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The Principal.

My name is Sofia. I am 5'7, 16, and a junior at High school. With fiery red naturally straight hair and big wide emerald green eyes I am quite a hit with the guys. Not to mention my pale flawless skin, skinny physique, big C cup beasts, and wide rounded butt. It was a typical Monday morning, I was late to first period because I was egging my math teacher's car. Oh did I not mention I am a trouble maker..Little did I know that was to change soon. Not listening to a word Mrs. Jackson said the bell rang and I left the class. I go to a catholic school and we have uniforms, a white button up blouse (So that my black bra was showing through quite clearly) and a very short, or at least mine is, plaid skirt.
I was passing in the hallway and saw Mr. Owens my math teacher. Smiling knowing what he was going to drive out of school I bent over in front of him, lifting my skirt up and waving my butt in his face, showing my black thong. Watching him go pale and rush into his class was good enough for me and I turned around to head to second period. Somebody was right in front of me and I backed up saying in a annoyed voice, “Excuse Me!” and I looked up at my 6'3 principal Mr. Greene or Kyle as everyone else knows him as. “Oh!” I exclaimed realizing he had saw all of my teasing and I tensed knowing Mr. Greene has an anger problem. “Well Well I was coming to inform Mr. Owens his car was egged.” Seeing my face go even paler must have given me away. “But I think I already know who did it.”
Grabbing my arm roughly Mr. Greene led me into his office giving his secretary a nod. Mr. Greene is a fantasy for most girls at my school. He is 32, tanned and muscular, also his jet black hair and icy blue eyes help too. For some reason he's not married, and most girls in school would kill to be alone so they could try and seduce him. “Don't think I also didn't notice your inappropriate undergarments and your slutty bra showing quite obviously through that shirt.” Covering my arms over my chest I scowled at him. “So, Egging a car, flashing, and breaking dress code. Plus I was informed of your tardiness in first period..I wonder how your parents are going to react.” That got a reaction from me, “Please no don't tell my parents just give me detention or something!!” Laughing in a cold way Mr. Greene said, “ I think this is far worse than detention. But I do have another form of punishment that would keep this from your parents, you have to say yes now or lose your chance.” Fisting my hands worried about what I was agreeing to I nodded quickly, “Yes of course”
Opening his door Mr. Greene Nodded to Mrs. Hudson saying quickly,“Take your lunch break Betty, I have this handled.” She nodded understanding, grabbed her purse and left. Closing, and locking the door Kyle turned around looking down at Sofia, “Would you like to know what your punishment will be?” He asked sweetly.
“Yes Please”
“Well bend over the desk and lift your skirt up and you will find out” He smiled as he walked over to grab a cane. Looking at him in disbelief Sofia realized he wasn't kidding and decided it would be better to go along and her punishment would be over quicker. Bending over his desk so that her ass was raised quite high she lifted her skirt blushing because of her skanky underwear. Mr. Greene decided on a wooden cane, thin but painful. Turning around he saw Sofia's wide but creamy ass raised for her punishment and he gasped realizing he had an erection and his secretary wouldn't be back for and hour and a half. I'm going to have fun with this, he thought smiling. Walking until he was right behind her Kyle said in an icy tone, “Jump up and I will give you extra.”
Raising his hand above his head Kyle brought the cane down hard in the middle of her ass, a loud crack could be heard. Sofia jumped up and her hands immediately went to her ass rubbing quickly. “I was going to give you ten but now that doesn't count cause you jumped” Kyle tapped the cane impatiently, “Get back in the position!” he barked. Tears ran down her face as she shook her head, “Please no I'm so sorry I won't do anything bad again!” Whipping the cane quickly and landing on her soft upper thigh he yelled, “I said get back in position!” Crying out Sofia did as she was told. Crack, Crack, Crack, He landed three quick blows to her blushing bottom. Sofia was gripping the edge of the desk sobbing loudly now as he punished her poor ass. Delivering seven more hits ranging from the top of her ass to the top of her thighs Kyle set the cane down and admired his work. There was red lines up and down her tanned naughty bottom and she was wiggling her ass quickly in pain.
Kyle looked down and saw his boner and sighed. “Turn around” He said in a voice that refused disobedience. Sofia turned around and her eyes automatically wandered down towards his straining crotch. “Such a naughty girl making her principal horny!” He scolded, “Come and give me a blow job or else I will use that cane again.” Sofia rushed towards him and kneeling in front of his crotch she undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. Kyle's boner practically smacked her in the face, she pulled his boxers down and stared at his long, thick, 8 and a half inch dick. Getting impatient he grabbed her long scarlet colored locks and pressed his dick against her lips demanding entrance.
Opening her mouth Sofia licked the head seductively, she was hoping that a blow job was all he wanted. Taking half of his dick in her mouth Sofia swirled her tongue around his dick and grabbed his balls, she squeezed slightly.
Kyle loved the feel of her tiny moist mouth enclosed around his dick but it only made him want her more. Grabbing Sofia by the hair he lifted her to her feet roughly. “Take off those panties!” He barked. She complied believing he wanted to spank her again, that's just what he wanted her to think. “Turn around, lift up your skirt, and grab the edge of the desk!” Again Sofia sighed and obliged.
Kyle looked at her with pure lust in his eyes. Her red hair tousled and her green eyes teary as she looked back at him. Not to mention her flipped up skirt and scarlet ass and some of her thighs. Walking forward he landed a hard slap on her butt with his hand and said angrily, “Look at the floor!” She did and he stepped out of his pants walking towards her with his massive erection. “Grab the edge as tight as you can” He commanded as he touched his dick to her slick pussy lips. Parting the with his dick Kyle quickly rammed his cock as fast as he could, he was surprised when he felt her hymen break.
Sofia let out a brief yell and tried to get up but couldn't because Kyle was putting all his weight on her, pinning her to the desk. He continued plowing into her tight pussy, feeling the total ecstasy and not caring the trouble he could get into. Sofia was making quiet moaning sounds, and blushed when she realized that her body was betraying her. Kyle gabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, “Enjoying this you little slut?” he had noticed her getting wet.
Sofia shook her head, “Please stop, I swear I won't tell just stop!” Kyle chuckled evilly, the he did one last thrust. He grunted, and Sofia felt his warm cum coating her insides. Her eyes watered as his dick slid out of her and she slid off the desk. Looking up at him pitifully Kyle thought to himself, “Hmm, for all the bad things you've done I'm not sure that was enough punishment..” His eyes glittered as a idea came to him..

To Be Continued.
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more please

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U should let math teacher get some of her as she egg is car

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Please write more got me really wet i like it

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I'm really looking forward to reading more on this story. Got me really hot.

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