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Back at Kelly's dorm hall

Kelly and I drove back to her dorm room to hopefully get the last of her stuff into the truck and move it to the sorority house. As we parked the truck, Kelly looked up at her dorm room window, “I wonder what’s going on in there. Do you suppose they’re still packing stuff up or do you think they’re done and doing other stuff?”

“I don’t know Kelly. Let’s just go find out. After all, it is your room; you are allowed to go in there.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go.”

We walked up to her room, Kelly unlocked and opened the door, not knowing what to expect. We saw Beth and Crystal sleeping on Kelly’s bed, naked, in the spoon position. Kelly looked at me and smiled. We crept over to the pile of boxes not trying to wake up the girls; we each grabbed a box, and began to walk out of the room. As I was walking past the closet door, I accidentally hit it with the box I was carrying. I looked over to the bed and saw Beth pick up her head and give me a partially awake look. She smiled at me, put her arm back around Crystal and laid her head back down. I followed Kelly to the truck. When we got outside, I asked Kelly, “So, what do you think they were doing while we were gone? Obviously they finished packing your stuff, but we were gone for a while.”

“I don’t know exactly, but I have a good idea what went on. I think you have an idea as well. Seeing how they were asleep naked holding each other.”

The thought of those two girls fucking each other made my dick start to throb and I could feel the blood pumping into it, again. I could tell that Kelly’s mind was racing as she said that because she put the box in the truck and just stood there for a minute. “What are you thinking about?”

I startled her, “Oh, nothing. Just…”

“Just what?” I asked.

“Just, Amber. I wonder what she would say about you and me dating. Do you think she would mind? I don’t wanna piss her off. She’s my best friend and we have done so many things together.”

I walked over to Kelly, put my arms around her waist, giving her a hug, and told her, “I don’t think she’ll mind. I mean, she did introduce us to each other so it is kinda her fault, right? Besides, us being together doesn’t mean that she can’t hang out with us anymore. I know what you mean, but I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“Thanks Brett. That helps, I guess. Can we keep earlier a secret? I mean, what we did with Rachel? Can you do that for me?”

“Yeah, but why? Don’t you think Amber might want to know about that? With all the stuff we did together, I really don’t think she’d mind.”

“Just keep it between us ok?” Kelly asked. She leaned in and kissed me, turned around and walked back to the building. I followed, watching her tight ass sway back and forth in her small jean shorts. I followed her up the stairs, staring at her ass, hoping to catch a glimpse of her pussy. When we got to the corner of the stairs, Kelly turned around to face me and jumped on me, throwing her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She attacked my mouth with hers. I grabbed her under her ass and pressed her up against the wall for more support. My cock started to grow again. I started to grind it against her crotch. She wrapped her legs tighter around me pulling my cock harder into her. “I want you right now Brett. Right here, right now.”

“Here?” I asked her. “In the stairwell? What if someone comes?”

“I hope they do. That’s part of the excitement.” She loosened her legs, got off of me, standing in front of me. I stood there as her hands found their way to my zipper and unzipped it, pulling my cock out. “Come on, we gotta make this fast.”

“OK.” I moved my hands to the button on her shorts and un-did it. Sliding them down to her ankles, she kicked one leg out. She slid my shorts down to my knees and got back on me with her legs wrapped around my hips. Kelly reached around and guided my hard dick into her surprisingly wet pussy. Again, sliding it in with ease, there was enough of her juices to lube me up right. I backed her up against the wall again and started to fuck her, right there in the stairwell. It was hot. Just knowing that someone could walk up the stairs at any moment, did make it more exciting.

Kelly was very turned on. She was bouncing up and down fast, kissing me, digging her tongue deep into my mouth. I could already feel her pussy tightening up. I guess I got turned on too because after only a couple of minutes I could feel my dick swelling and my balls tensing up. ‘Wow this is a fast one’ I thought to myself.

“I’m gonna cum Brett!” Kelly exclaimed. “Fuck me harder! Go deep inside me.”

‘Wow, she is really getting off on this quickie. I gotta hurry up.’ I thrust my cock as deep into her as I could. Hard, deep and fast. My dick was swelling along with my balls each time I pushed. I could really feel her tightening up with each thrust. “Holy shit! Here it comes! OOOOHHHHHH!!” I exploded deep in her pussy as she clenched it around me.

“OH MY GOD! Brett, that feels so good!” Kelly started to convulse on me. Her whole body was shaking. She buried her face in my shoulder to silence her screams. “Wow. That was great! I love a good quickie. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess. Anytime I fuck you is good. I’ve obviously never done anything like that in a public place before. You were right, that was hot.” Kelly got off my still hard cock and started to pull her shorts back on. I maneuvered my cock back into my pants and zipped up my fly. We proceeded up the stairs to her room. When we got into her room, Beth and Crystal had their clothes back on and were ready to help us take the last of the boxes out of the room.

Beth looked at me and smiled.

“What?” I asked.

She looked at the zipper on my shorts and nodded her head at it. I looked down and saw a wet spot in the shape of a diamond. It was Kelly’s pussy juices from the stairs. “Nice touch Kelly,” Beth snickered.

“What?” Kelly asked. “Nice touch with what?”

“Look,” I said, pointing at my zipper.

“Oops. Sorry. Well, I guess the secret is out. Sorry Brett.” Kelly said, flustered but quietly laughing. “We should probably wash those shorts.”

“Yeah, I don’t have any others to wear while they are washing though.”

“That’s ok with me,” Crystal said. “I’ve seen a guy’s boxers before. They can’t be that different from the ones I’ve seen. Besides, don’t you want to wash your sheets before you leave Kelly?”

“Yeah, I should do that, especially since you two were here without us for a while. Let’s go Brett, take ‘em off. Don’t be shy; you haven’t been shy since I’ve known you.”

I reluctantly unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off, handing them to Kelly. “Wow, Kelly. You had a good one huh?” Beth asked, looking at my boxers. They were just as soaked as my shorts, in the same spot too.

“Well, I guess I did. Come on,” Kelly motioned to me. “Those too. Let’s have ‘em.”

I turned around, slid my boxers off, pulled my shirt down to try to cover my cock and handed my boxers to Kelly. My shirt wasn’t quite long enough though. I saw Crystal and Beth both staring at my cock. “It’s ok Brett. We’ve seen one before,” Crystal said. “You don’t need to cover it up.”

I was a little embarrassed, but I decided, ‘What the hell?’ and sat on the bed. I grabbed the TV remote and turned it on. “Glad you guys left his plugged in. Something to do while the laundry is going.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said. “Something to do.” Kelly grabbed her sheets and started to walk out of the room. Beth followed her to the hall.

Not even a minute later, Beth came back in the room, smiling at me. “What are you smiling at?” I asked her.

“Oh, not much. Just you.” She walked over to Crystal sitting on the couch in the opposite corner of the room and whispered something into her ear. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but I had an idea. I think it had something to do with why Beth went out to the hall with Kelly. Crystal stood up, facing Beth, and they started to kiss each other.

I must either have a super-recovery cock, or I was at that stage of my puberty when everything sexual I saw would make my dick grow, because it was happening again. I couldn’t believe it. Beth slowly moved her hands up to Crystal ’s breasts and started to rub them. They were each sticking their tongues into and out of each other’s mouths, but keeping an eye on me. Beth moved her hands down to the bottom of Crystal ’s shirt and slid her hands up, underneath Crystal ’s shirt. Crystal had her hands on Beth’s ass, grabbing it softly. Beth slid Crystal ’s shirt over her breasts and exposed her black, lace, see-though bra. Beth broke the kiss, sliding Crystal ’s shirt over her head. Once off, the shirt came flying at me. I caught it and laid it on the bed next to me. Crystal returned the favor to Beth, sliding her shirt over her head and also throwing it at me. Beth had a baby blue bra on that must have been a little small because it looked as if her tits were about to fall out of it. The two returned to their kiss, Crystal had her hands on Beth’s chest and Beth had her hands holding Crystal ’s hair up. Beth leaned down and started to kiss Crystal on the neck. She licked right above her collar bone, and then slowly kissed her way down to Crystal ’s chest. Crystal closed her eyes in pleasure. Beth slid her hands down to Crystal ’s shoulders, slipping the bra straps off and pulling them down so her arms were out of the loops. As Beth continued kissing Crystal ’s chest, Crystal was looking at me, specifically, my cock as it started to rise. Crystal stuck her hand out and motioned for me to come over there.

I stood up off the bed, my hardening cock hanging down below the bottom of my shirt and walked up behind Beth. I put my arms around her and my hands on her breasts. I moved my hands up to her shoulders and slid her bra straps off. I started kissing the back of Beth’s neck and the top of her back, moving my hands back to her tits. Beth pulled Crystal ’s bra down, exposing her breasts. They were either a large C cup or a small D cup. They weren’t as firm as Kelly’s; they sagged a little, mostly because of their size. I brought my hands up and grabbed Crystal ’s big boobs. They felt great, soft but full. Her nipples were big and hard and stuck out. Beth stood up, brought her hands back behind her and started to rub my cock. She pulled me into her ass, placing my cock in the crack of her ass and then started to grind her ass on my cock. Crystal reached around to Beth’s back and unhooked her bra. She had a full B cup. I took one hand off Crystal and placed it on Beth’s chest. I moved both of my hands down to Crystal ’s waistband of her shorts. I slid her shorts down to her thighs exposing a thing that matched her bra. Beth brought one of her hands around to slide her shorts off, keeping the other one on my hard shaft, stroking it. I helped her using one of my hands. Her shorts slid easily down her legs and to the floor. I felt around to slide her underwear off, but found that she wasn’t wearing any. Crystal and Beth started kissing again. Crystal reached around Beth and took my shirt off, pulling it up over my head.

Crystal moved her hands to Beth’s pussy. “Stick your fingers in me Crystal.”

“I was going to. I want to loosen you up so you can put his dick in you.” Crystal knelt down, slid a finger into Beth’s wet pussy and started to lick and suck on her clit. I continued to kiss Beth’s neck, rub her tits and I started to pinch her hardening nipples while she stroked my cock. Crystal must have been doing a good job because Beth tightened her grip on my cock.

Beth started to moan as Crystal kept licking and sucking her clit. Then she rolled her ass up and positioned my dick at the entry of her wet pussy. Crystal was still licking her as I entered her warm slit. It was tight, tighter than Rachel was. I slowly pushed as Beth’s pussy accepted my hard head and shaft. Crystal moved her head so she could lick my balls. I was slowly pumping my full length into Beth. We were moving in rhythm with each other. Her pussy became warmer and it started to tighten up as we began to fuck faster. Crystal stood up and pulled us over to the bed with her. Crystal led Beth to the bed, moving out of the way, pulling her off of my cock and helping her up on the bed so Beth was laying face up on the bed. Crystal sat up on the bed behind Beth, pulling her up to lean on Crystal . I re-entered Beth as Crystal started to rub Beth’s tits. I reached down and was rubbing Beth’s clit as I was fucking her. Beth’s pussy really started to tighten up. “Oh, I think I’m gonna cum Brett! I’m gonna cu…” Her legs clamped around my waist in an attempt to stop me from pushing but it didn’t. She had a big orgasm, shaking, moaning and screaming in ecstasy. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy shit!” she yelled. She pushed me out of her and laid there still shaking.

“Was it that good?” Crystal asked.

“Hell yeah! He’s got a bigger cock than I’ve ever had. I think I saved some of it for you Crystal.”

“Then get out of the way. You can recover as you watch him fuck me.” Beth rolled over and Crystal moved to the edge of the bed. She got off the bed, turned around and bent over, wanting me to fuck her from behind. She put her hands on the bed and looked over her shoulder at me, waiting for me to slide my dick into her wet pussy. I grabbed my hard cock and pressed it against her wet slit. Then I grabbed her hips and slowly pulled myself into her. She wasn’t quite as tight as Beth, but I could tell it had been a while since her last cock. Crystal moaned louder, the farther I pushed in. I couldn’t go all the way in, she stopped me, “It doesn’t go that far. Trust me, that’s plenty right there.”

I started to pump my shaft in and out of Crystal . Beth was watching and started to rub her clit again. Beth got up on her knees and kissed me. She broke the kiss off to lick her middle finger. She did it in a way that was so seductive. Beth took her finger out of her mouth and it was almost dripping with spit. She reconnected with me and as we kissed, she moved her wet finger into Crystal ’s ass crack, sliding it down to her ass hole. Beth slowly pushed her finger into Crystal ’s ass. Crystal let out a surprised sigh, but then more moans. Beth slid her finger in and out of Crystal ’s ass. I could feel Beth’s finger on my dick as she slid it into Crystal ’s ass. I started to pump faster and Crystal pumped against me as she moaned louder. I felt my balls tightening up and apparently so did Crystal . “Let me know when you’re going to cum Brett. I want to swallow it.”

“I’m close! I’m gonna cum now!” Crystal pushed me out of her, turned around and got on her knees. She took my cock into her mouth and stroked it with her hand. “Here it comes! OH GOD! UUUHHHH!” Crystal closed her lips tightly around my cock as I shot my load into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat with the head of my dick so I’m sure I shot it right down her throat.

Crystal sucked me dry, making sure she got every last drop of baby batter out of my overworked cock. I know I didn’t have much because I had just fucked Kelly about 15 minutes prior to this episode, but that didn’t stop Crystal from enjoying it.

Once I was sure I didn’t have any more cum to give her, I pulled her up to her feet. Beth turned to kiss Crystal and stuck her tongue into Crystal ’s mouth, trying to lick up any left over in her mouth.

As I was standing there naked, I looked in the mirror and saw Kelly sitting on the couch with her shorts off, her shirt and bra up over her tits and her hand on her pussy. “Hey sexy. Where did you come from?” I asked Kelly.

“I’ve been here since you guys went to the bed. I was in the hallway watching for a while.”

“I thought you were doing laundry?”

“Yeah, I did it. The laundry room is two doors down. It doesn’t take that long. I knew Beth wanted to see what happened if Crystal and she started kissing in front of you and I guess she got her wish, huh Beth?”

Beth couldn’t talk; she only nodded out of exhaustion.

“Well, shall we try this moving thing again?” I asked

“Yeah, your shorts are done. I’ll go get ‘em.” Kelly stood up, pulled her shorts on, slid her bra off and put her shirt back to where it’s supposed to be. “I don’t need this do I?” as she tossed her bra into an open box.

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