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This is a little bit of truth with a little bit of fiction
I had always been the girl that no one wanted to date. I mean a girl knows where she stands. I never knew how to act around guys, what to say, and never had the confidence to do much. I wasn’t skinny, actually I was heavier than I wanted to be, but I wasn’t born with the body to be small. It seems that life just pushed me in that direction as well. When I did finally start losing weight, partly by starving myself, mother nature played an evil trick and made my chest grow to compensate. Even when I lost weight, it looked like I was still big because my chest made finding clothes nearly impossible. When I got into high school, my identity to other people was pretty much established. I wasn’t pretty and not a cheerleader, definitely not the popular type, and since I was in band, I was almost invisible to the entire student body. I did have some admirers, but they were few and far between and mostly band geeks and other social rejects. That all changed with one shopping trip with my Aunt Kate.

Aunt Kate looked more like me than I looked like my mom. I had wide hips and a big ass (jeans were impossible). Mom was skinny and like a stick. She was flat as a board, and my chest was enormous, grew so fast and so big that I had stretch marks. She could buy clothes off the rack; I had to purchase bras from specialty stories that offered mid alphabet cups that promised to hold one hundred pounds.

Kate offered to take me shopping to get me out of my funk. It was life changing in more than one way. She insisted on driving to a specialty stores and buying me new bras. “A woman has to feel sexy even if no one sees em…” is what she kept saying. They not only had my size, but had them in lacy fabrics that were beautiful. Even more, when I tried them on, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, literally. I’m not sure how often you have been shopping for bras, but spotting a 34H on the rack is impossible, and here they not only had a selection, but ones that made me feel sexy. The underwire actually touched my skin. We bought jeans and dresses, blouses that were cut for my size and skirts. She bought me shoes and even took me accessory shopping. I was in heaven. When I got home, I laid everything out on my bed and decided that on Monday, I was going to become a different person.

I chose the sexiest bra and panty combination I had bought: Black lace with a black thong and a black A-line dress that bunched just under my chest with a V-shaped neck line that provided more than enough cleavage and barely covered my bra straps. I definitely showed more skin than I ever had before, and probably looked more like I was going out to a club than I was first period.

I wasn’t prepared for the first day of my life.

When I walked into first period, my teacher asked me if I was a new student. The guy that sat next to me, a football player, clearly saw me for the first time in his life, telling me more than once that “god damn those tits are huge.” In the hall someone grabbed my ass, and I saw more than one head turn to look at me. I was in pure heaven.

It might seem strange to some people, but the attention was amazing. It might have been bad in some people’s eyes, but when you have lived a life of invisibility, any attention is wonderful.

By lunch, I hadn’t paid any attention to my teachers, and was glowing with what was happening. When I sat down with my lunch, two football players came to my table and asked, “can we eat you, I mean eat with you.” They laughed. I giggled so not to seem too prudish and invited them to sit. It was the first time that guys had asked about me, and I think I did a pretty good job. When the bell rang, Rodney even asked me for my number.

I made my way out of the cafeteria on cloud nine. I made it half way to my math class, when Stoner, the other guy at the table, grabbed my arm.

“Wanna hang out.” He was not looking me in my eyes.

“That would be great. When?” I was way too anxious.


“I have class now.”

“I can fix that.”

“What?” I was totally confused. The idea of not going to class was shocking indeed.

“Just go to your class. I’ll come get you.”

“Just like that?”

“Yup. Got mad skills.”

“Well I’ll owe ya.”

“Damn right you will.” I turned to walk away and he spanked me on my butt.

“Damn sexy ass too. Look as good walking away as you to towards me.”

I didn’t say anything. I turned and walked to my class. When I got there, I completely dismissed it. I could still feel my ass where he slapped it, but that was it. Then, when he opened the door five minutes into class and told Mr. Rogers that Rebecca Fleming was needed in the office, I was shocked. My “what” I uttered loudly only seemed to make the story more believable. When we finally got into the hall, I asked him how he managed to do that, he simply said people will believe anything if you just do it with confidence.

“So Mr. is this where your plan ends?”

“Nah. Lets go smoke up in the weight room.”

“What?” I was shocked. I had never even had a drink. But no matter what my reservations, I didn’t want to look bad in front of him.

“You know. Go smoke some weed. No worries. The coaches are not back until practice. You do get down don’t you?”

“Honestly. I never have, but I will. I mean I wont get too messed up will I?”

“No youll be cool. Ill watch out for ya.”

We walked outside and down the dirt path to the field house. It reeked of sweat and mildew. He took my hand and led me around back and then up a set of stairs to a solid metal door. When he got there he released my hand and took out keys from his pocket.

“You have keys?”

“Sure. I keep coach in weed and plus I’m on the team. So we’re cool. Trust me.”

I was impressed. He was popular, very hot, taller than me (important), and had pull. I was almost high before we walked in the door. When we got in he took my bag from me and threw it on the desk in the corner. I leaned against the wall and he looked at me and laughed.


“I am.”

He looked at me again and laughed. He reached in his bag and took out a bag and a pipe. He packed it and then lit it with a lighter. He took a deep drag and then passed it over to me. I followed his lead and inhaled. I coughed immediately. He took the pipe again and then passed it back. The second time I did better. By the third and forth time I didn’t really feel it in my lungs as much. While he was repacking the bowl, I started to feel it. My body felt light, my thoughts cleared and I felt dizzy. I accepted the second rounds although I knew I shouldn’t. I was shitfaced in no time. I made my way over to the raggedy couch, at this point I didn’t care, and laid down on it. I closed my eyes right away. The room was spinning.

“Sit up or you’ll pass out.”

I listened but it was hard. “Will this slow down more?” I don’t think I made sense.

“So talk to me. Tell me about you.”

I tried to answer but I don’t think I made any sense. He seemed to nod laugh at times and then I caught myself midsentence and stopped.

“I’m really high.”

“yeah I know, and its beautiful.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Hell no. Im here with a sexy ass woman, fine as fucking hell, high and not in class. What could be more beautiful?”

“You think Im beautiful?”

“Hell yeah.”

“It’s the bra. I just got it. May aunt….” And then I started talking about my shopping trip.

He just laughed. Then he came and sat beside me on the couch. “I think I need to see that bra.”

I didn’t even hesitate. “Its so pretty. Its black and lacy…” I was pulling my dress off over my shoulders. “You see the lacy on the edge, and it really supports. So much better than my other bras. That and the underwire rests on my chest rather than smashing my boobs.”

That’s when he just reached over and cupped my left boob with his hand. It was like I didn’t even notice, and I had never had a guy touch me. He squeezed it hard and then moved his hand inside my bra and it was only when his fingers reached my nipple did I start to feel his hand.

“What are you doing?” I was so wasted.

“getting a feel for these amazing tits.”

Confidence. Confidence.

“Want to see them?”

I stood without even waiting to hear from him. I pulled the other strap off my shoulder and positioned myself in front of him.


“Their way too big.”

“Hell no. They are great.”

“Think so.” Again, my mind wasn’t working.

He stood up from the couch and got right against me. “Turn around.”

I turned and then he grabbed the back of my bra, and after a few second had it unclasped. As soon as he did they fell. He turned me with his hands and grabbed both and lifted them. The relief from the weight was wonderful. He squeezed them in his hands and bent and took my nipple in is mouth. I retracted and when I did my dress fell over my hips and onto the floor.

“You have one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen.” I was naked. Only a black thong. “I want you to sit down on the couch.”

I so fucking high I don’t think much registered. When I sat down, I let out a huge gasp and all I could think about was how cold it was. Crazy, right? I mean I was naked in the room with this random guy, high as hell and all I could think about was the cold. I was starring at my chest, picking up my boob and studying it like I had never seen it before, completely ignoring that he was in the room when it happened. All I felt was something on my forehead. That’s when I looked up.

His dick moved from my forehead to my chin in the matter of seconds. I felt it trail over my nose, and when it came to rest, it was only seconds, I didn’t dare look up at him. For a second I paused. Didn’t know what to do. I just did it.

I put his semi hard dick in my mouth. It wasn’t large but it felt large in my mouth. I battled confusion over what to do, but I guess instinct took over. I squeezed my lips around it and pulled on it as I pulled my head back. When I reached the head, I squeezed tighter and then pulled all the way off. It smacked my chin again and I reached up to grab it. When I took it in my hand it was the first time I actually was aware of what I was doing. Heat surged through me. It was like I could feel ever sensation in my mouth. I made the mistake of looking at him. I giggled.

“What? What you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” I giggled again, and then thought I was ruining the moment. I put it back in my mouth and moved my lips so I could take more of his length. I inched myself down on it. Again I pulled back. This time he moaned a bit and that got me excited. I must have been something right. His dick got harder as I moved him in and out of my mouth, which made it easier to glide down his shaft. I almost gagged a few times. It seemed like I was sucking forever. I worked up enough courage to put my hands on his legs and even feel his balls, but after a bit, I didn’t want to leave his dick. It felt amazing in my mouth. The satiny skin against my lips, the hardness of it, yet the feeling that it was still somewhat soft. I took him out to look at it, and licked him from the base to the head. I closed my eyes and put it against my cheek. I put him back in my mouth and felt the coldness of my saliva reentering my mouth.

For the first time he touched me. As I moved my head up and down on his cock, his hands made their way from my bare shoulders to my tits. I think that’s all it took. He squeezed my nipples the same time his cum released from his dick. I wasn’t prepared for either. It surged into my mouth and overtook the sensation of him in my mouth. I tried to swallow, but it seemed like it kept coming. It was almost as if I was gagging trying to swallow. It was thick and pasty. It trickled out my mouth and down my chin. I moved off it to make room for his cum and when I felt it slowing I renewed my earlier pace. When I swallowed all that I thought was left I lifted of him and gasped. He pushed it back against my lips and I sucked him harder and faster. Another surge of cum came, this time much less than the first load, but still enough for me notice it sliding down my throat.

I finally stopped when I felt him getting softer. When I did I fell back on the couch, out of breathe and completely spent. My last memory was looking down at a small bit of his cum on my left boob and the smile on his face as he packed another bowl, naked and inhaled.

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2012-07-23 19:30:00
After reading a few of your other stories and reading the post from Anonymous reader 2011-03-06 06:49:13. It almost seem like you are intentionally making some of these 'slip-ups.' Is it (it is) conceivable that some of the Freudian slips are premeditated? Is that even possible?

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2011-09-13 20:40:06
Dam it's still great even thou I already read it. kliton


2011-07-10 00:25:37
Very nice, young lady. I'm sure you will only get better as you experience greater sexual activities.

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2011-03-16 10:07:41
Well? Where's part two? Can't w8 2 hear it. Thanx

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2011-03-06 06:49:13
I really enjoy reading your stories, I believe you are a great writer and I would like to tell you my biggest complaint is the misuse of words, for example we breathe every day, constantly, however we take a breath. we do not take a breathe. the reason I picked this set of words is because it occurs in your writing all the time, I hope I have not upset you in telling you this, I really hope to help you with the minor mistakes I see. I freely admit to being a grammar Nazi, and I hope you don't hate me for it

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