward the sound, there was Jeremy crumbled beneath a tree there was blood coming out of his mouth, she screamed and ran to his side his body was hot there was actual steam coming off of him and she screamed for help, until she was hoarse. There was no one on this side of the island anywhere near that could hear her; the rain was drowning out the sound. She tried to lift Him but found that she couldn’t, she locked her wrists around his chest and pulled in a sort of fireman’s drag. There was no one at the base at this time most everyone had returned to camp for lunch, she carried him as far as she could and rested. She knew Jeremy was in big trouble, but she had no idea what was the matter with him.

She gasped for air as she dragged him down the now well-worn trail, just a few more steps she told herself. She was gasping for air with the effort of carrying the dead weight of a body. Just a few more steps. She made the clearing near the camp and laid Jeremy down beneath a tree as carefully as she could and ran. Naomi ran as fast as she could tears streaming down her cheeks she reached the camp and grabbed Nicole “come” she gasped “Come quick, its Jeremy” Naomi turned and ran back down the path with Nicole in hot pursuit. The reached the clearing a few seconds behind each other, just in time to see Jeremy’s body spasm and start twitching, “Help me” Naomi gasped as she watched all the color drain from the other girls face. The seizure passed and each girl took and arm and awkwardly carried Jeremy the rest of the way to camp. The other girls crowded around to see what was happening and Jeremy was lifted with many hands and carried to the cave. A few seconds later Naomi and Nicole had dragged Lee to where Jeremy lay.

“What do we do” Naomi Asked…

More to follow....

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