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A story about a father and his new 4 year old sex toy
I know it's been awhile since I first wrote this story but here’s the long awaited second part for those of you find the age of the girl disturbing keep in mind this is just a story!!!!!!!

That morning I awoke to Samantha fast asleep beside me and a huge boner hoping not to wake her I slipped out of the bed and hurried to the bathroom for my morning piss.
I stood there with my dick in hand thinking of the things I had done with Sam the night before. It didn’t help that I had dreamed about fucking her mom during the night and I was ready to get rid of the load I had waiting in my nuts.
I thought of Sam’s small hands around my hard dick stroking me off and blowing my hot sticky cum all over her body. It wasn’t long before I was jacking myself off standing over the toilet. Then the thought that now would be a good time to show this young child how daddy likes his meet stroked and sucked.
I slowly crept back to the bed where little Samantha still lay fast asleep her small body there for the taking by me. Her body covered only by a thin sheet her arm still reaching outward for my body I slowly slid the sheet back and stood there with my manhood hard as a steel flagpole sticking outward just waiting for a warm body to place the large load waiting in my nuts in.
I stood over the bed holding my dick in one hand and the thin sheet in the other my eyes searched over her small body as I eased myself down on to the bed beside her. Samantha's eyes slowly opened just as my head hit the pillow. She reached out wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and pulled herself closer to me, and looked at me with her big green eyes and said good morning daddy.
I rolled my head toward her and placed a loving kiss in the middle of her forehead followed by one on her tiny little nose then I moved on to her tiny mouth where I was met with the softness of her young tinder lips and a small giggle. She kissed me back as if she was a grown woman kissing her lover.
Her small hand slowly drifted down to my throbbing cock as her hand made contact with it she jerked her small head back and smiled and asked with a sound of joy in her voice daddy is your toy ready to play again is it is it... Baby yes it is. I replied to her is yours still hurting.
No daddy but I need to potty really bad and with that she threw her leg over me brushing my hard dick making it swing back and smacking her between her but cheeks she let out a small giggle she then looked over her shoulder really quick and said daddy your toy is in a hurry to play again, and it looks funny sticking out my butt like that. Then she continued getting out of the bed.
I watched as she walked to the toilet her little small brown ass switching back and forth her dark brown pussy lips still swollen form the night before her long dark brown hair swinging side to side just above her butt she climbed up on the toilet and looked back over at me as the sound of her pee splashed in to the water.
She finished and as she spread her legs and wiped her small pussy I could hear the little whimpers each time she touched it and the look on her face showed she was still sore my dick throbbed with the thoughts of what I had done to her. Sam jumped down and ran back over to the bed and climbed back on top of me making sure to place my dick in between her thighs she then looked up at me.
Daddy my toy hurts can yours make it feel better please!!!!! Can it... Sure it can baby I said as started to push my dick up between her thin legs I could feel the warmth of her young pussy as it slid down the length of my hard dick she moaned and took quick breaths with each push I made. Ouch daddy it hurts Sam cried out. Ok baby we will stop if you toy hurts ok. But daddy I want to make your toy happy I don’t want it to be sad all day is there any other way I can make it happy daddy?
Bingo that was the que I was waiting for sure there is baby I told her. But first we need to give our toys names ok. Sam just nodded at me. ok baby lets call your toy a pussy ok she giggled and said pussy that’s a funny name daddy but if you like it ok with me. And we will call daddy's toy a dick ok. She laughed out loud a dick that’s really a funny name daddy...
Then she smiled at me and asked daddy so how can I make your dick happy? My god I almost blew my load right then I just had a four year old ask me if she could make my dick happy! Yes baby you can. You know how momma used to kiss your boo boo's? Yea daddy...
Well if you kiss my dick it will feel a little better it realy likes to be kissed and with that she eased off me slowly and I pulled the sheet off of us so I could watch as she put her mouth on a dick for the first time in her tiny life. I watched as she slowly looked up and down my dick that looked so huge beside her little face she moved closer and closer still moving slow and taking it all in. Sam puckered her small lips and readied herself to kiss the monster cock in front of her.
Just before her tiny lips touched the tip of my dick I could feel her hot breath blow across it making it jump as her lips made contact with it. She slowly pushed harder holding the huge head of my dick for what seemed like hours to her soft wram lips her tiny hand slowly moving up the length of my dick towards the head of it. I spoke softly to her go ahead baby open your mouth and put it in there daddy's dick really likes it when big girls put him in there mouth.
Sam opened her mouth and started taking the head in to her small mouth. she got almost the whole head in there before I felt my stiff dick scrape her back teeth the tip was starting to rub her throat she started to gag a little so I pulled back some and just laid there taking the feeling in of her small mouth.
I spoke to her again softly telling her to suck on it some you know Sam like you do a lolly pop she just nodded with the tip of my man hood wobbling in her tiny mouth. She started sucking as hard as she could and god the feeling was incredible she continued like this for five or ten minutes before releasing the hold she had on it and telling me that her mouth was getting sore.
I replied baby just hold you head right there now take your hands and hold on to daddy's dick and move them up and down it ok. she started off slowly but soon was jacking my hard cock like a pro the site was over whelming her small hands running up and down my dick her small mouth waiting there for my hot sticky load. I put my hand on the back of her tiny four year old head and pushed it down till the head of my dick was just barely back in her mouth the site made it all that much harder to hold my load back.
My butt muscles tightened lifting my dick all that further in to her tiny mouth she began to gag again as my nuts erupted there hot load in to her thought I pushed harder on her tiny head holding her in place as my cum flowed in to her thought as she gagged and tried to pull away.
I could feel the warm cum mixed with her saliva running down across my nuts and down my ass cheeks and puddle on the bed sheet under me her eyes started to fill up with water as blast after blast of cum hit the back of her tiny mouth she was trying as hard as she could to keep swallowing the monster load I was unloading in her mouth but she finally gave up and just let it run out of her tiny mouth and sniffled a couple of times form what had gone up her nose.
I finished with one long hard push into her tiny mouth gagging her to the brink of throwing up as soon as I released her head she jumped back and balled up on the bed next to me and started crying and sniffling. she was so cute laying there naked with my cum still running off her hands and out of her mouth her eyes swollen and red with tears running out of them her lips puffy form the cock sucking she had given me just minutes before.
I relaxed and reached for her she jerked back away from me and just looked at me with those green eyes of hers her and cried out load to me. Daddy your dick hurt me daddy it was mean to me why daddy why was he so mean to me I was being nice to him I tried to make him happy and he hurt my mouth daddy.
It took me a second to think of a good answer for her but I did and told her baby you did make him happy you made him and daddy very happy but sometimes he is like a puppy and just gets so worked up he doesn’t know he’s hurting you ok.
But daddy well you make sure he is more gentile form now on ok baby. Ok daddy but my pussy still hurts daddy and you said you would make it feel better.
Yes I did Sam and daddy will ok. Come lay here beside daddy baby and clam down first ok. Sam slid back next to my body I was still breathing hard and needed to rest for a minute. I ran my fingers up and down the small of Sam’s tiny back just above her butt her breathing calmed down within a few passes of my fingers. I could feel that Sam to had started to sweat a little to form her daddy showing her how he liked his meat sucked and jerked.


2016-09-04 21:15:43
I love stories like this dad's fucking their extremely young daughters and can't wait for part three I seiously hope he ducks her pussy hard in the next part :) very soon I hope.

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2012-02-10 07:47:46
Lots of dads do there daughters from all ages it's the main reasons to have kids girls only

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2012-02-10 07:41:18
If any one wants me to take care of there little girls . Give me a shout and I don't mind splitting them in two for a small charge . Nothing over aged of ten as there far to old

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2012-02-10 07:34:02
Your niece at six didn't need to call it rape she loved it I. Et she had it befor. I'd be the one of three men who would gang bang her senseless oth holes or even two in one at same time . Fill her with baby juice . They love it up there pussies and bottoms. Down there throat is fun too

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2010-09-05 21:37:29
My neice was raped when she was six years old and it is obvious that the bastard who did it was probably incited to do so by just such sick literature as this. I don't understand how the XNXX-PiCS webmaster can stoop to such depravity as this, and may even be open to prosecution as well for blatantly encouraging this vile behaviour.

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