Tonight was the night that I was going to do it. I had wanted to go camping in my garden ever since the dream that I had about the animals in the field next to it. Today my mum was leaving to meet my dad in the city. I lived in the countryside with my family and a maid, who seemed like family as she had been with us since my sister and I had been babies, and tonight only my maid would remain in our house as the rest of the family were away. She did not really do much at night but cook dinner and light a fire. I told her that I didn’t need the fire tonight as I would be going outside to camp. She had no idea of my plans with the animals.
I had been having dreams about the animals for some time and I would wake in the middle of the night having a rock hard cock and sweating like mad. Occasionally I would think of going out of the house to the field to see the animals, but the floors were too creaky and would wake the whole house up. However, tonight I would be outside and I would try to fulfill the ‘fantasies’ I had been having about the animals.
As I finished my food I told my maid that she could go to her room and do whatever as I didn’t need her, it was starting to get dark, so I decided to put up my tent and fill it with pillows and blankets. Although I did not need the warmth I wanted to be comfortable before I went over the fence and into the field. There were only horses in the field next to my house, three stallions and a couple of mares, and the part of the field that met my house was the part in which the horses usually came to do their shit’s. I don’t know why but I found their assholes very sexy and their shit made me rock hard. I know that it is really only grass and hay with a little shit but I found it erotic. When I was younger I would sometimes play in their shit and eat some of it as I was extremely turned on by it.
As the sun went down it became a beautiful, hot night, with a light breeze. I unzipped my tent wearing only my boxers and walked towards the fence. I jumped over it and when I was walking through all of the horse shit I started to get an erection. I decided to take off my boxers, releasing my cock. I went to my knees and took in the smell of it. In the corner of my eye I noticed something move, making me jump. I turned to find it was one of the stallions about to take a shit. As soon as I realized this I went over to it and watched. But it did nothing. I stuck my hand out so that the stallion could smell me. It seemed that it was o.k. with me so I started to walk toward his rear where I found his glorious hole, seeking attention. I lifted his tail and started to lick and kiss all around his hole, cleaning it for him. It tasted so good. I started to stick my tongue into his hole trying to get some more shit. Just then his hole expanded and his shit started to pour into my mouth, sending me into ecstasy. The shit continued to flow into my mouth, the balls of shit also dropping to the ground over my extended cock and onto my feet. I rubbed some of it over my body, wanting to smell like the horses themselves.
I became too comfortable and feeling my cock brush against his massive balls I reached down cupping his weighty balls in my hands, which made him trot away. I was disappointed as I was enjoying his shit so much. I was still hungrily chewing on his shit when I noticed that I had made him somewhat erect from groping his sack. I walked to him and got to my knees wanting to taste and his cock and touch one for the first time. It was so big and the musk was overwhelming, but I was too drawn into his trance that it didn’t affect me. It was very soft, sort of silky to touch, with slight fuzzy hairs at the base and a smooth shaft leading to a thick head. I brought the cock to my lips and tasted his salty pre-cum, while playing with his huge balls. I started to lick and kiss them when he moved away from me again. I didn’t know why as I thought I was pleasuring him. He let out another pile of shit right in front of me. I wanted it, so I greedily put my face into the warm shit and started to eat. I didn’t notice him move away as I was enjoying the shit he gave me to eat, until I felt him mount me. His erect pole was slapping against my hole. The big stallion thrust forward entering me. I gasped. It was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me, but I was enjoying it and the shit too much to care. The pain soon turned into pleasure as I started to push back against him. I wanted to have the cock deep inside me, I wanted him to fill me and use me. I enjoyed being used by this powerful creature. He was so deep inside me I started to feel his weighty balls slapping my ass. However, he did not last long. As I started to push back against him I felt his head swell up and his warm thick cum started to gush inside me. It was such a good feeling, I never wanted it to stop, but he was spent.
I still had a rock hard cock and from the commotion caused by the stallion and I, a crowd of horses had gathered. I was guessing that they all wanted to have their way with me, and I was their slave, to serve their every need. Also I greedily wanted the next cock to suck on, so that I could drink the cum that would soon follow. There were still two stallions that I guessed needed satisfied from their half erect poles. My rock hard cock bounced as I walked toward the first horse. He was a bit shy and turned away from me, so I got to my knees and scratched his belly. This made him neigh in appreciation, so I started to make my way to his ever growing pole. It was thinner than the last but this horse had huge balls. My dinner had not been very appetizing, so I really wanted something else, something that would fill me up, I wanted all of the cum that was stored up in the horses huge balls. I was surprised that they did not sag for their size. They were bigger than my clenched fist, each of them. As I started to tug on the stallion’s shaft the head came out and I licked and played with it. The salty pre-cum danced on my taste buds, but I really wanted the real cum, thick and hot, and lots of it. His head was in my mouth and I was caressing his shaft with one hand and massaging his balls in the other. To me it felt so natural. I loved the feeling of serving these magnificent creatures and just wanted them to use me as they pleased. I started to pump quicker and the horse neighed. He started to buck with the motion of my hand going back and forth. His solid pole was so far down my throat, I was finding it hard to breathe. The stallion was really going at it now, pumping his cock down my throat. His balls were slapping against my chin. I then felt his head explode down my throat, his cum came out at such a speed that his cock came out of my mouth and the second jet went all over my face and body. I then grasped it again and started to drink down the thick sperm. I was in ecstasy; the sensation was surreal, but wonderful. His cum was very salty and made me almost let off my own load. He was then spent and his cock started to go back into its protective sheath.
I was very tired from the commotion but wanted more of the cum. So I went to the last stallion and started to suck on his thick cock. The others still watched me and the first stallion had already worked up a hard on. This is going to be a long night I thought to myself. However, this time there was a different sensation, as soon as I started sucking, the horse started to piss down my throat. At first I was shocked and pulled the cock away from my mouth, but the horse just shoved it back in, forcefully making my drink his urine. It squirted out the sides of my mouth and when I realized that he was going to continue until he was spent I decided to just drink it. Once he was spent he allowed me to pull his thick cock out of my mouth and I was gasping for air. He was still above me when he turned around and sat down. I was finding it hard to breathe from the weight of him. However, this did not bother me as I was in ecstasy again; his balls were resting on my chest and I had enough movement from my arms to allow me to play with them. As I did, I felt his head come out of his sheath and slide down my stomach. He then drove me wild; our two cock heads met and they slid around each other from the pre-cum oozing out of his head. I was having the time of my life. The stallion’s hole then opened up and the shit went into my mouth. He was now force feeding me his shit. I couldn’t get enough; this stallion was my dream come true. The dung then stopped and when I had finished eating my masters shit he expected me to clean his hole for him and I gladly did so. It was then that he neighed in acceptance of me and I smiled as I saw his glorious, thick cock bounce as he walked.
I got up onto my knees and held his cock in my hands. I was a very nice looking cock; it was very thick and I was unable to wrap my hands around it. Also his balls were very big. I wanted to just have the cum that was inside them, savoring the taste until I would next come out here. I gave the cock a good few tugs before his head came out. I put it to my lips and kissed and licked the head all over. It was soo nice; I wanted to pleasure these horses, my masters, for the rest of my life. I then took the cock and placed at the entrance of my asshole. I pushed back and he pushed forward, but his cock was just too thick to slip into my asshole. I was disappointed, but I thought that I could work my way up to his cock size by allowing the other horse to continuously fuck me. I grasped his cock once again and started to suck on it. It got a little of horse shit from my body on it, only adding to the sensation of his cock in my mouth. I started to pump his shaft and massage his balls, wanting the cum out of them. It did this for five minutes and my arms were becoming weak, when he finally rewarded me with his cum. It was very thick and coated my face and my whole body. There was so much of it; I drank at least a pint of it. It then subsided and his cock drew back into his sheath.
I fell back onto the shitty grass and lay there for awhile. As I did the three horses came back and all let out logs of shit for me to have. I ate some and then fell asleep on the rest. Before I went to bed though, the three horses rewarded me each with a shower of their golden piss. As I woke up early the next morning I realized that the horses had surrounded me in my sleep, and their cocks were laying out of the sides of them. I wanted to have their cum one last time, but decided that I would leave it until next week when their balls would be replenished and I would be ready for them. However, I remembered that I had never let off my own load, so I woke up my dream stallion and licked his asshole. I then placed my cock at the entrance and pushed forward. As I started to fuck him I noticed that his cock was getting hard, so I stopped and relieved him before myself. He came quickly as I knew how to pleasure him now, and I was surprised by how much cum had been replenished through the night. With cum covering my body I went back to his hole and released my own load. I went to his front one last time and kissed him on the lips, loving the feeling of his course tongue in my mouth. I then went back to my tent to sleep.

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2012-02-15 00:00:02
Ummmmmmmmmmm? Odd yet interesting

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2010-06-07 00:14:25
Not very well written but a start at least. It's very I went to the shop. I bought some pop. I was thirsty. I drunk the pop. Try to be a little more expressive and use different sentence styles. Your paragraphs are quite long but lack real substance. Keep writing though as I am sure you will improve.

To the 2nd commenter, the title includes Equine, which relates to horses, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that the story will contain horses too.

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2010-06-03 08:34:03
thats pretty f***d up i stopped reading pretty early on u should put gay and bestiality tags on this and its less dark than discusting

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