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Maxxim had often pondered over the very real dangers of using Internet chat rooms. He had heard stories of young people being lured into potentially dangerous liaisons after they had spent hours during many weeks chatting to guys who often turned out to be contriving perverts or worse. However, here he was a mature and sensible 30-year-old Italian who had become fixated with an English guy of similar age and interest on MSN. Maxxim had enough common sense and intelligence to recognise the dangers posed by such a friendship but he was certain in his own mind that the guy in the chat room named Dan was genuine, sincere and straightforward. There was clearly nothing sinister about him; why should there have been? Dan had actually arranged to meet up with Maxxim on a recent snowboarding trip to Italy but unfortunately Maxxim was unable to get the time off work and so missed the opportunity to meet up with this great guy.

Dan’s profile on the Internet depicted an athletic, fun loving, macho male who enjoyed travel, most sports and the social scene. He also came from an Italian background and loved Italian food, so now after several months of contact, Maxxim was eager to meet up with him and hopefully this would be the start of something meaningful and worthwhile in his life for the very first time. Travelling from his native Italy to England posed no problem to Maxxim. He had visited London on several occasions and had liked it there. There was a cosmopolitan air to the place that made him feel comfortable and relaxed. However, although he was looking forward to his latest visit, the excitement he felt was also tinged with a little trepidation of the unknown. He was putting a lot of trust into a guy he had never met before and in a foreign country at that. Nevertheless, it was something he was now determined to see through to its conclusion, whatever that may turn out to be. As before, on other occasions in his life, he was going to trust in fait and all that it had to offer him.

At the arrivals gate, passengers from Milan dashed quickly by, each frantically looking for relatives and contacts in the crowded foyer. Dan waited calmly, unruffled by the hysteria that was going on around him. He looked relaxed but his heart pounded with excitement as he peered beyond each passenger as they passed, trying to picture Maxxim as he had seen him on the Internet pictures that he had been sent. Suddenly there he was. With a nervous looking smile on his face Maxxim caught sight of Dan and as they both grabbed each other’s hand to shake they both then grabbed each other closely to give a gentle hug. Dan thought that Maxxim was even better looking than the pictures had made out. He had a fresh appearance and his cheery smile made him look exceptionally striking. As he hugged Maxxim he sensed his muscular but lithe form beneath the clothing and inhaled a rugged muskiness masked by faint but delightfully citrus cologne. Eddie will be truly thrilled with this guy, he thought to himself deviously as he looked across the foyer to see a large round, middle aged man eagerly staring in their direction. Soon the two young men departed the airport car park in Dan’s car towards Dan’s home in the country.

Dan had inherited the beautiful old house set in its own grounds, which lay on the outskirts of a very small hamlet 30 miles or so from London. Although slightly decrepit through lack of maintenance the house looked regal in the early evening sun as the car approached through the tree-lined driveway. The two men got out and as they did so the door to the house opened. A middle-aged man walked out and approached Maxxim. He stared intently before picking up his luggage and without a word carried it back to the doorway. “Oh that’s Eddie,” explained Dan to a rather startled Maxxim. “He’s from the village and tends the gardens and does odd jobs. I asked him to stop by to build a fire to welcome us. The nights are a bit chilly in England this time of the year”. Eddie placed the bags in the hallway and looked fervently towards the Italian guest. Maxxim felt a chill run down his back. Although he was comforted by Dan’s presence, the gaze that the big guy gave him was sinister and disturbing. Turning to Dan, Eddie smiled before saying goodbye for the night and as he disappeared walking down the driveway, Maxxim felt instant relief at his departure as the two young men entered the house at last.

As Dan showed Maxxim round the house, the Italian was quite surprised by the extent of neglect. It was warm enough inside however, and the living room had a large fire ablaze in the open fireplace. The smell of burning wood was pleasant enough and disguised the stench of dampness and age that seemed to emanate through the whole room. Dan explained the fact that he had only recently moved into the house and that his plans would involve a great deal of renovation. As they entered the kitchen Maxxim looked in awe at its size. It reminded him of the old Hansel and Gretel story he had heard as a youth. Oak beams protruded from a scaly white ceiling and several ancient looking hooks and chains adorned their splintered surface. The floor was slate and made the whole room feel cold and stark despite the presence of a blazing open fire set aside a giant oven that lit up one side of the room.

“Apparently years ago they used to entertain guests on a regular basis”, explained Dan. “My old aunt was a real socialite. There was several kitchen staff in those days and servants too. I’m afraid you’re going to have to make do with me as the cook tonight”. Maxxim smiled and began to feel hungry at the mention of food. It had been a long day travelling and now he really did feel ravenous. “I a little hungry yes Dan?” said Maxxim. “Maybe you ave a some pasta for sure for some food to eat for your friend Maxxim?” Dan smiled at Maxxim’s cute way with the English language. He spoke good English but the accent made him even more adorable. “Of course my friend, of course. I will make you a nice pasta meal. Here’s your room, refresh yourself and maybe take a bath if you wish”. I’ll have something ready for you within the hour”. He then left Maxxim to his room so that he could freshen up while he returned to the kitchen to cook up some food.

“Don’t feed him” came an abrupt voice as Dan entered the kitchen. Dan looked startled and turned towards the voice. It was Eddie. He had returned to the house and was now warming his hands by the roaring open fire. “But he is hungry Eddie” retorted Dan. “He has been travelling for a long time. The least I can do is make him a nice meal”. “I want him tonight” came the quick but unperturbed response from Eddie. “He looks delicious. I can smell him. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I must have him tonight.” He turned to Dan and put his hands on his shoulders. “You know I need him. I want him tonight. As soon as I saw him at the airport I knew it had to be tonight. I can’t wait; it’s been so long since the last one. You really must allow me to have him tonight Dan … you must. Please don’t feed him!” Dan smiled and turned towards the large oven and stared. After a long thoughtful pause he turned to his friend and said, “OK Eddie, I know that it must be so. I’ll leave it all up to you. You’re in charge”. Eddie’s grin now stretched across his face and his tongue nervously touched his upper lip. “You won’t regret it Dan, I promise. I will make you a superb cooked breakfast in the morning, just like before. You wait and see”. Dan smiled back at his friend. “I have no doubts about that Eddie. Although this time it’ll be a continental breakfast though surely? Italian sausage sounds just great to me … just great”.

Several stairs creaked as Eddie sneaked cautiously upstairs towards Maxxim’s room, which was soon before him. His breathing was heavy and unpredictable as he tried to control the erotic sense of emotion deep inside. He could hear Maxxim splashing about in the bath as he washed himself down. Eddie had a clear vision of the Italian in his mind and craved for the moment that the handsome young man would belong to him. As he opened the door he immediately sensed the musky smell of his prey. Maxxim’s discarded clothes lay around in an untidy heap on the carpet and on the bed. Eddie edged gently towards the clothing listening attentively to the splash noises in the adjoining room. He picked up Maxxim’s underwear that lay on the carpet. Almost gasping for breath he brought the slightly soiled garment up to his face and inhaled deeply through his nose. He closed his eyes and absorbed the masculine odours within. This was going to be some prize pig, he thought to himself, as he edged closer to the bathroom door.

Eddie had used his blowpipe and shot dart on two previous occasions. The darts were coated in a resin that stuns the recipient on entering the bloodstream. As he entered the bathroom the two men’s eyes met for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly, Maxxim leaped up from his bath in anguish at the intrusion. Eddie was riveted by the Italian’s look of horror and his pitiful attempts to cover his nakedness. He was so overcome with the scene before him that he almost forgot to blow the dart, which landed deep into the left side of Maxxim’s neck. Distraught with both fear and shock at the invasion of his privacy by such a terrifyingly sinister guy, Maxxim tried to step out of the bath to protest, not realising that he had been injected in the neck with the alien substance. Suddenly he felt dizzy and as a hot sweat flushed through his body he collapsed with a splash into the soapy water beneath him.

Grunting and gasping for breath in the shear excitement of the occasion, Eddie leaned over the bath to get a better look at his victim. He reached down into the warm soapy water and pulled out the plug. The water immediately started to drain, gurgling loudly as it gushed down the drain. He stared with a yearning as more and more of Maxxim’s body came into view. He reached down and stroked the soft wet flesh on the Italian’s smooth upper torso. The young man was very fit and lithe and Eddie was particularly pleased to see the outline of the rib cage beneath a small but muscular layer of flesh. He then felt the muscle in Maxxim’s upper arms, which were also quite fleshy but firm. By now all the water had drained from the bath and Eddie began to rinse the remaining frothy bubbles from Maxxim’s body with fresh warm water.

Maxxim’s breathing was gentle and regular as he lay there in his unconscious state. Eddie stared at him for a little longer, slowly inhaling the smell of his victim and appreciative of the delicious meals that ultimately lay before him. He desperately wanted to inspect the Italian further but instead decided to lift Maxxim out of the bath. After removing his own clothing Eddie heaved the Italian’s dead weight out of the bath and over his shoulder. As he did so he felt his cock throb and ache with delighted pleasure. To feel Maxxim’s warm, soft, damp flesh against his own as he carried his prey out of the room was so erotic. He felt thrilled to grasp the perfectly rounded arse cheeks and as he moved towards the stairwell, he found his hand stroking the smooth, muscular flesh, his fingers probing towards the moist and slightly hairy crack. He now relished the fact that this delicious example of human flesh belonged to him. This was not just going to be his third pig feast but quite undoubtedly this was going to be his finest longpig yet.

Meanwhile, Dan had been waiting patiently downstairs. He knew that Eddie liked to stalk and ultimately ‘bag’ his prey on his own. He was very excited as he heard the scenario unfold upstairs, but knew from the previous occasions that he would not be disappointed with his own share of what lay ahead. Soon the large Englishman emerged at the top of the stairs. He had a full hard on, and was carrying Maxxim over his shoulders. As he watched Eddie descend, Dan noticed his friend’s hand was clasped firmly over one of the Italian’s beautiful arse cheeks. The sight of this made him very horny and within minutes he too had stripped naked and began wanking off with gusto as Eddie entered the kitchen and dumped Maxxim’s naked body face down onto the large table that lay within.

“Now to inspect the meat”, said Eddie with relish and began feeling and massaging with both hands, the soft pale coloured flesh at the thighs and buttocks, and along the backbone up to Maxxim’s shoulders. “Truly stunning Dan. I think you’ve hit the jackpot with this guy. He is absolutely gorgeous. Well done my friend. Well done indeed”. He then parted the cheeks of Maxxim’s arse. Eddie had a particular fetish with the male arse hole and this wasn’t anything to do with him using it as an orifice for sexual relief as such. He just adored the look and smell of them. He also enjoyed eating them literally. Of his two previous victims, Eddie had taken great pleasure in devouring the sphincter meat single handed without Dan being able to get even a sniff of either. Dan guessed from Eddie’s behaviour that this latest acquisition was not going to be an exception to this rule. However he didn’t really care too much because Eddie always made him a special breakfast on the first morning after the kill. That was something he was now looking forward to. Yes indeed.

“OK Dan, lets get to work,” said Eddie as he left the kitchen through a door that lead to a utility room. Pretty soon he re-emerged pushing a giant framework made of wood. Dan assisted his friend and pretty soon the framework was through the door. The framework was almost like a vertical rack, with two pairs of fixed cuffs situated at the top and bottom. “Lets try him in it for size” said Dan as the two men manoeuvred Maxxim’s still unconscious naked body against the frame. Eddie forced each hand into a cuff and clasped them shut. Maxxim’s legs hung downward several inches short of the brackets that contained each lower cuff. “He’s a bit shorter than the last one Eddie”, sniggered Dan as Eddie began adjusting a middle section of the framework to accommodate the size of the Italian. Eddie smiled. “Certainly is, but as they say, its not the size that counts it’s the quality, and we’ve certainly got the quality”.

Pretty soon Maxxim’s ankles were each clasped and secure and Eddie began to readjust the tension so that the Italian was nicely stretched out and taut on the framework. “What do you reckon then Dan?” enquired Eddie. “I think we’re in for a real treat”, replied Dan massaging Maxxim’s rigid abdomen and feeling the contours of his rib cage. “It appears that Maxxim has looked after his body especially for us to devour. I hope he’s not too disappointed in me when he comes round”. Dan laughed and then approached the spread-eagled Italian. “ His cock looks very appetising Eddie. Are you going to cook it up for us both in the morning?” I love it when they have foreskin on”. “Of course I will Dan. However I need some help from you later when we clean him out. If that’s OK?” Dan knew that Eddie preferred him when it came to gutting their victims. Although he had only done it twice, he had become accustomed to certain techniques and knew what he was doing and besides, because Eddie was actually doing all of the killing, it was the least he could do.

Dan and Eddie only had to wait for about twenty minutes before their Italian victim came round. By then Eddie had forced a large green apple into Maxxim’s mouth to prevent any undesirable outcries. As he opened his eyes, Maxxim saw Dan and Eddie both in front of him. How had he allowed himself to fall for such a foolhardy trick? Dan had been so trusting and caring towards him over the months. OK, that other guy’s manner towards him had been disturbing but surely Dan would protect him. Alas by the look on Dan’s face now, that clearly wasn’t going to be the case, but why had they got him secured and spread-eagled in this way? He was going to find out, all too soon

“Hello there my precious longpig” said Eddie using his most sinister voice and almost drooling at the mouth as he spoke. “You are a fine specimen, aren’t you?” he questioned without expecting a response. As he spoke he ran his rough skinned palms over Maxxim’s smooth white abdomen. “Those ribs are so divine. I will look forward to gnawing away at the tender meat from them later. Oh yes my friend we are going to eat you. I think your meat will be so succulent”. He turned to Dan and grinned. “It is a good job you didn’t feed this pig earlier Dan, I think his stomach is quite empty”, continued Eddie as he patted Maxxim’s tight belly that did in fact sound quite hollow. Maxxim began to fear the worst. He had read stories on the Internet about cannibal serial killers around the world and the way these two guys were talking he was going to be the next victim of such an atrocity. He closed his eyes in despair as Dan himself began to caress his out stretched body and burrowed his nose into his hairy armpits and inhaled.

Eddie began to caress the Italians cock, stretching it gently and massaging it in long, adoring strokes. As he cupped his captive’s hairy balls he sensed them stir and in time Maxxim’s 6” cock began to grow in both girth and length. Although his predicament was horrifying, Maxxim couldn’t prevent his natural body reaction to such erotic stimulation. As Eddie disappeared behind him he sensed his buttocks being embraced. Maybe these guys were just pretending. A scary kind of role-play from which they would soon depart, thought Maxxim as his sexual arousement continued unabated. The thought of the sinister fat man devouring the flesh from his arse down to the bone actually acted to further arouse Maxxim and he knew he was on the brink of orgasm. Just then he felt Dan’s lips touch his swollen cock head. At the same time he sensed Eddie’s tongue enter his arse hole. This was too much and within seconds he jetted his man seed deep into Dan’s welcoming mouth. Simultaneously, Eddie experienced the delightful sensation of Maxxim’s anal muscles contracting repeatedly around his tongue as the Italian reached full orgasm. The same sphincter muscles, he thought to himself, that he would be devouring so greedily later in the week.

Dan swallowed the warm; almond tainted man seed before gently squeezing the shrinking cock shaft with his lips to release the final vestiges of juice from within. Eddie was licking his lips profusely having fully explored the inner reaches of the Italian’s rectum with his tongue. “Absolutely first class my friend” said Eddie as he reached towards Maxxim’s lowered head with his mouth and pecked him on his cheek. Your anus is totally mouth-watering. I could almost taste all the pasta and pizza shit you have eaten today. I am really looking forward to roasting you and eating your cute little hole. It is getting late Dan we really must get to work”. Maxxim now knew his fait. He began to whimper but the apple in his mouth restricted his protests and his shackles made his body so inflexible that his struggles hurt his wrists and ankles intensely.

Suddenly Eddie unhitched a catch on the framework that allowed him to spin the inner frame supporting the Italian through 180 degrees. Maxxim found himself upside down. The pain in his ankles was unbearable and the cuffs had fractured the skin on his lower shin allowing blood to slowly trickle down his leg. Eddie began to laugh and continued to spin the framework so that Maxxim fluctuated between being upside down and the right way up. When he finally came to rest again Maxxim was again upside down and was struggling to focus his eyes. When he finally did, he saw with horror Eddie clasping a large knife in one hand and an old fashioned tin bath in the other. He approached Maxxim and carefully placed the old tin bath beneath the Italian’s trembling head. Maxxim knew this was the end and quivered with shock at the thought of his body being eaten and digested by the fat Englishman. His flesh would add yet more excess weight to this hideous man. Dan too would gnaw at his bones and between them they would devour every ounce of meat from his finely toned body.

Eddie now leaned down towards Maxxim’s throat. As he did so Maxxim noticed the Englishman’s erect cock bulging out in front of him. He started to think about what was to become of his own cock and balls. Would these guys actually cut them off and cook them? Would he feel any pain? Was he really going to be gutted? If so, the two men would see all of his innards. The whole thing was a nightmare and surely he was about to wake up. Suddenly with a quick swoosh of his hand, Eddie cut through the neck of Maxxim and the Italian’s body began to shiver. Blood gushed from the open wound into the tin bath and Maxxim saw and heard no more. Eddie released the cuffs from the hands and they flopped downward towards the ground, the right arm in particular twitched erratically as the nerves within settled in death. Dan then approached, and taking the knife from Eddie’s hand, grabbed each lower arm and meticulously and neatly severed through the flesh just above each elbow. Then with a hacksaw he cut through the bone to remove both lower arms completely and placed them in the nearby sink to drain. Blood now oozed from the open wounds as the upper arms fell forward and dripped relentlessly into the tin bath below to join the huge amounts that had already accumulated.

Dan then grabbed the knife again. He moved his hands towards Maxxim’s still warm ball sack and encouraged them to flop forward. He felt several inches along the curved muscle that ran from Maxxim’s ass hole towards the cock root and gently cut into the flesh. In a rotary movement and grasping the cock shaft at the same time, Dan carefully cut away the ball sack and its contents and cut in deeply to remove the complete cock away from the pubic bush. He placed the entire package into a dish that Eddie offered him. “Tomorrows breakfast” he said with a wink and a grin. “Now to finish off before bed”. With this he turned to the still dripping carcass of Maxxim and completely removed the head with the hacksaw. “Such a handsome man Eddie. Seems such a waste”. “How can you talk about waste Dan? Just look at all the meat in front of you”. Dan agreed and after dumping the head into the sink, again approached the carcass. This time he carefully inserted the knife into the opening near the pubic bush and cut down through the pale coloured abdomen towards the Italian’s sternum.

Almost immediately Maxxim’s innards started to bulge through the opening that appeared in the belly. A warm pungent smell filled the air as the small intestines spilled out and unravelled across his chest. Eddie withdrew the tin bath full of blood and replaced it with another. Dan then carefully encouraged the slimy intestines to spill out further with his hands. The much thicker large intestines hung down from the opening stubbornly clinging to attachments within, whereas the small intestines continued to unravel and soon reached the tin bath. With more gentle persuasion the Italian’s stomach appeared and Dan gently manoeuvred and squeezed it through the opening. Eddie watched with delight as more multi-coloured innards spilled out as Dan now reached deep inside the cavity, and with more force began to pull out the Maxxim’s lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Soon the cavity was virtually empty as Dan carefully cut a line deep into the flesh from the pubic bush and followed the line of the hipbone. Two meaty flaps of flesh draped backwards revealing the juicy red interior of the lower abdomen. The lower colon still hung down from its attachment to the anus but with a gentle squeeze and a simple cut, Dan severed it free, but made sure that he had left several inches of the Italian’s rectum still attached.

Dan completed his work by cutting Maxxim’s upper torso free from the rest of the hanging carcass by allowing his knife to follow the contour of the hipbone round to the backbone and finally sawing through the bone with a hacksaw. Eddie supported the upper torso of the carcass as it hung downward and carried it to the table when it broke free. He then further assisted Dan as his friend unsecured the cuffs that held Maxxim’s muscular legs up. Suddenly Eddie felt the full weight as the Italian’s hindquarters fell into his grasp and he gleefully carried the substantial load and placed it onto the table next to the other half. He would now be responsible for cutting up the two halves into useable joints. He would also salvage what he could from the Italian’s innards that lay warm and glistening in the tin bath. The stomach and intestines would be particularly essential as not only were they highly nutritious but these and other entrails would form a vital ingredient for some of their future meals.

With a final glimpse and inspection of the meat in front of him, Dan prepared to retire to bed to leave Eddie excitedly busying himself with the tasks that lay ahead. “I look forward to breakfast Eddie,” he shouted as he left the kitchen and made his weary way upstairs. It had been a long and pretty hectic day. As he approached his room he passed what had been Maxxim’s room, where the door was ajar. He entered it inquisitively having caught sight of the clothing strewn about. He could smell Maxxim’s superb cologne, and after rummaging about in his travel bag found a bottle of the satisfyingly pleasant essence. He then picked up the clothing that lay on the floor. There was no sign of Maxxim’s underwear so Dan scrunched the jeans and white t-shirt towards his face to smell the exquisite manly aroma of the Italian. Smiling to himself, he took the possessions with him and made his way into his own room, where he soon fell asleep still clutching Maxxim’s t-shirt and dreaming of the delicious breakfast that would surely awaken him.

Eddie, meanwhile, was wasting no time in the kitchen. His first task was to rinse down the Italian’s head in the sink. He liked his victims to ‘watch’ him process their bodies. He sniggered evilly to himself as he removed the apple from the mouth. Maxxim had crunched his teeth right into the fruit either through pain or shear fright and Eddie had to break it up to remove it fully, taking out the remaining remnants from inside the mouth with is finger. He placed the head onto a large plate and faced it towards the table on which the two halves of the carcass lay. He was pleased that the eyes were open, although they were staring into oblivion, as far as Eddie was concerned they were watching him at work. He then lifted the lower half of the carcass onto the slate floor, saving this for last because it was his favourite task, and then set about cutting the upper torso into two.

Firstly, he cut down the centre of the Italian’s spine with a hacksaw before sawing through the sternum at the front of the rib cage. The two circular rib cage halves fell apart, symmetrical in their make up. Eddie’s mouth watered as he divided the rib cage once more to leave four stunning racks of ribs covered generously in rich red meat. The next task was to cut away the soft but muscular and well-toned abdominal meat, which was divided into two huge portions of belly pork. The Italian had fairly hairy armpits, and although Dan didn’t mind body hair on his meat, Eddie decided that there was simply too much of it to leave as it was. Consequently, he used the end of his sharp knife to scrape off as much of the excess hair as he could before cutting away both muscular arms from their joint at the shoulder, riving frantically to break their connection. The smell of fresh meat was intense in the kitchen at this stage as Eddie stacked the succulent fair into the giant refrigerator.

With the most difficult butchering tasks out of the way Eddie could now look forward with extra relish to chopping up the Italian’s athletic looking legs and plump round arse. Eddie inspected the half carcass in front of him to decide how he was going to cut it up. Although there wasn’t much meat on the feet, Eddie was quite taken by them. They were white and smooth and not knobbly and discoloured like the two previous victims. Regardless, they could only be used for stews, he thought to himself, so he cut both the feet off just above the ankles and placed them in the kitchen sink. Eddie then cut away both knee joints to leave two good-sized meaty calf roasts; again the knees would not be wasted because they were quite fleshy and would make tasty soups and broths.

All that remained was the solid athletic thighs and the Italian’s delightful buttocks. If only the oven was big enough, thought Eddie, then he could roast the whole lot. This gave him an idea, however. For once he could share his favourite sphincter meat with his friend by roasting the buttocks on the bone instead of dividing them into two. Providing that enough of the thigh was cut away the buttocks would sit neatly in the oven. With this in mind Eddie cut the thighs into four succulent portions, making sure that he cut the upper thighs well below the arse cheeks. In this way it left the arse meat totally intact and oven ready. He turned the joint over and remembered that Dan had left the rectum still attached. Brilliant he thought, the rectum was of sufficient length to allow it to be tied off and stuffed. His mouth drooled at the thought of Dan preparing one of his delicious sausage stuffing mixes and packing the rectum till it oozed out of the anus. Eddie placed the pile of remaining meat cuts into the refrigerator, leaving pride of place at the front for the plate of cock meat that was going to be served up for Dan’s breakfast.

One of Eddie’s final tasks of the evening was to make up the black pudding from the drained blood. For this he needed to clean out the large intestines and then cut them into foot long strips. He was pleasantly surprised when he realised that the colons were quite empty. The Italian hadn’t eaten much lately that was for sure and maybe he’d emptied the bulk from his bowels before bathing. Either way it didn’t take Eddie long to rinse out what waste residues there were and was soon cutting the colon into the required length. He also took the opportunity to clean out the Italian’s stomach. Again there was very little contents as he pushed the duodenum over a tap and flushed it through thoroughly before placing it into a container full of iced water to soak. A little later he began to tie small knots at one end of each colon tube and filled them with the cooled blood mixed with a blend of herbs, before tying a knot at the other end to tightly seal in the fluid. Eddie made up six sausage-like packages and placed them in boiling water to cook through. After half an hour he removed them and laid them on a plate to cool. He was now very tired but couldn’t wait until morning so that he could start to cook some of the beautiful Italian man meat and prepare Dan and himself a very special Italian continental breakfast.

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2011-01-20 08:00:09
i burst into tears after reading this story and will never read anything like it again thank you you have cured me of my curiosity of cannabilism you people are fucking sick to take a beautiful man and destroy him body and soul is just disgusting and everyone of you not just you the writer but all your fans as well should be shot by a firing squad

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2010-08-21 13:11:04
Loved it :) and I appreciate you not putting him through misery I was reading it and I was saying "if they torture him I'm gonna hate it" i liked how he was turned on too :)

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Your one sick person

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