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Susie gets with Liz & Shane
Slippery Suzie part 5 - GNO: The Next Day (Susie, Liz & Shane) FF-MFM

Susie tried to be quiet and not disturb Amanda and Liz as she
climbed out of the bed. A smile was plastered to her face as she
looked down at the two naked women, one her best friend and the
other her younger sister, as they slept with their arms still
wrapped around each other. It had been a pretty wild night and for
Susie yet another night of firsts which was becoming more and more
the norm. She was not really sure why she was having all of these
erotic feelings, but she had already decided to just enjoy them and
see where they led. Up to this point, it had been nothing but fun
and amazing sex.

Walking around naked was always enjoyable for Susie. It made her feel
free and she was still very proud of her body, especially her larger
breasts and her curvy ass. She decided to head to the guest bathroom
since she wanted the other two women to get as much sleep as they wanted
and obviously needed. Susie turned on the shower and made sure it was
nice and hot before stepping under the spray. Instantly she felt herself
relax as she melted under the hot water.

She had only been in the shower for a few minutes with her head bent
while the hot water cascaded over her body when she heard the
shower curtain move and somebody step into the shower behind her. Soft
hands grabbed her shoulders and began to lightly massage the muscles as
a body pressed up against her from behind. The tiny breasts poking into
her back told Susie that it was her sister Liz that was behind her. The
arms wrapped completely around Susie and the hands found the nipples at
the end of the swinging breasts, pinching them softly. “Mmmmm,” Susie
moaned as she pushed back into her sister’s arms.

After a few seconds of the gentle breast massage, Susie moved forward so
that Liz could join her under the hot water. Turning to face her sister,
she pulled her close and hugged her tightly. “You okay,” she asked
sweetly, not really sure how her sister was feeling after last night.

Liz rewarded her with a huge smile, “I am fantastic.” There was no
pause, no hesitation to show she was not being sincere which made Susie
very happy. Last night seemed to spiral out of control and she knew her
sister could have had a lot of regrets. The fact that Liz showed no
signs of regret helped ease the last of the tension in Susie’s body.

“I have to admit, Sis, I wasn’t sure how you would react to last night,”
Susie said with a smile. In response Liz lowered her head and captured one
of Susie’s fat nipples into her mouth. She applied gentle pressure to
the nipple, using her tongue to flick the hard nub while she sucked.

When Liz pulled away from the nipple, she kept sucking which extended
the nipple and caused a little pain which made Susie moan again before
Liz released the nipple. Tiny hands continued their exploration of her
body, but Susie realized she had something to confess to her sister
before things progressed too far. “Liz, I have something to tell you,”
she began hesitantly, very unsure as to how Liz would react.

She nodded her head for Susie to continue as she slipped the other
nipple into her mouth and one of her hands found Susie’s bald pussy. Her
fingers caressed the clit at the top of the slit. Susie was having a
hard time concentrating with her sister playing with her body, but she
knew she had to come clean. “Liz, I don’t really know how to say this so
I’m just going to say it,” she said in a rush. “I fucked Shane.”

The hand on her clit and the mouth sucking on her nipple paused. Susie
could see Liz digesting what she had just said and she was afraid of how
her sister was going to react to the news. Five seconds passed, ten
seconds passed and still Liz did not move. Susie really began to worry
until she felt the mouth on her nipple begin to suck again, a little
more forcefully than before and two fingers were pushed into her pussy
as her juices began to flow again. There was a little aggression in Liz
and she was taking it out by sucking on Susie’s nipple and finger
fucking her with hard, fast strokes. Susie placed her hands on the back
of her sister’s head and pulled her closer, reveling in the sensations
her sister was creating.

A third finger was added to her pussy and she could already feel an
orgasm beginning to build deep down inside of her. Liz released her
nipple and lightly pushed her back against the wall of the shower. She
grabbed one of Susie’s legs and pulled up. After realizing what she
wanted, Susie placed one foot on the edge of the tub, completely
exposing her pussy to her sister’s hand.

Liz concentrated on her sister’s pussy, working the three fingers in and
out and twisting them around, feeling the walls of her pussy stretch
while she played. With her sister’s leg raised, she was able to squish
her hand slightly and ease her little finger inside to join the first
three. “Oh SHIT!” Susie moaned as she felt the fourth finger enter her
pussy. She felt very stretched at this point and she was loving the feeling.

It took a few strokes before Liz could really get all four fingers
inside of her sister’s pussy. Once she had it stretched enough, she
slowly spread her fingers apart, pushing the walls of her sister's pussy further
apart. Looking up she could see that Susie had her eyes closed and was
really enjoying what Liz was doing to her.

When she felt she had stretched her sister’s pussy enough, she once
again curled her hand but this time, she slowly began to push her thumb
inside at the same time. It was a tight squeeze, but Liz pushed in a
little before pulling back and then pushing in again. As she did this,
slowly her thumb began to enter her sister along with her four fingers.
“Oh fuck,” Susie cried out. “Too much.”

“Shhh,” Liz said gently still pushing her hand further into her sister.
“If you can take Shane’s cock, you can take my hand.” With that she
pushed harder than before and the last knuckle of her thumb slide into
her sister’s pussy. The feeling of the pussy walls completely
surrounding her hand was shocking to Liz. The slick feeling and the heat
were intense and very erotic as she slowly opened her hand inside of her
sister’s pussy.

Susie’s mind went blank when the hand finally popped into her pussy. She
found it hard to catch her breath and her whole body began to tingle and
shake. Suddenly she felt her sister’s finger open inside of her and
reach places no finger had touched before. The orgasm slammed into her
at that point her mind and body going numb as her sister began to fuck
her with her hand. Her spasming pussy clamped down on those invading
fingers and tried to milk them like five tiny cocks but her sister just
kept on pushing them in and out never letting Susie completely come down
from her orgasm.

The feel of the pussy walls trying to crush her fingers was amazing to
Liz. She had felt her own pussy grip her fingers while masturbating, but
never completely inside of a pussy like this. She was getting a first
hand look at how a cock was treated by a pussy that was cumming and she
loved the sensations. The length of the orgasm was also incredible to
Liz. Her sister had started cumming almost immediately once she got her
whole hand inside and she had been cumming ever since. That was nearly
two minutes ago and it did not seem like it was ever going to end.

She was a little afraid her sister would lose her balance and fall, but
the wall seemed to be doing a great job of holding her up. After a few
more strokes she finally felt the tremors in her sister’s pussy began to
subside as the orgasm finally passed. She kept her hand inside for a
little longer before slowly pulling her hand back out. The sight of her
hand stretching the bald pussy wider as she pulled it turned her on even

Liz slowly stood and kissed her sister deeply as the two hugged each
other. “Damn that was sexy,” Liz said once the kiss had ended. “Let’s
get washed up,” she added as she pulled Susie back under the spray. Liz
began to wash Susie’s hair and she whispered into her ear, “Besides, I
need a ride home and I need help fucking Shane. Know anyone that can
help me out?” Susie just moaned in response as the sisters continued to
wash each other.

A fundamental change had come over her and she knew it. Last night had
been more than just a first time thing for Liz, it had been her
unleashing a side of herself that she knew existed and yet she had tried
to hide it from everyone, including herself. It had been her first time
with another woman, and the first time with anybody but her husband
since they had first met. She wondered why she felt no guilt, but then
she realized it was because she knew it just felt right. Besides, she
did not think her husband was going to complain since he had fucked her
sister just the day before.

The simple truth was she had wanted something like this to happen, but
she had been too afraid and too unsure how to make it happen. Susie and
Amanda had taken care of that for her and now she felt more free and
open than she had for most of her life. While she was not sure she could
ever reach her sister’s sultry ways or Amanda’s wanton sexuality, she
knew she could at least enjoy life and more specifically sex.

By the time they had gotten out of the shower, Amanda was just staring
to wake up. They both gave her a warm kiss good bye before heading out.
Liz had stayed just a few second longer and asked to borrow one of
Amanda’s toys before she left to join her sister. Both of the sisters
were still on a sexual high from their shower. Susie was glowing after
her amazing orgasm when Liz had stuffed her entire hand inside of her
and fist fucked her. In turn, Liz could not seem to sit still and she
knew that her feelings were centered in her pussy which was already very
wet and already had drenched her little thong that she had put on that

Glancing over at her sister, Susie knew that Liz was incredibly aroused
since she could not even sit still on the ride home. “Put your seat
back,” she said softly. Liz looked at Susie and then did as she
instructed. Susie reached over and placed a hand on her thigh and began
to rub it in small circles. “Take off your thong,” she said next and Liz
once again did as she was told. Her dress was hiked up over her waist
which left her pussy with its soft mound of pubic hair open for the
world to see. Not that there was much going on at this time of the morning.

Her hand slid further up until she found the erect clit at the top of
her sister’s slit. Her fingers began to pinch and massage the clit while
Liz worked to spread her legs as far apart as she could. After a few
minutes of gentle work on her clit, Susie said, “Take off your dress.”
Susie thought she might balk this time, but her sister shocked her yet
again as she worked quickly to comply with her sister’s instructions
before tossing the dress into the back seat. In just a few second,
Susie’s fingers were back playing with her clit while she gazed down at
her sister’s sexy, nude body.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something sticking out of her
sister’s purse. Looking closer she saw that her sister had one of
Amanda’s toys in her purse. That was enough to tell her that her sister
had REALLY changed after last night and that it was not just an act.
“Grab your new toy and start fucking yourself with it,” she ordered.
Again Liz complied without pause, sitting up to reach the toy and then
laying back down and pushing the head of the 8 inch plastic cock into
her pussy. She was so wet and used to taking a bigger cock from her
husband that the toy easily slid inside all the way. “Slowly,” Susie
admonished as Liz had tried to fuck herself to orgasm quickly. Susie
intended to have fun on the ride home, but letting Liz cum was not in
the agenda.

The rest of the 15 minute ride was pure torment for Liz. The dildo and
the fingers on her clit kept her on the edge of cumming, but each time
she almost reached the peak, Susie would pull back and tell her to stop
fucking herself. She knew she could just ignore her sister and finish
herself off, but she was really getting into taking orders from her
sister and so instead she remained frustrated.

Shane and Liz lived in a quiet neighborhood and it was quite possible
that someone would be out and about that morning when Susie pulled into
their driveway, but she was determined to see how far her sister was
willing to go. It was a good 40 feet from the passenger door to the
front door of their house, with only a few small bushes leading up the
walk. Her sister would be completely exposed until she got inside. “Hand
me your keys,” Susie ordered and Liz complied still slowly fucking
herself with the dildo. “I want you to walk behind me to the door
slowly, and that dildo had better not leave your pussy.”

She opened the driver’s door before Liz could respond. There was a good
chance Liz would not do what she was told, but Susie thought there was
still the possibility that she was excited enough to do it. She was on
the path leading to the front door before she heard the passenger door
close. Taking slow steps, she could hear the soft patter of Liz
following behind her, obviously without her shoes. The question was, had
she hurried and put her dress back on before following.

At the door, Susie took her time unlocking the door, only then did she
turn to look at her sister. The sight took her breath away. Her sister
was completely naked and did not seem phased by it at all. In addition,
her hand was still moving the dildo in and out of her pussy while she
stood patiently waiting for Susie to open the door. Susie just stopped
and watched her sister who seemed to become even more excited when she
saw her sister watching her. She began to pump the dildo faster into her
pussy on the front step while she looked into Susie’s eyes. “Cum for
me,” Susie said softly not daring to break eye contact.

Those words alone were enough for Liz as she was finally able to find
the relief she so desperately needed all morning. Her body shivered and
her hand pumped the dildo in and out while she moaned out loud in
pleasure. While the orgasm did not last as long as Susie’s had earlier,
it appeared to be no less intense for Liz. Her body flushed and she took
deep breaths as she came down from her orgasm, smiling up at her big
sister. Only then did Susie allow her to move inside, the dildo still
embedded in her pussy.

Susie led Liz into the living room. There was no sign of Shane which
meant he must still be upstairs. She helped Liz down to the floor and
had her get on her hands and knees. Susie took over control of the dildo
from Liz and began to once again push it in and out slowly. Susie was
methodical, staring slow and every minute or so she would increase the
speed which in turn increased the volume of the moans coming from Liz.
Shane had heard the front door open while he was upstairs putting some
cloths on after his shower. When Liz did not immediately come up, he
figured she was making breakfast or just watching television. In the
meantime, he began to sort through some work that he had brought home.
Nothing that was really important, but stuff he needed to at least go
through. When he first started hearing noises from downstairs he figured
it was just the television like he had thought. However, as the sounds
got louder, he could not be sure, but he thought they sounded like
moans. A little concerned, he moved quietly downstairs until he could
see into the living room. The sight that greeted him was surprising to
say the least.

There was his wife Liz, quiet, shy Liz, on all fours while her older
sister was pushing a rather large dildo in and out of her pussy while
Liz was moaning in obvious enjoyment. He did not realize it at first,
but Susie had been waiting for him to appear. “Sorry if she was making
too much noise, Shane,” Susie said seductively. “Maybe you can shove
your cock in her mouth to keep her quiet.”

It would have been hard for him to deny he was aroused by what he was
seeing since his cock had gone from soft to rock hard in only a few
seconds. The cotton shorts he was wearing did nothing to hide this fact
from either of the women. Rather than argue, Shane just smiled as he
could not believe one of his ultimate fantasies was coming true. He
tossed his t-shirt and shorts to the side as he walked naked over to his
wife. He knelt in front of her and held his cock up for his wife. She
instantly sucked his cock into her lips and began to worship his cock
with her mouth.

Susie watched in awe as her little sister sucked more and more of that
monster cock into her more than willing mouth. She would not have
believed it was possible had she not seen her sister deep throat an
incredibly large, fat cucumber at one of the family cookouts. It had
been an impressive show, but nothing compared to seeing her in action
with the real thing. The entire length of Shane's cock was now buried in her
sucking mouth and his balls were slapping against her chin. Over and
over she deep throated that amazing cock while Shane grabbed her head
and helped to push it even further. At one point, it looked like Liz was
even trying to stuff his balls into her mouth with his cock while her
tongue bathed and caressed his shaved balls.

Reaching under her sister, Susie began to flick her clit again while
maintaining the pounding of the dildo. Susie knew that her sister was
close to having another orgasm as was Shane thanks to his very talented
wife. Shane grabbed her head tighter and fucked for all he was worth
before screaming that he was cumming. Liz swallowed the cum like she had
obviously been doing for a long time. The feel of his cum in her mouth
helped her once again reach her own orgasm and she exploded around the
dildo fucking her pussy.

The two calmed down quickly from their respective orgasms which was good
for Susie because she was ready for more herself. She led Shane with his
still hard cock to the couch where she had him sit. Straddling his cock,
she slowly lowered her slick pussy onto his huge pole, sinking to the
balls on the first try. She set her feet under her and began to ride his
cock, pushing up until just the head was inside and then sitting back
down hard on the cock. The feelings were so good that she momentarily
forgot that her sister was still in the room. That changed when she felt
two hands pull her ass cheeks apart and a warm, wet tongue began to lick
around her puckered hole. Susie actually growled at the wonderful
feelings and pushed down harder, hoping to force the tongue inside of
her ass. She did not need to worry, Liz had the same idea as she forced
her tongue into her sister’s willing ass.

Liz began to tongue fuck her sister’s ass while she could feel her
husband’s balls hit her chin each time her head was forced down as Susie
fucked herself on Shane’s cock. After coating the hole with her saliva,
Liz sat back and replaced her tongue with two of her fingers. Once
again, her sister was no stranger to cock in her ass so the fingers
easily slide deep into her wiggling ass.

A third finger was easily added and Liz began to fuck her ass with hard
fast strokes which in turn made Susie cried out loud in pleasure. Liz
reached down and grabbed the dildo that had finally fallen from her well
fucked pussy. She sucked it into her mouth and savored the taste of her
own pussy juice on the rubber dildo. Working the dildo deep into her
mouth, she made sure to coat the dildo with a lot of her spit.

The tip of the dildo was placed at the entrance to Susie’s ass as Liz
withdrew her fingers. The dildo was pushed home and sank balls deep in
one swift motion. Liz did not pause to let Susie get used to the new
toy, she just started hammering away at her sister’s ass, fucking her hard.

Susie could not even speak as the dildo slammed into her ass repeatedly.
She wanted to cry out to stop, but then again the feelings were so
powerful and so primal that she never wanted it to end either. Instead,
she began to fuck herself faster on Shane’s cock ensuring that she was
pounded equally as hard in both of her holes. She was once again
completely lost in her lust, she was a wanton sexual beast that could
not really be satisfied.

She had no way of knowing how long she endured the double penetration.
The fact that Shane had just cum right before she jumped on his cock
meant it was likely he lasted longer than she expected. All she knew was
that like before in the shower, an orgasm started and just kept on going
and going while she had both of her holes filled. Even when Liz could
hear Shane grunt and she knew he was filling his sister with a load of
cum, she continued to fuck her ass hard. Only after she knew that
Susie’s orgasm had past and that Shane was done emptying his cock into
her pussy did she stop the abuse of Susie’s puckered hole.

Leaving the dildo buried deep in Susie’s ass, she helped her climb off
of Shane and his now deflated cock. She felt onto her back on the couch
and Liz dove between her legs as she licked and sucked all of her
husband’s cum out of her sister’s pussy. The taste was even better than
before and the erotic scene kept a smile plastered to her face as she
gently cleaned Susie’s pussy with her mouth and tongue.

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