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They were searching for the perfect sexy set of lingerie, something to compliment her intense green eyes and beautiful brown hair.

They tried all the less expensive places in the mall, the fabrics felt wrong, the colours were not right, and the staff were always less than helpful.

Even though lingerie was meant to be beautiful they did not want to spend their life savings on it, so were avoiding the Boutique at the end of the mall, it was known for its incredible pricing and snooty staff.

However they were getting impatient, they didnt not want to try another mall and start all over again, they thought it was worth a shot to step inside and look around.

Soft music and natural lighting greeted them as they walked in the door, all the lingerie hung beautifully on the hangers and displayed with such love on the dummies.

There were so many items that caught their eyes, the colours were perfect, the fabrics were divine. Holding hands they walked around the shop, clearly a couple in love, one diamond on her left ring finger, a newly engaged couple, new, lusty love. the best kind.

Watching from the distance the shop assistant lets them browse, shes enjoying watching them touch the fabrics, guess the sizes. One thing she loves the most about working in this Boutique is that the sizing works differently than any other shop, so she gets to take measurements, to, you know, get the perfect fit...

She smooths her skirt and walks over to the happy couple, smiling, a beautiful natural smile, she sees the couple glance at each other and then back at her. "good afternoon, how are you on this beautiful day? arent the fabrics in here divine, perfect for your special night" she says, glancing at the ring on the beautiful brunettes finger.

"we are not too sure on how the sizes work, but the fabric on this set is just incredible, it would be almost like a 2nd skin i am sure" said the woman.

the shop assistant smiles coyley at her and says "most of the lingerie in here feels like a 2nd skin, i have never had most beautiful things on my body ever, but then ive never met you before either"

Oh my goodness! did she really say that! the shop assistant looked away, busied herself tidying racks that were already immaculate, she knew the Brunette was blushing behind her and she could hear hushed whispers, the last thing she needed was a complaint to her boss!!

The couple were blown away by what the gorgeous shop assistant said, she was clearly embarrassed, but neednt have been, the couple couldnt believe their luck, here was this beautiful tall blonde woman, right at their waiting!

he cleared his throat and the shop assistant looked at him, he said "im Seb and this is my fiancee Trudi" she looked at them and smiled "im Holly" she said.

"would you like me to measure you to ensure we fit you into the correct size?" Holly asked Trudi, who glanced at her fiancee to see if it was ok, he nodded, and she accepted.

Holly led Trudi into the fitting rooms with Seb standing in the background smiling, watching as the curtain closed behind the 2 woman

Trudi removed her top and bra, and Holly wrapped the measuring tape around her, first under her bust, and then ontop of her bust, she wrote some measurements down on the paper and then Trudi turned around. Holly was blown away by the beauty of Trudi and how incredibly turned on she obviously was, it was warm in this Boutique, but Trudies nipples stood at attention, Holly was getting wet at the thought.

Seb moved closer to the fitting room, listening outside, not hearing voices. getting very curious, but he decided to be patient and wait.

Holly lifted her hands to Trudies breasts, watching Trudi the whole time, she stopped herself just short, didnt know whether to continue or not, bad idea, bad mistake, carry on, be professional. Trudi put her hands ontop of Hollys, and put Hollys hands right on Trudis breasts. Holly couldnt take it anymore, she started to explore, pushed Trudi up against the mirror in the fitting room, pinching, pulling her nipples, running her hands up and down Trudies body, Trudi was pulling at Hollys top until it come off and then there were hands and tongues everywhere, touching, tasting, pulling of clothing, blonde and brunette hair all intertwined.

Holly started nibbling on Trudies nipple, licking and sucking, nibbling, while gently pinching and pulling the other one, she ran her hands and tongue down Trudies shivering body, they were both obviously full of lust and passion.

Holly knelt down before Trudi, she looked up, saw Trudi panting, looking down at her, wanting more, begging silently with her eyes, Holly pulled Trudies skirt up and over Trudies hips, she pulled her wet panties to the side and gently pushed her finger inside, exploring her hot wetness. Looking up at Trudie again, and you could see she was in heaven, she was sucking and pulling at her own nipples, enjoying this gorgeous stranger between her legs,

Holly pushed the panties all the way aside, she spread Trudies legs apart and dived her tongue inside, the aroma was sweet as she knew it would be, and the taste of a woman, so heavenly. She explored inside and out with her tongue, working clit and hole with fingers and tongue, she knew she was good, had been told before, however this time it was even more amazing, she could feel eyes on her, she knew she was being watched.

Seb could hear the quiet panting and groaning from behind the curtain, He started to rub his hard cock from outside of his jeans, peeking through the curtains he saw just what he wanted to see, and he wanted in, he unzipped his jeans and let his cock free, stroking it he pulled apart the curtains and walked into the fitting room

it was a squash with all three of them inside, however Trudi was in so much extacy that she didnt even notice her fiancee coming in. Holly felt a body up behind her, she felt hands over her backside and her hips, she felt her skirt being lifted and her panties pulled to the side, then she got pulled back into a big hard cock, ohhh that felt so good.

It was definitely not going to take him long to fill her up with his juices, and it was going to be even less before Trudi would come, she had never been eaten out like this by a woman, it was perfect, she felt like she was losing control of her own body. She loved it! Holly was trying so hard to concentrate on Trudi, however the cock inside of her felt so damn good, soon she was pushing back hard, wanting more, panting faster too.

Trudi gasped that she was going to cum, which turned Seb on even more, made him pummel Holly with all his might, holding her hips hard and fucking her like she had never felt before, Trudi started cumming, her juices exploding, her his unvoluntarily out of control, bucking and pushing and trying to pull away she tried so hard to control the sound however a few squeaks escaped, watching this made Seb dump his load, oh this tight little pussy could handle him so good, he was fucking Holly so hard that she came at the same time as him, they collapsed all together, in this little curtained fitting room, panting, but oh so satisfied.

They tidyed themselves up and went back into the main shop, Holly turned to Trudi and smiled, walked over to a rack and picked up a set, she said to Trudi “these will fit you perfectly, and if they dont, feel free to come and exchange..... anytime.....”

She looks at the couple, and smiles, the couple smiles back, “thank you” she says “please do come again”

Seb laughs and says “oh dont you worry, we will”

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2011-09-21 15:11:41
Yeah dressing room fun the best kind. good story. kliton

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Yeah dressing room fun the best kind. good story. kliton

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