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OK, Another one with Kelly
That summer included many more days of “watching” porn movies at Kelly’s house. “The Rule” was always enforced, and sometimes we made it go through two scenes. That was crazy. Since we weren’t allowed to touch each other or ourselves, all three of us became VERY fidgety, trying to get certain body parts to rub against others for a hint of pleasure. That summer was the best summer any guy could have asked for. At the end of the summer, Amber went away, out of state,for college, but Kelly stayed local. She moved into the dorm for a little while, and then was accepted into a sorority. She asked me to help her move into the sorority house. I said that I would help in an instant. She drove to my house, picked me up in her dad’s truck, and we were on our way to the college. Kelly was still nice and tan and in great shape. She was about 5’ 5”, maybe 110 pounds, and still had her 34C’s that stuck out of her chest like two half-melons with little erasers on them. Hot as ever. It was only about an hour drive from my house, so it wasn’t too far. The pick-up was a stick shift and Kelly had a little trouble driving it, but she was getting better. We were at an intersection when the light turned green; Kelly started to pull into the intersection and stalled the truck. I could tell that she was embarrassed. She tried to hurry and restart the truck and get moving, but forgot that she needed to push in the clutch to start it. She was getting frustrated because she couldn’t get it started. I told her, “Just relax. We have all day to get this done.” I put my hand on her shoulder. She started to calm down. “Push the clutch in and crank it.”

“OK.” It started. “Here we go again. That was embarrassing.”

“Why was that embarrassing? Everyone has stalled a clutch once. It’s no big deal.” I comforted her. “My dad is teaching me to drive on a stick shift and I stalled it quite a few times. Don’t worry about it.

“Yeah, I know, but still. Everyone is staring at you and waiting for you. It just sucks. I hate driving a stick. Stick SHIFT Brett. As in a truck with a clutch. Don’t get any ideas.”

“Too late. You know me. You know that any teenage guy can turn anything said into a sexual desire at a moment’s notice. Sorry. I’ll calm my thoughts. We gotta get this shit done.”

“Yeah, I want to get this done. My dad said he doesn’t need his truck back until tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t take that long.”

“I hope not, we’re only moving you like five minutes away right?”

“Yes, but that’s why I brought you. You can lift the heavy things since you’ve been working out so much. I also have a couple of friends helping me pack up and unpack when we get to the house. That should make things go a little faster.”

We kept talking about random stuff the rest of the ride to the school. Nothing important, just small talk. Reminiscing about all the crazy things we did together over the summer. When we pulled into the dorm parking lot, thankfully we found a spot close to the front. Kelly and I walked into her dorm building, down the hallway and to her room. She lived on an all-girls floor of the dorm. I thought I was in heaven. There were girls walking to and from the bathroom in robes, pajamas, and towels. They didn’t care what they looked like. There I was walking down a dorm hall with one hot girl on my arm and countless others all around me, staring. They had that, ‘I wonder what they’re going to do’ look on their faces. We got to Kelly’s room and her friends, Crystal and Beth were in there packing away, laughing at each other’s jokes. We walked in, Kelly introduced me. Crystal was about 5’ 7” and maybe 130 pounds with black hair and Beth was the same height as Kelly, but with pale skin, bobbed auburn hair and about 130-135 pounds. All three still in very good shape. My teenage boy mind wandered as I looked at them. What’s under those shirts? How about under the shorts? Way too many possibilities flashed through my horny mind. But we had a job to do, and we made a commitment to get it done before dinner. Some boxes were all ready to go so I started to carry them down to the truck. I was walking faster than they were packing so I had to wait a bit for them to fill up some boxes. Kelly was emptying her dresser drawer by drawer. She pulled out the little black corset she wore for Amber and I a few times, held it up and winked and smiled at me. I was kinda hoping she would have that on under her shirt, but I guess not. It wouldn’t have fit under her shirt any way. There was something about her made her buy clothes that looked a size too small. But, hey, she could pull it off. If you got it, flaunt it. Why not? She was wearing a tight, black, work-out t-shirt that was mostly see-through and a bright pink bra. She had on some really nice (by that I mean very little) cut off jean shorts and flip flops. Crystal and Beth had on similar clothes, not quite as revealing as Kelly’s shirt, but just as sexy. I was in a room with one REALLY hot girl and two hot girls. It was hard to control myself. Kelly hadn’t told anyone about that summer. She told Crystal and Beth that I was a neighbor and our parents were really good friends.

Crystal kept looking at me every time I came back into the room. Not just a ‘oh you’re back look,’ but a longer gaze. I think she was checking me out. I pulled Kelly into the hall and asked her. She said that she told Beth and Crystal that I was cute and that was all. I asked her why Crystal kept looking at me and she said it was because she liked me. Kelly said that her initiation was done by those two and the party afterward got kinda steamy. That’s all I could get out of her. She wouldn’t go into detail because she swore to the sorority not to. “It was hot, but not as hot as what we did last summer,” she said. She turned around, grazing my cock with her hand and walked back into her room.

“Oh that’s not fair.” I told her.

Crystal looked at me again, but this time our eyes locked for a few seconds. She winked at me, blew me a kiss and went back to packing. I shook it off, thinking it was nothing. I made a few more trips to the truck, box by box until it was full. Kelly told Crystal and Beth that we would be back in a bit. We were going to unload the boxes and get lunch. We got their food order and left. As we got into the truck, I closed the door on my side and slid over to sit in the middle of the seat. Kelly got in, looked at me and smiled. She started the truck, but let it sit for a minute. She pointed up to the building and said, “See that window there? That’s my dorm room. I guarantee Crystal and Beth are looking at us right now.”

“OK. So? Let’s go. I’m hungry,” I replied.

“SO? So I say we mess around a little. The sorority has a pact that anytime you see someone do anything, you must not ever bring it up again, unless that person initiates conversation about it.”

“So you want them to watch us screw around? Just because you know that they can’t say anything about it?”

“Yep. Don’t you think it’s kinda hot, knowing that you’re being watched? And knowing that it won’t be brought up unless I bring it up?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Kelly, put her hand on my leg, leaned over and started to kiss me. I gracefully returned the favor. Again, our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouth. Instead of putting my hand on her leg, I put it in her crotch. The shorts were barely big enough to cover her slit. I found that I could move them a little and get to her clit easily. Surprise, no panties again. I love the way this girl dresses. I started rubbing her clit and sliding my finger down her pussy as far as the small shorts would let me. Kelly reached up and turned the engine off and relocated her hand on my hardening cock. She started to massage it through my shorts. She was rubbing it against my leg. I moved my other hand to her back, lifted her shirt and unhooked her bra. It didn’t move far since her shirt was so tight, but at least it was a step in the right direction. Kelly slid her hand down my thigh, put in under my shorts and slid it back up to my cock.

“Whoa Brett!”

“What?” I asked.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean? I took a page out of your book.”

“What, the no-underwear page? Since when do you do that?”

“Since this morning. I thought if we did something, I wanted you to have as much access to me as I did to you. Is that OK?”

“Yeah, its great. I didn’t know you did that.”

“I just started doing it today. You know, I kinda like it. I feel better and more cautious at the same time.”

“You did that for me?”

“Yeah, it’s not fair to you if you have to go through my shorts and boxers to get to me and I don’t have to go though anything except shorts to get to you. Plus, I wanted to see what it felt like. It feels nice.”

“Well then, this should feel nice too.” She started to stroke my cock under the shorts. I grabbed the crotch of her shorts and pulled them down as much as I could. There was just enough room that I could slide one finger into her wet pussy. As it slid in, Kelly let out a soft moan and started to stroke my dick more, pressing it into my leg. “That feels so good Brett. Don’t stop.” Kelly moaned as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She unbuttoned her shorts with her free hand and raised her pelvis off of the seat, giving me permission to take her shorts off. I slid them down past her knees as she opened her legs up. I inserted two fingers into her wet snatch and began to move them in and out, twisting them around as much as I could in a spiral motion. “Oh my God I’ve missed your touch,” Kelly told me as she moved with my hand. She took her hand out of my shorts, unbuttoned them and took them off. My cock, standing erect, was seeping with pre-cum. She continued to stroke my shaft, but used both hands; moving them up and down in opposite, spiraling directions. That was amazing. I slid her shirt and bra up over her tits and started to lick and bite them. Kelly started going crazy, as did I. She slid her shorts off with one hand still jacking my dick with the other. She opened her eyes to give me that ‘I want to fuck you right now’ look. I removed my fingers, grabbed her under her ass, lifted her a little and pulled her toward me. She turned around so she was facing me, got onto her knees, and straddled me on the seat. I moved my hand around to her ass, grabbing it, while her tits took turns being sucked on and bitten. She positioned my cock under her wet pussy, and slowly lowered herself onto me. “Oh my Lord. I have been thinking about having you inside me for so long. This feels great!” Kelly exclaimed.

“I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I almost forgot how hot your pussy was. It feels so good.” I brought both of my hands to her tits now. Squeezing them, pinching her nipples and biting them. Kelly started to grind on me, making my cock go as deep into her as it could. Her hips rocking back and forth, I knew she was rubbing her clit on me too. I could feel her warm juices coming out of her, lubing the area around the base of my shaft and rolling down my balls. I rocked in the opposite direction Kelly was rocking to maximize the pleasure for both of us. As Kelly started to move up and down, she moved one hand down and started to rub her clit. I couldn’t get my hand down there, but she knew that so she took care of it herself. Knowing that this wouldn’t last long, I grabbed her and slowed her down. She went back to grinding on my cock, but still had her hand on her clit. I grabbed her ass with one hand, spread her cheeks open and rubbed my middle finger on her ass hole. She threw her head back, closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip in pure ecstasy.

Grinding on me faster, she said, “Do it. Push your finger in.”

I brought my finger up to my mouth, licked it, getting it nice and wet, then returned it to her ass. I found her ass hole and rubbed my finger around the edge of it to loosen her up a little. I slowly pushed my finger into her ass as Kelly let out a controlled scream of joy. She looked down at me with a smile of pure bliss, kissing me, mouth open, tongue out. Now, with her grinding on my cock, deep inside her, she would push back farther so my finger could enter her ass fully. I began to move my finger around inside her ass in little circles making Kelly go crazy. She started bouncing up and down on my cock now, still with her fingers on her clit, my finger in her ass and her tits in my mouth. I could feel her pussy tightening up and I knew she was close to cumming. My balls were tightening up as well. Both of us were so close to climax, we were screaming. I’m sure anyone who was walking by knew we were fucking because the truck was rocking and bouncing all over the place. The thought of Crystal and Beth watching us and the possibility of getting caught by someone in the parking lot made it even hotter. Kelly’s screaming got louder and her pussy got tighter around my shaft. “I’m gonna cum Kelly!” I said, moaning and breathing hard.

“Me too baby. Cum inside me. Fill me up with your load.”

As the fucking got faster and harder, I tried to hold it back as long as I could. I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot a hot load of cum deep into Kelly and her pussy tightened up to a death-grip around my cock. I kept pumping my load into her as she sat there taking it in. I kissed her passionately on the mouth, and slowly moved down to her chest. I continued down, kissing the middle of her chest as she rested her cheek on my head, wrapping her arms around me. I looked up, gave her a smile and kissed her on the mouth. She returned the gesture as we sat there, sweaty and my balls covered in her juices.

After about a minute of sitting and kissing, Kelly, pulled her shirt back over her tits, hooked her bra and slid my softening cock out of her dripping pussy. She moved back to the driver’s side of the seat. As she was reaching for her shorts off of the floor, she looked up at her dorm window and smiled. I looked too and saw Crystal and Beth standing there, kissing each other. Beth had her shirt off and Crystal ’s was up over her boobs. I just sat there watching as they kissed and rubbed each other’s tits. Kelly had put her shorts back on and had to nudge me to get my attention. “Hey, I asked if you were ready to go take this stuff to my sorority house.”

“Yeah, sorry. I was kinda distracted.”

“Oh, I know, I was watching it too. It’s pretty hot, watching two girls kiss or even go at it. I love to watch people.”

“I know, remember? You sat and watched Amber and I fuck in your parent’s room.”

“Yeah, that was honestly one of the hottest things I have ever seen. You two were great to watch. You had some connection that I haven’t seen in other people. I don’t know what it was, but you two could get me off better than anyone else.”

“I felt that too, but like you said, I don’t what it was. It was great though. I’ll tell you that.”

“Yeah, I miss her. I can’t wait until November and we can see her again.” She paused, looking out the window, thinking. “OK, you’d better get dressed so we can go put this stuff away.”

“Yeah, I don’t want all of your sorority girls jumping all over me right away,” I said jokingly.

“That’s true. You know what’s funny about that? Some of them would too. That’s just how they are. They’re not slutty, some girls just have an unwritten competition to see who can be first, second, and third on a guy when he walks in the door. It’s kinda funny and really hot. They watch too. They see what one girl does and then try to do one better. It’s a competition between some of them.”

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2010-11-07 10:42:57
2010-06-02 fuck off. Excuse my language but this made me cum 4 frick'n times! It turned me on and i bet it turned you on to. SHITDICK

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2010-07-11 03:56:08
My sentiments exactly.

2010-06-02 02:54:40
The intent of erotic stories is to make the reader hot. This story achieved its intent 100%. It was easy to picture oneself as a participant in this wonderful situation where both parties thoroughly enjoyed the sheer sex, both oral and vaginal. Author did a splendid deive job."

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2010-07-11 02:29:54
Alright, there're some things that need to be said so I'll say 'em; Old man 4, APIAS (<-- especially APIAS) STFU, this is a well written story; true, it's not quite up to par with his other stories, but it's still up there.

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2010-07-07 11:51:54
Didn't like it. Can't imagine fucking in the front of a truck while roommates are watching and then they're not being able to talk about it. Girls brag about their fucking just the way that boys do. This is true of those that will fuck anyone. If the couple is serious about each other, they are usually quiet about their intimacy.


2010-06-17 00:58:05
Not necessarily how I remember college; but it'll do.

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