When I finally woke up it was around 1 o’clock, so I decided to get the residue of spunk washed off of my body and then head for some breakfast. The maid had gone into town to get food supplies, to restock the fridge. After washing I received a phone call from my parents saying that they were unable to return that night, so I would be on my own again. I pretended to be upset by this, but I was really thrilled… the day bored on, and I was waiting for nightfall, so that I could have my fun with the horses again, or at least, they would have their way with me. I just watched television, did some exercise and played games for the day, but at one point when looking out to the field I noticed that all but one horse had been taken away, my dream horse was there, but the rest, even the mares had been taken away, probably to another field or for a show I thought.
When night finally came I told my maid that I was staying out again and that my parents weren’t coming back until the following morning. She told me that everything was fine and that she would see me in the morning. I got to my tent and had a little rest; however, I was unable to keep my mind from racing, thinking about the horse, my horse, and his enormous cock, the cock I was unable to wrap my hands around and his huge weighty balls. As like last night, I jumped the fence in to the shitty grass, and had already released my ever growing erection from the constraints of my boxers. Every step I took my cock would bounce, I loved how it did that, I don’t know why. I did not feel the need to smell like the horses again, as I knew that he would remember me, although I did take some pieces of horse shit and hungrily stuff my face. I was unaware of where the stallion was as it was so dark.
While walking I heard him trot up alongside me, already having a half erect pole swinging underneath him. He stopped and almost bent over; I thought that he was trying to get me to ride him, so I got up on top of him, bareback. It was so thrilling, being naked on top of this magnificent creature, almost controlling him. I started to jerk off as it was such a new sensation, and it gave me a sort of high, but I didn’t want to cum at that moment, so I jumped off of the horse and started to see to him, reaching for his cock.
Just holding his cock made me all sort of tingly, I had to give it a good few rubs before it started to get hard. It was such a beautiful, thick cock. I wondered if I would be able to fit it into my ass now. I started to suck on the end of his cock, making him erect. His head came out and he started to neigh at the blowjob I was giving him. I thought that I must be getting quite good at this now as he was already neighing, it just felt so natural for me, I loved sucking horse cock, but I stopped and placed his erect dick at my asshole. With the cock slapping against my ass I pushed back. To my delight the head slipped inside me, however, it was the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. The horse sort of stopped at that point as if to let me get used to the size of his mammoth dick. I loved it and once he felt me slide further down his pole, he eased forward, penetrating me to the fullest extent. I wanted to give this horse and his beautiful cock the pleasure they disserved. It was such a good feeling, being used by such a creature. I only managed 5 inches of his glorious cock in my ass before I was unable to take it. I allowed him to give a few short bucks of pleasure out of me, wanting him to feel me, enjoy the use of me, however, I could no longer stand the pain. I took it and started to suck on it again as it had lost a bit of its hardness, and again I felt the sensation of piss flowing down my throat. I don’t know why, but I sort of enjoyed the taste of it, maybe it was knowing that I was making the horse happy that made me enjoy his steaming piss.
I removed it from my mouth and sucked and massaged his balls. They were so big and wonderful to look at, and their musk was incredible. I allowed the horse to almost t-bag me, as the balls dropped down at least 4 inches. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, deep throating a stallions sack. My cock was rock hard, my head seeping pre-cum. I took each one at a time licking them all over, getting them nice and wet, and cleaning them for him. I then went back to his seeping head, showing that he had clearly enjoyed what I had done with his balls. I did the same with his cock, going slowly, but making it as pleasurable for him as possible. I enjoyed the feeling of being naked around this creature, just being free in general.
The salty pre-cum danced on my taste buds, but I really wanted the real cum, thick and hot, and lots of it. His head was in my mouth and I was caressing his shaft with one hand and massaging his balls in the other. To me it felt so natural. I loved the feeling of serving these magnificent creatures and just wanted him to use me as he pleased. I started to pump quicker and the horse neighed. He started to buck with the motion of my hand going back and forth. His solid pole was so far down my throat, I was finding it hard to breathe. The stallion was really going at it now, pumping his cock down my throat. His balls were slapping against my chin. I then felt his head explode down my throat and his thick cum went everywhere. I was almost unable to breathe, and there was so much cum, it was as if I was wearing something, it covered me from head to toe. I held on to his cock as he was cumming, filling up my belly. I sucked every last drop and then went to his front, so he was able to see what he had done to me.
The horse neighed and started to lick his cum off of me. It was such a different sensation; his course tongue explored my body, as I had done for him. We embraced in a fanatic kiss, which seemed to go on forever. He then started sucking on my cock, almost making me explode into his awaiting mouth. I wanted the experience of riding him again, so I carefully took my cock from his mouth and climbed on top of him again. But he was not pleased by this and bucked me off. I only remember until that point, and then I wake up in the middle of the night, with the horse standing above me, looking down.


2013-10-03 20:47:09
you guys that make negative comments need to lighten up.... firstly if you don't like the topic don't read it!!! also try writing 1 yourselves instead of hiding behind anom.
anyway, that aside I found it horny and would love to make a horse cock fill my mouth with cum!!!

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2010-06-27 21:26:36
if you knew anything about horse's then you'd know anything you put in their mouths will get quite frankly bitten off. this story and the one it leads on from is just total shit. I'd love to see you try to fuck a horse or even put your face in the arse of one... you'd get both barrels very quickly and probably need to go to hospital. Now run along and try writing a real story and not just crap

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2010-06-01 21:31:57
thats nasty, and i doubt a horse could suck a dick

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