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Further adventures of a young Cherokee warrior and his Angel Vision.
We found Uncle Shorty’s truck and sure enough he had a cooking station on his tailgate keeping the fajitas, roasted green chile peppers, and grilled onions warm. Aunt Juanita was making more tortillas from scratch on her griddles. He welcomed us and hugged the women. “Uncle Shorty?” Angel questioned. “You’re at least a foot and a half taller than me!”
Dad laughed, “Yes, but the little guy is only six foot, five inches! In our clan, that’s short! Shorty, have I got a deal for you! I’ll donate that dry muley cow in our north pasture and three kegs of beer if you could butcher her and put her on your pit down at the Council campground?”
Uncle Shorty did most of the cooking there. It got him free beer, popularity, and was great publicity for his caf?Everybody who is anybody for forty miles around eats at Uncle Shortys place.
Aunt Juanita bartered, “Add a bottle of tequila for the tortilla and tamale cook and you’re on!” Dad had made an estimate of the expenses to Uncle Shorty and laid several hundreds in Aunt Juanitas hand. When she smiled her satisfaction he added one more hundred and kissed her!
Dad said, “That kiss was a bargain, Juanita! You’re one of the best kissers I know.”
She cackled loudly and said, “It’s always a business doing pleasure with you, Bear!”
Mom was still laughing, but told Dad, “Eat your tacos, Dear, they will keep your big mouth busy!”
Aunt Juanita asked, “Would you all like some tamales, too? I made them fresh today.” Aunt Juanita added another bowl of quacamole to the condiments available, as another family we knew stopped by for tacos. Angel was just finishing her first taco, and asked, “This is delicious, the best food I’ve ever eaten! Could I please try a tamale, too? I was skin and bones and near starving, until I got old enough to forage for edible things, and I’ve never eaten anything this good!” Aunt Juanita and Mom both instantly had tears in their eyes, and yes, mine were damp too. Aunt Juanita handed Angel a tamale, then wrapped a package of five dozen tamales for her to take home.
“I’ll give you more fresh tamales from this other cow, so those should last you all a couple of days.” Aunt Juanita confided.
Angel was clearly overwhelmed. She took the husk off her tamale and savored each tiny spicy bite. She said, “If you only knew the years I’ve survived dumpster diving behind stores for thrown out produce, you’d know how much I appreciate this fabulous food! I’m not ashamed in the least, though. I survived.”
I held her from behind, “You’re my hero, my Darling. I will never, ever take you for granted, after the fight you had staying alive.”
“Oh, I am a scrapper, my Love!” Angel confided. “Those two big idiot rapists carry scars from my fingernails and teeth, as I do from them. That’s why they always attacked me together. I’m less than half the smallest ones size, but I can hurt them fighting one on one!”
Uncle Shorty was listening to everything my Angel said. I knew he was a member of the Council, and she had done nothing but impress him favorably.
Angel noticed a carton of sour cream among the salsa and other condiments and asked, “Is that just for the tacos? I’ll bet it would be yummy on tamales. May I have another, please?”
“Darling,” Uncle Shorty said, “Of course you may! After knowing you an hour, I’d give your sweet self anything I own except the house and the truck, and that only because half of them belong to the wife!” We all laughed and Angel kissed him again. “If you guys ever get too busy to entertain Angel,” Shorty said, “drop her by our house or the cafe, Juanita and I will gladly look after this one!”
“I’ll make you a deal, Uncle Shorty,” She said, “I’ll visit your home after the party and council meeting and help with the cleanup, for a couple of more dozen of these tamales. I love them!”
“Angel, you’ll be the guest of honor at the meeting, and we’ll have our crew at the caf?o work overtime to clean up. You will get all the tamales you want out of this cow. I’ll tell you what.” Shorty said. “Chief will be bringing his horse to the meeting. Your family has some good spare horses they would give you, but I have an old roping horse, Old Jim, there at the ranch. He used to be a good working horse, but he’s almost worn out, and I’d hate to see him go to the dog food cannery. He may have a few good years, if ridden by a light person. Juanita nor I have ridden him since our arthritis set in. You’re welcome to him, and a used saddle and tack, if you’ll take the poor thing off our hands?” Angel leaped up and hugged his neck, of course!
I’ve known Uncle Shorty all my life and that was the first out and out lie I’ve ever heard him tell! That gelding is one of the best and fastest ten-year-old working cow horses in the county. He is beautiful, gentle, and in his prime. I’ve worked stock off him myself, and he taught me some things. I had personally heard Shorty turn down a cash offer of $1,500 for “Old Jim” only two weeks before! Uncle Shorty had laughed at the offer. Oh, he’d get his money worth back in watching Angel enjoy the horse and in telling all the hands who had tried to buy the horse how he’d fooled her into taking that “worn out old horse” off his hands!
Dad and Mom were both grinning ear to ear, enjoying the joke. Aunt Juanita took another tack. “Now Shorty,” She said, “I ought to take a stick to you for being so mean to this sweet baby girl! You have to give her at least a hundred dollars for giving your old horse a retirement home.”
“Aunt Juanita,” Angel said, “I don’t care if my horse is the slowest one out there, I’ll be proud to have a horse of my own to play on.”
I bought into the game. “Don’t beat Uncle Shorty yet, Aunt Juanita, old Jim may have a little life in him!”
“Juanita, you’re right, Honey.” Uncle Shorty spoke up. “Give her one of those hundred dollar bills Bear handed you earlier. Angel, you have to take this money to ease an old man’s guilty conscience, if that old nag comes up sick or lame I want you to have ready cash for the vet.”
Mom, Dad, and I were very near collapse! Uncle Shorty had scored the very best joke of the meeting and we weren’t even there yet! “I’ll trailer old Jim and the tack to your place when we leave here.” He said, “Angel appears to be far too puny for school tomorrow, and Chief might want to stay home with her to help her get around and they may just have to saddle that old horse to see how he looks under saddle, don’t you see?”
Our eyes were all peeled on Mom and Dad to see if they’d buy his story. Dad said, “Shorty’s idea sounds reasonable to me. Tomorrow’s Friday, and I’m sure she could use some rest on a couch. We’ll be busy all weekend then.”
Mom agreed, and Angel and I both shouted! I was positive they both knew good and well we would be on horses most of the next day! I figured we could make a light day of it and have our horses saddled around daylight. We’d put tamales in my saddlebags and pour iced tea in some thermoses. Forty miles on horseback in a day is very therapeutic for a fifteen-year old kid, right?
I was teasing about allowing Angel to ride forty miles any day soon. Her horse hadn’t been ridden in months but would be good to go for a few short races and light riding for however long was comfortable for her. He was a seasoned workhorse and would toughen back up within a few days.
Let’s face it, her horse was better for her than mine would have been, but I like a big horse. I weighed 240 pounds then and was still growing. With my large roping horse I may have sacrificed a few milliseconds in getting on a calf, but I usually had a loop on them as quick as the rest. When I stopped him, baled off, and he sat back and anchored the rope those calves stopped like they’d hit a wall, and I was right there with a calf rope. I was consistently among the winners so as a big slow Indian kid I was content with my horse.
I hoped in a few weeks she and I would be riding much further than forty miles, but she needed time to toughen up to the friction of a saddle. I sure didn’t want any friction blisters from a saddle on that pretty butt and those thighs! I didn’t know much about sex, and my first attempt had given me far too much confidence when my sweetheart had her first orgasm. I was very eager to learn more!
I kicked the horse conversation back up again. “You know Angel, I recall dad telling me some truisms to remember. The first of them was never think you know a thing about women, son, because you’ll be wrong. The other was be careful for tricks when you horse trade with a Tsalagi or a Gypsy. Your mileage may vary. We’ll all know soon.” We all laughed!
Angel said, “I don’t care, Chief. I love my new horse already, and I’ve never had a pet except butterflies and grasshoppers. I’ve had to skin and eat all the pretty little animals I catch to survive. Oh, help me remember I have traps and snares set I have to check tomorrow. I love my Uncle Shorty, my Aunt Juanita, my Daddy Bear, my Mommy Bear, and you, too. I’ve never had a real family before, either.”
There was a chorus of “Aw, we love you, too!” from all of us.
Dad asked Angel, “I’m thinking, since Shorty will have his trailer at the house and it’s a moonlit night. We could saddle a couple of horses, put on some war paint, raid the north pasture, and bring that cow up and load it for him. Would you have a pair of jeans and boots at the Rileys? If not, we may have some Chief outgrew eight or ten years ago?”
“Sure, Dad.” Angel said. “I have yard sale jeans and boots I’ve worked and bartered for with dumpster items. I can get in over there, too.”
“That’s good, Dear.” Dad said. “If everyone’s finished eating, we’ll go and pick up your clothes and get ready for some cow herding.”
Uncle Shorty said, “We’ll pull up stakes here then, and fetch old Jim. He may be good for chasing one more muley cow, with a light rider, of course.”
We all helped carry the food and clothes to Mom’s car, then we dropped Dad off at his truck parked down the street. He followed us to the Riley’s house and Angel stuffed everything she’d accumulated in her thirteen years with them into a laundry bag and climbed back out a window into my arms. When we arrived at our house I went directly to my dog pen and turned out my two “cow dogs.” They’re a matched set of black and white spotted harlequin Great Danes I’d raised from pups given to me.
I loved on them a minute, then told them simply, “Bring the horses up.” They took off at a run, and I knew despite the large pasture the horses would be in within a few minutes. I keep those dogs lean and in working condition at near two hundred pounds each. They come in very handy when working wild range cows, bulls, or hogs, and I get frequent calls wanting me to bring them and my horse to fetch in the wild stock.
I went back out front and helped in taking the food and clothes in. I put the tortillas in the fridge and noted where they were. We’d likely enjoy some of them on horseback the next day. Angel came from the third bedroom looking hot as a firecracker in boots, jeans, a tight tank top, and a well-worn denim jacket.
“Put a hat on your little red punkin’ head,” I told her. “You’ll need one with a brim to keep brush out of your face for night riding.” Mom slapped a good straw western hat on Angel I’d outgrown years ago as Uncle Shorty’s rig and trailer pulled into the yard. Angel broke and ran for the door as Mom ran for a camera!
Shorty was out of his truck quickly, but Aunt Juanita beat him to the trailer gate. She backed big Jim Dandy out into the open as Angel broke down in tears! “He’s so beautiful!” She said, she was laughing and crying, and Mom was laughing and in business with her camera catching her on video.
I asked Angel through my own laughter, “Nobody told you Jim is a registered Palomino, as well as a Quarter Horse? Remember what I told you about horse trading with our people though, his gold color could wash off!”
Angel was hugging and kissing her horse, and he seemed to love it. She spoke to us all, “This horse isn’t old and crippled, is he? I can tell by his muscle tone.” She turned loose of her horse and went for Uncle Shorty and Aunt Juanita, laughing and crying as she hugged them.
Uncle Shorty said, “He’ll do for you as a parade, Grand Entry, play day, and working cow horse for another ten years or until we find our newest Tsalagi a better horse. Please don’t brag on old Jim too much for the first few hours at the Council Meeting. We want everyone to enjoy the joke.”
I told her, “You’d better get on your horse, or Aunt Juanita and Uncle Shorty will think you don’t like their gift!” I helped her mount, knowing she might still be stiff from her last beating. She looked gorgeous seated in the black dual-purpose stock and parade saddle. “The stirrups have quick changes on them, if you aren’t comfortable?” She stood in them, and I could see they were adjusted to Aunt Juanita’s setting and close to perfect for Angel. “Jim Dandy was raised as a hip pocket pony, he thought he was a kid, until he noticed all the big horses were ridden, then he wanted a saddle, too. If you ever get into trouble on him, trust him, he is a big baby sitter.”
I had heard the other horses come in, and they were nickering to Jim. They knew him from numerous trail rides, round ups, Council Meetings, and rodeos. He was a full brother to Mom’s gelding, only a year older, and had been raised for several years alongside him. Jim was handling business though, and the newcomer in his saddle had all his attention.
Mom was still taking pictures and she had me back up to Angel’s leg, then added Uncle Shorty and Aunt Juanita and Dad to the pictures. Dad took several pictures of Mom in our group, then headed to the barn, and I told everyone I’d go help him saddle our horses.
We had spares enough for all, horses and saddles. We left the trailer open and backed up into the open gate into the pasture and mounted up, then we rode to the north gate, and I dismounted and opened that gate. My dogs were right there and intent on pleasing me so I thought I’d show them off. “Where’s that muley cow?” I asked them. I knew they’d heard me refer to the cow as that in the past. “Load her in the trailer now!” They were off like two, two hundred-pound missiles, vying with each other to see which could locate her first. I backed everyone out of the way of the gate, and stood literally holding my post as we chatted.
A few moments later we heard the distant barking of the dogs, as they roused the cow from her bed. She bawled in complaint as we laughed. Dad teased me, “Son, you need to train those dogs. They’re too danged slow!”
I answered, “Keep you and your horse out of her way, Dad, or they’ll herd her right over you!” Within a few seconds they had her moving our direction. She crashed through the brush, saw by the moonlight the gate was open, and went through it. I closed the gate behind the big dogs, both were still right behind her.
My Angel asked, “Is working stock always this easy?”
I laughed and answered my Sweetheart, “No, Baby, sometimes you break an arm or a leg. These dogs are a big help, though. I have a hundred says they’ll have her in the trailer when we get back to the barn?” No one wanted to bet against me. I enjoyed riding beside my love back to the house. She was thoroughly in love with Jim, and I could tell she used a loose hand on the rein, and gave him the extra slack he asked for. Back at the barn, the big dogs were there relaxing and awaiting any further requests from me as I closed the trailer gate behind the cow.
“Hell, Son,” Dad said, “Send those dogs out for a pepperoni pizza!”
“Oops, Dad,” I admitted, “you may have found their weakness now, they’re both fools over Aunt Juanita and Uncle Shortys fajitas, tamales, and barbecue!” I’d been Dad’s straight man in his comedy act for years, but I slip a zinger in now and then.
We were all taking our horses to the stable to unsaddle and I asked Dad what he thought about leaving them in with a ration of oats and couple of blocks of hay, in preparation for the active weekend. “Good thinking, Son,” Dad said, “With Jim here if they were out they’d be milling half the night instead of grazing. This way they can still catch up on gossip and have a full belly.”
“Daddy Bear?” Angel pleaded, “I don’t know that I could get out of sight of my horse tonight without checking him a dozen times. Would it be alright if I got a blanket and sacked out in the stable?”
We all laughed, Mom said, “You won’t be the first Tsalagi to sleep next to their horse. You may want to ask Chief and his dogs to volunteer to keep you company to keep the wild critters at bay.” Angel didn’t have to plead with me! I was all for the idea. Aunt Juanita and Uncle Shorty again accepted all of our thanks for gifting Angel with her fine horse. They left knowing if they needed any stock worked we were only a phone call away, and Angel was already showing them she’d learn to care for the horse properly.
I stacked bales of hay back and forth on the floor of the large tack room, then tied a cotton rope tightly around them with a cinch knot so not even a short skinny red headed girl could fall through the cracks. I added a good stiff canvas tarp, while Angel fetched a couple of quilts. Altogether it made for a comfortable bed. We would have slept in a rock quarry, for the chance of being in each other’s arms. I left a light on down the hallway, so we could find our way around, if needed.
I hung our clothes on nails, with an explanation we’d want to be alert for wandering scorpions or spiders in the morning. I told the dogs to lie down, then I wrapped Angel in my arms. I kissed her as I found again her beautiful little breasts didn’t fill a man sized hand, but I wasn’t complaining. They felt even better when suckled into my mouth. Oh, her firm nipples were Heaven!
My Darling said, “I love it when you suck my nipples, Honey. Could you nibble on them and pinch them sometime?” Could I? That was a duty I’d be happy to do. In answer, I sucked a small breast into my mouth. I laved her nipple with my tongue, then grasped it carefully between my teeth and pulled it away from her body. I was watching her face for signs of pain. The pupils of her blue eyes rolled back behind her eyelids and she moaned her pleasure. I let it go, then did the same to her other nipple. I had read about nipple clamps and decided I should look into ordering some.
Angel said, “I seem to remember I owe you one, Chief.” She began moving down in the makeshift bed, and I figured I was about to get my first ever blow-job. All I knew about those was what I’d read, and I knew the first time might be over in a few seconds unless I had something else to occupy my mind. I figured my own first attempt at giving her oral sex would do that, so I swiveled in our bed and reached for her hips.
Angel even smelled sexy! I’d heard all the boy’s jokes about fishy smells and such, but there was nothing about my Darling but sheer turn on! I licked at her warm flesh until I found her clit, being very careful to keep my teeth from hurting her tender vaginal lips. I nearly came as I felt the warm wetness and suction of her mouth surround the head of my cock!
I heard a muffled squeal from her as I found her G spot with my finger inside her, and I knew I must be doing something right! I had nothing to compare this to, but I knew sex couldn’t get much better than this, it was already habit forming!
Whatever Angel was doing to me felt at least a hundred times as thrilling as three times around on a Texas Twister roller coaster with a triple dip chocolate cone thrown in. Both her little hands were busy stroking my prick and massaging my testicles, and her mouth and tongue were sucking as fine as a Hoover!
My only upsetting thought was how I was going to kiss my little darling after she’d had my prick in her mouth? I decided I’d just have to shut my eyes and go for it. After all, she was only doing it because she loved me.
I next got to thinking about what the Riley boys had done to my love that morning and I’d been kissing her all day. The poor darling had been beaten and raped within an inch of her life. If she could live with it, I damned sure could too! All of these confusing thoughts had kept my mind occupied, but thank goodness my clumsy first efforts had somehow turned my love on. She began moaning as she fucked my face with her soft hot pussy. She screamed around my cock in her mouth and something let loose in me as I nearly went crazy! I did manage to continue licking and sucking on her as we both came, until she began to shove my face away. I realized sometimes more stimulation can become excruciating to sensitive flesh after a climax.
I lay there for a moment, resting and relishing the pleasure, then I stirred my lazy bones and turned around and kissed Angel tenderly. “Thank you, Baby.” I told her. “That was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life!”
She smiled and got a silly grin on her face. She said, “Me too, Chief! I love you so much! I love the taste of your cum, too, and I've heard it's all protein.”
I told her generously, “This is your lucky day then, Little Girl! You’re welcome to all of my cum you want. I love you, like a bear loves his honey!” I knew she had to be exhausted so I held her in my arms kissing her now and then until she went to sleep. I watched her sleeping face then. I was on top of the world. The most gorgeous girl in the Universe loved me, and she liked sucking my prick? Life doesn’t get any better than that!
My darling woke me the next morning by shoving a big plate of warm tamales in bed next to me. She’d taken the shucks off each of them, laid a slice of cheese atop them, then she’d microwaved them.
I told her, “Oh, yummy, Sweetie, thank you! The breakfast of Champions! Our tribal warriors ate tamales before the battle of uh, were there any battles we won? I’ll have to ask Dad or Mom.”
She’d fixed us each a big insulated mug of iced tea and together they made a fine breakfast. Kids our age will eat most anything anyway and from what she’d mentioned the night before she was less particular than most. I’d once fed twenty Tsalagi boys bullfrog and squirrel dumplings for two days then a can of the biscuits I was using for dumplings got too warm and exploded and the scoutmaster confiscated the rest.
I dove into the river and hunted holes in the bank until I pulled out a thirty-pound catfish. We cleaned it, packed it in clay then heaped coals on it. Our troop gained weight on baked catfish stuffed with crayfish tails, wild onions, wild mushrooms, and tender cattail shoots for two days while the city boys gave up and went home hungry.
I had noticed Angel had given me eight of the tamales to her four. She finished three of hers, then told me “Open wide for an incoming tamale, I can’t eat all of these!”
“I’m not twice as big as you, Sugar Dumplings.” I denied.
“Oh yes, you are, you big moose, and more!” She volleyed. “How much do you weigh, two forty? I am a slender petite ninety-eight pounds and forty pounds of that is my hair!”
“Slender and petite, you say? Is that anything like short and skinny? Whichever, I adore you!” She’d guessed my normal weight to the pound, but she was still fibbing about having forty pounds of hair, unless it was wet. Like Dad had said, we’d have to watch her and Mom.
“Okay.” I admitted. “I’ll split down the last tamale with you then, but you’ll have to eat if you expect to grow big and strong enough to saddle Jim.”
She laughed and took a bite, then stuffed the last half tamale in my mouth as I shook out my britches before dressing. I dressed, then went to see how she was doing. She had Jim munching on sweet hay and had put his blankets on, then nudged his front and rear hooves until his withers were at least six inches lower than normal. She grabbed her off side stirrup, hooked it on the horn, then she swung her heavy saddle atop Jim like a champ.
I asked her, “How’d you know your old pony would stretch out like that, Sugars?”
She tapped the side of her head, then said, “Doh, Aunt Juanita is my size. We little critters have to do more thinking than you big guys blessed with leverage and strength.”
I went to my horse Snip’s stall to saddle him, before she got too big a start on me. “I will make one suggestion, Babe. We’ll be all over creation today. When I’m not roping, I leave a stout halter on under their bridle, and a cotton lead rope snapped to that and hitched to the saddle horn. That gives you a strong rope to snub them to something. I’ve seen too many city boys looking lonesome with broken reins in their hands and a startled horse two miles down the highway running for the barn.”
Angel laughed and said, “Your words of wisdom have been heard and heeded, oh exalted one! What good would my having a trusted Tsalagi scout be if I didn’t listen?” We carried our plates and big mugs to the house, and tied the horses to the rail there. I helped her top off our mugs, then filled the emptied sun tea jugs with warm water and tea bags, and sat them on the patio table to steep. Mom and Dad would know where to look, if they wanted the tea.
I asked Angel if she wanted to take tamales with us, and told her we could go by Aunt Juanita and Uncle Shorty’s caf?nd have a taco, barbecue, or a hamburger later? She agreed that sounded good. I then mentioned the horses wouldn’t mind waiting, if she wanted to join me in my bathroom, to brush our teeth and pick up where we’d left off the night before? She beat me to the bathroom, she also beat me in undressing and to the bed.
When I’d gotten my clothes off she was already lying on the bed on her back with her head off the side. I wondered what she was doing, until she reached for my prick. My darling knew what she was doing, oh yes, she did! I went to my knees and she sucked my cock into her hot mouth, and began trying to swallow the head of it into her slender throat.
I’d never even seen the likes of it, except in clips on the net. I began manipulating her breasts with my hands and her pussy with my mouth. I had to check her after a moment to make sure she wasn’t strangling. Her face and chest were reddening, but she was still gamely stroking my prick with her mouth and throat!
I lifted her in my arms by her hips so I could suck her clit and see her upside down in the full-length mirror on my closet door. She looked so fine! Angel pulled off me to gasp in some air and I used that moment to lie down on the bed with her little body on top of mine. I figured she’d be free to breathe better in that position. I stuck my tongue as far up her pussy as it would go and wetted one big finger in her pussy, then penetrated her fine ass with it, as I sought out her G-spot with fingers of my other hand, then sucked her clit with my mouth.
She was still doing her thing on my prick, sucking and stroking all that wasn’t inside her, and had begun moaning when my finger penetrated her butt. Her throat vibrating around me was escalating the sensations there enormously! I began more rapidly fucking her pussy and ass with my fingers, as my sense of urgency increased. I wanted this act to end in a grand finale for both of us!
She paused a moment to suck on one of her own fingers, then slid it up my ass and began stroking my prostate gland and slamming that pussy into my face! I pinched her clit between two of my free fingers and the waterworks started! My darling was gifting me with a squirting orgasm, as I injected jet after jet of cum into her throat! I licked and lapped all her fluids I could. I had only read a few references to the phenomenon, and those were in Dad’s notes.
My Dad’s thoughtfulness allowed me to reassure my Darling, when she asked, “What was that? Did I pee?”
I told her, “No, Baby. That squirting orgasm came from your paraurethral glands or Skene's glands, which are usually thought to be associated with a vaginal orgasm, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm. In laymen’s language, if it felt good, don’t worry about it.”
“Good!” She laughed, “I’m glad we didn’t break anything. Let’s get cleaned up and go riding. We’ll try for more of those later!” We showered and dressed again.
We mounted up and I called the dogs to me. They behaved equally well in traffic or in town, as they did in a pasture, and would keep stray dogs from pestering our horses.
We ran Angel’s trap line first. She disarmed them for now and the dogs made short work of a few critters she’d caught. I asked, “This is easier to do on horses, huh, Babe?”
“Oh, yes, Chief!” She was beaming, “Your Angel is in Heaven! I burned most of the calories I earned just running my traps. We can exercise in bed to make up for that. Oh, can we make a bed like that one in the stable at our cave, too? I could write there and in your tree as easily as at the house, and we’d be together.”
“That sounds great to me, Doll Face.” I confided. “Both places get lonesome, and I’m addicted to you big time now. We’ll see if Mom and Dad could afford to help us buy a laptop of your own, if not, I’ll use some rodeo winnings and get one.”
Half the folks who passed us on the road were locals and knew me, and some may have recognized Angel from the News. Most tapped their horns or shouted and waved.
Joe Antelope, one of Mom’s patrolmen, pulled his car over and told us, “Chief, there’s a four year old girl missing in Dexter, one of our Mutual Aid towns. Your Mom’s headed home with a patrol truck and horse trailer to pick up her horse. She wants to know if you two want to go and take your horses and dogs?”
One glance at Angel, and I told him, “We’re in, Joe! Tell her the dogs are with us and where we are, please.” Joe called her on his radio and she said she’d see us in ten minutes flat! She pulled off the road near us in more like seven minutes. Angel was trying to control her emotions, but was very upset. That never slowed her from helping me load our horses and the dogs at a run. “This is another good reason for stout lead ropes.” I shared that with Angel as we ran to the door of the truck. “Hey, Mom. Let’s go find a kid!” I greeted her as we climbed into the truck cab. Mom pulled back onto the road, then patted Angel’s leg lovingly.
“Every second counts in a case like this,” Mom said, “but I knew you guys would want to help, and those big dogs might make the difference in a rural area like this!” Mom passed everything else moving on the road to Dexter. She was doing her best to keep her speed changes smooth for the horses, but still made great time.
Mom knew the area and pulled into the neighborhood within a few minutes. She parked the rig a couple of houses down and I snapped the dog’s chains onto their collars before unloading them. There were three uniformed policemen there who seemed to be milling around the yard ineffectually even to my unprofessional eye. I halfway expected each to pull out his single bullet and polish it at any moment!
Mom approached them briskly, and took charge of the scene. They knew of her Fellowship in Forensics as well as her reputation for good police work! “Stop that milling like sheep!” She ordered, “You do know you may be destroying evidence at a crime scene, or did you assume the child wandered? Where is your police barricade?” We were on their turf, but Mom would never allow diplomacy to risk a citizen’s life or safety!
Mom strode to the door of the house and asked the crying woman there if she had anything the girl had worn recently. I noticed the three Dexter cops were staring at my Mom’s fine butt in her tailored uniform pants, but I couldn’t blame them.
The woman pointed to two pathetically small shoes on the porch. “Darlene was wearing those when I saw her last. Please find my baby!”
Mom spoke to me. “See if they can pick up her scent, Chief!” I urged the dogs forward, and pointed at the shoes. Both dogs snuffled the shoes and the anklets they held, and the area of porch she must have sat on while removing them.
I asked my dogs, “Find the little girl, where is the baby?” I walked them back and forth across the front of the yard, but both of them seemed more interested in the house across the street! I knew scent sometimes lingered in the air for hours, and they appeared to be following it rather than her ground trail. I walked them on across the street.
Both dogs were near frantic now and unlike their normal disciplined selves they were pulling on their chains as we rounded the corner of the house. It was on blocks and sills and both dogs dove under it, whining. I went prone behind them and could see they’d begun digging in freshly dug dirt! “Mom, there is freshly dug dirt here! Down boys, come here!” I drug them out of my way and handed their chains to Mom. I dove back under the house with Angel right beside me.
I plunged my hands into the dirt and used them like spades; Angel was clawing frantically, too! I noticed she had bumped her head on a floor joist and had blood on her face, but we couldn’t let that slow us now. I made out the child’s small naked form and yanked her from her shallow grave.
“Airway, we have to clear her airway! Use your smaller fingers!” A silent plea went through my head. “Please, let her be alive!” I rolled her over and slapped her back with the flat of my big hand while Angel dug panties, dirt, vomit, phlegm, and no telling what else from the girl’s mouth with her smaller, more flexible fingers. I noted the girl’s skin color was almost blue from lack of oxygen.
I slapped her back again and more debris seemed to be projected from her airway. I rolled her over, pulled her jaw down, and covered both her mouth and nose with my mouth. I breathed shallow puffs into the girl as I’d been taught and could feel her little chest rise and fall. I felt a pulse in her throat, with my fingers, her heart was beating! I cradled her in my arm and moved her toward the yard and Mom, the medical professional, only to see she literally had her hands full!
Mom had her pistol drawn and aimed at the chest of a man who had come around the back corner of the house. The knees of his britches and his hands were as filthy with wet dirt as Angel’s and mine. It took Mom only seconds to put him on the ground and cuff him as I paused giving mouth to mouth to re-evaluate the girl.
The girl’s eyes opened as she regained consciousness. She took one look at my savage face and began crying! I handed her to Mom. “Thank you, this is one of the best days of my life!” Mom said. “Chief, get the oxygen bottle out of my truck, please.”
Mom shouted to the Dexter Chief, who had finally arrived. “Would you call Life Flight? Oh, never mind, We’ll do that, too.” She gave the girl oxygen for several minutes as her color improved, then she had Angel hold her. She got her prisoner on his feet, and tied plastic bags around his muddy hands. She refused to release him to anyone and ordered everyone else off the crime scene until FBI Agent Kelly arrived with a crew. He took our complete statements, and Angel and I verified the Dexter police were in the other yard destroying possible evidence through the entire thing.
Mom had stressed to the Life Flight crew about the dangers of pneumonia to the girl and that she should be tested for rape, and she provided them with swabs from my own mouth, since I’d been giving the girl mouth to mouth. Mom patched Angel’s head while I went to the next nearest house hydrant and thoroughly cleaned my mouth, face, head, and hands.
“Well,” Agent Kelly said, “At least the Dexter Police didn’t shoot themselves or each other in the foot! I will see to it their entire department will be re-evaluated by the state for their certifications, and I will put the three of you up for every commendation I can think of! Angel, you have my card, and I’m your biggest fan now.” I let that opening for a joke slide by, since he’s a Federal Agent.
Mom got a call from her office informing her, the news of Darlenes rescue was already out. Not only the national news and Reservation and Town Council, but hundreds of our people from miles around would be at the campgrounds. She instructed them to call in every available Deputy.
I grabbed my Darling. “Have I told you yet how proud I am of you?” I asked her. “You were so beautiful with blood and tears running down your face and fighting for that babies life. Mom, you looked like a Super Cop when you threw down on that person!”
Mom returned the compliments. “You two and your dogs make a fine search and rescue team, Son. What would you think about opening an account to take donations for a truck and horse trailer and phone equipment? You do know every frantic parent in the state with a stray kid is going to be calling you now?”
Angel gasped, and held her hands over her face as if she’d had another shock! “I told the news last night I’d be a spokesperson for missing children, Mom. I hope I didn’t somehow incite this person?”
“No, Dear.” Mom told her. “It’s more likely he’s a copycat of the Rileys. You were never at fault, any more than it’s Darlenes fault she was a child with this person for a neighbor.” I helped Angel clean her hands and face, then mom drove us back toward home.
She offered, “If you two heroes are hungry, I’ll buy lunch at the caf?
“How about you, Angel?” I asked. “I could probably eat at least one of their double everything cheese burgers with bacon and jalapenos.”
“Ditto for me, Chief,” Angel said, “but, after the jalapenos, please be careful where you kiss me until you brush your teeth!”
Mom laughed, then said, “That’s too much information for an old woman! I didn’t hear a word of that, Dear. I swear, I was busy driving!”
Angel did a quick scan of Mom’s beautiful face and figure, giggled, and said, “Old woman? Yeah right, Mom!”
Hell, I was snickering, too! I told Mom frankly, “Half the boys in town are romantically in love with you, Mom, and the other half have the hots.”
Mom was giggling at some private thoughts herself. She pulled her rig off the road directly in front of the caf?knowing it could only attract more business. There was standing room only, we were met with cheers as we entered, and everyone shuffled until we had a table. She called Dad, knowing he’d want to join us, if he were able.
Uncle Shorty came from behind the counter and his first words were to Angel, “You will officially be a Tsalagi, tonight, Angel! Anything our three heroes wants is on the house!” Cries of agreement went up among the crowd. Mom and Angel both ordered the double everything cheeseburgers, with bacon and jalapeno slices, and the large sized frosted mugs of Uncle Shorty’s home made root beer. I agreed, and suggested we might split down a big order of chili-cheese fries? The ladies were all for that, and agreed when Uncle Shorty asked if we’d like two scoops of ice cream in our root beers.
Mom mischievously confided, “I may have to corner Bear before I brush my teeth, he delights in playing pranks on me.”
Angel and I both laughed and shouted in unison, “Too much information, Mom!” Oh, we had a glorious victory banquet, made much better when Dad arrived. He hugged and kissed the girls. I stood toe to toe with him for his Cherokee Carcass Crush (patent pending), a stunt from his wrestling days. One wrestling federation announcer has solemnly sworn I am one of few survivors of the Crush. I personally think Dad only does it now to get affectionate hugs from me, while still appearing macho.
Uncle Shorty went by on his way to our truck with a couple of monster cow bones for the dogs. He laughed and said “They’re heroes too.”
I had to remark, “I’ve seen those dogs on any number of trails, but this time it was like they somehow knew that little girl was in trouble before they got into the yard across the street. They were hunting like bloodhounds, too, using the air above the ground and didn’t have to check the trail.”
One of the men in the cafe stood and walked over to our table. He stuck out a hand, and said, “Please excuse me, my name is Henry James. I couldn’t help but overhear you. After hearing you’re that gifted a trainer of Great Danes, I have a litter of nine Bloodhounds just weaned I’d like for you to consider training.”
I shook his hand and introduced him to our family. “I’m not certain, Mr. James, that we’d have the time to take them on right now, but if it’s alright we will consider it a few days, then get back with you?”
“That would be fine.” He said. “I’m in the phone book. With your Mom in the police business we might even work out a deal where you could take a share of the puppies or of their selling price? I’m willing to negotiate. They were a windfall inheritance to me and all I’d want to keep would be one for my ranch. Their parents are both champions out of champions in shows and in Bloodhound Trials. I made a quick sale of the pair back to the their breeders yesterday for five thousand dollars.”
“Thank you, Mr. James.” I told him, “I’ll certainly consider it.” He turned away, then swiveled in place.
“Please call me Henry, or Hank. I’m going to offer you a deal I don’t think you will refuse. These puppies are interfering with business plans of mine. I should have been in Brazil selling a ranch three days ago. I would be willing to sign all of their papers over to you in exchange for your handshake saying you will raise and train your choice of them for me as an all around working ranch hound for six months. I have every reason to believe your word is your bond. If my dog dies before then, I’ll thank you for all your efforts, and we’ll shake hands again.”
“Hank,” I told him, “You need a ticket to Brazil, my friend! Mom, Dad, Angel, could we raise some great Bloodhounds?”
“Here is my passport and other identification, Chief Walks in Clouds.” Hank said. “I’m a member of the board at the bank here as well as several other larger financial institutions.”
“I’ve heard nothing but good things, about you, Hank.” Mom assured him. “It appears we’ll be in the Bloodhound business. We’ll be over to pick up the pups and papers early tomorrow, unless you’d prefer to send them to the Council Campground tonight?”
“Tomorrow would be fine, thank you!” Hank smiled and sighed in relief. “It will take me some time to make travel arrangements, then I’m off to Brazil!” He thanked us all, shook hands on the deal, then went back to his seat. Mom had already recognized his companions, the President and Vice President of our local bank.
“Okay, Mom, Dad, Sweetie.” I asked my family, “Who wants to volunteer to play hide and seek and be a runner for our blood hounds? We’ll want to start them on trail work very soon.”
“We might get some help from the school track and football teams,” Angel suggested, “Especially after our finding Darlene. Oh, and the Boy and Girl Scout troops could earn community service patches for helping train search and rescue dogs. Another good asset might be the senior citizen exercise groups. That would also familiarize the dogs with older people since some may be used to find Alzheimer patients.”
“Nine puppies.” Dad said, “That’s quite a handful. I jog a few miles most days anyway. I think at the field trials, they have to pick the individual they were hunting out of a lineup of three. We may be able to find some individuals out of that many pups who just aren’t as talented or interested as others, and sell them as pets or guard dogs.”
“That’s true, Dad.” I shared. “Wow, I never thought my training a couple of monster stock dogs would lead to this! It should be interesting as well as lucrative. These dogs could sure help Angel’s and my college funds, especially if we prove them by earning some ribbons.”
“Those two big oafs of yours proved today you can train hounds, Dear.” Mom said. “If this litter bred true, and it sounds as if they have the pedigrees.”
Dad peered around the table. “Our plates look like hoards of locusts have come through and devoured everything. Do you kids want to go by the house and clean up before making your appearance at the campground?”
“I’m all for that, Dad.” Angel agreed. “My Super Hero outfit is filthy!” When we arrived at the house we unthinkingly both went to my room. Mom shouted, “I don’t want to hear the two of you having too much fun in the shower. So if you do, keep the moaning and groaning and giggling down.” We gave her our patented answer, we simpered, “Yes, Mother dear!”
She answered back with a mockingly stern voice, “What was that?”
Angel giggled back, shrugged, and tried, “No, Mother?”
Dad and mom were both laughing now. I went quickly to the lavatory and handed a new guest toothbrush to my darling. She snickered as she held it out for me to apply toothpaste. I did, then applied some to mine and scrubbed my teeth. I asked Angel, “Do you think she’ll get Dad?”
“We can only hope!” Angel whispered around her toothbrush, then said, “Be sure to wash your lips and fingers, too!” I reached up and carefully opened an air exchange vent between the two bathrooms.
We were stepping into the shower when all hell broke loose from the other shower! Angel cackled, and I was close to breaking a rib laughing. Dad shouted, “What did you do to me, Fawn?”
Mom said innocently, “Oh, you poor dear. It must be the jalapenos I ate. I’ll melt a spoon of butter in my mouth and make my baby all better!”
A few moments later she returned and shortly we heard Dad sigh. “Oh, that was worth a little burn! We’ll have to do that again!”
Angel was laughing so hard her cheeks were wet with tears! We shampooed and showered as quietly as we could. We wrapped towels around our hair, and jumped in my bed. I whispered to her, as I pointed out our body parts, “This hasn’t been in there, yet!”
She shoved me onto my back and straddled me. She moistened the head of my cock on her hot pink wet labia, then began lowering herself onto me as I tuned in her luscious nipples. “That was smart, Angel.” She bounced a bit, then told herself. “One of the smallest girls in the school, and falls in love with a guy built like King Kong with a schlong like Babe, Paul Bunyan’s Blue Ox!” She was exaggerating, of course, but I wasn’t complaining!
“Yeah, Baby.” I moaned. “Talk dirty to me!”
She sunk another inch lower onto me, then asked me, “Would you settle for me taking half that thing, maybe seven or eight inches?”
“Oh, Baby!” I pleaded, “Take all of that thing into my beautiful Goddess!” She bounced some more, then went crazy on my prick! I had nothing to compare it to. I had never been ridden like that! Her tightness and heat were indescribable. I knew I was going to cum my brains out at any moment, but that I would die happy!
Angel kissed me, then closed her eyes and rocked back and slid all the way down on me! She was so unearthly beautiful, and unique, especially to a young man who had grown up with a different perspective of beauty altogether.
She said, “Don’t you even dream of putting that big cock in my little ass hole, Chief. If you ever think of reaming my butt for hours, you’d better catch me when I’m not looking, tie my hands behind my back with scarves or soft ropes, and gag me, or you’ll never be able to do it!”
That did it! I rolled her over with me between her legs and pounded that fine pussy with all the strength of my two hundred and forty-pound athletic body! She wailed, she screamed, she scratched and bit my chest, shoulders, and back and she begged me for more! We both peaked after about thirty minutes of fucking like wild animals. We did about five minutes of cumming and moaning and groaning, then subsided into soul kissing. I was loving that, when my brain snapped me back into focus!
“Oh Baby!” I gasped, “Mom and Dad are in the house, and we are both so dead!” We cleaned up and dressed in about thirty-five seconds flat, and I stupidly told her, “Act casual.” She giggled, and we walked out of the bedroom hand in hand. Mom and Dad were out on the patio drinking iced tea.
“Hey kids,” Mom asked, “How about some tea? That showering can make one thirsty!” Dad laughed and poured the tea and we gratefully accepted it.
“Mom, Dad, I am so sorry.” Angel began. “We sort of got carried away emotionally, and…”
Dad reached over and took her hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. “You didn’t do anything that didn’t come natural to you, Baby Girl. As a Psychiatrist and Anthropologist, Fawn and I agree the two of you are very mature for your age and a near perfect match. Chief is big and stupid, and you’re little and smart!” We laughed, and Dad continued, “It’s far more complicated than that, but Angel, you are a very exceptional person to have been raised as you were and still develop emotionally as well as you did. We believe you two will live long happy lives together!”
“Oh, thank you, Mom and Dad. I was shown how to love others, I think, but I don’t remember by whom. Chief and I love each other heart and soul.” Angel told them.
Mom said, “We know you do, Dear. I put your doe skin dress, hair dryer, makeup case, and some brushes in your big purse, Angel. See if you need anything else, then we’d better drive to the campground. We will have time to let the horses stretch a while before the real playing begins.”
We got hero’s welcomes at the campground! We still had a couple of hours before the council meeting, so we backed the horses out of the trailer and climbed aboard.
Uncle Shorty’s truck and BBQ pit were our first stop, so he could get the rumors started about his having given Angel a hundred dollars to take his old horse off his hands. Several of my friends who hadn’t met Angel before rode over to say hello and congratulate us. She was immediately popular with all the boys and men because of her looks. When the girls saw how affectionately my family treated her, the ice began to thaw with some of them, too.
I casually mentioned to the men and boys who hunted about Angel having relied on her trap line and snares for subsistence, and that fact began spreading around the camp. I wanted my people to respect my darling, as I did!
My cousin Jason, who is probably my best buddy in school, took one look at Angel and asked me, “We are going to share, aren’t we?”
Angel and I both laughed. I told Jason, “I love you like a brother, but this Goddess is my one true love. You can rope off my horse, and hunt with my hounds, but this Angels sugars are all mine!” Angel kissed me sweetly, for all to see.
“It’s just not fair!” Jason said, “You’ve had the sexiest Mom on the reservation all your life, and now you were sent this Goddess?”
I shrugged and told him, “Some of us have it, some of us don’t, Bro!” I resisted the temptation of telling him I’d kissed one of Mom’s fine breasts only the day before, and she’d said she’d let me bring her milk back in, if I needed to suckle. I figured he’d already spent too many years of his life whacking off while looking at her pictures!
One of the supposed tough guys in town came over to us. He said, “I heard it said you ran a trap line and ate little critters to survive at the Rileys, Angel. I don’t believe it.” Angel was getting into relaxing on horseback and had one knee hooked over her saddle horn, and a long grass stem in her mouth. She looked at me and winked, so I sat still in my saddle, waiting for an opening. Everyone within fifty yards was watching and listening to this exchange, including Mom and Dad. Angel asked me, “Did you hear anything, Chief?”
“Yes’m,” I said, “it sounded like Mack Kettle, but I may have been wrong, because I never thought he’d be stupid enough to call you and me liars. It seems as if we took two ground squirrels and a gopher out of your snares just this morning. You had your heart set on more tacos and tamales, so we fed those to the dogs.” I turned to the dogs who were both sitting there waiting for my next command. I raised an eyebrow and asked them, “Is that how you guys remember it?”
Our two dogs looked at us, then each other, and not knowing how to respond, they both voiced a vague “Woof!”
I turned to Mack, “There you have it, Mack, straight from the dogs mouths. Now do you want to call those two big sons of bitches liars?” I reached a hand out to steady my Angel as she began to giggle so hard she was falling from her horse. Most of the Tsalagi within hearing range were laughing, and Dad and Uncle Shorty were doing an impromptu dance of some sort! Mom was shouting excitedly to her sisters and pointing at me, she asked them in Tsalagi, “Who is that big warrior? That is my son, Chief!” Bragging on ones children is one of our traditions, and seems mostly harmless.
I smiled affably at Mack. “You dealt the last cards, Mack. Would you like to try for double or nothing?”
Mack’s face had been red, but was returning to his normal color. “No, I figure I’d better shake your hand and apologize before I lose my shirt!” Oh, my darling was having fun! She shook Mack’s hand, then reined her horse around to hug Mom.
“I see you’re adjusting to our way of life, Daughter.” Mom said, “There are some of these people who won’t step down from their horse today, except perhaps for the council meeting.”
I couldn’t follow the rest of their conversation. I was too busy experiencing one of those Lee Van Cleef, Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach moments. Dad has all the spaghetti western videos, and my favorite parts are when the steely eyed villians square off and the brass section warms up and Alessandro Alessandroni whistles and plays his guitar for fifteen or twenty minutes.
The event that had brought on this moment in time for me was my catching a glimpse of a huge glistening black Limousine approaching. It stopped about two hundred feet away. The big chauffeur opened a passenger door and a small beautiful woman dressed all in black stepped out. Her face was pale and her long hair a fiery red. I turned to compare the color of Angel’s hair and saw her eyes locked with those of the woman.
For a moment I feared she’d pass out. Mom took our reins as I helped Angel from her horse. We walked to within ten feet of the woman and I could see the tears in the womans beautiful sky blue eyes. Angel screamed out at the top of her lungs, “Nana!” The floodgates broke as the two rushed into each other’s arms! I handed Angel my big handkerchief as the woman she’d called Nana pulled what I immediately took to be expensive Irish linen from her own purse. The woman asked, “Please, Angel, let’s sit in the car. Chief?” I assisted both of them in, then sat next to Angel.
The chauffeur asked, “Would you like a brandy, Madame? This seems to have been quite a shock to you both.”
“Thank you, no, James, maybe later, unless Angel or Chief would like one? I didn’t know if she would remember me. Melissa and Eric called and said she didn’t know either of them.”
“No, thank you, Nana.” Angel was still sobbing. “I didn’t remember you until I saw you. All those earlier years I wanted you and Papa to hold me and keep me safe. Years later I forgot your names. Where is Papa, Nana?”
“Oh, my poor Darling!” Nana said. “He died ten years ago. His pet name for you was the last word he said. ‘Oh, Angie!’ He’d never gotten over your abduction, and I’ve worn nothing but formal black since the day those two imbeciles came home without you!”
“Oh, Nana!” Angel cried! “I’m so sorry, I know you loved each other so much. I always remembered you two together.” Angel turned to me. “Chief, that’s where I was shown how to love, Nana and Papa’s home!”
“We were always together, my Dear. You wanted to be with us too, until that day they insisted they take you out with them, to a cocktail party, of all places. Chief, perhaps I should explain something. Angel got her first name, red hair, blue eyes, complexion, and size from me. I am Angel Anderson, Eric’s mother. Melissa gets her red hair from a bottle and her eye color from an optometrist. Eric wouldn’t stay with her a week as a blond. He has some sort of weird fixation or something on me. I think it’s sick!
Angel asked, “I suppose you’ve heard how we got on at the hospital, Nana? Melissa was near as cold to me as the Riley woman! I told the FBI agent I wanted to press charges of negligence on them. How did they leave me alone to be abducted anyway?”
“Oh, none of that has ever been explained.” Nana said. “Your Papa and I threw them out of the house and our lives for several years, until Eric wheedled his way back in. I’ve spent over ten million dollars in private investigators fees looking for you, and one day two years ago the Riley name came up. The PI had found Rileys old partner who had said in a deposition he’d heard Riley threaten to ruin your father’s life for bankrupting his business. The partner had told Eric about it years ago and Eric had done nothing. I threw Eric and Melissa out again and reported it to the FBI personally, but nothing was done, so now, my dear, heads will roll for their inaction or you and I will go to Washington to demand it!”
“I could have been rescued years ago had they only been looking for red headed Riley children!” Angel said. “They robbed you out of years of happiness, too. Oh, how I hate those people!”
“I’ve scratched Eric’s name from the family Bible. My newest will was filed two years ago with you as my sole heir and leaving him a dollar to show it was what I intended for him to have. I need to make another thing clear. You were left with half of Papas estate, as I was. The will was probated and your share has been drawing interest. My lawyers have been fighting your parent’s attempts to control your inheritance. If you had never been found the lawyers would have fought over your and my share when I died until there was nothing. My advice to you is, file a will Monday leaving them each a dollar, and send them a copy! Do you need anything now, Dear? I can set you up with a very liberal cash card, until your lawyers contact you, then there’s the matter of the reward I put up for finding you. It appears that should go to Chief.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Anderson,” I told her, “Angel’s precious love is the only treasure and reward I need in my life.” Angel threw her arms around me, and kissed me.
“Isn’t he adorable, Nana?” Angel asked. “He adores his family, but I am the Goddess of Love he worships, which is good, because I would kick a bitches ass for flirting with my man!”
Nana laughed! “I find you both delightful, my Dear! What? Did I just laugh? It’s been years since I’ve laughed! I am thrilled beyond measure to find you so happily adjusted, considering the torment you’ve been through! Chief, please call me Nana too, if you would?”
“You can stop mourning for me, Nana!” Angel insisted, “We’re going to have fun! Would you get out of that designer mourning outfit if I found you clothes you could relax in?”
“For you, my Darling? Anything!” Nana vowed.
Angel looked through her denim pockets, and found her two hundred dollars, then looked at me. I pulled my remaining three hundred and something dollars out and extended it to her, when Nana interrupted. “You need cash, Angel? Watch this, James pays off like an ATM machine.” She looked over her shoulder at James, and asked, “James, may I have petty cash, please?”
James reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope. “Here is two thousand dollars in hundreds, Madame. There is more on hand if you wish?”
Angel giggled, “I think that will do fine! Nana, I need your sizes, we’re going to sponsor a scavenger hunt!” James produced a pencil and paper and Nana wrote down her sizes. “Come with me, Nana,” Angel said, “you will love the Walks in Clouds, my new adopted family!”
We three walked to the gathering arm in arm, with James backing us up. “Mom,” Angel shouted, “this is my Nana, Angel Anderson. Nana, Chief’s Mom, Fawn, is the Reservation Police Chief, along with being a psychiatrist. That big guy behind her is Tall Bear, my new Daddy Bear, and an Anthropology professor.”
Nana amazed everyone by shouting, “Give me a Cherokee Carcass Crush, Tall Bear! I’m an old fan of yours!” Mom and Dad both gave her Cherokee Crushes, and she returned them fondly. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our Angel! She meant everything to her Papa and me. I so wish he were alive today to see her happy!”
“Mom,” Angel shared, “Nana has been in formal black mourning clothes since the day I was abducted. I wondered if we could have a scavenger hunt to find her some denims and some casual or western shirts to relax in while we party? It would take us two hours to go shopping and you know how icky new denims are. Could twenty, one hundred dollar bills find her some comfortable clothing here today?”
Mom laughed, “Oh, this should be fun! You have the sizes?” Angel gave her the paper, and Mom went to her truck, and turned on the PA system. She explained the situation, then gave the sizes. Two small women had spare clothing with them and shared shirts and denims immediately. Refusing the prizes, they asked for hugs instead!
This increased the community spirit and everyone else who came up with items refused the prizes, too! Nana asked Mom to use the unspent prize money for a childrens holiday party, and Mom announced that over the PA. That was met with cheers and applause for Nana from everyone!
There was more than one man came to pay their respects and ask her if they might bring her some refreshment. Angel introduced her to Aunt Juanita and Uncle Shorty, and to Aunt Bea and Aunt Naomi. They were drinking shots from Aunt Juanitas tequila, and damned if Nana didn’t join them in one!
Angel asked if her Nana and James were hungry, then showed them how to fill their flour tortillas with goodies, then roll them up. She was so cute when she patronizingly sucked Uncle Shorty in on the critical issue of sour cream on ones tamales. “I always use sour cream on my tamales, don’t I, Uncle Shorty?”
Uncle Shorty was pleased to humor her. “Yes, Dear, you have ever since I’ve known you. I’ve noticed you’ve become a leader in that movement, too!”
Angel showed Nana where she could change, and she came back looking half her age. I asked them to stand side by side, and there is not an inch difference in their height, and very little difference in any of their body measurements. Nana had chosen a tank top like Angel was wearing and had left her bra off! Time had done no damage there either.
“Girls, and I do mean girls.” I confided, “I would love to see portraits of the two of you in Olsen girl twin poses! I’m imagining those two slinky bodies of yours in various colored dresses and in each other’s arms.
“Do you mean like this?” Angel turned and wrapped her Nana in her slender arms and kissed her lips. Nana kissed her back and put the emotion of missing her grand babies love all those years into it!
“Exactly like that, Angels!” I told them. “You two are priceless!”
A middle aged bystander I hadn’t noticed showed us his professional looking camera, and asked, “May I, please? For thirty minutes of your time I will promise you dozens of copies and poster size prints for your homes, and at least one national magazine cover to celebrate your reunion? My name is Rene Chevalier, here is my card.” We looked his cards over and his credits seemed professional enough.
“Let’s do it, Dear!” Nana grinned, and I saw immediately where my Angel had gotten her grin! They kissed, he took their picture, then began snapping as he circled them, then began directing their poses. He had them use the horses, the Limousine, and James for backgrounds.
Thirty minutes later he told them, “I have some award winning shots here, perhaps a Pulitzer Prize winner, considering the circumstances. The intensity of the timeless love between the two of you has affected me beyond even my own expectations. I’ll send you the proofs, then if you are interested I would love to devote an entire day in my studio to you! I know you are both busy, but I feel you are the most important subjects of my career. I will provide the hair dressers, clothes, makeup artists, wine and food, of course.”
Both Angels assured him they’d love to do a shoot at his studio, and would try to arrange a time. My Angel was sure to serve him some of the tacos, and tamales, with sour cream on the side. Rene told us, “The word superb is so often overused, I will say I find this food sublime, as is your company!”
James had brought Nana’s portable bar cabinet out of her car, and a cooler with plenty of ice and mixers. “Ladies, and gentlemen,” James announced, “‘Anderson’s Bar’ is open. I am a rather good mixologist, if I have to say so myself, and we seem to have brought several cases of Champagne we have chilled to celebrate Miss Angel’s return to us! Would you care for one, Miss Angie?”
“Oh, James!” Angel was emotional again and reached for him. “I remember Nana teasing you so for spoiling the baby!”
The big man bent over her hand, kissed it, then told her. “I would have protected that baby with my life, Miss Angie, as I would the young woman she grew into.”
Angel gifted him with her best smile, then told him, “Thank you, James. I am so happy that memory returned to me. I love you, too, then and now!”

Please stay tuned for Chapter Three

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