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In the beginning there was naughty fun.
Well there’s a thing, posted my first true revelation in a forum but decided that I would continue in the sex stories, I do not know about the rest of you girls but my first sexual encounters were all with men and I knew nothing about the pleasure and variety of being bisexual could bring. I cannot say that in my early years I was bicurious and as things worked out I had to wait quite a number of years to be introduced to those joys. Yes I loved it when I was excited by fingers and tongues being used by men and when in the throes of orgasm with a mans weapon inside me thought it was the ultimate pleasure and I could not get enough, readily going back for more and more, suffice to say that I am mature but still very active sexually with both guys and gals, slightly uneasy at the thought of confessing all to the members of the site but in the end thought what the hell, you only live once, so be proud and join in the fun and tell all!! so here goes and I have gone back to the beginning.

It was obvious to all family and friends that I was maturing rather early in life and already my breasts were far too big for a girl of my age and I must admit that as their curiosity grew and they commented on them I became a little self conscious. It was just before I was fourteen when I went along with friends to a mans home, he had lots rabbits and also Ginny pigs and he let us feed them and everyone said it was great fun. He seemed to single me out as we looked at and handled the animals and when it was not too obvious to the others he brushed against me a few times and even at that age I knew it was not by accident. Curiosity definitely got the better of me when he made sure that I was the last to leave, cupping my breasts and telling me what a handful they were and patting my rear asked me to go on the next Sunday morning and help him put fresh hay in all the cages, I was very wary, especially when he said we would be on our own and he would make it fun, but I agreed, surprising myself later at my eager anticipation for my first solo visit.

His fussy wife gave me biscuits and a large glass of milk and when she had left us we started to put fresh sweet smelling hay in the cages but than I had to ask him to use the toilet after my milk. He smiled and told me to use the corner of the shed where there was a square of bricks missing from the floor and it was freshly dug. He was a white haired man, old enough to be my grandfather and as I was then desperate I took my pants off, hitched my dress up and squatted, blushing crimson when he watched me ‘pee’ and before I was finished he had come near enough to almost touch me as he picked up and slipped my pants in his pocket. We finished all the cages and we were still laughing and talking when he said I should take my dress off and let him shake all the bits of stuff from it and when I hesitated he quickly lifted it up and over my head and I stood in just my bra in front of him. It was then I first realised how naughty we were being and in a scared voice told him so, his voice softened and he said it would be our little secret and it was alright to be like that with him as he was just looking after me so that I would go again as I was now his favourite. As my own father and grandfather had seen me like this I stopped worrying and was again taken by surprise when he undid my bra, took it of and shook that too as asked me if I needed another ‘pee’ and to be honest I genuinely did and without hesitation squatted once more in front of him, totally naked now. I felt funny inside as I stood up and he came close, taking a hanky out of his pocket, dipping it in some water and told me he had better make sure I was nice and clean, mesmerized I stood frozen as he wiped me and parted my crack to do the inside. He took a clean dry one out of other pocket and as he sat on a bale told me to sit on his knee and he would dry me and I meekly obeyed while he did the same as before.

He let me put my bra and dress back on and sat me on his knee again and was serious as he told me I should never tell anybody what we did or I would get into trouble, he needn’t have said it as I was petrified that someone would guess, stupidly not stopping him as he pulled my dress up and put his finger into my crack again. He worked it all round and made me feel quite nice in a funny kind of way and I smiled as I wriggled on his knee, giggling now as I asked him if he liked being naughty. It was his turn to smile as he told me he loved it as long as I kept the secret and I promised to do just that and still smiling he wetted his finger in his mouth and I felt him push it a little way into the hole at the bottom of my crack. It was even nicer as he spread the flesh inside of me and in the end I did not want him to stop but he promised to do it again the next Sunday if I went again. As I went home I knew we should not have done those things but I felt flattered that he had wanted to do it with me and I knew from that moment that I would let him do it again. I will cut a long story short as I have never been proud of what happened when I was introduced to sex, suffice to say that for the next year I visited rabbit-man often and in a short while I could easily take his whole index finger inside me and so he started to use two and stretched me wider as time went on and now I know he did me a favour as he obviously broke my hymen and I didn’t have the indignity of that in later life, I never understood though why he liked to watch me ‘pee’ and that remained a mystery of life for many years……... More later.

Hot Bi WidowReport

2010-07-14 07:50:12
Thank you all for your comments, hope you agree that the truth is more exciting than fiction. The third part will be posted this month and if you would like to get to know me better pop onto my profile page and introduce yourself and I will gladly PM you all.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-06 20:26:04
nice introduction - a little brief and not much detail but after reading nephew know you have great writing to cum

George LunaReport

2010-06-04 09:40:48
Loved this story. From the very first you Had sex you seem to like it more and more. Keep this going to the present of you and all your sexual encounters Babe


2010-06-03 10:31:22
Hullo HotBiWidow,
I loved your revelations but since they were your earliest experiences We wold love to hear more of them, judging from the story of the visit by your mephew & his wife in your other story.
Please let us have some of your other sex experiences, please.

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