Growing up in my house was hell. I remember from a early age what happens when you don't do what you're told to do...The punishment is unbelievable...

I was a scared little girl. Always the one picked out to recieve the feel of the belt...One day it was snowing really hard, at least a foot or more had fallen since that morning, making the walk home for lunch harder then normal I really wasn't worried about the time as much as I was just making it home. Soon after I entered the house that all changed. I was grabbed by the back of my neck and pulled to the dining room table. He reaches back and slaps me across the face, then back again.." Where have you been?" He demanded to know. " It's snowing, and the ice...". I tried to explain, before feeling the next blow. He bent me over the table and held me down with one arm acoss my back. With his other hand he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. " MMM nice firm ass you have!" He say as he rubbed his hand across my young ass. Tears would swell in my eyes, never falling. Never giving him the pleasure of seeing my pain. As he continued to rub my ass my mind drifted. I wondered what was he going to do to me this time. Am i going to feel the sting of the leather against my ass, or deal with fighting him off me. He didn't leave much time for thinking. I heard his zipper coming down, and felt him move behind me. Moving closer he whispered, " Your mine now! I'll teach you to not mind me. And with that i could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. bending me over farther, he started rubbing my pussy with his cock. I could hear his breath, it was faster, deeper. I tried moving away from his grip, but he held me tight. " Please don't! I won't be late anymore". I cried. He continued to rub his cock along my pussy. mmm tell daddy it feels good, he'd whisper in my ear. " Tell me you want it". And with one move he slide his hard cock into my tight pussy. Crying out, I forced him back. " Stop!! " I cried. " That hurts". He grabbed me and threw me to the floor. He got on top of me with his ass facing me. Bending down he spread open my legs and started licking my pussy. Running his tongue up and down my pussy, then sliding his tongue deeper inside. This started feeling good. I knew it was wrong, but at the same time I couldn't stop my body from reacting to the licking. My pussy started getting wet, which only made him lick faster. then he brought his tongue to my clit. started licking my clit. Tears fell from my eyes. I didnt' want this to happen, but didn't know how to stop it. He started sucking my clit, making my pussy wetter. Putting a finger into my pussy he started fucking me. My pussy was on fire. I tried pulling away from his touch, but my body wanted to move to his touch. My mind is crying stop. But my body was crying don't stop.

I just layed there not knowing what to do. While he sucked my clit and finger fuck my pussy. " You like that don't you?" He'd ask. Knowing i was wet. that my body wanted more. He sucked harder, before i knew what was happening i was bucking my hips. Tears fell as i came. He sucked harder making me cum again. He licked and sucked my pussy clean. Then when he rolled off me i could see this huge hard on. He took my hand and placed it around his cock and started stroking. faster and harder. I could feel his cock getting harder in my small hand. Faster he beat his cock with my hand. Finally I watched him blow. His white thick creamy cum was rolling down my hand. He told me to get cleaned up.

I got cleaned up and went back into the dining room. He grabbed me again and bent me over the table. Lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and brought the leather belt down hard on my ass. Whack! Whack! Whack! I stood there and never made a sound for i knew what would happen if i did.

To find out what else happened in younger years, you'll have to wait for part 2. comments are welcomed.

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I really liked it and look forward to the 2nd pt.

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And I tohuhgt I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.

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My dad and I have been alone since I was a baby. Dad caught mom being fucked by my granddad and my 2 uncles. They' been having sex since mom was a little girl and dad kicked her out. Dad found sex pictures of them and got everything in their divorce if he kept quiet and if they disappeared. Daddy and I are happy. Dad still bathes me. I like it when I stand so he can wash between my legs. Daddy always drops the washcloth and runs his hand along my slit. Ever since I was a little girl. Now, I'm 14 and in the last 6 months, I've grown 5 '' taller and my breasts are now 34b. Every night, Dad undresses me for my bath. I see dads face when he takes my panties off. Daddy leans down and kisses where my panties were. I see that look on his face when my pussy is exposed. He licks it inside and presses his tongue on my clit before he sucks it while I climax. When I turned 14, we got naked and dad spanked me while he told me how he was going to fuck me. Then daddy fucked me until I had an orgasm.

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