Im into alot of details
-----------Part 1-------------

'How did I get myself into this?' Jerry thinks as he sits there staring at the envelope in front of him. He hasn't opened it yet, but he knows who it’s from.

After a while he picks it up and looks at it some more, turning it over and over in his hands.

It looks just like all of the others. Plain white, regular stamp, and no return address.

He opens it after about two hours of looking at it, dreading what is inside.

What he pulls out is worse than he would have imagined.

He is holding a candid shot of his 18 year old daughter, Kali.

Even under these circumstances he can’t help but think of how extraordinarily beautiful she is.

Her light mocha skin, her slightly slanted silver eyes, her perfect figure, her waist length black hair with natural red highlights, and her beautiful smile that could light up the whole world.

He thinks of how much she looks like her mother. Her mother was Cherokee and died when Kali was 3 years old.

He reached back into the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper, the words on it were typed as usual. But this time they made him cry.

Bring Her To Me.

Tomorrow, 9:30 PM, K-Cabin.

He cried for a while and then reached for his cell phone.

"Hey, Kali, I’m gonna pick you up tomorrow around 3 in the afternoon. We can enjoy the long weekend together."

He hung up the phone after leaving the message. Knowing he just signed her life away, and very well that he would never see her again after tomorrow....


Kali loves when her father decides to pick her up for a weekend or does something spontaneous. Its what she loves most about him.

So naturally when she got his message she started packing right away, completely unaware of what was in store for her.

She went through her closet and pulled out five pairs of super short shorts, she always loved to show off her nicely toned legs.
She also pulled out her favorite tanktops.

"Nothing like comfort." she laughed to herself as she packed them in her suitcase.

She set her alarm clock for mid-morning tomorrow and climbed into bed.


"Why am i doing this." Jerry asks himself outloud as he pulls up into her driveway.

He was up all night crying, hating himself for what he is going to do.

He gets out of the car and slowly walks up to the door, placing a false smile on his face right before Kali opens the door.

She gives him a huge hug right after the door opens.

"Hi daddy!" she squeals in delight. Expecting this to be just another spontaneous weekend.

She steps back letting him into the house. She has done well for herself, already has a 3 story house and plenty of space.

"Wait in the living room for a minuet. okay?" she says as she walks up the stairs.

"Hurry up sweetie, were on a tight schedule today."

"alright dad. so where are you taking me today?" she calls down the stairs.

He pauses for a minuet not sure what to say.

"I rented a cabin up in the woods, were gonna spend our time there, swim and stuff."

She smiles to herself in the mirror, thinking of all the fun she can have.

"That will be great!"

Ten minuets later she comes back down the stairs dressed and ready to go with her two suitcases.

"im ready." she announces as she enters the living room.


They drive and talk as if everything was normal, to Kali it was normal, but to Jerry it was torture, the last time he would see his daughter, The last time he would hear her laugh, the last time he would see her smile, she just seemed so carefree.

After four hours of driving they come to the last town before the cabin he was told to take her to. He stops the car in the parking lot of a convinience store.

"Lets grab a disposable camera or two, and just take pictures and junk." he suggests to her.

"Sounds fun daddy."

They go into the store, she grabs snacks and things and he gets five cameras. Wanting to remember her happy, and smiling.

After they pay they get back in the car and start taking pictures immidiately.

It helps him that she is so photo-genic. She is using two of the cameras to just take pictures of herself. He smiles at seeing her happy, but the smile doesn't reach his eyes, he hates himself more and more as their destination gets ever closer.

By the time the rest of the trip to the cabin is up, all cameras are full, she had changed in the car at least eight times, she says that makes the pictures more interesting, and he almost cried twice.

They pull into the drive of the cabin and he shuts off the engine.

She is looking at the large cabin in front of her, it has four floors above ground, The whole top floor has glass windows as walls, its right next to a very private lake, with a house boat at the dock, and it looks amazing, little does she know how much shee is going to hate it before the night is over.

"Its amazing dad, how did you get the money to rent this place?"

"It was nothing."

They get out of the car, bringing all of her things with her. They walk up to the door, burnt into the wood of the door in elaborate script is the letter K.

He grabs the key from the top of the door frame and opens the door he helps her bring her things in.

Looking at the clock on the wall he sees he has a little over 30 minuets till he gets here....


He Looks up at the sign saying they just entered his territory.

"Jerry better be here with that sweet young cunt of a girl he calls his daughter."

"He will be sir, he will be." Juan says confidently.

"Keep driving." He looks at the pictures his men have taken of Kali. "I dont want to keep them waiting."


"DAD!" Kali calls down the stairs after seeing a hummer and two Dodge Rams pulling into the drive of the Cabin. "Who are those people?"

Jerry takes a quick glance out the window.

"Mother Fucker." he mutters under his breath. "Stay upstairs Kali."


He Starts for the door. "Just stay upstairs and out of sight."

Kali recognizes his serious tone and knows he is serious.

He opens the door and walks out into battle grounds.


He watches as his cabin door opens and out steps Jerry, Who looks scared shitless.

As jerry approaches the hummer he slowly opens his door, and steps out.

"Jerry, so good to see you. Is she here?" He asks as he tosses the photos at Jerry's feet.

Jerry reflexively looks down at what his tormentor threw at his feet.

What he sees is utterly shocking. His daughter getting undressed for the shower, Going to and from work, Shopping, and much more things.

"You're sick." Is all Jerry can utter.

"So is she here?"

Jerry looks away, jittery, before turning back to him.

"Well Jerry. I dont have all day."

"Yes She is here."

"Good." He walks past Jerry.


Kali looks down from the windows.

She sees her father talking to a tall, well built man, not like he takes steroids, but like he does a small amount of working out to keep himself healthy. He has long black hair that falls down his back he has kept in a tight braid. He has a light tan like he stays out in the sun just enough to be goldened not over tanned. He is not wearing a shirt and has a well defined six-pack.

"Who is my father talking to?" She mutters to herself, finding an attraction to this mystery man.

She watches as the man throws something at her father's feet. As her father looks away then back at this man. As this man walks past her father beckoning him to follow. As they go out of sight.

---------------Part 2---------------

He saw her looking down from the window. She was obviously interested in him. That would make what he had planned to do with her even more effectual.

"Lets go downstairs," he looked back over his shoulder at Jerry. "Its better there."

They went into the basement but they didnt stop there they walked to the back of the room and he opened the door to the stairs leading down into the three story dungeon.


"Yes Sir."

"Go get her things."

"Yes sir."

He watched as Juan left the room. Then he turned to Jerry with a mocking bow "After you."

Jerry started down the steps barely able to see where the next one was.

'Why am i doing this?' Jerry wonders.

He watches as jerry goes down the steps then turns back to his other men.

"Vino." He smiles at his favorite trainee. "Bring her to me."


Kali hears the door downstairs open and close.

"They must have come inside." she mutters to herself.

She walks to the back of the large loft like room and looks out the back windows. The view of the lake from here is amazing.

Since its night she can see the relection of the room in the windows, and the younger man that walks into the room.

He has light brown hair and large muscles. He seems interesting to her but not so much as the older man.

"Your dad requests you downstairs." this man whispers.

"What for?"

"Please come with me."

She doesn't see any harm in it so she shrugs and follows him down the stairs not even giving pause when they go down into the basement.

This is where that mysterious man is standing.


He walks over to Kali and Vino.

"Thankyou for getting her." He nods to Vino, who turns around and leaves the room sliding the heavy steel door closed and locks it.

"Who are you?" Kali asks him starting to get scared.

"I am Kalona."

She flinches at the name.

"But you will call me master."

"Your freakin' sick." She answers.

"Your Father agrees with you on that."


"Where is my dad?" Kali demands.

"Hes right this way." Kalona steps to the side so she can see the door to the dungeon.

"I....I'm not going down there."

Kalona smirked. "I beg to differ."

She starts to back up, but he grabbed her and pulled her close against his body.

He grabs her by the back of her head and forces her to look at him.

"You will do anything I say."

He pulled her to the stairs and shoved her, causing her to fall down them. She caught herself on the first landing. Looking back over her shoulder she sees Kalona standing on the fifth step closing the door, sealing off her only escape.

He walks down the stairs till he gets to her. When he stops over her she pulls her legs up and scoots back away from him.

"Well are you going to get up and walk or do i have to shove you down the next three sets as well?"

She cautiously stands, relieved that nothing is broken, scared of what he can do.

He makes a small hand gesture, "Im waiting on you princess."

She starts walking down the stairs scared that he would push her again.


Jerry watched as his daughter walked tentatively down the stairs in front of Kalona. Knowing that this image would be burned into his mind for the rest of his life. Hating himself for not telling her to run instead of bringing her here.

Kalona stopped beside Kali, grabbing her hair, and twisting it so she had to look at him.

"You have a very beautiful daughter Jerry."

Jerry just stared him down.

"I just complimented you Jerry."

"You're a freak."

"Oh am i?" He Bent and kissed Kali who couldnt move away to stop him. "Im not the one who brought her here. Im not the one who has given her to someone to get out of debt. Im not the one that knows she will be used as a slave for the rest of her miserable life. You're the one who did that Jerry."


The words hit Kali like a ton of bricks.

"Daddy, Please tell me hes lieing."

Jerry looked at her, Wishing he could tell her that Kalona was lieing but he couldn't.

"Daddy, O god please, Daddy, No....No....No.." Eventually she gets quiet, realizing her father wouldnt say it, He couldnt say it, because it was exactly what he did.

"See Kali, In desperate times daddy chooses to hand you to me, Family is the one thing noone should trust." Kalona whispered in her ear.

Kali fell to the ground with tears pouring down her face.

"Let me go now Kalona." Jerry says calmly. "You have her, now let me go."

"Oh Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. I never said you would be let go upon giving her to me. In fact, She is only a small part of what you owe me."


"Wh-wha-what?" Jerry stutters.

"You belong to me as well Jerry. I wont use you like I use her, but your life could end at any minuet." Kalona Snarls.

He kicks Kali in her back causing her to go face foward onto the floor.

"Stop your crying bitch." He smirks. "Save it for later."

She looks at him with pure hatred on her face.

Kalona just looks at her like shes not worth it then leaves the room through a door Kali hadnt noticed.

She got to her feet and walked over to her father.

"Why daddy, Why?"

Jerry looked at her. "Kali, he would have done alot worse to you if i didnt bring you here myself."

"You should listen to him Kali." She jumped as she heard his voice.

She kept looking at her father.

"Turn around you fresh little cunt." She felt the barrel of a gun against the back of her neck. "Now."

She turned to face him.

"Kali, did i tell you that you could get up off the floor?" He raises an eyebrow as he asks her this.

She just looks at him.

"Well, slut, did I?"

"No, you didn't." She snaps.

He slaps her across the face with the butt of the gun. She falls to the ground from shock more than the blow.

He leans down so hes right next to her ear. "I dont like sass. The only reason I didnt just kill you is because I have good thoughts of how to use you."


Kali didnt know how to respond to his taunts, she was always happy, always popular, noone was mean to her, but now this...this monster is telling her that she is just worthless, that he could kill her at any second, she just didn't know how to respond.

Kalona grabbed her hair and pulled her up so that she is on her knees before him.

He puts the gun into his waistband and pulls out a knife.

"Strip for me Kali." he says releasing her hair.

"What?" she says shocked.

"I said strip." He presses the knife against her cheek. "Now."

She pulls her shirt up over her head, shes wearing a soft silver strapless bra, she starts to take that off but he moves her hand away.

"Leave the underthings for now." Hes looking at her as if she was just a worthless whore. "Take off those shorts."

She stands up and looks around the room hoping for anything, for anyone to help her, but she doesn't find help. She slowly un-buttons her Armani shorts and wiggles out of them. Her thong matches her bra.

She doesn't look at Kalona, but she can feel his gaze fall over her body.

After a few minuets Kalona signals to Juan, who in turn goes into another side room and brings out a fairly small bag.

Juan walks over to her and opens the bag, pulling out a ruby red dog collar, he steps behind her and lifts her hair with one hand and puts the collar on her with the other. He reaches back into the bag and pulls out a key. While hes locking the collar Kalona is watching the horror on her face.

Juan takes a step back around her and puts the key into Kalona's hand.

Kali looks at this man who just put a collar on her like she was some common bitch.

Shes looking at a tall man probably 6'2" which puts him about 9 inches shorter than Kalona. He has Red hair, lightly tanned skin, emerald green eyes, and the look of a man whos wont hesitate to kill.

Terror rises in her. She has seen this man before. In the park where she likes to jog, out at stores while shopping, even walking down her street.

She realizes that her father really did bring her here himself because it would have ended much worse if they had brought her in themselves.


"You look terrified." Kalona chuckled.

She looked over to her father hoping she could get him to meet her gaze, but she couldn't,

she couldn't get him to understand that she understood and forgave him.

When she looked back towards Kalona she realized that this was pure reality.

Kalona studied her for a minuet then walked over to her so that she had to look up to see his face.

He undid the leash from his belt loops and put it on her collar.

"Get down on your hands and knees bitch."

She just looks at him.

He tugs down on the leash. "Down Bitch."

This time she listens.

He hands the leash to Juan.

"Prepare her for later."


Kali thought it would end badly if she didn't follow him, so she resigned herself to the humiliation of being walked like a dog in nothing but her bra and thong.

'At least the ground is smooth.' she thinks to herself as Juan leads her off through a side room, out a second door to the room which leads to a hallway, up a small set of stairs, to another hallway, and into the last room in that hall.

Juan closes the door after them.

"Look up." He orders her.

She looks up at him still on her hands and knees.

Gesturing around the room.... "Your door locks on the outside, you have two side rooms, one is a mini library, the other is your bathroom. These are your rooms, get used to them, you'll spend your free time here." He said all of this like he was used to the routine.
He reaches down and unhooks her leash.

"All of your rooms have cameras, so if you try anything we'll be here before you can do it. Get some rest, look around, I'll be back shortly." He says stepping out of her room. After a few seconds she hears a series of locks clicking into place.

She decides its okay to stand up since hes gone.

She looks around the rooms taking them all in. She starts in the first side room, it turns out to be the bathroom. It has to be at least twice the size of her living room at home. It has a large spa tub in the middle, a very large walk-shower towards the back, cabinets upon cabinets of make-up and a large movie star style closet.

"I thought this was going to be horrid, hmmm....." she says walking back through the main room and into the second room.

It looks to be about two stories tall, but then again did dungeons measure by the standard

10 feet to a story? She Remebered that he called it a min-library, but it didnt look miniature to her, it had 3 ladders to get to the books towards the top, and so many shelfs, and they all looked like books shed be interested in.

She wonders how bad a place could be if it had a library, amazing bathroom, & designer closet.

She goes back into the main room which also doubles as her bedroom. The bed is dead center of the room.

On the bed is a bright scarlet envelope. It intrigues her, she walks over to the bed and picks it up, it has her name on it so she sits on the bed and opens it.


Welcome to your new home.

There are rules, you'll learn them as you live here.

If you're wondering about my name, my parents named me Kalona, it wasn't my choice, but i have grown to like it.

I'd like for you to be comfortable during your rest periods.

Get some sleep now, we'll get to know each other better after you wake.

Your Master,


She decides she does need to sleep, she looks around the room finding a clock she sees its almost 2am. She goes into the closet finding some comfortable pajamas she pulls them on over her bra and thong and then goes back into the bed room and climbs into bed. Almost immediatly the lights go out.

It seems like no time before shes woken up by the lights being turned on.

The door opens and in walks Vino.

"Rise and shine, Kalona doesn't like to be kept waiting."

She rolls over trying to cover her head with the pillow, he walks over and pulls her out of bed by the collar.

"Get in the shower. Ill set out your clothes. those go in the basket by the shower.

Still tired she decides not to argue. About twenty minuets later the water cuts off in the shower.

"What the FUCK?" She yells.

"Like i said Kalona doesn't like to be kept waiting."

She comes out of the shower already wrapped in a towel.

He points to the tank top and thong on the vanity. "Get dressed."

She doesn't see the point in being defiante so she puts on the skimpy clothes and walks back into the main room.

He walks up behinde her and attaches the leash.

"Down on your hands and knees."

Before long shes being led into a large room.

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