A father molests his eight year old.
Disclaimer: The following work contains fictional depictions of an adult molesting a young child. By the way, no real people were injured in the writing of this fictional story. Don't complain.

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“You are Daddy's to do as Daddy wants to.”

“Baby, you're making Daddy sad now,” Daddy rolled Katie off the sleeping bag onto her back.

Katie sat up, still blubbering, “Why Daddy?”

“Because you're not doing the next part!” Daddy roared.

Daddy's fat cock stood straight up as he lay atop the sleeping bag on his back. His little daughter cringed as she saw his erect tool, glistening wet, grow in height and width.

“What do I do, Daddy?” the little brown-haired, blue-eyed girl sniffed.

Her father rubbed his own hairy stomach while grinning at her, “Stand over Daddy's thingy.”

Katie stood obediently and put a leg over either side of her obese father.

Her little snatch was not far above her fathers hard member. Katie looked in between her legs at it. The little opening on the tip of her fathers thingy spit more clear liquid out of it. It ran down along his thick shaft. Katie thought about how gross it was but, dared not make a face. Instead, she looked up at her father.

Daddy was grinning at his little girl. She was only eight years old and absolutely adorable. Seeing her naked little body, especially her baby pussy, standing just over his naked body made him glad he had put up with her mother for years.

“You see your little slit in between your legs, cutie?” Daddy asked sweetly, “Get down so my big daddy cock is in it.”

Katie looked in between her legs again. Her slit was no more than a tiny gash in between her thighs. Just below it, she looked at Daddy's cock again. It was thick in diameter. The bulbous mushroom head and wide shaft looked brutal in appearance to the eight year old girl.

Tears welled up in her eyes, “It's not gonna fit Daddy!”

Daddy's grin faded. “It fit up your little bum, didn't it?” he snapped.

“Yes Daddy,” Katie's lip trembled as she recalled the painful experience from moments ago.

“Then it will, sweety,” he said sadistically, “Now do it! Or I will and I promise it won't feel comfy.”

Katie bent her little knees, lowering her pelvis towards her father's waiting rod.

Daddy's grin returned. He watched his little girls pussy nudge his cockhead. It felt so soft and smooth rubbing against his lustful rod. He loved seeing it too; so young and pink.

The little girl tried to force herself down on her father's penis. Her puffy pussy lips had been parted by the tip of Daddy's cock. She could feel it rubbing at her soft, fleshy insides. A weak smile came back over her face as she looked up and saw Daddy wink at her.

“Keep going, cutie. Daddy's big cock is almost in your little, baby hole. I can already feel your insides, sweety, they're so warm and wet,” he grinned perversely.

Katie's smile went away. She looked back down to her crotch where she was impaling her pussy on her Daddy's blunt tool. She sniffled a little. The old man beneath her didn't sound like her Daddy.

Daddy put an arm around her hip; placing his hand on her young bum. Katie was still trying to force Daddy's dickhead into her tiny preteen hole. But, Daddy had grown impatient.

His hand groped at her tender bottom and pushed her hard down on his engorged genital.

Katie trembled as she felt pressure building on her sensitive privates. Daddy moved his other hand over to his daughters crotch. He pressed down on the head of his cock with his thumb. Katie screamed loudly. The tears that had welled up in her eyes now streaked her face.

“Shutup and be a good little baby slut for Daddy,” her father roared intolerantly.

Katie stopped yelling but kept crying. Her father continued to force her little crotch down as he pressed his cockhead into her. He groaned, frustrated, and let go.

Katie was panting. Father and daughter stared at each other for a few moments.

“Ok, stand back up, sweety,” Daddy turned on his side.

Katie was scared; she knew she was frustrating her Daddy. She wished his cock had gone into her tiny slit.

Daddy sat up. Since Katie was so young and tiny, Daddy's head was up to her little belly. He looked up at his daughter; seeing that she was staring at him. He planted a little kiss on her smooth belly and said, “Daddy's not mad at you, princess. You were a good girl. You tried your best.”

He gave her bum a last playfully squeeze and stood up.

Daddy dwarfed little Katie in size. He was easily twice her height, which had conveniently placed his rock solid dick right in front of her adorable face.

He peered over his belly fat, staring at little Katie. His cock was inches from her mouth.

“Now give Daddy's pee-pee a nice big girl kiss,” he smiled.

Daddy watched his little angel press her lips against his dirty, old dickhead.

“Good girl,” he said, patting her on the head.

“Come over here, princess,” Daddy sat down in a corner of the tent. His fat thighs were spread and his cock curved rigidly upward from his thick pubic hair.

“Make sure daddy can see your little slit, baby,” he added.

Katie obediently sat down on her knees in front of her Daddy. Her thighs were spread wide.

Daddy smiled at his daughters bare, pink slit. He reached into the suitcase beside him and pulled out a jar of vaseline. He took the top off and placed it on the tent floor in between Katie's knees.

“Do you know what Daddy wants you to do, princess?” he asked.

Katie shook her head confusedly.

“Dip your little fingers in the vaseline sweety. And then rub it all over your baby slit,” he waited and watched eagerly.

Katie dabbed her fingers in the vaseline and brought them to her crotch. She gingerly touched her hairless slit. Slowly, she rubbed it down with the vaseline.

“Good girl,” Daddy's cock stood at attention, “Make sure you get inside your cute, little lips.”

Katie traced her hands over her tender slit. She pulled a little lip open with her free hand. Daddy grinned at her raw insides. He leaned over, watching her small body squirm as she rubbed her fingers inside her delicate genital.

“Can you feel your lil hole in there, princess?” Daddy asked sweetly.

“Uh huh.”

“Good, sweety. Rub some vaseline on it and get your little finger in it and make special sure that Daddy can see.”

Katie looked up at her Daddy's bearded, grinning face. She gave him a weak but playful smile again. Her sensitive insides were enjoying her soft fingers and the slippery vaseline.

Her nimble fingers spread open her little slit. She wanted to show Daddy.

“Ooh, sweety,” Daddy moaned, seeing his beautiful little girls insides willingly presented to him. He wrapped his hand around his cock in preparation for stroking again. “Oh, honey,” he groaned, “You're showing Daddy all your little insides. Daddy can even see your tiny fuck hole.”

A small, vaseline-coated fingertip poked its way into the eight year old's vagina. Katie watched her Daddy's eyes widen. She worked her finger in farther. Her pussy felt uncomfortable but it wasn't unbearable for the little girl. She knew she was making Daddy happy

“Its in, Daddy,” she announced smilingly.

“Mmm,” he rubbed his shaft, staring in between his daughters legs, “That's my good baby girl.”

Katie was already instinctively moving her finger in and out of her tiny hole.

“Thats it, fuck your little baby pussy,” Daddy stroked his cock, “Put another finger in it, honey.”

Daddy watched Katie bite her lip as she forced another finger inside her young hole. She flashed Daddy another smile. His hairy, naked body didn't seem so gross to her anymore. She was proud again to be naked in front of Daddy with her little legs spread. And, Daddy was rubbing his hard thingy for her. He was enjoying watching his little girl stick her fingers inside of her little, pink cunt.

“Thats good, sweety,” Daddy lifted a sweaty hand and put it on his daughter's bare thigh. Katie took her fingers out and paused to catch her breath.

Daddy thought about Katie's fat, pig mother. Once, she had been a knockout. But, the second she was married she let herself go. He only held on eight years as his little daughter grew up.

When Katie's mother finally figured out the reason for Daddy's attachment to his daughter, it only made divorce swifter and more satisfying. Katie's mother didn't care much for her daughter so the deal was largely brokered outside of court. In court, proceedings went smoothly: Katie's mother got the house and Daddy got custody of Katie. Questions were never asked.

Now, Katie and Daddy were alone together and naked in a tent.

And, Daddy held a small, dark red dildo before Katie's pussy. His daughter was no longer holding her puffy lips open for him but was intently watching her fathers actions. Daddy slowly poked the tip of the dildo against Katie's slit. He ran it up and down her little fold.

“Mmm,” he grinned. Dad and daughter locked eyes once more. Daddy set the dildo down, “Now, sweety, Daddy wants you to put that up your little baby hole just like you did your fingers. Ok?”

Katie nodded, her eyes examining the little dildo. She picked it up in one hand. Her other spread her little pussy lips open. Daddy smiled.

The little girl loosely fitted the dildo against her tiny vagina and began to push in.

She groaned childishly and pushed again.

“Come on. Fuck your little eight year old hole for Daddy,” the old man encouraged her.

Katie shrieked. She pulled her hand away before looking down. The tiny dildo had stayed in place. It was about halfway into her tiny vagina.

Daddy smiled and scooted closer to her. Katie felt an a big hand on her bare back. “Rest your head on Daddy's shoulder,” her father instructed, “And put your arms around my neck.”

Katie wrapped her thin arms tightly around her fathers neck. She closed her eyes and put her head down on his hairy shoulder. Katie had a feeling she was going to be in pain.

She felt the little dildo move, ever so slightly. But, her tiny pussy was sensitive to any movement.

Daddy had his right hand wrapped around the remaining half of the dildo. He grinned sadistically.

Katie felt the object being jerked out of her immature tunnel. She shut her eyes tightly.

Hot, seething pain shot through her little legs. Her hips jerked about. Daddy rammed the dildo back into his daughter's preteen fuck hole. He swirled it around inside her, twisting it, forcing it deep. He had one objective: loosen up his little girl's tight eight year old cunt.

Katie cried softly.

Daddy continued to pound his little girl's most private part with the foreign object. He thrust it in and out at a furious pace.

Katie's body was being jerked about. The only thing holding her steady was Daddy's big arm on her back and her own arms tightly squeezing Daddy's neck.

The old man was relentless. He continued taunting Katie with little, obscene phrases. She couldn't hear them over her own screaming, however. Her little body felt as though a hole were being punched deep into her.

Daddy lay her down on her back. He pushed her legs back so that her knees folded up near her head. He grinned seeing his little duaghter's abused pussy and bum. He plucked the little dildo from her slit.

Katie was panting very loudly.

“Mmm,” her Daddy groaned, “I bet princess liked that.”

“No, Daddy, it hurt,” she cried.

A heavy hand slapped her innocent slit. Katie whined.

“Shutup,” Daddy roared, “You are Daddy's to do as Daddy wants to.”

He ran his fingers along her privates. He pulled her little pussy open and probed her abused hole. Katie didn't yell but he could hear her whimper. He slowly began to finger her vaginal hole, getting faster with his thrusts, until she screamed again.

He pulled his finger out of her hole and said, “You're such a tight little girl. Stand up.”

Katie struggled to stand.

Daddy was searching through his bag again. Katie turned to face him.

He produced a black dildo, shaped like a real cock. It was twice as thick as the little red one but, still small compared to his own thick cock. He held the base of it to the floor of the tent. It was long and stood straight up.

“Get over it,” Daddy instructed, “And do what you were supposed to do to Daddy's cock.”

Katie shyly stood over the dildo. She squatted down, knees bent. Her little pussy nudged the tip of it. She pressed down, hard. Her little pussy was already in pain. She bit her lip and pressed down again.

The head of the dildo popped into her tiny fuck hole.

She writhed in agony.

Daddy kept the base of the dildo firmly fixed to the floor. He watched his little girl's pussy at eye level.

Katie pushed down harder, stretching her vaginal walls.

The sadistic grin was back on her father's face. He lusted after his little daughter. Seeing her tiny cunt getting filled by a black, cock-shaped dildo made him even hornier.

“Go up and down on it,” he encouraged, seeing that enough of it had been fed into her little pussy.

Katie whined and began to pull her pussy off of the dildo. When the tip popped back out, she lowered herself and impaled her young, raw pussy onto the rod.

“Mmmm,” Daddy groaned, “My little baby girl is going down on a big, black dildo.”

To be continued...

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