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Whata Week5- Pool

It's true. Robbie do have the wedding day set.
His aunt is a wedding planner and he had it planned in advance before he proposed. I don't think I have anything to worry about though. I'm not one of those girls that think about her dream wedding and I know Robbie knows me well enough to get what we both like.

Micah and Zach has been blushing every time they see me, mostly Micah- sweet one. I can tell they're hiding something, but I don't see what they can do. I don't leave any dirty clothes around- mom washes basically every day, and I don't think they'd do something like that knowing dad would notice something- he watches out for porn.
But still, I know they're hiding something and I'm going to find out sooner or later.

My dad situation isn't becoming any better. Robbie dropped me off from school and instead of attacking me, he goes after Robbie.
He didn't hit him, that'd be dumb, but they did yell at each other for a long while and I was tossed around and grabbed so much I have red marks on my arms.
After dad yelled at me ending it with'... and don't bring his ass to my house again!', he went and called the gynecologist, setting appointment just two days before graduation! I left then because my cell phone rang and it was Robbie calling. I ran to my room and slammed on the bed, answering,

"God Robbie!" I complain to him and he answers quickly

" I know, I know, but your dad's an ass."

"It takes two cheeks to make an ass" I told him and he laughs to himself.

"Did he do anything to you?" he asks his laughter coming to a complete halt.

"No, but my arm is sore from being yanked by gorillas." and his laughter comes back. I sigh and bring up the problem, "Rob, he called the gynecologist. The appointment is before graduation." He was quiet for a minute, thinking it over no doubt.

"Then I'll have mom set a cookout before graduation then. When is the appointment?"

"The 24th"

"Alright, we'll do it the 22nd, she won't mind."

I sigh with relief, glad I have Rob to help ease my worry even over the phone.

"I love you so much" I said quietly, thinking out loud, but he laughed softly hearing it.

"Go ahead and go to sleep piglet, you have a swim meet tonight."

"Tonight?" I ask looking over to my alarm clock and without a doubt it was 2:30 a.m. "Shit!" I curse standing up and taking off my dirty clothes. Rob was laughing through the phone.

"Goodnight piglet, love you too" he laughs and hangs up. I finish undressing smiling, then grab the towel from my drawer and wrap it around my body. Of course I got to take a shower, I wreak of sweat (I cleaned off a little before leaving so I won't smell of sex).
When I walked pass Micah's and Zach's room I heard a shuffle, something that caught my attention and got me thinking, What are they doing up this late? I cracked their door a little and their light was off, the only light was the lava lamp and their small fish tank. But it was enough light for me to see the shuffling in their bed.

"You guys can sleep in my bed again tonight if you want". They don't move, debating whether to pretend to stay asleep or not. Eventually Micah ended their game and turned on his lamp beside his bed and got up.

"Alright" he yawns, pretending to be tired. Zach kicks off his covers and sits up, one sight of me and I immediately see his pants bulge. I hide my smile skillfully, but he couldn't do the same about his boner. I can see the small bulge in Micah's pants, but I can tell he's trying his hardest to keep it down and from looking at me. I start to smile now.

"Go ahead to my room, I'll be there in a little while." I tell them leaving.

They watch the first half of my shower, and I wash my hair for the hell of it so they can get closer, knowing my eyes are closed and our shower is a little loud.
I know I'm pushing them, but I don't want them to wait till they find the right girl to feel what I felt. Curiosity is always the start with boys.

When I get to bed and pretend to go to sleep they start touching. When I feel they're going too far I'd make a small noise or shift my weight, that makes them hesitant and slow down. But I know I gave them enough for their new laptops to be a little more dirty.


The swim meet is at 3:30. Since it's at home we just to swim for awhile before then. It was a nice wake up call.

Micah and Zach has kept me up all night with their touching. I stayed awake making sure they don't go too far and get too bold, by shifting my weight and making small noises so they'll be hesitant, but that didn't stop them from continuing.
In the end I got three hours of sleep and I know it's my fault.
But the good thing is, I think it's time for phase two. I've already set up a play date with their "girlfriends" to come over in the afternoon. I know both girls periods because they usually come over my house and I usually help them with tampons and stuff. They're in the safe. Plus, they're still young, so they'll be curious also. After they do the do, I'll confess I set them up and talk with them of the birds and the bees and all that. They're smart, they'll understand. That is if I'm awake enough to do all that.

But when the water hit my face I was wide awake. I'm the fastest swimmer, mostly because I have the greatest leg power (Karate tribute). But thanks to my height, I have a disadvantage. I know it's not weird for a girl my age to be 5 feet, sort of average. But most girls around here are about 5'4 or 5'6 and height does play sort of a role in swimming. But I have the power, so I'm the fastest.

Robbie right now is flirting with a few of his old girlfriends (Not really flirting, otherwise he'd be at the bottom of the pool right now=)... I'm serious=
But Rob did date a few of my friends from the team. I don't judge and neither do them. They just wanted to try him out, they always used to say that me and Robbie would end up together and I would constantly deny it. As a matter of fact. Yesterday I had to swim about forty laps over some bet I can't recall about us ending up together.

I lift my head out of the water and I find a smiling Robbie looking down at me, still in his football jersey.

"And it emerges" he teases kneeling down onto his knees, "the water piglet".

I couldn't hold my smile, even though it was a sort of insult to be calling me a water pig.

"That's not nice Rob" my friend Christie says, putting emphasis on the Rob when she pushed him into the water.
We share a laugh, the swim team, as Rob resurfaced shaking his head free of water onto me.

"What the hell-"

"You stunk" Christie laughed, "I was waiting for someone to do that, but I guess I - ah!" she screams running away as Robbie reached out and tried to pull her in, but he missed.

I laugh and swim over to Robbie, grabbing his face and turning him to me, kissing him nice and soft on the lips. He forgets Christie instantly and puts all his focus and force into me and the kiss. Next thing I knew, he dragged us underwater. This surprised me and I laughed, breaking the kiss and resurfacing and he follows- he can't hold his breathe that long with the pressure.

"Oh wow" Simone says walking up to us, and we must have been underwater longer than I thought if I didn't smell her. "We never did that at your pool" she purrs kneeling down to look at us and I have the dying urge to lunge and claw that skankish face of hers. Especially because she was acting all smug for some reason. But I promised Robbie... but Christie didn't.

"Bitch you didn't even get that far to his house!" she laughs and everyone else followed in.

"And you lasted longer?" she growled at her.

"More than a week" she laughed at her and even though Christie's defending me. Fighting about who lasted longer in their relationship with my fiance didn't help.
I grabbed Robbie by the arm, who was more annoyed than me by their little dispute and dragged him to the other side of the pool.

"I shouldn't have promised you shit" I growled at him and he chuckles a little.
Eventually, Coach Goodsen came in and sent Simone away, she doesn't care much about Robbie, he's always here whenever he gets the chance.

"Just two weeks" he assured me, then just size me up like he always does when I'm in a bathing suit-since we were kids too. "You look so hot wet" he comments and he says this forever.

I push his hair out his face and smile, "You ain't half bad yourself". He laughs and kisses me, pushing me to the side of the pull and pressing himself to me. Sadly he's still wearing his pads so we couldn't get much feeling with our bodies together, but the make-out session itself is nice.

"Mitchell, we gotta clean the pool" Coach yells and even though she didn't say it, it was clear that she meant Rob, and dirt covered football gear, was what needed out.

"Okay!" I yell back and Robbie gives me a quick kiss and gets out the pool.

"See you at the meet babe" he says, his friend Josh at the door telling him to come on. I knew he was skipping out on football practice, he always do this just to get on the coach's nerves.

The swim meet when well. We won and I beat my best time (even though it's not the best in the school) and sadly, this is my last meet. At least I won us off and I get to put one of my trophies inside the school's showcase with many other swimmers. Robbie still has one more game next week.

When I got out the pool, Robbie gave me a huge kiss and now I know he's just being a crowd teaser. In the end, I washed him up, dumping both of us in the pool. Everybody loved it, but Coach seriously lost her head and basically jumped in the pool herself and got us out... Oh and she's the woman who holds the best time too.

As punishment, I have to stay after and do laps, also meaning I have to lock up. But I know she's only did this because it's my last time swimming in this pool- they're closing it. Robbie stayed and watched as I swam, watching my legs of course.
I dive under, my rebound making me, but the instant I came back round, resurfacing I heard what I think was a splash, but still, I can feel that someone else is in the water with me.

"We just cleaned this pool" I tell out open, letting myself float on top of the water. My eyes wandering to find Robbie swimming after me underwater. I look again and see that his clothes are off! "Robbie No" I tell him, but he still swims closer, 'I'm not playing Robbie, I'm serious" I say, but I'm half smiling and laughing because of the duh-duh... duh-duh.... duh-duh-duh.... going on in my head and when I do smile and laugh he knows I'm not really serious... even though I am.

He grabs my legs and yank me under. I was quick to scold but then I realized he was just hugging me close, close to his naked body.

Okay, I know it's odd/weird, but every since I started swimming (around 6 or 7) I wished/dreamed for a merman whisking me away as I was swimming and taking me to be his wife. I mean... you always picture them as godly or something right, it took till I was about 14 to realize how the hell how are you suppose to have sex with one.
But I only one I ever shared this thought to was Robbie. I think we might've got drunk or something, our first and last time, and we just went off. Through that I learned that Robbie dreamed about seeing me naked since we ever met. He better be lucky I wasn't somber to smack him for that.

But still, Robbie looked so much like a merman now, just beautiful. I hug him back after a moment and we just sit there, no need to breathe, just wanting to live like this... but the lungs call.
Robbie shot us up. Standing in the water and still hugging, he kissed me.

"You are so beautiful" he says kissing my neck.

"They have cameras in here Robbie." I whisper in his ear and he just laughs.

"I don't care."

"Scholarships" I warned him and he stopped.

"I hate you now" he says pushing me off and folding his arms to pout and I just laugh.

"We've been doing this for the last 4 days, can't you take a break?"

"No. I'll die if I can't have you daily."

"Then you might as well drop dead." I laugh, "I have something better we can do."


"I set cameras in my brothers room.'' I smile at him and he looks utterly confused.


"You are sick!" Rob yells at me but he was laughing his ass off.

We're in my room. Dad's at work, another shift. Right now, we're looking at my computer as my little boys fondle with Tia's and Maria's body's.

"It's better than being abstinent." I mutter under my breathe as I watch and I can say my boys work quick.

"That's sick" Rob laughed.

"Shut up. They're talking." I tell him turning up the volume.

"Do you want to try us too?" my little Zach asks standing up and away from Maria's body and he was already undressing himself.

"Yes" Tia says more than excited. Probably because my little Micah, sweet Micah, was playing with her clit. I'm starting to think he's the more adventrous one. I have to keep an eye on him.

"Sh!" Zach says, "Alex and Rob are next door."

"Oh" Tia says in a whisper but Micah was still playing with her clit.

"Micah's a freak" Rob laughs and I slap him in his stomach, my eyes glued to the screen.

Zach was naked now and he got both Tia's and Maria's attention. The only problem was that he was flaccid.

"Can I touch it?" Maria asks but she was already on her knees anyway.

"Yes" Zach says and hesitantly, Maria grabs his little cock- well it's average for his age. "Stroke it" he says taking his cock from her hand, "Like this" he shows her by masturbating.

"Okay" she whispers and she starts to give him a handjob, making him hard.

"How come you never gave me a handjob?" Rob whines still laughing and this time I elbowed his crotch making him fall on my bed laughing louder which reached their room and making them stop moving.

"Seriously Rob," I tell him, "I want them to lose their virginity."

"You could've done that." he says and I hit him again in the crotch, "I'm only kidding, Damn" he laughs rubbing his cock that's become hard, "You must not want anymore kids."

"You must not want any more kids" I growl at him, threatening to hit him again and he moves away to my other side.

"It's OK" Zach says, "Robbie's always laughing." he says moving his hips and urging her to continue.

"Can I do you now?" Tia asks Micah and he shakes his head.

"Uh uh, let me try something." he says getting on his knees and what I saw made my heartbeat rush.

He started to eat her pussy! Where the hell did he learn that!!!!

I heard her scream from here, but Micah didn't care he just kept on eating. Maria gave Zach a look of complete jealousy, but instead of her getting her satisfaction, he rubs his dick to her lips. She gets the motion (or taste) and licks his dick, before finally taking it into her mouth.

"Damn!" Rob nearly shouts and uses the excuse to grope my boob making both of us smile. "He's just like you." he laughs.

"Would you stop?" I laughed smacking his hand away.

"No" he laughed, lifting my head up to kiss me, as passionately as ever. "I can't keep my hands off you" he laughs.

"Well dogs can be taught." I teased turning back to my computer and now Zach was eating Maria and Tia sucking Micah.

"What the hell did you do to make them do this?" Rob asks, "You didn't..."

"No," I protested quickly, "They just... touched me a little, just to get their curiosity up a little for those two." I say nodding to the screen.

"No wonder why Zach wasn't hard when they started. He's already seen you!" Rob shouts in a whisper, half angry and half humored.

"They haven't seen me naked (small lie). Those are their first breasts, or what you can call breasts, and first pussies they've seen. I always wear pajamas to bed."


"Yes, brothers can sleep with their older sister."

"That depends on what you mean by 'sleep' " he mumbles looking closer to the screen, his chin on my shoulder. I turn and kiss his cheek.

"I'm yours, you dumbass" I tell him, "And if I find someone else on my dick" I threatened grabbing his cock that was rock hard, "We won't be having more kids." I tell him grabbing his hand and placing it on my belly.

"I can't wait till we're married" he says digging his face into my chest, "I'm going to ravage you all night." he laughs.

"Then, a week later, I'm going to be a widow." I tell him and he laughs his ass off. I turn my attention to the screen and there they were, still doing oral.

Zach gave Maria his load and he lasted a little longer than I expected, but Maria was disgusted by it. Trying to spit it out. Apparently they didn't know to eat it.

"Ew" she laughs.

"I'm sorry" Zach apologizes, but he wasn't and with that he got down to his knees with Tia and kissed her, slurping up his own sperm.

"Ew" Rob laughs.

"It's actually good, you should try your own" I tease and he tugs on my hair moving back a little.

With Zach eating his own, Maria decided to eat it too and by her expression, she loved it.
Tia was next, and it looks like Micah and Tia are the advanced couple, because he came in her mouth without hesitation and Tia swallowed it with ease.

"Are you sure he's a virgin?" Rob asks.

"His foreskin isn't pulled back y-..." I start when I turn, I find Rob. Stretched out on my bed and naked, looking at me adoringly. I sigh, "Rob". He smiles and moves closer, sitting his head on my lap.

"Come on." he whines into my legs, "You can't tell me they don't turn you on. Actually I can smell it." he laughs smelling my crotch that was, sadly, wet. He digs his head deeper into my crotch and I half feel his slobber seeping through my jeans and now he got me horny... bastard.
I grab his hair and urge him on, exactly what he wanted and he unzipped my pants. I turned back to the screen and they were still doing oral, except this time on their beds. At least their in the right area.
Rob gets my pants off and without taking my underwear off, was eating my pussy. I let out a whimper and he rolled my chair closer to him. He always wants my attention and he always get it too. He bites my clit and I let out a screech, loud enough for everyone next door to hear and I look over to the screen and they froze. I was trying my hardest not scream because he still didn't stop. I wanted to scream so bad.

"Oh god Rob" I gasp and this is my first time not being able to scream as loud as I want. "Stop" I plead but he just eats with more emphasis.

"What was that?" Micah asks from the computer and I'm clutching the arm of my computer chair to stop from yelling.

"Should we stop?" Zach asks coming up from eating Tia, they must have switched.

"No. They might be doing the same thing" Micah smiles and now I wanted to smack him for acting so much like Rob, because he was smiling too.

"Smart kid" Rob laughs sitting up and taking off my shirt.

"I need to keep him away from you" I tell him smiling.

"I'm going to be his new brother" Rob laughs hugging me and pulling me into his lap, "I'm going to teach him everything I know."

"You should right a book." I laugh grabbing his cock between my legs. "How about that handjob?" I smile up at him and he kisses my head.

"Go at it"

Apparently I was clumsy. He already knew it too. My handwriting is some crap, I can't catch a ball and I can't type, that's why I usually rely on my leg power and hell no I'm not doing footjobs.
Eventually he gave up and called some crap. I had him beg before we continued.

I leveled him under me, his giant cock just inches from impaling me... before my door opened.

I half fainted in fear of it being my father (mom would probably understand), but it wasn't. My door was locked and only two know how to open it when it's locked.

Everything was silent as the four naked kids stared at the two naked adults ready to engulf or impale, and only the boys were smiling. Us girls had our mouths hanging open. mine in disbelief and the others by the size of Rob's cock that they could see perfectly. I couldn't say anything.

"What are you doing?" Micah asks, the first to speak.

"Get ou-!" I was about the yell, but...

"Come here, I'll show you" Rob interrupts and I look down at him in aw, but they just waltzed in, shut the door and locked it. I was about to protest, but I was obviously not being listened to. "This is what you do after you're done doing what yah just did." he says and immediately, thrust his hip up to impale me, almost making me scream, but he didn't shove it all.

"Come here" Micah says to Tia excited already like he just had a break through and hesitantly, she followed his order.
Micah got on his back on the floor and Zach followed his brother's example, both girls at their feet.

"W-Will it hurt?" Maria asks me and I try to hold a even face, which is hard when you're stuffed!

"Y-yeah" I answer looking at my boys on their backs like happy puppies, "A little, but it'll get better."

"Will his get as big as yours?" Tia asks Rob.

"I doubt it" Rob laughs, "But theirs' will get bigger."

"Can I touch yours?"

"No!" I answer too quick and Rob laughed his ass off.

"Nah, you can't" he laughs, pulling me into his chest, "It's hers"

"Oh" she says turning to Micah and without hesitation, she hovers over Micah's pulled back (Dammit! He looked cuter before!) uncircumcised dick and put her pussy lips over the head, looking and me and Rob's for reference. "Then this one is mine" she pledges and she impales herself onto Micah's dick, turning me on greatly. Micah moaned out loud, really loud, and everyone heard the snap of her virginity being taken, the blood running down Micah's dick. (She did it a little bit too fast. The little freak ;) She screamed at first, her legs buckling, but then she was softly moaning.

"It's warm" Micah announced, "And tight" he adds grabbing her hips.

Maria and Zach was next. They took it a little bit more slower, but Zach was impatient. When she hovered over him for more than 3 minutes, he moved his hips up and impaled her himself. After the snap, scream, sob and sigh. They were fucking clumsily, just like Micah and Tia.

"Happy" Rob whispers in my ear and I really was. We beat our father and I couldn't be more happy. I succeeded my plan.

"Now make me happier" I whisper in his ear and he gladly obeys.
I take his whole cock into me and now that Micah and Zach are fixed, Rob is the only man I have to worry about right now.
He kisses me, grabs my butt and starts ramming me, hitting the G-spot every time. I whimpered, cried, and moaned with any of his movements, which for once, was nice and slow. The kids below us were going like crazy by impatience. It didn't take them long to cum, not at all.

They finished early and my boys used their time to stare at me and they became hard again, using the girls to take care of it. They did everything my boys said, they trained themselves some sex slaves and under order of their masters, they starting to touch me!

They grabbed my butt, licked my asshole and rubbing their pussies against my ass cheeks! If anything, I'm not no lesbo, but Rob was getting turned on by it.

"Oh damn" he laughed looking back at the two girls little rubbing against my ass. "That's hot."

"Shut up" I laugh getting off him and shifting to the 69. "And feed me" I laugh taking his head into my mouth and Zach and Micah stood up to get a better look. I slide my tongue in and out the slit of his dick and he shudders every time I did. He plays the same game, slipping his tongue in and out of my pussy, tongue fucking me. We both laugh and I start him down my throat, Zach and Micah wide eyed at how far I'm getting. When I got to the base, their dicks were hard and leaking pre-cum.
Rob shout his load as I shot mine. He slurped up everything I squirted and I gulped down everything he gave me to Zach's and Micah's amazement. I slid it out with a giant, "AH!", his cum dripping from my mouth and I'm glad I had him wait. It was thick and warm. I smile and Zacha and Micah laugh at my face. I grab Zach by the arm and with much effort, I kiss him, giving him the sperm that makes my babies (The only incest thing in my story ;) and he swallows it without complaint.

"Can you do us too?" Micah asks.

"Uh uh," I shake my head grabbing Rob's cock by the head, "I'm Okay with this one." I laugh kissing the head and Rob kisses my clit.

"Can we do this again?" Tia asks excited.

"Ye-ah" I say rolling up my lips. "We have to talk."

To be continued...

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