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I finally meet Master
Slowly you walk toward me, I’m kneeling my head lowered, my hands clasped behind my back, my breast jutting out. You come to a stop before me and take in the sight knowing this journey has been long and hard. You are finally pleased with me, with your work.

It started when I met you on a chat site. I hadn’t thought about Dominance and submission much in my real life, but I went into that room to see what happened in there. After weeks of getting to know the people, I started heading there directly. I noticed you; I thought that you would be an interesting person to get to know. Find out what your quirks were, what excited you. And so I teased you, taunted you, flirted.

Finally you noticed me, the first time you growled girl at me I shuddered. It was words on a screen and yet my body reacted to your words. Slowly you took the time to learn me, to teach me, and to claim me. Slowly our feelings developed beyond the screen, and we started talking on the phone.

The first time I heard your voice I wanted to cry. Cry tears of joy for the pleasure of hearing my only One’s voice. We talked for hours, about a multitude of things the first time. Every night I would rush home to talk to you to hear your voice. We would have phone sex on occasion, hot wet and sticky, but nothing compared to what I knew you would feel like against me.

Than the day came when you told me to come visit you, that you would arrange the trip, pay for everything, I was to show up and that’s it. I agreed with almost no hesitation. I was terrified, what if what we had did not translate to real life, what if my plane was late, what if what if…

The day I flew to you was the scariest day in my life. I tried to look my best, wearing a loose skirt, a tank top and sandals. Dressing for comfort, my hair was loose and I had almost no make up on. Stepping off the plane and wondering where you were, going through security, my eye’s darting around, I must have looked suspicious. Finally I looked up and saw you holding a sign with my name on it.

I smiled shyly to you, unsure how to react to being in public and so near you. It felt like eternity walking toward you. When I got there you dropped the sign, wrapped your arms around me, pulling me to you, kissing my forehead, my eye’s, my nose my lips.

“My love,” was the only words you uttered. Quickly you grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind you, weaving through the sea of people to the turnstile to grab my luggage, we rushed out to the waiting car.

Arriving at the apartment you rented for my stay, you help me from the car, and grab my bag in one hand, wrapping my hand in the other and we walked together to the building. Waiting for the elevator you look me up and down taking in my body. I shifted nervously in your gaze. When the elevator came the two of us step onto it, slowly I watched the floors tick off in numbers as it rose, watching you out of the corner of my eye. Reaching the floor with our apartment you walked off the elevator and I followed behind you. Looking down the hall as we walked, the plush carpet beneath my feet a lovely burgundy and green color, the walls a soft shade of ivory.

You came to a stop before a door, unlocked the door and pushed it in; it swung forward and thudded against the wall. You strode in as I slowly walked in looking at the room. Brightly lit, a plush couch and chair sit in front of a fireplace with a television mounted over the fireplace. A low coffee table sat in front of the couch and tables next to the chair, the walls were a dark shade of burgundy, and floor wooden with a rug in front of the fireplace. Big windows offered a lovely view of your city, four doors lead off of the room. Slowly I looked around; you walked into one room and came back with your hands empty.

“Look around love,” you said to me. Slowly I walked around the room, taking in the colors and smells of the apartment. I popped my head into one room I found a kitchen, large and spacious, with a corner table for two. The counter tops gleamed white, the floor a contrasting black.

“You might spend sometime in there if I wish” you said to me. I blushed and looked toward you. I peeked my head into the next door and found an office space, a computer hooked up and book shelves lining one wall. I walked into the room and looked at the titles of some of the books. You followed me in and wrapped your arms around me.

“Every woman needs a place to think,” you whispered in my ear as you pulled me against you.

“Besides, I might wish you take you on the desk.” You laughing said my face starting burning and I knew you had the power to make me weak in person.

You released me from your arms and I continued exploring the apartment. Stepping into another room I saw a wooden four poster bed, satin sheets covered the bed, black, they gleamed bright in the harsh light of the sun. A chest sat at the foot of the bed, locked. You slipped your hand in your pocket and drew out a key daggling it before my eyes.

“Later my love” you said, your tone teasing. I pouted at you and you laughed lightly, I continued exploring the bedroom a table on each side of the table a light on the top of each. A black leather chair sat in one corner of the room, a table next to it. I opened a door off of the bedroom to find a bathroom, a large shower in one corner, and a huge tub in the other, a double sink and toilet. Nothing special, but I smiled looking at the shower and tub.

Opening another door I see you have placed my baggage in the closet on a shelf. There are a few dresses hanging and a few pieces of black lingerie hung in the closet. Softly smiling I reached out and touched a black long silken dress. I turned to you and gave you my best smile.

“You really shouldn’t have my Love.” I said to you and you just smiled. I walked from the room to check the last door. Opening it I saw before me another bedroom. This one more was set up more as a dungeon, the light was almost completely blocked from the room, but there was enough light coming from the living room that I could make out the shapes of some of the things in there. Slowly I closed the door behind me. You laughed softly as you watched me.

“I’ve waited long enough,” you said to me and crushed me up against the door, grabbed my hands and placed them over my head. Held them there in one place with one hand, grabbing my breast with the other hand and roughly massaged it, your lips crushed down to mine and ground your crotch against me. I could tell you were hard, and I melted into a puddle of lust into your arms.

Quickly you picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom. Squealing in delight I wrapped my arms around your neck our kiss unbroken. You laid me carefully on the bed and lowered yourself on top of me. You ran your hands down my sides as I placed my hands above my head content to let you touch me. You pulled my skirt up over my thighs, glanced down as you ran your hands over my hips, realizing I wasn’t wearing underwear. I heard you chuckle and than the sound of your zipper being undone.

I felt your cock press against the wetness already evident. I parted my thighs for you, as you pressed forward sheathing yourself in one thrust. My eye’s widened at the feel of your cock entering me; I let out a small moan. Your eye’s filled with a lust I had only imagined, slowly you began moving in and out of me, my hips arched up to meet yours. Your lips reached down and circled my left nipple through my shirt, sucking through my shirt; I felt your teeth lock down on my nipple. Pulling and tugging at it. I let out a scream as I felt my pleasure build to a peek and I tumbled over, screaming your name out. Feeling my pleasure you started to trust harder, taking your pleasure from me. You glanced down at me.

“You are not on the pill are you mine?” you asked. I looked up at you and shook my head no. I heard you growl lowly and felt you pull out from me and move up my body, you pressed your cock to my lips and I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around your cock just in time for you to unload yourself into my mouth. Quickly I swallowed each spurt as it hit my tongue. Groaning you slowly worked yourself in and out of my mouth. When you were spent you fell over laid on the bed next to me and pulled me too you.

“I’m sorry I was not so soft and loving our first time,” you said to me. I curled tighter against you and kissed your lips.

“And I would have wanted soft and loving?” I asked my tone slightly teasing. You chuckled.

“I assume you wish to shower and be feed.” You said and I nodded.

“Please,” I replied.

“Go ahead, My love.” And you stood up and walked to the bathroom, started the shower for me. You laid out a towel for me and stepped from the room. You watched me undress, and even than I was a little shy. You had seen my body naked in pictures. But I was still afraid you would not like my body. Softly you groaned and walked from the room as I stood naked before you. I took a long shower, letting the grime and exhaustion from my flight ease from my body. When I stepped from the shower I wrapped the towel around my body and stepped out of the bathroom, grabbing my bag from the closet I opened it, my clothing had been taken out of it. The only things in it were my makeup and medications.

“You are in no need of the clothing you brought with you Mine. You will only wear what I have bought you, or what I allow you to wear. Your clothing is safe and will be returned when you leave.” You said from the leather chair in our room. I knew than what was at the foot of the bed. Sighing softly I walked to the closet and grabbed out a black dress, the silk glided down over my curves when I slipped it on.

“It looks even lovelier on you than I thought it would. I love you in black, and you deserve the silk.” You said as you stood and walked over to me. You leaned in and kissed my neck and I felt a shiver run through my body. You took my hand in yours and walked toward the door, I followed behind you as you walked toward the kitchen. You had taken the time to set out a meal for me. I sat at the table and ate, you made me feel self conscious watching me eat and I told you do. You laughed at me telling me that you loved a girl with an appetite for all things and smiled. This made me blush. When I finished eating you moved the plates from the table and put them into the sink.

We moved into the living room and you sat on the couch, patted your knee. I sat on your lap and kissed your lips. You returned my kiss and slid your hand along my body. We say like this for a while talking of many things. You kept touching my body, I am sure now it’s because you could not believe I was there finally.

When it was time for dinner you took me out. We sat in a restaurant, you ordered for me. The restaurant was lovely. I thought you would sit across from me but you sat next to me, and slid your hand along my thigh, lifted my skirt slowly, and ran your fingers along my slit. You teased me and forced me to cum in restaurant full of people. I tried to remain silent and did a decent job. This pleased you to some point, and when I had drenched your hand you raised it and wiped a finger on my lips before wiping the remainder of my juices on my cleavage. My face was completely enflamed with shame. You laughed softly and leaned over and licked my lips.

“Even tastier than I dreamed Mine.” You said to me, as you pinched my breast. We quickly ate out dinner. You paid the bill and we went for a walk. You showed me the sites of the town before we returned to our apartment.
The apartment was dark when we returned and you flipped on a lit light. You turned back at me and smiled as I walked to you. All of a sudden I noticed a change on your face. You smile slowly turned dark in front of me.

“Why is my bitch pet still dressed?” You asked in a cruel tone. I stilled where I was and looked up to you.

“Why is my bitch pet still dressed? You asked again as you strode to me and gripped the thin straps of the dress. I swallowed hard; my eyes were full of confusion.

“I was easy on you today my slut. From now on I will not be so easy.” With those words I felt and heard the rip of silk as you ripped the silk straps and shoved the garment down my body. You wrapped your hand in my hair and pulled hard. I let out a yelp as you dragged me toward the couch by my hair. I followed as quickly as I could, but your legs allowed you to move quicker. You say on the couch and pulled me down by my hair to kneel in front of you.

“My slut had better become accustomed to serving her Master from this position if she wants to sleep in the bed with Me.” You said to me. I trembled in front of you. Your free hand swung out and back in as you slapped my cheek sharply, my eyes widened before you.

“Get to work slut pet.” You said to me as you pulled my hair, pulling my face toward the crotch of your pants. I felt the stinging slap of your hand on my cheek again.

My hands moved to unbutton your pants and I slid the zipper down. I reached in and pulled your cock out, wrapped my hand tightly around your cock and licked the head of your cock. I wrapped my lips around your cock and slowly licked my tongue in a circle around the tip. Your hand loosened on my hair a little and I slowly sunk your cock deeper into my mouth. I had been dreaming of this moment for months, the feel of your cock in my mouth caused me to moan aloud and you chuckled.

“Slut pet enjoys her Masters cock no matter where it is does she?” You asked not wanting an answer, my eyes glancing up at you from my position was enough to make you just lean back and enjoy.

Slowly I began sucking your cock, letting my mouth give you the pleasure you sought from me. My lips and tongue memorizing the contours of your sex in my mouth, you wrapped your hand harder in my hair, your hips began to move, fucking your prick in and out of my mouth faster. I let one of my hands slide up and cup your balls, I boldly caressed them, testing their weight in my hand. Suddenly I knew you were ready to cum, I felt your balls drawing up tight, and cum spurt onto my tongue. Quickly I swallowed making sure not to miss a single drop. Your hand loosened in my hair, turning to a caress as I nursed the last of your cum from your cock. You pulled me than into your lap and wrapped your arms around me, kissing my lips before smacking my ass hard.

“There are lesson’s you will need to learn My love. Tomorrow I will begin your training. I only have a few days with you before you leave, and I want to have my fill of your before than. You will learn to become my eager whore. Tomorrow, you will wake me with a blow job. If I wake and your mouth is not around my cock I will beat you.” I remember the words clearly; they still reverberate through my head. I knew you were serious and I was afraid to disobey you.

“You can leave anytime you wish Mine, but know this. If you leave before the time and day we agreed on and you will lose me completely. Do you understand this?” I looked into your eyes and knew you were very serious. I nodded my consent.

“Verbally agree to this My Love,” you said with a hard smack on my ass, making me jump.

“Yes, I agree”

“Yes you agree to whom?” You smirked at me as you said this.

“Yes, Master I agree.”

Softly you kissed my lips and patted my ass; I stood up and waited for further instruction. You simply put your arm around my waist and lead me to the bedroom. You pulled back the blankets and let me slide between the satin and the warmth of the blanket while you went and took a shower. I think I hated myself at that moment. I felt weak, and yet I craved you more. I heard the water turn off and felt the other side of the bed dip down under your weight as you slid under the blanket; you drew me over to you as we fell asleep.

Morning came and I woke you as instructed. You than allowed me to shower with the explicate instruction that if I put clothing on, there would be hell to pay. I took a nice long shower and thought for a while. Thought about what I had gotten into and partially fearful. But I knew I trusted you in my heart of hearts. And therefore I would stay.

I walked into the kitchen; my hair was still damp from the shower. You turned and looked at me and the same man who picked me up from the plane was seen in your eyes again. You leaned over to me and kissed my lips and offered me a breakfast of eggs, toast and orange juice. I went to grab the plate from you and I saw the darkness return to your eyes.

“You will not eat at the table this morning slut pet. You will eat on the floor. You will have to earn your right to sit next to me at the table.” You smirked at me, and I felt a strange sense of disheartening. I lowered my head as you chuckled at me, you than set my plate on the floor.

“May I use a fork?”

“No slut pet you will not be using a fork this morning, you will eat with your hands.” My eye’s shot up to you, and you had a strange sadistic glint in your eyes. I dropped to my knee’s near the plate, my eye’s filling with tears of humiliation, as I leaned over my plate using my fingers to eat my toast and eggs. You poured my juice from the cup into a bowl and sat it near my plate. When I saw this I openly cried silently, the tears were flowing down my cheeks as you sat alone and watched me eat my breakfast sitting on the floor while you drank your coffee.

When I finished breakfast you took away the plate and bowl and put them into the sink. I remained kneeling on the floor not looking at you. My shame was so deeply felt as you tossed a wet towel to me and told me to clean my hands and to follow you. I went to stand up to follow you and you slapped my cheek.

“Follow does not mean to get off your knee’s slut pet.” You growled at me.

“Why do you make me hurt you? You know what I expect.”

My eye’s filled with new tears knowing I had again displeased you. I followed on my hands and knee’s into the room next to our bedroom. The one that had the light blocked out. I sat back on my heels and looked around the room when you had turned the lights on. There were many things that I was expecting and a few things I wasn’t. Chains were attached to the walls, there were shelves lined almost methodically with whips, dildos, clamps and other things some which I was under sure what they were. You reached over and grabbed something from one of the shelves.

It was an old leather collar, very ornate with years of stain on it. You locked it around my neck and informed me that I was to wear it unless otherwise instructed. That I could remove it for showers, but only when you told me I could shower. Hearing those words made me cringe I knew if you denied me a shower I would freak out. You reached for one of the rings and pulled me up to my feet, the collar choking me. You laughed at me when I choked, the tears filled my eyes. You had dragged me over to a table and forced me to lean over it. You placed a lock through a ring on the table, and through the circle on the collar. My breast dangled through holes in the table, you reached below the table and pinch and twisted my nipples causing me to moan aloud. All of a sudden I felt the sharp sting of your hand on my ass, causing me to jump.

Kneeling next to the table you placed clamps on my nipples, tightening them on my nipples caused me to wince in pain. You laughed softly as me, and licked my tear stained face. Next you had put a blind fold over my eye’s blocking my sight from your movements. I’m slightly terrified of the dark and I opened my mouth to say something to you but the next thing I knew you slapped my face.

“No talking slut pet.” You licked the side of my face again, running your hand along my ass before swinging and swatting my ass hard. I laid my head against the table and breathed hard. You leaned down I could feel your breath kissing my ear.

“If you want me to stop the word is red. There is no maybe, there is only yes or no. Learn this pet, cause unless you use the word, I will use and abuse your body. If you use the word, everything will stop. I will unlock you and walk away.” You whispered this into my ear, I shivered at the words and knew if I used the safe word you would walk away and I would lose you forever. I nodded my consent.

“Verbal slut pet”

“Yes Master,” I whispered.

“I like the sound of that off your tongue slut pet, almost as much as I like your tongue on my cock,” you chuckled.

You than rubbed your hand over my ass, sliding your fingers between my cunt lips. You teased my clit. I thought I would die as I was already wet from the abuse you had given me. I knew I was a total slut for you in this moment. All of a sudden your hands moved from me and you brought your hand back down in a sharp slap against my cunt lips. I moaned verbally, and squirmed against the table.

“How can one woman infuriate me so, but yet make me want to take care of her as well, and all at the same time.” You growled running your hands up my back, I felt your hard cock press against my ass.

“How can one woman be such a slut for me and at the same time show she has the strength of a lioness?” You asked before slapping my ass hard causing me to jump. I cried out and squirmed as you pressed the head of your cock against my cunt. Slowly you shoved your cock forward and into my cunt, and I suddenly felt the sharp stinging of a paddle against my ass cheek, I cried out from pleasure or from pain, I’ve no idea which.

“How can one bitch make me need so much?” You said as you wrapped a hand around my throat, leaning over me. This caused me to explode around you. My juices covered your cock and balls, and you simply laughed at me and continued to fuck in and out of me. All of a sudden you pulled out and roughly without warning shoved your cock into my ass hole.

I screamed out in pain, and you simply laughed and smacked my ass repeatedly. Than I heard the sound of the paddle dropping and your hands reached up and gripping my shoulders and used my shoulders as leverage to pull yourself in and out faster. I felt one hand leave my shoulders and wrap in my hair as you leaned over me.

“MINE,” you growled into my ear as your cock twitched and filled my asshole with your cum.

Moments or minutes later I’m not sure which you unhooked my collar from the table ring, and using the ring pulled me into a kneeling position. Pressing your finger to my mouth I opened my lips to your finger and you hooked your finger inside of my mouth. Suddenly your cock invaded my mouth and I could taste my cunt, my ass and your sperm all over your cock.

“Clean it bitch,” you said to me in a rough tone. I got down right away to licking and sucking on your cock, cleaning away all traces. When you were satisfied with the job I had done you reached down and grabbed the ring pulling me to my feet. You undid the blind fold; my eyes were not used to the light and shut quickly. This displeased you a little and you growled at me. You reached down and undid the nipple clamps massaging my nipples roughly, I moaned and you just smirked. You hooked you finger through the ring and pulled me toward you and kissed my lips.

“You did very well today My love.” And with that you walked away. I heard the shower running in the next room and I moved into the bathroom, and stood outside the shower. You opened the door and told me to take the collar off and get in. I took the collar off set it on the dresser and stepped into the shower and you pulled me to you. You crushed your lips down to mine and pulled me under the water stream, wetting my body down. You than lovingly bathed me. I was so confused, how could one man be so loving and yet so cruel?

After our shower you told me to put on a dress. I pulled another black dress this one made of soft cotton from the closet and pulled it over my head, letting it slide down my body. Once the dress was in place you put the collar back on my neck, locking it into place again. You had donned a black button down shirt and a pair of black pants.

We went to dinner again. This time it was uneventful. When we returned home you looked at me and I willingly took the dress off hanging it back in the closet. You sat on the couch and turned the television on. I walked back into the room and clasped my hands behind my back, unsure of what was expected of me. You sensed my presence back in the room and patted your knee. I went willingly onto your lap and curled against your chest. Slowly without meaning too I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke again it was morning and I was lying in bed. I had drifted off to sleep on your lap and you had carried me into our bed, covered me and held me through the night. Knowing what was expected of me and slid down on the bed and took your soft cock into my mouth. Slowly I began sucking your cock again, you woke with a groan looked down at me and smiled. You stroked my hair and called me a good girl.

Once you had given me your morning cum you got up from the bed and walked naked to the kitchen. When I got there, my breakfast was already sitting on the floor. Sighing a sigh of defeat I knelt and began eating my breakfast, my will broken and under your spell.

The next few days went the same as before. You were awoken with a blow job, my breakfast was served to me on the kitchen floor, training continued, dinner was always a treat and special, and typically I would fall asleep in your arms before bed time.

One morning I woke and you weren’t in bed. I was freaked out a little until I heard a soft chuckle from the corner of the room. Sitting up and looking over you were sitting on the leather chair smoking a cigarette. I scrambled from the bed and quickly made my way to you, knelt before you and wrapped my hand around your cock, when I went to take your cock into my mouth I heard you sigh. I looked up at you.

“My love, sit on my lap please, we have something to discuss.” Worried that you were going to tell me you were disappointed in me I moved quickly. You wrapped your arms around me and pulled me close to you.

“My love, I have something’s of importance to speak to you of. Are you happy here?”

“Yes Master, my time with you is the happiest.”

“Good girl, do you love me?”

“Yes Master with all my heart.”

“Will you remain with me?” This last question gave me pause. Stay with you? Forever? I wasn’t expecting this. I was not prepared. And yet…

“Yes Master.” It rolled off my tongue so easily. You smiled at me.

“Than you will live with me, have my children?”

“If it pleases you Master.” With a shout of jubilation you picked me up from your lap and spun me around.

“But Master? I have one request. Only one…”

“Yes My love?”

“Please let me take your name.” You looked at me in shock. I was broken. Slowly you lowered me to my feet. I could feel you pulling away emotionally as well as physically.

“Silly girl, you shouldn’t beat your Master to something such as this.” Kneeling before me you offered me a lovely ring, placing it upon my ringer.

“Of course I’m going to marry you girl. How else will I keep you as Mine?” A smile broke out on my face and tears streamed from my eyes. You pulled me back into you arms and kissed me hard.

A few months later, and here we are, it’s a day before our wedding and I’m here for you to properly collar me. I’m waiting for you, kneeling on the cushion you bought me a few months ago. In front of the fireplace in our apartment, my stomach is swelling slightly not enough that you would notice unless you knew. My thighs are parted; my hands are behind my back, my breast jutting forward. I see you walk in walk in a circle around me, smiling down too me. Slowly you reach down and remove the collar I have worn for the last few months. Another friend of yours comes in, and you gather my hair up putting it into a bun at the top of my head, securing it into place with a pin.

“Lean forward My love.” You whisper to me and I lean my head forward. I feel the stinging sensation on the back of my neck as the artist begins writing your name on the back of my neck, marking me as yours. The pain of the tattoo needle on the back on my neck is nothing. If nothing else it seems to be almost comforting. When he is done with the tattoo, he wipes it down with a cloth and you both step back to view the work. You step forward and place the bandage on the tattoo.

“Tonight it will heal some, tomorrow you will show the world and our families that you belong to me.” Grasping my hand you help me to my feet, you caress my cheek softly before running your hand possessively over my belly.

“You are no longer required to wear the leather as I have claimed you and marked you as mine. And tonight little mother you sleep,” you kiss my lips lightly and guide me to our bedroom. You slide back the blanket and help me into bed. You slip out of the room momentarily to thank and pay your friend. While you are gone, I slip from the bed and grab the key to the trunk. I take my old clothing out and look at it. I think of the freedom I gave willingly too you. You step back into the room and watch me saying nothing. I haven’t noticed you in the room as I ball the articles up. I walk to the fireplace in our room, you have already lit a fire, and I slowly feed the clothing into the fire and watch as it goes up in flames.

Turning back to the chest and locking it. You clear your throat and I quickly look up at you, a shameful smile on my face. You walk forward and stroke my face softly, kissing my lips. You hands pick me up and slide me back into bed.

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2010-06-04 07:18:36
Excellent story. Reminded me of my Master as well. Nicely written and easy to read.


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It reminds me of my Master. Nice story :)

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