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It’s the ultimate male fantasy, every horny red blooded American male’s dream cum true. The situation every guy dreams and fantasizes and would give his immortal soul to experience at least once in his life. It is the worthy and admirable goal everyone strives for but for which most except the privileged few ever are fortunate to attain.

What am I talking about, well making it with two hot and sexy women of course. And not only that, but becoming their regular sex partner for life. However, that is only the beginning.

What makes it even more sweet and delicious is the fact that these two ladies are related. “Twins?” you may be asking yourselves, well not quite but just as good. It would happen to be a mother-daughter tag team, but from looking at them, you would swear they were almost sisters, and not mother and daughter.

What would you say if I was to tell you that not only are the two lovely hot sexy wanton sex vixens are not only related to each other but are also related to me. The mother is my very own aunt(my mom’s baby sister) and the daughter would be my cousin.

I can imagine that you are either thinking one of two things to yourselves. The first one would be “You sick bastard, you need psycho help. How hard up can you be to fuck your very own relatives and your mom’s sister for Christ’s sake?”

However, it is quite possible that you could be thinking to yourselves “Hell, you lucky ass mother fucker dog. How can I get action like that?”

If you are in the first camp, the one who thinks I would be a sicko, then I suggest you quit reading now and take your closed mind and read something flowery or wholesome, because this story ain’t for you.

However, if you are one of the few who are open minded enough to fathom or contemplate the joys of incestual sex, then read on because you are one of the enlightened few who posses the open mind to enjoy fine erotic literature like this. Hell, you may even gain some ideas from my story.

Even if you are in the middle and of the road and not sure which way to think, go ahead and read on. Who knows, you may just enjoy it and find yourself spanking your monkey and wanting more. It could be the rebirth into a whole new world of thinking about sex. You never know until you read.

Anywhoo, enough with the intro and lets get on with the story. It all began a few years ago, almost three to be exact. I was 24 at the time and had just finished college and was looking for something to do while going to grad school to earn my Masters in Computer Information Systems and Network Design. The best route I was told would to be to earn my MBA with an emphasis on the two areas.

Mom suggested that I go live with Aunt Candice and her daughter and while there, work for Aunt Candice at her multinational advertising and publishing firm. That would give me the work experience I needed plus it would help me find a job after graduation, seeing that I was her nephew and after all everyone knows that in today’s job market, its not what but WHO you know that gets you that first big break.

In addition for me being able to get that all important first job, mom had more of a selfish motive for me going to live with Aunt Candice… she wanted to know how Aunt Candice was doing and keep tabs on her and wanted me to be her eyes ears. In other words I was going to be a snoop.

I guess you couldn’t blame mom because Aunt Candice had always been the rebel of the family and in her parents eyes could do nothing right, a fact that she had reminded countless times.

But most of all, she wanted to get as far away as she could from her parent’s puritanical prudish and self righteous “holier than thou” snooty attitude, so at age 16, she ran away from home and moved to a large city in the mid west.

She lied about her age and became a stripper and hooker and not only that at age 17 she found herself with a new baby girl who she named Brandi. To make ends meet she became a nude model as well as a high price call girl. but soon got burned out.

Aunt Candice(who for the rest of the story will now be referred to as simply “Candi”) soon found herself in a world of hurt. She was just turning 18 years old and had an 18 month old baby but no way to have people care for her while she worked.

Soon she found herself out of modeling jobs as well as a “dates” because neither of the industries wanted children at their place so she had to go back to turning tricks for what ever she could get.

However, all would not be as bad as it would appear for in her darkest hour, fate took mercy on her and smiled down sending her a guardian angel, or at least at the time was. The 50 year old man was independently wealthy and owned his own publishing and advertising firm. He was a lonely widower and Candi was a lonely single mom the perfect match, or so they thought.

The man who’s name was Frank Worthington agreed marry Aunt Candi and adopt Brandi and raise her as his very own. However, there were a few stipulations to the agreement.

First of all, Candi was to become a “respectable wife.” This meant that Candi was to quit her present line of work as well as get her high school education and a college degree.

Also Candi was to stay married to him for as long as they both lived and Brandi was never to know that he wasn’t her father as long as he was alive. Candi agreed and they were soon married.

As a last request, Frank wanted Candi to have her tubes tied and Candi agreed because she knew she didn’t want any more children and Frank was too old to raise kids.

For the first five to seven years, the marriage was fine. The sexual intimacy was there, although Frank wasn’t the sex crazed fiend that Candi had hoped her would be. He would be intimate once or twice a week but then was the kind that would either roll over and go to sleep or get up and go about his day.

However, after the first couple of years the intimacy tapered off until it was no more except a kiss on the cheek, if that much. Also during this time Candi earned her high school equivalency and attained her degree in Marketing and Management with a minor in advertising.

She began working on her MBA and eventually finished it and soon became Chief Operating Officer of the company(number 2 in command just under Uncle Frank).

Even though she was able to accomplish that great feat in life, fate threw her a curve ball in the relationship department. Soon Frank began taking out of town trips and would be gone for nearly 9 months out of the year most of the time, the longest stretch being 7 months at once while overseas.

Candi was left running the business but seeing that she was in charge and that Brandi was the most important thing in her life she ran the business from home and hired as day to day operations manager.

This would allow her to spend quality time with Brandi and she would be home when Brandi got home from school and during the summer months they would have all their time together.

Since Frank was gone, Candi and Brandi became very, very close almost like bosom buddies instead of mother and daughter. This was important during Brandi’s formative years.

Also, I would spend summers with them and most every weekend seeing at the time Mom and our family were now living only an hour away.

Even though Candi was the prodigal and her parents and other siblings had pretty much written her off, Mom just couldn’t. She was blood and no matter what, families stuck together. So needless to say, we moved where we could be close to Candi, just in case she or Brandi would need us.

I would grow up with Brandi and we would become fast friends. I would be her “big brother” since I was nearly 4 years older than her and would take up for her as well as a good solid male role model, seeing that Uncle Frank was now gone so much.

My dad would also “adopt” her and Candi as his own and help out any way he could and became a second father to Brandi.

We were a close family at least for a while. However, that closeness would soon be put to the test. Mom’s parents soon became too ill to take care of themselves so we moved back east. I was 15 at the time(just a few months shy of my 16th birthday) and Brandi had just turned 12.

That would be the last time I would see either one of them for 8 years and what a world of changes those 8 years would bring. First of all, tragedy would strike Candi and Brandi 9 months afterwards. Uncle Frank would die in a plane crash.

Mom tried to get Candi to come back east there was too many bad memories there and she was the stubborn one and decided to stay put.

Anyway she now had made her life here and had a large company to run and Uncle Frank had left her well off so she was set for life financially with her huge house paid for and a life insurance annuity that paid her almost a half mill per year for the next 40 years.

That was on top of what she was already making in her publishing firm which was booming and expanding and bringing in an annual profit of almost 35 million per year, with her salary being 1.44 million. So needless to say, she was not hurting at least for money that is.

However, even though she was not hurting financially, deep inside, Candi was still empty. Even though she had been married, it had for the most part been a “marriage from hell” emotionally and intimately speaking.

Frank was not the kind to want sex and had been preoccupied with work. Candi was left to dildoes and one night stands and office romances to fill the emptiness inside. However this would not work and soon she would become depressed and eat and get into that vicious cycle until she reached over 250 pounds.

Although Candi was a beautiful woman in the face, not too many people wanted to have sex with a fat woman so she retreated inside herself and work spending time only with Brandi until Brandi turned 16.

What was it that turned Candi around it was a radical transformation that would wake her up and make her reborn? Here is how it unfolds.

One Friday night while Brandi was off at cheerleading camp Candi was feeling sorry for herself and getting drunk and stoned while watching the late night infomercials.

She had polished off a fifth of whiskey and was on her 3rd joint and sailing high when she happened to see a self-help guru on the tube. He was asking the people if they were happy and if not, how they could become happy by following his plan.

She found herself ordering his book and tapes and when she sobered up she thought better of it but something inside told her to listen and she did and from that day on she changed her life.

The first thing she did was to do was visit her doctor and he put her on an exercise regimen and fat blocker which would help her lose weight. He also prescribed a “diet guideline” for her to go by for her to use as reference.

The doctor also suggested she do exercises she enjoyed so she began belly dancing along with Brandi.

Candi also went back to stripping but this time it was different. Candi was now the owner of the club and danced because she wanted to and not out of the need for money.

She purchased a gentleman’s club near the state line(about 20 minutes away) that had been closed and completely renovated it to where it was now a show palace.

She set her own hours and came and went as she pleased hiring a manger to run the place day to day. She also became the DJ which was something she liked doing. “Eden’s Garden of Delights” as the club was known as soon became a huge success and people from neighboring cities and even neighboring states came visited and spent money hand over fist.

Candi also turned to Brandi for support during her “rebirth” and Brandi was more than happy to help. Brandi was so glad that her mom was coming out of her depression and “moving on with life.” Brandi would become her coach and support mechanism on Candi’s road to self-improvement.

As a result, she and Brandi developed an unspeakable bond that went beyond mother daughter, beyond friends and beyond sisters. They were practically soul mates and were inseparable confiding in each other from everything from clothing and fashion to what was going on in their lives, including their intimate sex lives.

Many a night during the first summer of Candi’s recovery, she and Brandi would stay up to the wee hours in the morning wearing nothing but night shirts and panties drinking, smoking cigarettes and giggling like school girls as Candi would share about her wild sex exploits and Brandi would listen intently.

Brandi would also tell her about the boys she was interested in and confessed that she was no longer a virgin. Candi was not surprised but cautioned Brandi to be careful and not make the same mistakes she did. Candi also suggested that Brandi go on the pill and Brandi confessed she already was.

The intimacy they shared over the next two years was beyond words and bordered dangerously close to incestual love and would soon cross that line but not for a long time.

During this time also, Brandi was becoming interested in her mom’s work and at age 16, Candi let Brandi begin working in the club she owned. She had connections that obtained Brandi a fake ID.

At first Brandi was a cocktail waitress and sometimes DJ’ed, especially when her mom got up to dance. Brandi was naturally a ham and loved to talk so this gave her a chance to express herself and she became quite good at it.

When Brandi was 17, she decided wanted to try her hand at dancing but only in an act with her mom. Her mom cautioned her to think it over and Brandi did and so Candi let her begin dancing.

By now, Candi had lost 125 pounds and was back to her original body, the body she had at age 16. As a result. Candi and Brandi worked up several acts and performed them on stage to the delight of the crowds.

Some of the acts were “fairly tame” while some others were more sexy and seductive. Of course they had one or two that on rare occasions “brought down the house” and were down right raunchy as you could get without them actually performing sexual acts but was close.

They would dance around each other while naked simulating sex acts on each other from eating each other’s pussies to dry humping on stage to hot 69 sessions.

For a few months the simulated acts were just that, simulated. However one night, shortly after Brandi turned 18, they ceased being make believe and became real ending up in the crowd going wild and cheering and throwing money on them like it was going out of style.

Neither Candi or Brandi knew how or when they crossed that line but once they did, there was no turning back and they were lovers for life making that act their premier and for 150 dollars they would perform it privately for whoever wanted to watch whether man or woman.

However that is another story for another time and this side point sets the background and stage for the events that would happen in the main part of the story.

Anyway, that January mom had arranged for me to leave near the beginning of the summer (the last of May). During the months leading up to my I began talking on the phone with Candi and Brandi and also started chatting with them online every night.

Also, I sent them a picture and was able to let them see me when we chat, seeing that I had a web cam but Brandi didn’t, well at least that is what she told me.

She wanted to be sneaky and see what I looked like without me seeing her. Come to find out that their motive was to surprise me when I arrived at the train station.

Well the big day would arrive when I would make the 700 mile trip to the Midwest. The train would leave on a Thursday and take me to a medium sized town North of Chicago where Brandi and Candi lived.

Mom suggested I take the late train so I would arrive the following morning so with luggage packed and teary goodbyes; I boarded the 6:25 train for the 14 hour train ride.

It was shortly after 7:30 Friday morning when got my stuff together just as the train was coming to the stop. I packed and got ready to disembark ready to meet Candi and Brandi.

As I got off the train, I saw a number of people waiting around but did not recognize anyone that I knew. I did however see them but did not realize who they were.

As I gathered my luggage, I saw these two sexy sumptuous vixens that could pass for sisters. The older one looked to weigh around 125 pounds and stood about 5’7” tall with short blonde hair that you could tell that definitely had been dyed blonde. She measured about 36C-24-36 and had on an outfit that showed off every curve of her sumptuous body.

The outfit consisted of a white ribbed material halter top and tight, tight cut off faded denim shorts that hugged the woman’s ass and showed off her long well-toned legs.

The pants were so tight that you could see the outline of her crotch and the halter top was cut in a low v-neck and displayed an ample amount of cleavage and once you were close enough the material allowed you to see through and it was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The other vixen that was with her was slightly taller(maybe 5’9) and had sandy blond hair. She measured similar with nice big tits(36C-24-34). She was wearing a fairly seductive outfit but it was a bit dressier than the other lady’s was.

Just think of a school girl outfit and you would have a good picture. The top was a white short sleeved ribbed pull over sweater however, the sweater was a midriff instead of waist length.

The skirt was made of a dark indigo blue rugged denim material that was quite short, about halfway between her knees and hips, barely covering the girl’s ass.

The skirt also was slit on both sides all the way up to the hips. Lastly, instead of wearing shoes, she had on dark brown boots that came up to her thighs.

As I walked by, I noticed they were checking me out. I could see that they both had their sunglasses halfway down and were definitely liking what they saw. They had a now had a sign up that said “Jason Miller” and I knew it was them.

As I approached them, I hardly recognized Aunt Candi. She had changed a lot since the last time I saw her. She had lost that weight and had cut her hair short and died it blonde.

Also Brandi had grown up quite well. She was no longer that knobby kneed scrawny little girl I knew. She was now a very sumptuous 20 year old woman.

“Aunt Candice,” I said hesitantly. “Yes sweetie, its me,” Candi said with a smile running up to hug me. She pressed her warm body next to mine and I felt her firm tits press into my chest as she squeezed me tight.

Also, if I wasn’t mistaken, I felt her crotch rub up against mine, more than just once but quite regularly as she was attempting to feel my cock that was already growing.

"I am so glad to see you darling,” Candi said as she held me tight. “Let me look at you,” she added as she stood back with her hands on my forearms.

Candi hugged me again just as tight and this time there was no mistaking it, she was definitely grinding her crotch against mine. Candi also did something that took me by surprise, she kissed me.

“How strange is that,” you may be asking yourselves. “Every Aunt has kissed her nephew 1000’s of times. That’s nothing unusual.”

Well that is true but however this was no ordinary “Aunt type of peck on the cheek” like you would normally expect, instead, it was a full kiss on the lips, and not only that but a long deep sensual probing kiss that lasted for a good 20-30 seconds.

After she broke the kiss, she took me by the hand and led me over to Brandi who was standing there with her sunglasses off and definitely giving me the eye and checking me out.

“Bet you don’t know who this is sweetie,” Candi said with a sly grin. “Brandi,” I said hesitantly. “Yep cuz, its me,” Brandi replied.


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