Maggie is in love with her 15 year old son. She wants his baby.
Maggie Moran stumbled as she attempted to negotiate her front lawn, falling to her knees and tearing her thigh high stockings. After crawling several yards she was able to regain her feet and she reeled to the door. Three tries were necessary before she could fit her key in the door lock. Finally she made it inside where she was able to make it upstairs and find her way to the bathroom. She prayed to the porcelain god and emptied her stomach, gagging until she dry heaved. Maggie Moran was drunk.

She got out of the pretty cocktail dress she’d worn on her date then collapsed on her bed still clad in her stockings, bra and panties; Maggie fell sobbing into her pillow where she cried herself to sleep.

Maggie’s fifteen year old son Mickey waited until Maggie had quieted down then he went to her room. He always went to her and tucked her into bed when she came in drunk. Maggie had always been a bit of a party girl but these drunken episodes were becoming more and more frequent. What had started as a fling every few months had deteriorated to once or even twice a week. Maggie was a very attractive thirty year old with long raven black hair and emerald green eyes but as Mickey looked at her he could see that her life style was beginning to take its toll. Her once washboard flat stomach was showing a little flab and beneath her beautiful eyes puffy black bags were starting to appear; Mickey was concerned about her health but what could a fifteen year old son do for his mother?

Mickey got out a nightie for her and proceeded to dress her for bed. Getting a warm cloth he gently washed her face, removing the smeared lipstick from her lips and the running mascara from her eyes. He rolled her stockings off, unhooked and removed her bra and helped her into her sleepwear then pulled the covers up over her, kissed her cheek and went to his room.

Maggie awoke from a nightmare. She had dreamed that the man she was out with was trying to rape her, then she realized it was no dream. She was reliving what had happened earlier. When her date had parked in front of her house he had started tearing at her clothes; he’d had his hand up her dress fondling her when she’d bolted from the car, escaping him. She was surprised to find herself in her bed clad in her nightie; she was in a drunken haze about everything that happened after she jumped out of his car.

Suddenly Maggie began to quiver like she was freezing. Her tummy was in knots, she was afraid. Afraid about what had happened tonight and even more afraid because it wasn’t the first time. She was falling into a pattern; go out, get drunk, get assaulted. Tonight she’d escaped but there had been other nights she hadn’t. She was so lonely for male companionship that she was not very selective with whom she went out with and now she was paying for it. Maggie wasn’t thinking clearly all she knew was that she was terrified about what was happening to her; she sobbed with mental anguish; “Mickey please help me, please come.”

Mickey hadn’t dozed off yet when he heard his mother’s cries. He jumped from his bed and ran to her room. Maggie was sitting up in bed with her arms wrapped around herself, rocking back and forth and sobbing.

“Mickey, give me a hug please, I need to know someone loves me,” she pled.

Mickey sat beside her on the bed and took her in his arms, hugging her tightly and crooning in her ear, “Mom I love you and you know I always will. Just lie down and get some rest.”

“Will you hold me for a little while Mickey?” Maggie whispered as she lay back down.

Mickey lay beside her and held her. She buried her face in his chest and sobbed, “Mickey I’m so scared, I’m getting older, I want someone who cares for me but all I’m doing is ruining my life. I don’t know what to do.”

“I know Mom, I’m worried about you. You can’t go on like you have been; you’re going to get in trouble or worse. If you want we can talk about it tomorrow; tonight, try to get some rest.”

Maggie snuggled against him. After several minutes she dozed off to a troubled sleep. With his mother still in his arms Mickey followed.

Haunted by dreams, memories and worries Maggie couldn’t really rest. Her sleep was fitful and she awoke several times, still in Mickey’s arms, finally, she gave up trying. She disentangled herself from Mickey’s embrace and propped herself up on an elbow, looking down at Mickey. Like her he had coal black hair and the same emerald eyes. For a fifteen year old he was a big lad already six feet tall and weighing around 175 pounds. Relaxed in sleep she found him so handsome. Why did he have to be her son, he was everything she was looking for?

Maggie had never married Mickey’s father, if fact she had never married, period. She’d had Mickey when she was only fifteen years old. It had been tough but she had finished high school and while working several menial jobs had gotten an AA degree in business at the local community college. She now had a good paying job as the administrative assistant to an executive with a large insurance company; but her biological clock was ticking. She wanted another child, in fact, she wanted several and to her horror, she realized she wanted Mickey to father them.

She ran her fingers over his bare chest lightly caressing him; as she did so, her breathing got ragged and her panties got damp. Maggie was thinking the unthinkable but could she do it? She turned the covers further down; Mickey was wearing only the pair of boxer shorts he liked to sleep in. She saw the bulge in his shorts then ran her hand lightly over it. He son was pretty well endowed for a teenager; she worked his flaccid cock out of his shorts, admiring it. Whether it was the booze, her need for a man or the love she felt for her son, she decided to go through with it.

Maggie slipped her panties off then gently stroked Mickey’s cock. As she watched a small smile appeared on his lips and he grew hard in her hand. Maggie was already well lubricated; she straddled Mickey’s sleeping form and guided him through her lower lips and into her vagina, engulfing his cock when she lowered her hips. God this feels good Maggie thought as she ground her bottom into Mickey’s crotch.

Mickey wakened with a start, “Mom what are you doing?” he gasped.

“Making love to the man I love, now lay back and enjoy, son.”

Mickey’s mind was a jumble, what the hell was this all about? But he was also a fifteen year old with his cock in the hot pussy of a beautiful woman. No way was he going to complain.

Maggie leaned forward and kissed Mickey then nibbled on his nipples as she wriggled her ass forcing him deeper into her. She leaned back and started riding his pole, pumping up and down as she raised her hips then plunging back down on him.

Mickey may have been a virgin but he caught on quickly. He ran his hands up under Maggie’s nightie top and massaged her breasts then took her nipples between thumbs and forefingers and gently twisted and pulled. Maggie caught her breath and moaned as he teased her titties. It spurred her on; she started pumping him, pounding her ass into his groin, moaning at his deep penetration. Taking one of his hands from her breast she directed it to her clitoris, showing him where she wanted him to rub.

Mickey dropped his other hand from her breast and grabbed her hip, holding on for dear life and letting her enjoy her ride. And ride him she did, posting up and down and wailing at the top of her lungs; her pussy contracting, squeezing Mickey’s young cock.

No way was Mickey going to last very long, this was his first time and she was working his dick like there was no tomorrow. He could feel himself building to climax, he yelled, “Mom, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh, oh, oh me too, cum with me cum in me,” Maggie wailed as they both exploded.

Maggie reveled in the feel of Mickey’s hot sperm bathing her insides. She eased her pumping on him and slowed. She could feel and even smell their mingled juices; the aroma of sex permeated the room. As she dismounted Mickey started to sit up, she pushed him back down saying, “I told you to lay back and enjoy.” She took him in her mouth and licked him clean.

Finished, she lay down beside him. He said, “Mom, we need to talk.”

“I know honey but let it wait ‘til tomorrow. Tonight I just want you to hold me, ok?”

They both dozed off into peaceful and satisfying slumber.

The next morning Maggie started to get out of bed. Mickey took her hand and pulled her back saying, “Mom we need to have that talk.”

“I know Mickey but can I potty first?”

“Sure, sorry Mom, it’ll wait for that.”

Maggie went into the bathroom but didn’t close the door. Sitting on the commode she gushed like a waterfall. After all the booze last night she felt like she was about to burst.

Mickey listened, he wasn’t positive if he found listening to her sexy or not but it reminded him of pussy. He started to stiffen as he heard.

Maggie came back to the bed and climbed in. She was only attired in her nightie top, still no panties as Mickey asked, “Mom, what was last night about.”

Maggie wasn’t sure how to answer. She knew what she felt but she didn’t know if Mickey would understand, she decided that the truth would have to do.

“Mickey honey, I don’t know exactly how to say what I want to say, maybe I’m being selfish. Last night I told I want someone who cares for me. You held me and made me feel safe and loved and when I watched you while you were sleeping I realized how much I love you too, and not just as a son. I’m sorry Mickey but I wanted you as a man, did I do so wrong?”

“No Mom, you didn’t do so wrong. It was good for me, too. But we didn’t have any protection; we shouldn’t have taken that chance. What would happen if you got pregnant?”

“Then I would have your baby. I wanted you to cum in me. Mickey honey, I do want to have your baby.”

Mickey was taken aback by that revelation, asking, “How would we be able to handle that, I still have two more years of high school before I can even get a decent job. How do we pay for it?”

“Honey I make decent money, I’d get a paid maternity leave, then we’d have to use day care but we can do it. I just want to have your child, we can make it work.”

“Ok Mom, yeah, we can make it work, but there are a few other things we need to work out. Mom, if we’re going to have a family you aren’t going to be able to party and come home drunk. If you keep doing that, it won’t work. I don’t want a drunken Mother or a drunken partner. That’s something you need to decide and deal with, ok?”

Contritely Maggie answered, “Ok Mickey, I’ll be a good girl.”

“You better be,” he cautioned.

Maggie hugged him and pulled him atop her, enthusing, “Come on, let’s get to work on making that baby.”

Mickey lifted her top, pulling it over her head. She then unfastened his boxers, helped him out of them and kissed him passionately, pulling him to her breast.

Mickey caressed her magnificent tits then took a nipple into his mouth and sucked.

“Oh yes honey, suck on my breasts like when you were a baby, oooh that good baby, that’s soo good.

Mickey wanted to do a bit of exploring. After attending to the other breast he kissed down her stomach to her mons. Maggie kept herself neatly trimmed, Mickey teased through her fine ebony hair with his tongue and downward, finding her slit. He held her lips open with his fingers and admired her ruby core and enjoyed her musky redolence before running his tongue the length of her, tickling and teasing her with the tip.

Maggie thought, God that feels nice; it had been a long time since a man had done this to her. They all seemed to want to get their pleasure without giving her any. Now her son was making love to her. She lifted her legs and pulled her knees upward giving him better access.

Mickey found her opening and fingered her with two fingers, pushing into her ‘til he found her “G” spot and rapidly massaging her there. Maggie sounded like she was panting. Licking further along her labia he found her pearly clitoris, it was fairly long, about ¾ of an inch; he took it between his lips and twanged it with his tongue. At that Maggie commenced moaning loudly and thrashing her head on her pillow.

Between the friction on her “G” spot and the manipulation of her clit Maggie was almost there. Mickey watched as her tummy started to ripple. He could feel the contractions of her cunt tightening on his fingers then she screamed out her ecstasy pumping out pulse after pulse of her love juice.

While she was still in the throes of her orgasm Mickey pulled himself up between her legs and plunged into her awaiting vagina. She was still experiencing the contractions. Mickey thought, damn it’s like she’s milking me as he stabbed into her.

Maggie pulled her legs higher and encircled Mickey’s waist, pulling him further into her while at the same time throwing her hips against him meeting his every thrust. They pounded each other mercilessly hips to hips cock to pussy, the mating was intense. Both were grunting with their effort, Mickey with all the vigor of a teenager and Maggie with the hunger of a woman too long denied love.

Finally their efforts were rewarded, their mutual climax was nearly dazzling, Maggie screamed out as she flooded them while Mickey grabbed her writhing hips and, pulling her toward him filled her with gush after gush of his ropy cum. Maggie could feel the scalding semen flooding her, mixing with her own juices and being pumped out of her by his final frantic thrusts. It was hot as it ran down her bottom and over her rose bud. Then it was over. Both were disheveled looking, hair matted and bodies sweat covered.

Mickey looked them over, smiled and said, “Mom that was fantastic, wow.”

“Yeah, I agree, it was pretty fantastic. But honey, if we’re going to be lovers I think you should call me Maggie, at least when we’re alone.”

He tried it out, “Ok Maggie my love,” he grinned back at her.

For the next eighteen days they had sex at least once a day, usually two or three times on the weekends, Maggie wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. She was looking forward to having Mickey’s baby. She was positive that Mickey had impregnated her and she was elated then on the nineteenth day, a Monday, she awoke to cramps and bleeding, she was devastated.

By Friday her period had run its course but her disappointment hadn’t. Some of the girls said they meeting for drinks after work and asked if she wanted to join; she said yes.

Maggie didn’t even bother to call Mickey, she just went. It took her mind off her disappointment, she continued to drink. As the hour got later most of her other co-workers had left for their homes. It was only Maggie and Vivian left. When Viv told Maggie she had to leave Maggie glanced at her watch. Oh no, it was a quarter ‘til midnight. Maggie picked up her purse and headed for the door.

Mickey was still awake and worried when he heard Maggie’s car in the driveway. He looked out the front window; she was parked half way on the lawn. He watched as she stumbled to the door fumbling for her keys; he opened the door for her.

“Hello Maggie,” he said.

Maggie was feeling shaky, she felt like a little girl that was in big trouble with her father.

“Mickey I’m so sorry, time just got away from me. I didn’t mean to be late, don’t be mad at me.”

Taking her hand and helping her up stairs Mickey answered, “Maggie I’m not necessarily mad at you but I am disappointed. We talked about your drinking problem and you agreed that was over. It seems it isn’t.”

Maggie stumbled a little when they reached the top of the stairs; Mickey caught her before she fell and led her to the bedroom.

Maggie was still dressed in the clothes she’d worn to work. She was wearing flats, thigh high stockings, her panties and bra covered by a pair of beige slacks and a light blue blouse. Mickey helped her to the bed and started undressing her. First he removed her shoes, setting them in the closet then he helped her out of her blouse which he laid on the bed. Next was her brassiere, after unhooking it and freeing her breasts Mickey took a moment to admire them. She was still firm, they were glorious to behold. Finally he pulled off her slacks. He usually left her panties on when he helped her after one of her drunken sprees; but not tonight. He tugged her panties down and lifted her feet out. Gathering up the rest of her shed clothing he put them in the clothes hamper.

Maggie felt particularly exposed sitting naked on the bed. She wasn’t sure what it was, Mickey had seen her in the nude many times but there was something different tonight, there was a look in his eye that seemed to bode ill for her.

Reaching for his hand she tried to pull him to her saying, “Come here honey, come to Mommy.”

He pulled his hand back saying, “I will in just a minute but right now I’m thinking.”

Foolishly she asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Honestly Maggie, I’m considering how to deal with you and what you did tonight.”

Maggie for the first time began to feel fearful, she was beginning to tremble when, in a shaky voice she asked, “What do you mean Mickey?”

Mickey climbed onto the bed and sat with his back propped against the headboard. “Maggie, you broke your word to me and you risked your life by driving home drunk I’m going to provide you with a reminder of why you don’t want to do something like this again. Come here and lay across my lap.”

“Mickey you’re not going to spank me, I won’t let you.”

“If you expect us to continue as lovers you will get across my lap. It’s your choice, of course, but it’s the price you’ll have to pay for what you want and what you did tonight.”

With her eyes already beginning to tear, running her mascara she looked at him then ever so slowly, on hands and knees she crawled to him and prostrated herself over his lap.

“Do whatever you want Mickey, you’re right, I deserve this.”

Mickey wiggled her into position so that her bottom was raised then replied, “Yes you do,” as he slapped her ass.

Mickey smacked one cheek then the other, thwack, thwack, then down to the top of her thighs and back up again, giving her about twenty smacks on each sit spot then moving back down.

From the first smack Maggie began to cry, as he continued to spank her her cries turned to wails. She hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl.

She was pleading, “Mickey please stop, ooo please stop, Mickey you’re hurting meee, oh stop, stop, please.

As Maggie’s wails turned to moans and her moans turned to sobs, she just lay limply across Mickey’s lap.

Mickey stopped spanking but cautioned, “Maggie if you do this again I’ll use a hairbrush on your bottom, do you understand?”

Maggie didn’t feel like talking, she just nodded her head yes.

Mickey took a moment to admire his handiwork; Maggie’s beautiful ass was scarlet from the top clear down to her thighs. He’d made his point.

He lifted her off his lap and laid her on the bed on her tummy. He gently stroked her poor abused bottom then slipped his hand between her legs. He was surprised to find her wet. He spread her legs and knelt between them. She was still sobbing when he lifted her by her hips and pulled her up on her knees.

Opening her pussy lips and guiding his cock to her cunt he said, “Let’s get back to trying to make the baby,” as he thrust into her.

Mickey pushed into her so hard that it knocked her forward nearly causing her to collapse. She caught herself and then laid her head on the pillow further elevating her hips. When she’d fallen forward Mickey had come out of her. She felt him rubbing the head of his penis over her tight little rose bud.

“No Mickey, please not there, put it back in my pussy.”

Mickey slid back into place but whispered, “Not tonight but one of these days soon we’ll have to try that.”

Maggie shivered a little at the thought; she was still a virgin there and would like to keep it that way but now she was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen.

Mickey held her by the hips and pounded her, the heat from her freshly spanked bottom felt like fire, warmer even that her vagina. He stroked her deep and hard.

Maggie had been amazed when she’d felt herself getting wet as he spanked her. She’d wondered how she could be having erotic thoughts as he rained blows to her bottom. Now that he was in her, her blazing butt made her feel even hotter, she bucked back to meet his thrusts.

Mickey had a cheek in each hand as he continued to probe her pussy with his cock he began to circle her pucker applying gentle inward pressure. Maggie responded with loud moans and thrust back against him even harder and when he slipped a finger in to the first knuckle she screamed out with her orgasm. With Maggie’s sweet juices bathing his balls Mickey thrust hard into her three times then pulled her back on him as he flooded her pussy. He softened and pulled out but he held Maggie in place watching their co-mingled juices ooze out and flow down her inner thighs; it was lewd but it was exotic, too. Then he eased her down to the bed, pulled up the covers and spooned with her enjoying the heat still radiating from her hot bottom. She reached behind and pulled his flaccid penis between her thighs, holding him against her as they drifted off to sleep.

Several months passed, Maggie behaved herself but every twenty eight days her period arrived like clock work. Maggie was frustrated and disappointed by her inability to get pregnant, she really wanted Mickey’s baby and she was getting antsy. She could almost feel a binge coming on. Afraid of the consequences she decided to talk to Mickey.

“Mickey honey, I know you know how frustrating it is to me that I’m not pregnant, now, I’m worried about what I’ll do. I don’t know how to say this, but, the booze is calling my name. I feel like I’m about to slip, can you help me.”

“Maggie, I don’t see how I can help aside from being supportive to you. If you decide to go out and get drunk you already know what the price is that you’ll pay.”

“You’d spank me again?”

“Maggie, I told you, not only will you get a spanking, I’ll use your hair brush to do it to you. You’ll have trouble sitting for a week.”

“Look, I’ll make you a deal. If you feel you have to get drunk do it here at home. At least I won’t have to worry about you wrecking your car and killing yourself or someone else. You’ll still get a spanking for getting drunk but it’ll only he a hand spanking ‘cause I’ll know you’re trying, fair enough?”

“I’ll think about it. If the urge gets to strong for me to resist I might take you up on that.”

Additional months went by, still no pregnancy. Mickey was getting more and more persistent in his efforts to get her to surrender her bottom to him but thus far Maggie had managed to fend him off. He’d even gone so far as to buy a tube of KY Jelly which he kept in their night stand, just in case.

After two more months Maggie was starting to have crying jags. She was just so damned frustrated by her inability to conceive. She knew her breaking point was fast approaching.

It was another Friday night and the girls had asked her out again, she’d turned them down knowing it was the right thing to do but then she had second thoughts, she was craving a stiff drink. She told them she’d go along.

It was no different than before, Maggie drank far too much. She was weaving as she left the bar to drive home. Mickey watched as she nearly wrecked the car trying to park then watched as she reeled across the lawn. Again he greeted her at the door.

“Let’s go up stairs,” he said as he took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Taking her hair brush from her dresser and laying it on the bed he asked if she wanted help getting undressed.

“No, I can do it,” was her reply. She slowly began to shed her clothes; she was in no hurry to meet her fate. She managed to get everything off but her panties. They caught on her foot and she fell on the bed. In her embarrassment she ripped them as she tore them from her foot.

Mickey was already seated against the head board waiting for her. She didn’t want to go, she just lay where she’d fallen and pled, “Mickey, please don’t do this to me. I’m your mother for Christ’s sake. You can’t spank your mom. You know I’m trying, I even talked to you about my problem.”

‘Maggie, I’m not spanking my mom, I’m spanking my lover. Yes, you talked to me and I gave you a gentler alternative if you had to fall off the wagon. You chose to do otherwise. Come get over my lap, now,” as he took her hands and pulled her over himself.

Maggie had a beautiful heart shaped bottom with full firm cheeks. Mickey took a few moments to admire her then stroked her soft flesh before sliding his hands between her legs to check whether she was lubricating; she was, evidentially she found something arousing about her spankings.

Positioning her with bottom raised he picked up the hair brush and said, “Ready?”

He didn’t give her time to answer before he struck with the brush. It made a resounding sound. Maggie didn’t immediately respond, it was as if the blow had stunned her, her reaction was delayed but it was violent. She jerked upright and tried to swivel her hips off his lap to escape. He just encircled her waist with his left arm holding her down while he whaled away on her tender tush.

Maggie was swearing at him, screaming and moaning in agony as he hit her with blow after burning blow. The slap, slap, slap of the hairbrush on bare flesh produced a searing pain, Maggie knew her ass was on fire and still the onslaught continued.

Maggie’s moans had subsided, her body was limp across Mickey’s lap, and her only sound was a sorrowful sound, a soft mewling like an injured kitten by the time Mickey stopped. Her bottom was fiery red streaked with purplish welts, her body was covered with a cold sweat, her hair was damp and matted, her eyes were swollen from her tears and her nose was running from crying, still she couldn’t move. Her body was wracked with pain, even her ribs and breasts were sore and bruised from her struggles to escape.

Mickey looked again at her bruised but still beautiful behind he was tempted to take her there right now, he’d love to feel her heat when he pushed into her but he resisted the temptation. If he forced himself on her she’d never accept him there willingly and he wanted to make her bottom part of their sex life. Instead, he reached between her legs and, finding her clit he took it with his thumb and forefinger and began to masturbate her.

Maggie started to feel the pleasure between her thighs force its way through the pain in her bottom. As Mickey stroked her faster her breathing quickened and became raspy. He slipped a hand underneath her and used it to stimulate her clitoris while with the other he slipped two fingers into her pussy and pumped her. Even with her sore ass she started humping on his hand. He pushed his fingers deeper into her but he let her set the pace, she was bucking back forcing his fingers deeper and deeper with each thrust of her hips. Mickey felt her powerful contractions begin, squeezing his fingers; his other hand was flying rapidly stimulating her clit. He was amazed at the strength of her climax; she was squirting, soaking his hand and wrist while she wailed out her pleasure. God he thought, she must have released at least a quart. He rubbed her back as she came down from her orgasmic high.

She gingerly rolled over on her back and looked at Mickey saying, “God that was almost worth it. I think that’s the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Maggie, I think, at least subconsciously, you receive some perverse arousal from a spanking.”

“I don’t know about that but I do know I cum damned hard after one. Maybe there’s something to it.”

“Want another one just to find out,” Mickey teased.

“No but I do want you in me. Spoon me and have me from behind but be gentle,” Maggie said as she backed into his waiting arms.

Mickey hugged her and kissed her then spread her cheeks as she arched her back to let him in. He guided his cock to her still sopping pussy and gently pushed in. She settled back against him and enjoyed his long, languid strokes. He was hugging her around the waist, allowing his hand to play with her pubic hair as he continued to probe her. She wasn’t going to climax herself, he’d already taken care of that, this was just for him. Maggie felt him swell, he held her around the hips and pumped into her, holding tight against her as she felt her insides being flooded.

Maggie didn’t know what was so different but the dynamic was strange. It didn’t have the same feeling as when he’d filled her on so many other occasions. She almost sensed the beginning of a new life in her womb. Maggie knew she was pregnant; she had not a single doubt.

The twenty eighth day of her cycle came and went, then the twenty ninth, thirtieth and thirty first; she stopped at the drug store on her way home from work and picked up two different pregnancy test kits; she wanted to be sure.

At home she went to the bathroom and got a urine sample; both test kits claimed 99% accuracy and both showed positive. Maggie was ecstatic, she was pregnant and she wanted to celebrate.

Maggie ran out and got a good bottle of champagne; it would be her last drink for quite a while. She also wanted a special gift for Mickey so she bought a red ribbon to wrap it with. At home she chilled the wine and fixed a special meal. She put on some music and changed into some sexy lounging wear; everything was waiting when Mickey got home.

“Hi honey, I’ve got some fantastic news. Why don’t you grab a shower and come back down. I’ll tell you over dinner,” she said as Mickey came in the door.

“Ok,” he replied. He went upstairs, showered and changed then went back down.

The table was set and the food served when he came into the dining room. She’d fixed his favorite.

“Maggie what’s the good news?”

She really wanted to tell him now but she decided to wait until after they’d eaten. “Let’s eat first then I’ll tell you.”

After they’d finished Maggie told Mickey she’d join him in the living room in a moment.

Mickey was seated on the sofa when Maggie came in carrying the champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses. She filled the glasses, handed him one and proposed a toast, “to parenthood’” she giggled and drank hers off in one gulp.

Mickey sipped his wine, smiled at her and asked, “You’re pregnant?”

With tears of happiness streaking her face Maggie could only nod yes.

Mickey jumped up and swept her into his arms, “We’re going to have a baby? We’re going to have a little baby?” He was elated; he knew how much Maggie wanted another child.

He rubbed her tummy saying, “You’re gonna be a mommy again.” Then he rubbed her a little lower and pulled her down with him on the sofa.

“Wow, you’re going to be a mommy,” then he kissed her passionately saying, “And I’m going to be a daddy.”

“Hey, should you be drinking this wine?”

“Probably not but this will be my last drink for quite a while and I wanted us to celebrate.”

“Dance with me, Mickey.”

They danced and sipped champagne ‘til the bottle was finished then Maggie said, “Take me up stairs Mickey.”

Mickey slowly undressed Maggie. When he took her top off he fell to his knees and kissed her tummy saying, “Our baby is in here.”

Taking off the rest of her clothes and shedding his own he lay beside her on the bed kissing her and babbling about them being a mommy and a daddy. He was nearly as excited as Maggie.

He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked then looked up at her and asked, “When your milk comes in can I have a taste?”

“Oh yes all you want until the baby comes then he gets first dibs.”

“I’m gonna nibble on his toes,” Mickey said as he nibbled at her labia and licked her delicious vulva.

Maggie was feeling heavenly. She was so aroused that she could already feel her juices flowing. Mickey took her clit between his lips and sucked then he moistened a finger and circled her tight back passage.

Maggie moaned then climaxed. It had taken hardly any time at all. She’d been ready to go off even while they were dancing. Mickey got into position between her thighs and was ready to enter her when she said, “Can you wait just a second. I have a gift for you. I want to give it to you now, please.”

Even with his raging hard on Mickey said, “Ok,” it was after all her night.

Maggie reached into the night stand drawer and came out with his gift. It was the tube of KY Jelly wrapped in a red bow. She asked, “Do you like my gift?”

Mickey immediately understood the implications, with awed surprise in his voice he asked, “You really mean it?”

Maggie whispered, “Yes I mean it, I mean it for tonight, I mean it for right now. Get me ready Mickey.”

Mickey sat beside her and pulled her over his lap, tummy down. He opened the tube and after spreading her cheeks rubbed her and fingered her tight sphincter, stretching her and getting her ready to take him in.

As soon as Mickey pulled her over his lap Maggie’s pussy started to tingle. It was the position she was in, the same position as when he spanked her. She felt so very vulnerable like this yet it was startlingly arousing. She almost wished he’d give her a few quick whacks. Damn she thought, I must be a little weird, wishing for a spanking. Then she felt him at her entrance. When he slipped his finger into her she mewled; it felt good, when he pumped it in and out she raised her hips to meet his probing.

After Maggie was well lubricated Mickey stroked a little of the gel on himself. He placed a pillow beside her and rolled her onto it, elevating her hips. Then he pushed her thighs back toward her chest, exposing her bottom. He guided his cock to her entrance and pushed just the head in.

When he pushed into her Maggie felt a sharp pain but he’d stopped, he was letting her adjust to the penetration. Maggie had moaned loudly when he entered her but only just the once. She’d accepted him and she urged him on with her eyes.

Mickey pushed deeper into her, she was making a low moaning sound, ooo, ooo, ooo as he went deeper. He watched her pretty face contort as he thrust into her then she opened her eyes, smiled and nodded yes. He pushed further into her until he could feel his balls resting against her upraised bottom; then he started pumping her.

Mickey had never been with a virgin and probably never would be; Maggie was the only woman he’d ever made love to but he knew no virgin could be tighter than Maggie’s sweet ass. When he pumped into her his cock felt like it was being gripped by a velvet fist as she flexed her internal muscles, squeezing him, milking him.

As he picked up his pace and pushing harder and deeper Maggie started panting, tears filling her eyes as she writhed under his pressure, she was feeling some pain as he stretched her with his violent thrusts. Then he helped her, providing relief. He was fingering her clitoris, masturbating it with his thumb and forefinger in time with his anal assault.

Knowing he was about to cum, Mickey stroked into her harder and faster. He was pounding her ass and playing with her clit, she came first. Her love juices were flowing over his balls when he blasted off in her bottom. Maggie felt his sizzling jizz flooding her bowels as he continued pounding her. He filled her with gush after gush of his hot cream then slowed and eased his efforts as he softened. Pulling out Mickey watched as her juices co-mingled with the cum oozing from her rose bud and he thought, this was the best gift he’d ever received.

Both of them were exhausted, between the champagne and the sex they felt sated and fulfilled. Taking her into his arms they both fell into a blissful sleep.

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