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Kelly and I were in the process of moving her stuff into the house, when...

I put my shorts back on, Kelly started the truck again, and we drove to her sorority house. It was only a four minute drive so it was nice and quick. She showed me inside, giving me the grand tour. The first floor had the living room with a big-screen; the dining room had a ping pong table in it and a dart board on the wall. It was a pretty big house. There was a full bathroom and three bedrooms on the first floor. These were the three biggest, so they were for the highest sorority sisters in the house. We walked down to the basement where there was another TV, a foosball table, and a pinball machine in the living area, and three more bedrooms and another full bathroom. These rooms were a little smaller, but still enough room to house two beds bunked on top of each other. “This looks nice,” I said as we walked through the basement and back to the stairs. We walked to the top floor of the house. There were four bedrooms upstairs. Each room had two beds in it, also bunked. Kelly showed me her room, the last one on the right. It didn’t seem as if anyone else was at the house.

She told me, “Once you live here long enough and someone else moves out or up, you can move bedrooms closer to the front of the house. It’s kind of a status thing to have your room toward the front.” There were two full bathrooms upstairs. All four bathrooms were laden with pink towels, hair dryers, make-up bags, and all the other things girls keep in the bathroom. We walked back down the hallway toward the stairs. As we walked past one room, I noticed that the door was cracked a little so, out of curiosity, I looked in. I saw a girl changing out of her cheerleader uniform. She was in great shape. She was about 5’ 8” tall, dark brown hair, tanned and she had smaller, perky tits, probably a B-cup, but still very nice. She was in perfect shape. She must have taken her shirt off right before I got there because she was peeling herself out of her sports-bra. She took it off, threw it on her bed next to the shirt then she started to unzip her skirt. “What are you doing Brett? Let’s go get my stuff.” Kelly came walking back toward me.

“Ssshhhh,” I whispered to her and pointed in the room. Kelly came over next to me and looked into the room. “You said you like watching people right? Well, this is a good chance to watch. Plus, she’s hot.”

“No shit she’s hot, dummy, she’s a cheerleader. I think that’s a requirement,” Kelly whispered back to me, peering over my shoulder. Intent on seeing this girl change, I grabbed Kelly’s arm and held it tight to my side. Kelly moved in, closer to me, pressing her boobs into my back to try to get a better view. “This is so wrong, but it’s hot. I now know how you felt watching Amber that night in the tree. It’s hard not to look.”

“I know. Do you think…never mind.”

“Do I think what???”

“I don’t know. Do you think you will be friends with her?”

“Um, yeah, we live together. Why do you ask? Wait. I know the answer to that. Don’t I?”

“Maybe,” I responded. “She’s hot Kel.” Kelly pulled herself even closer to me as the girl in the room took her skirt off. She had the cheerleader underwear on under the skirt. Those came off next, revealing a small, black g-string. She went over to the bed where she had tossed her uniform, and started to fold it. Her skirt fell on the floor and as she bent over to pick it up, Kelly’s eyes lit up. She was looking right at her pussy, which was barely covered by the skimpy underwear. We could see her pussy lips sticking out of either side of the underwear. Kelly moaned quietly, squeezing my arm with hers. Kelly started to fidget a little; I noticed she was rubbing her legs together, squeezing them. I looked at her, and she just smiled, seductively. I reached back with one hand and found Kelly’s crotch, and started to rub it. She loosened up the grip of her legs enough to let my hand in. She reached around and started to rub my cock through my shorts. As the girl stood up, she turned to walk to her closet to put her uniform away. Kelly and I continued to rub each other while watching those perky tits walk across the room. She was so pretty with her makeup on and her hair up in a tight pony tail, she seemed to float as she walked. She started walking over to the door, so Kelly and I had to quickly, but quietly walk away.

“Hey,” a voice said behind us as we got to the stairs. “You must be Kelly.”

Kelly turned to see her naked body standing in the hallway. “Yeah, um, I just joined and I’m moving my stuff in today.” They shook hands with each other. “This is Brett, my,” she paused and looked at me. “My boyfriend.”

Shocked that Kelly said that, I turned around. There in front of me was a hot cheerleader in only a skimpy, see-through g-string. She stood there, not trying to cover herself up. “Hi,” I stammered. “I’m, um, Brett.” I stuck out my hand to shake her hand making sure I kept eye contact with her, but making good use of my peripheral vision.

Snickering, she said, “Hi, um, Brett. I’m Rachel. It’s nice to meet you two. Welcome to our house. You’re gonna have a lot of fun here. It’s a great place to live.” Rachel, Kelly and I stood there talking for a couple of minutes. Still, she made no effort to cover herself up. She was acting like there was nothing odd about this situation. Whenever Rachel would look at Kelly, I would stare at her body, almost hoping that she would catch me. I think she knew that I was staring, but it didn’t seem to bother her. We finished talking and Rachel said, “OK, well if you want help moving some stuff in let me know. I’m gonna take a quick shower. It was nice to meet you Kelly and, um Brett.” She smirked and walked into the bathroom.

“That was close,” I said to Kelly as we walked down the stairs. “That was also kind of awkward, standing there, talking to a naked girl we just met after we were watching her change.”

“Yeah, it was kind of a close call too. I wonder what she would have done if she caught us.”

“I don’t think it would have been as bad as one would think. I’m pretty sure she caught me staring at her when she wasn’t looking. Plus, if she was afraid of someone seeing her naked, why would she stand in the hallway, naked, and have a full conversation with us? Anyway, let’s go get your stuff.”

We walked down the stairs and out to the truck. We each made about five trips in carrying boxes, bags, whatever she had in the truck. Each time we passed the bathroom and heard the shower running, we would peer in, but the curtain was drawn, so we couldn’t see Rachel. As we put the last couple of boxes in Kelly’s room, the shower stopped. Kelly was about to walk out to the hallway when I grabbed her wrist, pulling her back in the room. “Wait,” I whispered. Kelly, looked at me in playful disgust, smiling.

“What? Do you wanna see her naked or fuck me on my new bed?”

“Both?” I requested. “But I’m pretty sure it’s one or the other huh?”

“Maybe. Let’s see.” Kelly started to kiss me, holding my head with her hands behind my ears, pulling me into her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and it went crazy. “Rachel is so hot. She has such a small build, but she’s taller. Once I saw her, my mind ran wild with the three of us going at it.”

“I know,” I replied. “Me too. What is it with us? I mean, we fuck each other all the time and we still have fun. Do you really consider me your boyfriend? Or was that a ploy so she didn’t assume I was just some random guy you brought in?”

“I don’t know. I guess. After I said that, it kinda hit me; maybe I do really like him. I asked myself if I could see me and you together and I got a really good feeling inside.”

I was trying to face it that Kelly really liked me as more than a friend and a fuck-buddy. I liked her too but I didn’t know how to act on my feelings. I’ve never had a real girlfriend before, and now I’m faced with having a REALLY hot college girl who wants to be mine. I thought about it for almost a second and said to Kelly, “I get that same feeling. I think I could do this girlfriend-boyfriend thing. I can’t drive until next year though, so you would have to come home to see me.”

“That’s fine; it would be more than worth it.” She grabbed my hardening cock and kissed me again. I grabbed her ass and she let out a moan. Rachel must have heard us talking and Kelly’s moan because when I looked at Kelly, I saw Rachel standing in the doorway, slowly drying her hair with a towel, her eyes fixed on us. I stopped kissing Kelly, my eyes led her to the doorway. Kelly said, “Oh, hi again Rachel. Sorry.”

“Why apologize?” Rachel asked. “I don’t mind. Actually I think its hot, seeing two people kissing and making out. I’m the one who should apologize, standing here, watching. I should go.”

“No,” I stopped her. “You don’t need to go. I mean if it’s OK with you Kel.”

Kelly looked at me, then back at Rachel, “No don’t go. In fact, please come in and stay. My room is a mess with all the boxes, but there’s one spot that is still clean,” glancing at and referring to the bed. Kelly slowly walked me backward toward the bed and pushed me down on it. “Come on in Rachel, its ok. Close the door in case someone else comes home. Come here.”

Rachel walked slowly toward us. Standing in front of me Kelly reached for Rachel’s hand, grabbing it and pulling Rachel toward her. Kelly softly grabbed Rachel around the waist and looked into her eyes. Rachel dropped her towel, grabbed Kelly’s face, and cautiously kissed her. Kelly returned the kiss, moving her hands around to the small of Rachel’s back. I slowly stood up off of the bed and moved behind Kelly, sliding my hands around her waist and pressing my hardening cock into her ass. Rachel brought her hands down to meet mine. she interlaced her fingers with mine and guided my hands up Kelly’s stomach. Just as our hands were getting to Kelly’s breasts, Rachel turned my hands toward her and placed my hands on her chest. I slowly started rubbing her tits, feeling my way around them and noticing that her nipples were getting harder with each pass of my fingers. Rachel let go of my hands and returned hers to Kelly’s chest. My cock was continuing to grow, pushing harder into Kelly’s ass. Kelly brought one of her hands off of Rachel and started rubbing my cock with it. I started to hump her as she rubbed me. Rachel must have noticed me humping Kelly because she also brought one hand down to my cock. Rachel pushed Kelly’s hand away from my shaft, slid her hand down, inside my shorts and started to stroke my cock, slowly. Kelly, being in between Rachel and me, broke her kiss of with Rachel and moved herself out of the way, so Rachel and I could get closer. Rachel and I locked eyes, and she took the half-step closer to me, pressing her naked chest against me and started to kiss me. Rachel moved her hand down to my balls and started to massage them. Kelly bent over and began to pull my shorts off, letting my hard cock stick out freely. My shorts were around my ankles, Rachel was massaging my balls and kissing me, and Kelly was rubbing Rachel’s tits from behind her. Rachel then grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head to take it off of me.

“You know,” Rachel said, kissing me. “Kelly is the only one with her clothes still on Brett. I think you and I need to do something about that.”

“Yeah, I noticed that. Do you want the shirt of the shorts Rachel?”

“I’ll take the shirt, I wanna see what’s underneath it,” Rachel said as she turned toward Kelly.

I knelt down in front of Kelly and started to unbutton her shorts. Then I unzipped them, exposing her cleanly shaved pussy. I slid my finger around her waistband and slowly peeled the shorts off of Kelly. By the time I got her shorts to her knees, Rachel had Kelly’s shirt up and over her breasts exposing her pink bra. Kelly raised her arms and the shirt came off. I looked up at Rachel and Kelly and they were both smiling, moving in to kiss each other. Rachel moved her hands around to the back of Kelly’s bra and unhooked it. She took a step back, pulling Kelly’s bra off, revealing those beautiful breasts. The look on Rachel’s face was as if she just discovered a hidden treasure. She pulled the bra off Kelly’s arms, threw it on the floor, bent over and started to kiss Kelly’s tits. I was still kneeling in front of Kelly’s bare pussy, watching this. Rachel put one of her hands on the back of my head, pushing me into Kelly’s crotch. Kelly, spread her legs a little, giving me perfect access to her wet slit. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick her clit. I moved a hand up and started to massage her wet pussy lips.

“Does this happen often here?” Asked Kelly.

Rachel responded between kisses, “I can’t answer that. Don’t you know the rule?”

“Yeah, sorry. I know the rule,” Kelly answered her. Just thinking about all the different shit that could possibly go on in a house of college girls got my dick pumping. I brought my other hand up to Rachel’s crotch, and started to rub her clit. She let out a moan as my fingers made little circles around her wet snatch. Kelly started to grind her pussy on my face as Rachel was licking her tits. Rachel then stood up and kissed Kelly some more. Rachel pulled mu hand off of her pussy and brought it up to my mouth. In doing so, I had to release my tongue from Kelly’s pussy. Rachel started to suck on my fingers looking at Kelly.

“You know, Kelly, there is another unwritten rule here.”

“And what’s that?” Kelly inquired.

“Whenever we have a guy in the house, he is free game to anyone in the room. and since you and I are the only two girls here, we have to share him.”

‘Hell yes!’ I thought to myself.

Rachel pulled me up to my feet, kissed me and looked at Kelly asking, “Do you mind?”

“No, as long as it’s ok with you Brett, which I’m sure it is, Go ahead Rachel.”

Rachel then got down on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth without using her hands. Kelly was watching her suck me off. “Damn that’s hot Rachel,” Kelly said. I grabbed Kelly’s head and pulled her toward me and started to kiss her. The feel of Rachel’s warm mouth around my shaft felt great. I reached up and started to pinch and twist Kelly’s nipples.

After a couple of minutes of Rachel sucking my cock, she stood up, went over to the bed and put her hands on it, bending at the waist. Rachel, looked at me over her shoulder, said, “Hey,” and motioned with her head for me to come over there. I turned and started to walk toward Rachel’s exposed pussy. Kelly took a hold of my cock as I got closer and placed the tip at the entrance of Rachel’s wet slit. I grabbed Rachel’s waist and started to push. Once the head popped in, it felt so good. It was a little tight, but very good. Rachel’s pussy was warm and wet. She pushed back against me, making me enter her all the way. Kelly moved toward Rachel and started to rub her tits. “No, you get over here and lay on the bed. I get both of you now.”

Kelly crawled up on the bed, laying down in front of Rachel. Rachel lowered her head and started to lick and suck Kelly’s clit. Kelly must have really enjoyed that because she started to moan immediately. As I kept pumping into Rachel, she kept pushing back, forcing my dick all the way inside her. Now all three of us were moaning. Kelly reached back, grabbed my ass and pulled me with her as she moved on top of Kelly. She crawled up on the bed, kneeled, straddling Kelly and started to kiss her. Kelly must have known what Rachel was doing because she reached down, pulled my cock out of Rachel and guided it to her own pussy. I pushed into Kelly’s wet slit and my dick slid freely into it. I could hear the passion between the two girls from their wet kissing and their moaning. I pumped Kelly a few more times then pulled out and went back to Rachel. “Now you got the hang of it boy. You’re gonna like having your girlfriend live here, we take great care of each other. Especially when you come to visit. We love having guests.”

I could have told you that within the first three minutes of being in the house. I continued to switch back and forth between sopping wet pussies. Kelly reached down and started to play with Rachel’s clit so Rachel returned the favor. Standing there, looking down I was watching two girls making out with each other, playing with each other, and watching my rock hard dick run in and out of both of them. I started to pump faster the next time I got to Kelly. She knew that I was getting ready to cum. “Rachel, do you want his cum?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. Let it go inside me Brett. I love to feel that hot shit pumped into me.”

“Brett, finish in her,” Kelly told me.

I pulled out of Kelly, re-inserted my shaft into Rachel’s cunt and started to pump faster and faster. I could feel Rachel’s pussy tightening up and I knew she was ready. My balls started tightening, feeling that pussy getting tighter and hotter. “Here it comes. I’m gonna go. I’m gonna cum. OH MY GOD!” I pushed so hard into Rachel’s pussy, she moved forward, unable to hold me back. She tightened up her pussy even more as she felt me shoot wad after wad into her cunt. Kelly started to moan louder as she slid down, off of the bed and placed her face right under Rachel’s dripping pussy. My load inside Rachel, Kelly, pulled my dick out of her and started to suck Rachel’s juices off of it. Kelly then picked her head up and licked Rachel’s cunt, licking all of my cum off of it that she could get, making sure to pay close attention to her throbbing clit. Kelly continued to suck and lick Rachel’s slit and I stepped back.

Rachel stood up, not moving her feet and looked at me. “Damn boy, that was good. How long are you going to be here?”

“Well, I think we have at least one more truck full of her shit to bring over. Its getting late, so I might have to stay here.”

“OK,” Rachel said.

Kelly finished sucking all of my juice from Rachel’s slit and stood up. Her face was covered in mine and Rachel’s cum, it was pretty hot. “You might have to stay here? You say that like its a sure thing.”

“Well, you drove me up here so I have no way to get home unless you take me. You have a shit load of unpacking to do still so I thought you were going to finish unpacking and stay the night. Am I wrong?”

“No. You’re right, but don’t get too confident there Brett. Now we gotta put our clothes back on and go get the rest of my stuff. Rachel still needs to get dressed from her shower."

"Yeah. I gotta let you know, the real thing was much better than I imagined it to be. I thought about something like this happening while I was showering. Just thought I would be honest and let you guys know. I do that a lot if you ever want to join me Kelly," Rachel said, winking at Kelly.

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