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First time with a young couple
Well here I am at last, hope I have chosen the correct forum, I don’t know about others but I am tingling at the thought of revealing my most secret experiences, good job we can remain anonymous or I do not think my nerve would hold. I have not started my story at the beginning but it seemed an appropriate time to get the boring part out of the way. Married and had shall we say quite a normal few years, two kids, lots of friends and good times into the foreseeable future then tragedy struck and at going on fifty I was suddenly a widow, surprising myself by getting over it very well and quickly, perhaps maturity and the support of the kids was the saviour.

My niece and her husband came to visit me not long after they wed and we had a good time going round the city to see the sights. I decided to surprise them with an early cup of tea and quietly entered the bedroom to deliver it, transfixed by the sight that was before me as she was working on his already rampant meat. They were too shocked to stop and cover themselves and even when they looked at me I did not flinch and as she was sitting astride him it was easy for me to go to a set draws, put the tray down and join them in their foreplay before they could do anything about it. I took his vacated prick to hand and slowly wanked it for a few strokes, telling her it looked like it was well ready now and she should straddle it and get her fill. She did not let me down and even though they were both bright red by then I watched every inch enter her as she slowly lowered herself onto it and bounced herself to a very quick orgasm as he squeezed her ripe breasts. Sexual arousal had taken the three of us over now and I was able to perch on the bed next to them to get a close up of the action, working on my own clitoris as she quickened her pace and as her second climax took her body over he let out a long groan and I knew he was excitedly pumping spunk into her. She sank onto his body still quivering as she slowly came back to earth and I bet she was still gripping the softening length inside her for all she was worth to get the last few drops out of him. I think it was more by instinct than desire that he reached out and slid his hand up my inner leg and came to my very wet gaping vulva and realising what I was doing to myself thrust two waggling fingers into it and as I started to moan and pant realised that I could take more and added a third which tipped me over the top to my orgasm and I lay back and savoured his attention as my body shook and twitched with pleasure. Breakfast was altogether different this time and when I laughingly told them what a randy pair they were the wife blushed and told me she had all on to keep him satisfied as he was always at her and she was having a job keeping up with him, he retaliated by saying that they were only young and they should take every opportunity to enjoy one another and anyway she very rarely complained. They were bright red with embarrassment by now, both admitting that they had been caught up in the thrill of this first time experience, admitting to each other after I had left them that they had not minded all happened.

On the morning of their departure I was in a wicked mood and wondered if I could create a situation where sex was once more to the fore, knocking this time though before going in with the tea tray. They smiled and were no way embarrassed this time and it was obvious that they had only just stirred and were more ready for a cup of tea than fun. I let them have their drink as I sat on the bed next to my new nephew, being only dressed in a wrap myself this time my ample double-d breasts were not well covered and it was soon obvious that he was getting a good eyeful. His wife playfully slapped his arm and told him to behave and as we all laughed I let it open so that he could see them in all their glory as my excited haloes were now as big as saucers topped by hard nipples the likes of which, I guessed, he had never seen and I waggled them in front of him. There was no immediate protest from her so I struck while the iron was hot and reached under the bedclothes, finding an already stiffening cock I uncovered it and with a few slow strokes had it as stiff as a flagpole. I made eye contact with my niece and was given a look of silent approval so I leaned over and was rewarded by having her husbands two hands on my breasts as he caressed them and moving even closer he was then able to suck the nipples, oblivious to what his wife might say.

I let him have his fun for a while but determined to go a step further this time I moved again, this time with mouth open I hovered just above his bell-end and as I stretched his foreskin back to it’s limit gave his wife an imploring look and as she smiled devoured the full length and girth of his prick. His gasps and moans were loud as I sucked on him and it was not long before he was writhing under my treatment and then went rigid as he ejaculated and I swallowed every drop of the long spurts he gave me, not stopping my sucking until he was drained. She and I were washing the breakfast pots when I asked if I had gone to far, her enthusiastic reply was that although they had never done anything like that before she was grateful as it would mean he would be satisfied for the rest of the day and would not pester her for sex when they got home and she could relax and get organised after their holiday. I said nothing but though that if I had access to a prick like that I would definitely want it as often as it could perform, and as they left they both implored me to visit them soon for a holiday of my own, I readily accepted their invitation. I spent the next few days reliving having the ejaculating cock in my mouth while I satisfied myself with a vibrator and a very large dildo!!!!!! wondering and hoping that I would get to feel it pulsing and ejaculating inside me one day.


2010-08-22 09:40:18
An EXCELLENT reminiscence of a wonderful occasion when you showed a young couple what is possible! I wonder if they have become more adventurous since you showed them what is sex can be if both want!


2010-07-24 08:13:29
i have truely enjoyed readding of your exploits and hope you continue to write more...i will be looking foward to your adventures


2010-06-11 13:26:11
Wonderful way to have fun.

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2010-06-06 20:20:21
very good story nedds many followups


2010-06-03 06:44:48
That was a good story

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