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Whata Week4- Classroom

You'd think we'd have sex in the brand new car, but my legs and pussy and ass was too worked up to do it and Rob was too tired, so that's on the side for another time.
Rob has practice today so I'm going to have to wait after school for him, but depending on what the announcements say after school, I might have to do photography club or practice mach trails. When you're the girlfriend of a football player- or fiancee, you have to find some way to keep yourself busy.

Tuesday. Right now we're in Biology, which by now we don't do anything but talk considering we have only a few more weeks till graduation. But today we have a substitute. The good thing is that we can sit wherever we want and of course I took the one next to Rob. The bad thing is that our sub is a sub trying to be a teacher so tries to teach us.
When I sat down in my stool next to Rob's, he gives me a quick kiss on the lips. Ms. Fisher is quick to scold us, but everyone learns to ignore her.
I reach and grab Rob's hand and place it on my belly

"Two days late" I tell him and he smiles

"How do you know it's mine?" he laughs and I punch him in the arm, before kissing him. "Did you take the test yet?" he asks.

"I would, but I don't think it's safe to take in my house. I have it in my locker, I'll take it at yours after school", he bought one last night.

"What about your dad?"

Ouch he hit a mark. Saturday I wanted to tell him, but I choked. I thought I'd tell him at church too, but then that thing with Robbie got in between it. Then I wanted to tell him yesterday, but because Robbie and I had sex again, I missed him because he worked that morning and was asleep before I got home. And lastly, I'm just too scared to speak.
I know he hates Robbie, I know he'll do something insensible/unreasonable and I know he'll just take his frustration out on me and my boys. I mean I know I'm eighteen, I can marry who I want, but he just don't work like that and I've been raised to love, fear and respect him and his choices. Which is why...

"I'm going to wait till the graduation party. We can till everyone then."

He grunts, knowing I just made it so I can tell him including everyone else at the same time. Because dad isn't the type of man to stand out and be the odd ball, so he won't yell his disapproval if everyone else is happy about it.

"Do you know what you're going to do about school?" he asks changing the subject to my great relief.

"The university has a daycare, some students and parents run it. So I won't be behind."

He smiles and slouches into his stool sighing, "I can't believe I'm going to be a dad already". He didn't sound disappointed, more excited than anything, which make me smile.

"I can't believe it actually turned out to be you." I know how he thought that, like I was going behind his back when he clearly took my virginity, but I meant by him being the father to my baby-babies (My mom side of the family has a thing going on for twins-hint- Micah and Zach).

"Why? Our child development class didn't hint you off?"- Junior year, we failed.

"You just better not hit this baby with a football or else my foot will meet your balls." He laughed and placed his arm over my shoulders, pulling me in for a kiss, but is cut off.

"Hey Robbie, did you do the Calculus homework?" Simone asks and I swear I loathe this bitch. I think it was Sophomore year when Robbie dated her. She was my friend during Freshmen year till that. Robbie dumped her a little too fast than normal, way too fast to have had sex with her yet. She clung onto him too much and Robbie doesn't much like that- unless it's me and I won't give him that satisfaction. She made all his football practices, all his games, went to his house every day, called him every day, text him every hour, e-mailed him eight times a day, walked home with him (he didn't have a car or his permit his Sophomore year) and clung to his arm when he walked down the hall every chance she got. He dumped her in one school week and she hates me because even though then, me and Robbie were just friends she must've thought I was having sex with Robbie behind his girlfriend's back- including hers, so I'm his whore. She even tried to say that she dumped him because he wanted her to do what he was making me do.
What the fuck was he making me do?!
She knew I was abstinent, my father told her himself and even tried to convince her into it too, but she refused, because...
She's the whore!
After Robbie, she tried out every guy on the football team using her cheer-leading role to help, but failed to get half and got dumped all the same by the other half.
But now, two years later, she's desperate in getting him back and hates any girlfriend he has, which if you haven't followed is now me.

"We didn't have homework for math" Robbie tells her, not even trying to look at her. But by this I can say she's just trying to stop us from kissing like the Robbie-obsessed-bitch she is.

"Didn't we?" she asked trying to sound innocent.

"Could you fuck off?" I growl at her and she half flinched. I know she's scared of me, one of the reasons we were friends in 9th grade was because I could defend her while she ran off with the mouth.

"Why don't you get fucked?" she growls back and I try my hardest to hide my smile, but Robbie just smiled, making Simone think it was because of her comeback.

I lean forward and whisper a growl so only she can hear, "Maybe if you could turn your 'fuck off' you wouldn't be a STD infected bitch, would you?"

She turned sheet white that grew into a red fury as I pulled away back to my seat laughing softly. That's another reason I hate her. She had an STD when she dated Robbie and he still don't know about it either. It turns out she's been having sex since Junior High or Elementary. She's just dirty, just not playing with dirt, but bugs.

She fumed for a long minute thinking about what to say, but failed to. Instead she says like she always do, "Why don't you get yourself your own guy and stop digging in my leftovers, bitch"

Alright. In Freshmen year we always talked about how we liked the same guys, how we always say that the same guys looked cute or hot or whatever. But unlike her, I never dated them- mom said that I was too young, and I never had sex with them unlike this whore. Actually ever since I fount out about her STD, I don't want to go out with any guy she's been with.
I know what Robbie wanted to say, but he refrains from talking to this whore, so I say it for him.

"Bitch!, you never had a taste!" She stood up ready to hit me and when her hand went flying for my face I punched her square in the nose twice as fast before she could even feel my skin.
Alright, I know you're not really suppose to fight with closed fists girls, as to what my mama taught me. (She says not to fight with close fists because it ends the fight a little too quickly =) But my old fighting teacher was from Italy and he said a closed fist was what was good about America, because there it was considered a weapon to use a fist and is punishable. So I punched the bitch. Wouldn't you?

After that I should've been sent to the office, but Robbie and a few of my friends saw her get up first to hit me, so I just had to go to my guidance counselor and talk about my relationship, blah blah blah, my life at home, blah blah blah blah, my fighting streak (this isn't my first) blah blah blah blah blah.

By time I was done, my free class with Robbie was over and I was pissed.

It turned out I had swimming practice, something I'm glad for. I love to swim, it eases me like I have no problems or worries. It's like being in another world... or being with Robbie. He knows how to drain my problems, and pool or him was exactly what I needed after the Simone shit.

When I got dressed, with a simple T-shirt and sweats like I always do after practice, and locked the pool I had to go upstairs to get the pregnancy test from out my locker, plus my books from biology class since I wasn't able to get them earlier.

My locker is so easy to get into. A simple combination of 7-17-27, something that everyone knows. This is why I sometimes put my stuff in Robbie's locker. I took out the black bag and opened it up, the pregnancy test still there. I didn't have to hide it since I'm the only one here. I shut Rob's locker and go to my biology class, which is never locked because this school is cheap to replace the broken lock when some kids broke it last year for a end of year prank using firecrackers.

I go to my desk, which I easily find, even with the lights off-they turn on through the main office and it was getting dark outside. I open my drawer that we put our books in and guess what, they're not there. I already guessed that Robbie played gentleman and took my books for me. I close my drawer and remind myself to give him a nice sloppy kiss when I get downstairs, but then someone grabbed me by my waist. My elbow flies back, trying to hit whoever in the nose, I can tell their height perfectly and quickly by how they grabbed me, but he grabs my wrist.

"Dammit Robbie" I laugh and I know it's him because he's the only one who can react that fast.

When I moved here I didn't want to take karate because I was shy on beating up kids I didn't know, but it turned out Robbie was taking the class and persuaded me into joining. I loved the look on his face when he saw I was a green belt with a blue stripe. But now, we're both red belts with black stripes and decided to stop there, because the requirements for a black belt didn't fit into our schedules. But still, Rob knows all my moves from our sparring and knows what I do when I'm grabbed by the waist.
Robbie laughed and kissed me on the hand before kissing my cheek.

"You're just lethal today, aren't you?" he laughed kissing my lips finally. "You don't know how much I was turned on when you punched Simone."

"Sadistic perv" I whisper at him and he laughs, hitting a switch to turn on a lamp I thought broken.

"I'll be the sadist if you be the masochist." he says softly rocking me from side to side as he hugs me.

"How about I" I growl grabbing his groin and clutching it making him moan, "be the sadist and you be the masochist?"

"Oh, female domination huh?" he asks seductively and I smile.

"It was going to happen sooner or later" and we both giggle at that.

"How about we fight to see who's dominant?" he whispers in my ear and I know he doesn't mean sparring either.

"That wouldn't be fair. You have a bigger weapon." I say a smile on my face and I notice his weapon growing even larger, hiding behind his pants.

"Lets see if you can crush my weapon then" he laughs and in a second my T-shirt is off.
He turns me around, grabs me by my waist with his strong hands and sits me on the table, his lips on mine before I can realize anything else.

I kiss back as hard as I can, trying to take dominance, but I lose. He's stronger than me when it comes to strength. We both make a mental note, 1 to 0.

I take off his T-shirt and I can swear I saw a eight pack starting to form. "You muscle monkey" I laugh, running my fingers through his chest then his power abs that girls would kill me for. He starts to pull down my sweats and I start to pull down his sweats, his boner snagging on them. He gets my underwear down and without warning or hesitation, shoves two fingers in and starts vibrating like a earthquake was powering him. He hit my clit every time, being completely too rough. I heard my juice being splashed around and being crazily pushed into dryness.

He stops and quickly lowers and bite my clit. I squirt so hard I lost all sign of sight and sound. When I stopped I felt him eating my pussy out, painfully and roughly, scraping his teeth on my walls over and over till I came. I grab his hair and hold on tight as he slurped my juices. I push him away, unable to handle anymore and he smiles at me, thinking he won this round.
I get off the table and he hops on, using his legs to pull me into him and kissing me. I push him away and grabbed his cock, not wasting any time. I slurped up his pre-cum, then traced my tongue along the slit of his cock to the sac that makes my future babies. I grab the sac into my mouth and nibble on it, biting hard every few times making his cock flinch with excitement.

"Damn. Stop teasing!" he begs between gasps, but I don't care. I'm in demand now and I say he still needs to suffer.
I nibble more on his balls, a little harder and a little slower, both of us becoming hornier by the second. This is endurance.

"Dammit, alright you win" he laughs jerking himself off and I release his balls smiling. He stops jerking and I quickly take him into my mouth, easily sliding in with no strain. He moans and in seconds, he blow his top, his hot semen sliding down my throat with ease. 1 to 3.
I continue to go down on him till I had my fill of his salty, sweet cock. He's deflating in my mouth, but he's still as wide if not as long.

I swirl it in my mouth, moving it in all types of ways so I can get it to reach and touch everything my mouth has to offer. But finally, to show my control over him, I bite lightly, then softly on his cock and it kicked the back of my throat, making me laugh. We already know who's going to win this. I slowly slide his cock out my mouth, savoring everything I could get before it leaves.

"Three to one" I tell him and he frowns. He jumps off the table, grabs me again by my waist and puts me back on the table.

"Round two" he says spreading my legs open and what he did made me shriek. He bit my clit and stuck four fingers (two from each hand) in my pussy and started ramming me hard, one set of fingers going in as the other was going out, pulling on anything he can. He was fucking milking it!
My legs started to quiver as he bit harder on my clit, swirling it with his tongue as he used his fingers as fucking pumps. In seconds, shorter than his time, I came and he stopped biting me to eat me out, making a second load of my juices for him to slurp up. He slowly pulls away,and by the feel I can guess there's a trail of slobber connecting us and he slurps that up too.

"Two to two" he says standing up and kissing me hard on the lips and after that I had to agree that he took that point.

"Last round" I moan, then I stretched myself, getting ready for the last fight. Rob just smiles and chuckles as I try to get ready. "Like I won't need to" I smile at him.

"Like it'll make a difference" he laughs walking up between my legs and without warning, grabs me by my ankles, place them on his shoulders and banging it in me with some unknown power he just unleashed out of no where.

He's going harder and faster than he's ever gone and he's grabbing and squeezing wherever he can as hard as he can. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, but he uses one of his hands to cover my mouth, shutting me up.
He goes harder, knocking the books, that are always on the table, to the floor. I lose my breathe, completely knocked out of me by the pain and pleasure.
I feel like I'm about to lose conscious, but Rob kisses me and transfers all the oxygen he can into me.

That was cruel. It's starting to hurt more than feel good and he knows it, which is why he's keeping me from passing ou-.... What the fuck?! I'm losing!

Rob chuckles as he sees I finally realize it and after seeing his challenge, I met it. I squeezed as hard as I can, but at the wrong moment.
I squeezed when he was just entering me, making it more painful as he slammed right back in. Plus, to top it off, he went faster and harder, tears streaming my face.

"Fuck!, I give!" I cry and he immediately slows down, his loud unleashing into vast ropes into me- but not as strong, he has some limit. He kisses me down onto the table and he's tall enough to be planted on the floor and stay in me as he laid into my breasts, softly stroking as he still squirted.

I could feel his sweat as he laid on me and after a few seconds I hear him chuckle. His body vibrating on top of mine.

"Damn, you almost had it too." he laughs and he takes one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking on it like a baby. I only breathe hard, trying to get the breathe that was knocked out of me.
I start to stir, ready to get up, but he grabs my wrists and slams me back down onto the table, sitting up to smile at me.

"We're not done" he says smiling down at me, "This is male domination now" he laughs, sticking his fingers in my mouth when I was ready to protest.
He grabs my underwear from beside me and stuffs it in my mouth, keeping me from talking (The asshole). The taste of my own juices disgusting to me making me face scrunch up.
He laughs a little seeing my face and playfully slapped me twice on the face. I can tell by that he got an idea and he flips me over, lifting my waist so I'm on my knees.

I hear him get up on top of the table and he levels himself so his cock is rubbing up against my ass cheeks. He playfully smacks each of my ass cheeks with his cock that was no longer flaccid before smacking me at the same time with both his hands.
I felt the sting. It hurt badly, but the pool of juices leaving my pussy said another thing. I'm not a masochist it's just that it's something new and exhilarating.

"Damn you got ass" he laughs as my butt jiggles for a few more seconds. I feel him try to stick his cock in my ass, but it doesn't go in. "What the fuck?" he asks getting on his knees and spreading my ass cheeks wide. "You retracted again!" he yells silently so it doesn't carry and he laughs, "I know I gaped your ass yesterday!".
He quickly shoves two fingers in my asshole and stretches them as far as he could making me scream into my own underwear. Then just as quickly as I'm stretched he shoves his cock in me, getting up on his feet in a squat, grabbing my hair and riding me fast and hard.

I scream as loud as I can in my underwear and Robbie just tugs and pulls on my hair to his own delight. He releases one hand from my hair and spanks my ass again and a tear streaks my face, but he knows that this pain is a good pain. But still he loosens his grip and slows down out of worry.
He pulls out and shifts us, putting me on top of him and sliding his cock in my pussy nicely, making me moan after my long muffled scream rampage.
His hands each grab one of my butt cheeks, his teeth find my boob biting hard and harder. Then squeezing hard on my ass, gripping my ass and lifting it up before impaling it on his hard cock as painful as possible.
I bow my head, in defeat, trying my hardest to find the comfort of Rob's shoulder to help ease some of this pain, but couldn't reach it.
My tears ran free. The pleasure now no more than pain, but as if he heard me, he impaled me as hard as he could and shot his load, which wasn't thick or much but still filling as he loosened up and held me gently now.
He's groaning in my ear, softly nibbling on it as his cock again goes to sleep in it's home.

"That was fun", he laughed pulling the underwear from my mouth.

"And painful" I choked out after coughing.

"That too" he says kissing me softly and lifting my hair behind my ear that I know must be a mess from him pulling on it.
I kiss him back with whatever energy I can muster then lay on his chest to help ease the pain.

"We gotta get out before they lock the doors." Robbie says with a sigh and I know he doesn't want to get up from this peaceful place.
I groan in response, hating it just as much as he is. I could stay like this forever. Actually having pain and him drawing it out of me like he is now makes it feel fantastic.

" Come on piglet" he groans sitting up.

" I don't think I'll have time to take the test tonight" I groan.

" You can take it tomorrow morning" he says slowly lifting me off his drained monster.

" I have a swim meet tomorrow, don't I?" I muttered to myself, knowing I need my sleep unless I'm going to be all stiff.

" Your dad even coming this time?" he asks sliding on his pants, but he just asks it to ask knowing he knows the answer.

" No, but Ma is coming with Micah and Zach by the second half of the races." Because they don't get out of school till later.

" Oh," he says stopping from putting on his shirt, good enough for me to see his beautiful abs. "About that Simone thing. Just leave her alone alright."

"I don't like that bitch. She's got too much mouth that's coated with dirt (both mouths)"

"Yeah, but, just tolerate her for two more weeks, okay?" I groan with a low growl, knowing that Simone is the one person that I don't want Rob to say anything nice about.

"Fine, but if she starts shit I have the human right to finish it." He smiles at me for saying that and places his hand on my naked belly as I clipped my bra on.

"Just don't do too much alright"

I smile and kiss him, before something crossed my eye. I thought I saw something out the door, but I guess I saw wrong, but I saw some type of movement. But Rob grabs both sides of my face and deepens the kiss, knowing he's not getting my full attention and he gets it.

"Two weeks" he says referring to the graduation.

I grab his hand and put it back on my belly, "Nine months"

He grabs my hand with his ring on my finger and kisses it, "Four months", he says and I grin at him. That can only mean one thing. He's already got the wedding date set. ;)

To be continued...
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