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Daddy the peeping Tom

Introduction: Being a voyeur was never my thing so I just jumped in and lived out every man’s fantasy of doing twins.

It was a typical spring Saturday I go into work early in the morning and by the mid-afternoon I take off for the rest of the day. Now normally I would go play golf with my buddies but because of an emergency at my job worksite a couple of days ago I had missed out going down to Myrtle Beach to play golf with them for the weekend. So, this Saturday I decided to get home catch the Phil’s on TV in my man cave down in the cellar and get drunk by myself.

Now my wife and I have identical twins Hailey and Hannah like most twins they share everything. My wife Heidi owns several dress boutiques and has brought home about 100 new dress selections for the girls. They were instructed to go through them all and pick two dresses each and the ones that they didn’t pick out would go for sale in her boutiques. For Heidi my wife it is very important for each of our girls to be wearing a one-of-a-kind- dress for their prom.

Now, as for me, I am just a humble servant to my three ladies. As you probably have guessed already I own a small construction company. While I haven’t really built anything with my bare hands in the last few years is because my business has become far more successful than I could have ever imagined. It affords me many days to play hooky from work to do as I wish which is playing golf several times a week.

When I arrived home the entertainment that I was looking forward to was derailed as I came out of my bedroom and was walking down the hallway past my daughter’s bedroom. Since they were twins we married two bedrooms together and created a very unique suite for them with their own dual bathroom.

I heard the two of them talking quietly together when I peeked through the door. It was ajar ever so slightly and that’s when I found my afternoon entertainment. There were my twin daughters standing in front the mirror that took up the full length of the one walls of their bedroom. They were standing there in just their thongs and high heels with their bare B cup breasts on display just for me. There were dresses strewn all over the room. The only way to tell the girls apart is by their birthmarks that were matching as well. Hailey had her birthmark on her left forearm and Hannah had her birthmark on the very upper part of her right thigh, it actually rested on the right side of her pussy.

As I stood in the hallway watching them Hannah then walked behind Hailey and smacked her on her ass cheek and smiled at her sister and said, “Wow, I like your body sis. You look so good I am so jealous of Conroy getting to fuck you so much.”

Hailey posed in front of the mirror admiring her body then took Hannah by the hand and opened her arms then pointed at the mirror and began to laugh and said, “Well, duh!! We both have the same body, dippy!!!”

Both girls picked up the next dresses that were laid on their beds. Hailey put on a mid-drift dress with no bra and straps that crisscrossed around her neck creating a true vision of cleavage. It was striped in several shades of purple and the stripes had several widths. Hannah’s dress was a light red with small flowers and the material was nearly sheared as I could view her white thong that barely covered her pussy and her nipples and areolas looked amazing. It was like watching the girls when they were younger playing dress up with their dolls but now they were the dolls.

Hannah was standing behind Hailey had her hands were on her sister’s shoulders “So, sis you look great in that dress, can I borrow this dress, right?”

Hailey was moving her legs and shoulders modeling it for her and her sister then she spun in front of the mirror making her hem lift with the air exposing her thong, “Only if you promise if I can borrow yours!”

Hannah was back out of her dress as fast as it went on and she began to model in front of the mirror with just her thong and high heels. Their bodies were impressive absolutely perfect not a flaw on them except for their birthmarks. As I watched them for the first time stripping and getting half naked my cock began to fill up with blood. I became excited realizing that my seventeen-year-old twin daughter’s bodies were matured past their age.

Hailey and Hannah stood in front of the mirror as I watched with shear awe as my daughters began to play with each other. They were both caressing each other’s breasts and occasionally they became bold enough to touch their sister’s nether regions and Hailey said, “Damn sis this looks so hot the way we play with each other. I wish I had the video camera working so that we could catch everything we are doing on film.”

Hannah laughed and reached her hand up Hailey’s dress and began to squeeze her sister’s caboose, “Ha, you nasty little bitch, I know what you want to do but we don’t have any more room to record anything on the video camera. Maybe we can hit dad up for some cash for a new video card and record some things later on.”

Both girls were once again out of their dresses when Hannah pulled her sister Hailey down on the bed with her. Hannah fell on her back as her legs spread open and wide. Hailey instinctively fell to her knees in front of the bed. Hannah grabbed the small patch covering her pussy between her legs moving it to the side exposing her pussy. It was the first time since she was about three that I have seen her pink slit. Hailey moved to her head towards her sister’s crotch with her tongue outstretched aching to taste her sister and Hailey said, “Let’s take a break with the dresses for a little and we can rehearse a scene with each of us eating each other, what do you think sis?”

Hannah moved her hands to the back of her twin sister’s head. “Well, if we can’t record this then we can at least have fun rehearsing the scene. Damn Hailey nobody sucks on my pussy mound like you do sweetie.” Hannah began to pull her sister’s face deeper between her legs and her pelvis began to grind in circular motions on Hailey’s tongue. This was by far hotter than any girl on girl action that I had ever watched on video. I think it’s because it’s happening right in front of my eyes and the girls happen to be my two little girls.

Once Hailey finished licking cum from her sister’s pussy she stood up while pulling Hannah up from the bed. Hannah with one fell swoop lifted her sister’s dress off of her, “You know this one wouldn’t be so bad for the prom you can put it on and take it off very quickly so you and Connor can fuck anywhere you want.” Hannah being the loving sister moved her hands to her sisters breasts “I like the way your boobs feel in my hands.”

Hailey’s eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly as her head tilted back as she was drifting off in the pleasure that her sister was providing, “Hannah you have a special touch that gets me going.” She pulled her sister’s head towards her and they began to kiss one another with their tongues dueling with each other then Hannah’s mouth went to her sister’s breasts and began to nuzzle on them.

Watching my daughter’s pleasuring each other came as a shock. I knew as twins that they shared many things together that most sisters wouldn’t. There seems to be a special connection or a bond that can’t be broken but incest was not one of the things I was prepared for as a father. Both of my daughters were taking turns kissing each other’s breasts and pussies. Like I said before it was better than watching girl-on-girl porn because it was happening live right in front of my eyes. I have to admit that I have always been partial to watching two women pleasure themselves.

Without my daughters knowledge I stood in the hallway and I unzipped my pants and removed my cock from its stronghold. Standing there stroking myself watching my two little girls gave me more pleasure than I had ever experienced before. I tried to open the door so I could get a better view and of course the damn door began to creak as I pushed it open and Hannah who was standing there saw me through the mirror with my cock in my hand stroking myself and she said, “Daddy, is that you?”

Hailey pulled her tongue from her sister’s pussy and looked around her sister’s side and I watched has her eyes and mouth bulged open wide, “Dad, what are you doing to yourself are you jerking off to us playing with each other? Holy shit daddy you shouldn’t be doing that here.”

I figured since I was already caught what the fuck. My brain felt like it was on fire and couldn’t help myself as I pushed the door all the open I announced to my daughter’s, “I can’t take it anymore I have to be a part of this I need to put my cock inside of one of you!!! I am tired of jerking off watching my two hot daughters eat each other.”

Hailey stood up, “Holy shit daddy, no, that wouldn’t be right!! We were just messing around with each other what you are saying is crazy, its taboo, that’s called incest.”

I pushed Hannah up against the mirror, “Oh god, daddy that is one big cock. If Hailey doesn’t want to try you I will. Hailey has gotten me so hot and horny from eating me I could really use a hard cock to help me finish. If you want to start with one of us then starts with me.”

I bent my knees and pushed the head of my cock down towards her wet pussy. Hannah obviously wasn’t a virgin as I slipped inside of her. As I began to thrust upwards I lifted all 90 lbs of my daughter off of the floor. “Hannah, I need to put my cock in you honey!! I want both of you. I want to feel your tight teenage pussy before you give it up to one of those immature kids you are going to the prom with. I want to be first I don’t want sloppy seconds.”

I wasn’t sure what emotions were flowing through my veins at that moment but I moved Hailey out of the way and spun Hannah around to face the mirror on the wall. Instinctively my manhood sniffed out the pussy it was hunting. As my daughter spread her arms and leg open like she was a big X the head of my penis began to split open her moist pussy once again. Hannah smiled as our eyes locked in the mirror and my straight ‘A’ student of a daughter encouraged me not to stop the ultimate taboo of penetrating her. “Oh, yes, fuck me, daddy! I want to feel you inside of me. Fill my teenage pussy with your cock. Take me from behind and make love to your daughter.” My cock slipped inside of her swollen pussy, “That’s it daddy you have got it. Hit my G-spit daddy, make love to me.”

As I pushed myself completely inside of her my hands went to her thighs and I grabbed her up. Hannah was now pinned up against the mirror and as I stabbed her pussy as her juices began to splatter against the mirror. With each thrust I was able to pull my daughter higher and higher off of the floor until we were both comfortable with me pounding her from behind. “Do you like that Hannah? You like the way daddy feels inside of you?”

Hailey stood next to us watching her sister take all seven inches of me slip inside of her sister. Her disdain was wiped away and from her mouth came the approval that I was looking for because she was next and I didn’t want to have to rape her I would prefer if our fucking was consensual. “Yeah daddy, give it to her good!! Daddy I want a turn too. Don’t cum so quickly save some of your hard cock for me daddy, please!!!!”

Hannah’s eyes closed and her mouth continued to drool over the mirror, “Daddy this is incredible!! For an older guy I never thought you would feel better and my boyfriend Randy but Holy Shit if feels a hundred times better!!!!”

Hailey smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek, “Thanks daddy, I don’t mind going second maybe I’ll let you cum inside of me. Don’t worry I have the morning after pill so it will be okay to finish inside of me.”

I smiled as both of my girls as I continued to hit Hannah’s pussy from behind, “Don’t worry honey I had every intention of putting my cock inside of you. It wouldn’t be fair for me to fuck your sister and leave you out.”

Hailey smiled back at me and put her tongue inside of my mouth and I for the first time in my life could taste her sister Hannah’s pussy juice on her tongue along with her wonderful aroma of Hannah’s pussy. When she pulled away she gave me this sexy kitten look on her face, “Aww, you’re so thoughtful not to forget about me daddy.”

Hannah was pushing her ass back against me with all of her might, “But daddy, I want more, I want you to finish first before you fuck Hailey.”

I pulled out of my daughter Hannah’s pussy and moved over to my daughter Hailey who was on her knees on her bed. I put my hand on the back of her head and began to guide my cock towards her mouth that was now drooling with anticipation. Hannah moved to the side of the bed and was also on her knees, “Holy Shit daddy!!! I never knew how big you were. You felt so deep inside of me but Randy isn’t nearly as large or as thick as you.”

Hailey wrapped her tiny hands around my ass cheeks looking up at me with her hazel eyes as she was about to envelop my manhood she said, “I want to know how big it feels in my mouth.”

As I watched my daughter begin to clean her sister’s cum from my shaft I took my other hand and cupped my daughter Hannah’s face, “Don’t worry my dear you’ll both get some, I promise.”

Hannah was more of a freak than I had imagined as Hailey was gulping my seven inches into her hot, moist mouth Hannah fell to her knees behind me. Hailey stretched my ass cheeks open for her sister and Hannah’s tongue began to lap my asshole. I never had my salad tossed before and I have to admit it felt awesome.

I was the luckiest man in the world. I have twin seventeen-year-old daughters and one has half of my cock jammed into her mouth and my other daughter has her whole tongue plunged into my nasty shit hole. I leaned my head back and in a very soft voice of pleasure I said, “Just like I had always hoped.”

My daughter Hannah pulled her tongue from my asshole, “Let us both suck you daddy, I promise we can do a good job for you.”

Hailey let my cock slip from her mouth as there was a long string of her saliva that went from the tip of the head of my cock to the tip of her tongue. Hailey sucked it all back into her mouth and swallowed it and looked up at me, “Are we doing a good job daddy? If you want us to do it a different way, just let us know what you want us to do. I promise we will do whatever is in that sick twisted incest mind of yours.”

Now both of my girls were on their knees in front of me. I watched as Hannah was working on my head and Hailey was down sucking on my balls, “Ooh, kids, that’s perfect!”

Hannah smiled as she never broke her concentration on my cock, “We love pleasing you, Daddy!”

Hailey said, “Especially with our tongues, I can still smell and taste Hannah’s pussy on your balls daddy! I have to admit this is kinda hot sucking your balls daddy!”

I then pulled Hailey up on the right side of my cock and maneuvered Hannah to the left side of my cock. “Now open your mouths girls and stick your tongues out.” I then grabbed the back of their heads and they began to French kiss each other then with a small hole between their faces I pushed my cock between their faces.

Hannah said, “Oh god, sis, don’t stop licking daddy’s cock.”

Hailey smirked at her sister, “You mean like this.” Their tongues worked on my head and then my shaft as I pumped my manhood between their faces. It was something out of a porn movie the way they were manipulating their tongues and mouths over my cock. “Daddy you promised me that I could have some. I want to feel you inside of me right down here.” Moving to her bed Hailey fell on her back and spread her legs open exposing her pussy to me. Her fingers spread open her tiny little slit. “See daddy I am so wet, I am ready for you to take me. Come on daddy give it to me.”

I dropped to my knees I felt myself get harder than I had ever been before. Hannah sat behind Hailey with her legs spread open with her arms and legs wrapped around her sister. Hannah’s tiny hands were squeezing her sister’s breasts, “Look daddy, look at her pussy it is actually dripping for you.” I then introduced the hardest cock that I had ever sported into my daughter’s tiny slit. My cock was eager to explore Hailey’s pussy. As I pushed forward the thickness of my cock filled my daughter. I was surprised by the smile on Hailey’s face as she was astonished how wide my cock opened her up, Hannah said, “Damn daddy look at the way her pussy is coating your penis.”

Hailey began to smile from ear to ear and her voice had a special tone to it, “Shove harder daddy. I want to feel you deep inside of me just like Hannah did. Don’t be afraid to do me harder daddy, I want you push it in me nice and hard make sure it goes as deep inside of me as it can go.”

Smiling at my daughter I became eager to help her with her request and said, “Let me take you from behind honey. I can fuck you harder if I can get behind you like I did with Hannah and you can do your favorite thing and eat your sister’s pussy.”

As we began to readjust our positions I took a second and realized that both of my daughters were doing as they were told. There was no hesitation no second guessing as to whether or not this was right or wrong what we were doing. It could’ve been because they were sexually active with each other for such a long time that they both didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with what we were doing.

Then reality came back to me as I began to focus on Hannah on her back with her legs spread open and Hailey eagerly licking her pussy. Then I looked down at my prize Hailey’s sweet little ass. Her pussy was gaped ever so slightly still from me fucking her just a minute ago and there seemed to be an aching coming from her hole calling my cock to it, to fuck it hard and deep and bring it satisfaction. My daughter Hannah looked up at me, “Give it to her hard daddy. The harder you do it the better she eats my pussy. Come on daddy give it to her.”

Hailey lifted and turned her head to look at me, “Mmm, it feels so good the way you fill me up daddy, don’t stop and you’re not fucking me hard enough slam my fucking pussy daddy!!!!”

Grabbing my daughters hips trying to facilitate her request I began to thrust hard and deep inside of my young daughter’s fresh pussy and the harder I slammed her the more she ate Hannah’s pussy. Both of their moans and screams became louder and louder and I said, “Hailey eat your sister I want you to taste her cum.”

As I pounded Hailey’s pussy and she went wild with her tongue. I realized that there was an uncanny connection to twins as they both began to scream with ecstasy as I felt for the first time in my life a woman actually squirt her cream over my cock and down my shaft and out to my balls. I never thought that I could bring a woman of her age to such a place of ecstasy. Hailey and I both fell down onto the bed as all three of us were breathing heavily. I was so close to my climax but my daughter finished moments before I could.

Once all three of us regained our composure I stood from the bed while my daughter’s sat on the edge of the bed, “Girls I want you to lick clean Hailey’s cum from my cock.”

I brought their heads closer to me and Hailey wanted to go first, “I taste just like you sis!”

Then Hannah moved to the other side and began at my balls and licked me like a lollipop, “She tastes so good daddy.” Hannah was definitely the aggressor of the two and with her tiny hand wrapped it around my wet shaft, “I want to lick it all up daddy I’ll get it nice and clean daddy.”

Hailey was encouraged by her sisters aggressiveness, “Yeah, get it all in your mouth, can you swallow that monster?”

I wanted her to at least try, “Guhhh, Hannah that is so damn good.” I pushed forward grabbing the back of her head my cock slipped down her throat. Hannah was attempting to pull back from me but I kept forcing myself and finally I pushed balls deep. When I pulled out Hannah was gagging and almost lost her lunch.

Hannah wasn’t upset with me but upped the ante to see who could be the nastiest between the two of us. She sat on the edge of the bed opened her legs and said, “I want you to fuck my ass I’ve got your cock nice and wet for it to slip right in. You will be the first one to fuck my asshole I want you to be the first daddy!!!”

I looked down at the small sphincter that she wanted me to take and I began to shake my head, “You do? I wonder if it will even fit. I think that I will literally split you in two, sweetie.”

Hailey came up to my side and grabbed the shaft and pulled me towards her sister’s asshole, “If you can pound my pussy as good as you just did daddy, then I know that you can find a way to put your fat cock inside of her asshole.”

Dropping to my knees I put two fingers into Hailey’s mouth, “Suck my fingers honey, get them nice and wet for your sister.” When I felt they were wet enough I began with my forefinger. I massaged her rim and realized that I needed more and spit on my daughter’s asshole. I then went knuckle deep inside of her and she didn’t flinch. Then I put my whole forefinger inside of her and again there was no flinch then I added my middle finger. There didn’t seem to be any pain but pleasure on my daughter’s face and I realized that she just might be able to handle my cock, “Let’s see if I can stretch you out a little bit with my fingers before I try my thick cock, honey.” I pushed inside of her and finger fucked her and spread my fingers inside of her tiny pucker hole. I guess I did a good enough job because it took just a couple of minutes to give her not one but a multiple orgasm.

Hannah looked down at my fingers working their magic bringing her to orgasm, “More, daddy!!! Put them in deeper I can feel another orgassssmmm come on daddy finger fuck me.”

Hailey moved her face down to her sister pussy and licked her clit then between licks she said, “Give it to her. Let’s see how much she can take.”

Removing my fingers I knelt between her legs and Hailey helped me guide my head between her opening, “My love, you are so tight! Shall I keep fucking you?”

Hailey did the same for Hannah that Hannah had done for her. She wrapped her arms and legs around her and played with Hannah’s breasts as she watched my fuck her sister in the ass for the first time. Hannah’s eyes were now rolled up into her head her mouth was open and she was hardly breathing as I pushed about half way up her shit hole, “Oh my god, it’s so big!”

Hailey smiled at me, “I want some too. I want you to fuck my ass too daddy!!!”

It was amazing to watch my daughter attempting to take my cock all the way inside of her she was a real trooper but after several minutes she reached her fingers to my nipple and twisted, “That’s enough daddy I can’t take any more right now.”

Hailey released her sister, “Yeah, yeah it’s my turn. I want to sit on you and ride you dick daddy!!”

My cock just seemed to get harder every time I knew that I was going to fuck Hailey I don’t know why I mean they are identical twins but for some reason I wanted to fuck Hailey more. I moved over to the chair and sat down and before Hailey went wild on me Hannah said, “Hey, wait a minute! I get to clean my ass off of daddy’s cock for you. Let me clean it up for you sis!”

Hannah once again took my cock into her mouth then Hailey very surprisingly pushed her sister’s head down on my cock. She pushed so hard that Hannah’s lips were at the base of my shaft for the second time today and when she came off of my cock this time there was no gagging just an evil little smirk, “I knew I could take that big thing!”

Hailey moved over to the chair and moved my face over to her ass. “Spit on my asshole and get it nice and slick so that I can fuck you.” I did as I was instructed it seems that my two little angels have had a lot more experiences than I knew about. Hailed moved to the front of the chair and backed her ass to the tip of my cock. Just as my head began to crown her asshole Hailey screamed out, “Oh fuck daddy, it’s so fucking big!”

I looked down at Hannah knowing that I would have a difficult time pushing myself all the way inside of her, “Push it in her, honey.”

Hannah chuckled at the both of us, “Don’t worry Hailey, I’ll make it fit!”

Hailey began to cry, “It’s not going to fit this way daddy, fuck me from behind like you did with my pussy.”

This time we moved over to the couch and Hannah sat on the arm with her legs open waiting for her sister to drop her head between her legs so that she could eat her pussy while I attempted to fuck Hailey’s asshole. I aligned my head and with a little bit of force I breached Hailey’s asshole. I didn’t want to push too hard because I had the greatest desire to be inside of my daughter. I stopped when my head finally slipped inside of her, “Are you okay honey, do you like it like this?”

Hailey lifted her head and looked back at me with a very determined face, “Yes, fuck me!!! Fuck me hard, I love it hard and deep. Tear my asshole up daddy don’t be afraid!”

Hannah reached her arms to mine and pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips, “You heard the little cock hungry bitch said, give it to her hard and deep.”

I wanted her to feel the full force of my cock and I pulled back to the point I was ready to slip out and then slammed fast and hard inside of her. Hailey didn’t quite understand what I was doing and as I was pulling out of her she grabbed my shaft, “Damn it daddy what the fuck did I just tell you. Don’t let your cock slip out of me. It took so fucking long to get inside of me. It feels so ridiculously good. I want it all the way inside of me. Don’t you fucking understand me?”

Hannah smiled as she came over to my side to get a better look and said, “Daddy, you keep getting harder!”

I then pushed my dick until my balls were resting up against her inner pussy lips, “Don’t worry my sweet little angel I will give you every inch.”

Hailey sounded like a woman possessed, “That’s it daddy!! Now you’re getting it deep, deep, deep, inside my asshole. I love your fucking cock!”

My enthusiasm overtook me as I picked Hailey up around her waist and pushed her up and down on my cock, “You like it deep you like this?”

Hailey began to scream but it wasn’t a good scream, “Holy Shit daddy! You’re splitting me in two get your cock out of me.” Hannah smiled and grabbed Hailey and helped her off of my cock. Then Hailey recovered and gently slapped my face, “Don’t ever do that again you hear me. You try that again and I will never let you fuck me again, understood?”

I hugged my little girl, “I’m sorry sweetie I don’t know what had gotten into me, you weren’t ready for that just yet but by the end of the week you’re going to love it I swear.”

Then Hannah was walking out of the room and Hailey said, “Hey where the hell are you going?”

Hannah smiled, “Oh calm down Hailey you were just trying to outdo me and you went too far. Come on guys follow me.” Hannah grabbed both of our hands and led them to the bathroom. Now, like I said before we combined both bedrooms together and the girls had a very large bathroom. They each had their own toilets and sinks they even had their own vanity mirrors. They even had their dressing rooms that had small chairs and couches. We pampered our little girls. Hannah sat on one of the couches, “I always wanted to fuck right here in the bathroom daddy.”

Hailey looked up at me, “I forgive you daddy. You just surprised me, that’s all. Hannah is right we both have always wanted to get it on in here.”

I looked at both of my daughter’s who still wanted to fuck me, “Well, then let’s all fuck here in the bathroom, this should be interesting.” We all fell to our knees together and we had a group hug thing going on right there on the bathroom floor. The only problem was my cock was sandwiched between my daughter’s tight little bellies. “You girls are so damn cute.”

Hailey wanting to make up for her little outburst a couple of seconds ago said, “Talk like that, only makes me want you more daddy.”

Hannah smiled and moved my hand to her breast, “Oh daddy, you’re such a charmer aren’t you.”

I stood up and moved over to the couch and Hannah once again took the lead and stood on the edge of the couch. She could wrap her arms around my shoulders and kissed me on the lips. Standing on the couch brought us eye to eye. Her kisses were extremely passionate and my cock began to rise up once again between her thighs. Hailey didn’t let the opportunity slip by as she sat behind Hannah on the couch. Hailey grabbed my wet cock and began jerking me off between her sister’s legs while her tongue was working on her sister’s asshole and pussy once again and then I said, “I have one great set of kids.”

Hannah smiled at me as she took a break from kissing me, “Damn right! And great in bed too right daddy?”

“You bet you are both better than you mother is, you’re even hotter.”

Hailey lifted her head from her sister’s ass, “We’re the best fucker’s ever. I just wish I would have known you wanted to fuck us sooner!!! We could have been doing this for years now daddy!”

Hannah looked deep in my eyes, “Daddy will you put your dick back in my asshole again?”

“Sure honey anything you want.”

Hailey put her arm around Hanna’s waist, “Let daddy take you from behind his cock is absolutely mind blowing from behind. All you need to do is bend over for me.”

Hannah smiled kissed Hailey on the lips, “What are you up to sis? What are you going to do?”

I had an idea in my head too and agreed with Hailey and looked at Hannah, “Just do it honey. Trust me it’s going to feel great.”

Hannah went to all fours on the couch while Hailey spread her cheeks open with her hands and her tongue went to her sister’s asshole, “She looks so tasty daddy! Do you mind if I lick her first?”

I said, “Sure go ahead lick her, get her ass wet for me.” Hailey was great with her tongue as it split her sister’s ass open, “Damn Hailey you do that so well.”

Hannah was beginning to enjoy her sister’s tongue, “Oh, yeah, sis! Your tongue is just what I needed!”

I then mounted my little girl from behind for the second time today. I looked at Hailey as she helped me slip my cock back into her sister’s asshole, “It’s all lubed up from your spit. You ate her ass just right honey you did a great job.” I cupped her chin with my hand and kissed her on the lips.

Hailey smiled, “I’m glad you think I did a good job daddy.”

Hannah looked back at us with the weirdest face and said, “You sure did! You feel so good inside of me daddy. It feels a lot better the second time around daddy!”

I didn’t care at this point Hannah was expanding and contracting her asshole on my cock as pushed and pulled inside of her asshole. She was also pushing back on me like she was sitting on top of my cock, “Keep pushing back on my dick honey, I want you to take it all like your sister.”

Hailey moved to the couch in front of Hannah and began to giggle, “You make the sexiest faces when you’re fucked.”

Hannah looked back, “Daddy you are just too big for me this way. You are stretching me open so much. Can we switch I liked it better when I was on top and in control.”

Not wanting to upset my second daughter in the same day we switched up. Once I was on my back on the couch she didn’t need any help or coaching to get my cock back inside of her. She began to ride me slowly. Hailey moved over to my face and sat down so that I could eat her pussy for the first time in my life. Just as she sealed her pussy over my mouth I said, “What a beautiful view.”

Hailey sealed her pussy lips over my mouth so just my tongue could slip into her slit. Hannah wanted to have some fun of her own as she licked her forefinger and then shoved it deep into Hailey’s asshole, “Take that sis.”

Hailey turned her head to look back at her sister and said, “You are so nasty sis, I fucking love it.”

How fucking lucky of a guy am I? I have one daughter who is sitting on my face and grinding her pussy on my face while the other daughter was riding my cock. As all three of were writhing on the couch Hailey finally chimed out. “It’s my turn to take a ride on daddy’s cock. Get the fuck off sis.”

Hailey moved backwards down to my cock. She got into the reverse cowboy position on top of me. Once I had about half of my cock wedged inside of my daughter she laid her back on my chest and allowed me to pump my cock inside of her asshole. Her sister Hannah decided to take matters into her own hands and she put her tongue to her sister’s clit. “Sis I am going to make it feel better with daddy’s cock inside of you and eat you until you cum on my tongue.”

I could feel Hailey begin to tighten up around my shaft, “Don’t stop eating her Hannah you are turning her on so much. Hailey I love it squeeze that ass around the shaft of my cock honey.”

Hailey began to breathe heavy, “Guys you both feel so damn good. I can’t stand it you’re going to make me explode on daddy!” It took just several more thrust and my little squirter shot a load of her warm cum all over Hannah’s face.

I rolled Hailey to her side and kept pumping my cock inside of her. I was tired of providing orgasm after orgasm to both of my daughter’s with me not getting off. Hannah took her sister’s load in stride and I told her to come down between my legs and use her magical tongue on my ass.

Hannah didn’t hesitate for a second. She moved to the other side of the couch and pushed my leg upwards so that she could get her face down to my asshole. I could feel Hailey’s cum that had soaked her face as it rubbed off between my thighs. Hannah began to work her magic as I felt my cum once again bubble up in my balls and she said, “Daddy you are so tasty down here. I will eat your ass anytime you want.”

Hailey was quite as my cock was slamming in her asshole relentlessly but my thrusts were longer and stronger the more Hannah worked my asshole and Hailey said, “Oh, shit daddy not again you’re going to make me erupt again.” I moved my hand down to her clit and massaged it until she came and filled my hand with her juice.

I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to hold my cum down my shaft so I announced to the girls that I was going to cum, “Okay ladies daddy is going to cum. Where do you want me to finish.”

They both in unison said, “On our faces.”

The girls wrapped their arms around my thighs and looked up at me as I stroked my cock, “Okay girls get ready here I cum.” Both of the girls opened their mouths and I exploded into each of their mouths as equally as I could.

I fell back on the couch completely exhausted. It is tough enough trying to take care of my wife but twins is a real work out. As I looked at my cum stained daughters I said, “So would it be cool if we could do this every Saturday afternoon when mommy is at work?”

Both of my daughter’s smiled at me and then looked at each other and nodded their head in approval and they said together, “Yes daddy.”

“The only thing is mommy can never find out okay?”

“Sure daddy whatever or whenever you want us you can have us.”

The End
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