Okay this is done I'm not happy about it but its done
This is a story I wrote, this is not my favorite subject matter, nor do I condone or believe in Violence against anyone. Well okay maybe Violence against people who do some things. That said I hope you enjoy it or maybe you'll walk away saying what the fuck. I hope you read it anyway. Thanks CJ

Michael stood at the Doorway to the Gym it was a humid eighty-seven degrees and he was wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt. His mop of black hair covered his blue eyes in a sort of seep dog look. He had been waiting for practice to be over. Well it was technically the girls soccer team had left the field some twenty minutes ago. A few girls had flowed out either going to their cars or meeting their waiting parents. A few of them gave Michael dirty looks as they passed.

Ashley skipped a step as she walked out of the dressing room and hurried to where Michael was waiting. She smiled brightly at him and he smiled back his wolfishly feral grin brought shivers down her spine. He leaned over and kissed her. “Give you a ride home little girl” he asked

“Oh don’t call me little,” she protested teasingly. “But yes a ride would be nice I’d like that” The two of them walked out of the Gymnasium and headed toward Michaels car, it was old but it ran almost cool, it needed paint and maybe a wash, new tires, and probably a few other things that Ashley couldn’t fathom.

He unlocked the doors and she hopped in sitting in the bucket seat as he sat down beside her, he pulled her face to his and kissed her again, a deeper longer kiss his tongue darting between her lips tasting her hot mouth. His hand dropped from her head to slide down to her shoulder. It dropped further to brush her young firm breast. His hand cupped her breast briefly before she pushed it away. “Not here” she murmured “not in the parking lot”

Michael turned and started the car, and put it in drive it rumbled down the road. Twenty minutes later they arrived at Ashley’s house. “Come on I want to show you something”

“Okay” Michael said following her through the front door. She led him to her room.

“Now close your eyes and wait I’ll tell you when to open them”

“Okay he said” She walked into her closet and was in there for a few minutes and then he heard the door open.

“Okay open them” she said, Michael did there stood Ashley a few feet away dressed in a silky blue bra and panty set. She put her arms up over her head and twirled around. “You like?”

Michael sat there dumbfounded and could only mumble “Uh huh”

“So are we still going out tonight?” Ashley asked

Michael shook his head like a dog trying to get dry and said “Yeah sure”

“Oh good” Ashley smiled “My parents will be home any minute and well it would be bad if you were in the house”

“I understand” Michael said getting up awkwardly his pants tight against his erection. He walked to the door and Ashley rushed up to him before he could leave. She pressed her scantily clad body against him and kissed him, he embraced her his hands dancing lightly over the bare flesh of her back as he reached to touch the firm flesh of her butt. She let him linger for a moment before she pushed him away.

“You better go” she breathed “I’ll see you tonight.”

“You got it Ashley”

He walked down the hallway “Michael do you, you know I love you”

“I know” Michael said smiling again his slightly oversized canines giving him a sort of wolfish look to him. Michael drove away to his home, he found it empty, his parents were never home. He went to his room and took off his shirt, his muscles bulging in the dimness of his room. He sat down on his bed and took out the razor blade. He felt the skin draw tight on his arm and then the burning feeling of the blade slipping through the flesh. “One” he gasped feeling the warm blood oozing up from the wound the second cut went quicker, “Two” he held his breath as the third incision crossed his already scarred arm. He watched the blood flow for a moment of two before he went to the bathroom and washed his arm bandaging it. He did most of his homework, before it was time to pick Ashley up again.

Michael drove his car down the road again to Ashley’s house, he rang the bell and Ashley quickly answered it, “Mom I’m going out” she called

“Don’t stay out too late” her mother called back

“Okay I wont”

Michael started the car and Ashley settled in beside him as they drove to the movie theatre. Ashley tried to watch the movie but it seemed like every five minutes Michael was trying to cop a feel or grope her, by the end of the movie she was angry and frustrated “Take me home”

“Fine” Michael said as they got into the car. Michael drove fast down dark roads until he skidded to a stop

“What are you doing?” Ashley asked

“Your about to find out” Michael responded taking his keys and getting out of the car he came around to Ashley’s side and pulled open the door and pulled her out.

“Michael stop” Ashley cried

“No, you’ve been teasing me for weeks its time I got something for my efforts”

“What?” Ashley cried as Michael tore open her blouse he ripped away her bra her firm pointed breasts flashed pale in the moonlight. Michael pushed her against the car one hand mauling her breast squeezing the sensitive flesh hard, his other hand pulling up her mini skirt. “Michael please no” she cried. Michael’s fingers hooked into her panties and pulled. The thin material pulled away with a ripping sound and Michael pushed her half clothed body down against the hood of his car. He pulled her head back by her hair and she could feel him taking his pants down “Please Michael not like this I’ve never”

“Shut up you stupid fucking tease,” he hissed she could feel the hot hard rod pressing between her thighs. “Your fucking dripping you want this” he gasped his hard cock probing the tender lips of her sex. He drove his cock deep into her destroying any innocence she had before his hands squeezed cruelly on her breasts.

“No!” she cried when she felt herself suddenly impaled her breasts were on fire and she could feel his fingers pinching and twisting her taught nipples. Her thighs bounced against the quarter panel of the car, as his cock drove in and out, his hips pounding against her tender white ass. She gasped and caught her breath when he pulled out eventually, but her breath caught in her throat again when she felt the swollen head of his member pressing against the tight pink ring of flesh between her butt cheeks. She screamed when he punctuated her pink anal ring and he shoved roughly deep inside her bowels he used her breasts as hand grips to pull her hips down against his. The pain was searing as she gasped for air. She could feel him throbbing inside of her. He pulled out again, and flipped her around tearing her blouse off her as he did. Michael threw her down on the hood of the car the searing heat of the engine burned her back as he tried to force his way between her now tightly closed legs. He slapped her; she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

“Open your legs bitch” he screamed at her his fist making contact with her left tit, she howled and he pushed between her legs his dirty cock pushed into her abused little pussy. He pulled her hair back and bit her nipple as she screamed. She felt him pulsing and throbbing inside her and then she could feel him the hot streams of cum squirting deep inside her fertile little womb. He pulled her roughly off the hood of his car he wiped his bloody scummy cock against her face and pushed her down in the dust of the dirt road. She heard the car start and he drove off the gravel crunching under the tires.

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2013-07-07 20:16:07
I loved it! Second part? 801-917-4608

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2012-06-27 21:54:48
Just another stupid story. Do't bother your sstory is moronic!

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2011-04-06 21:03:43
Why can't this just be a rape story? people want something that this is not. Its just good old rape -.- jeez

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what the fuck?!?!?!?!?

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2011-02-06 19:15:12
You just did a great disservice to erotic writing. The guy would most certainly go to jail. What a pointlessly stupid piece of shit 'story'! (using the word story very loosely)

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