DonB suggeted that I rewrite my original shortstory Jason's Little Family before moving on to the sequel and I thought it would be a good idea. The rewrite is both diferent and similar to the original shortstory but I'll leave it up to my readers to decide which version is best. Personally I thin this first chapter is super hot, but let me know what you think. Just so everyone knows, I'm putting in all the themes that will eventually apply to the story so someone won't start reading it and then realize it has a theme they don't like..
Jason’s Little Family (rewrite)


Valley Honey

“Jason Sinclair, where do you think you’re going on a school night?” Jason’s mother called as he reached for the front door.

“I know it’s a school night, mom,” Jason said, trying not to sigh when he saw the angry frown on his mother’s lips. Just behind his mother’s hip he could see his twelve year old sister Beth poking her head out from the living room, smirking to see her older brother get in trouble.

“I’m going next door, Liz and I are going to study for tomorrow’s history test.”

“Well,” Jason’s mother said thoughtfully, “I guess that’s okey. As long as you’re not going over to George Mason’s place. His mother told me that she found his hidden stash of adult videos, so I don’t want you going over to his house in case he has more videos hidden away somewhere. I don’t want you watching anything like that.”

“Yes mother,” Jason said, looking down at the floor so his mother couldn’t see his blush when he thought about the time he snuck out to watch those videos with George and several other boys when George’s parents were out for the night. He hoped his mother didn’t find the two videos he’d borrowed from George and hid in his underwear drawer.

“As long as you’re studying with Liz I guess it’s alright,” Jason’s mother said, brushing her sweaty brown hair out of her face as she spoke, “but I expect you to be home by 9:30 and in bed by 10. I don’t care how much studying you think you need, if you don’t get enough sleep tonight you’ll never get through the test tomorrow.”

“Yes, mother, I’ll be home in time,” Jason promised his mother. When his mother turned to go back to the kitchen Jason stuck his tongue out at Beth and tried not to laugh when she gave him a quick pout.

Closing the door behind him Jason adjusted his backpack and reached for the flashlight from the side pouch before he headed for the side of the house and the shortcut that cut through the open fields between his house and Liz’s. He really hoped his mother didn’t find those hidden videos. He wondered what he should do with them now that George’s mother had found the rest of his videos. Would George want the videos back right away (they did seem to be the best videos in his collection) or would he want Jason to hold on to them until things calmed down with his mom and he found a better hiding place?

Jason used his flashlight to find his footing in the growing darkness and hoped George didn’t want the movies back right away because he was enjoying his nightly viewing. He’d managed to sneak a few minutes with one of the videos every night for the last two weeks and they’d given him some great wet dreams. Although in his dreams he wasn’t fucking the actress’s from the movie, it was always Liz, Liz’s mom, his mom, or his sister Beth he was slamming his hard cock into.

It did make sense, after all Liz, Beth, and their moms were four of the hottest and sexiest women he knew. Even Beth, eleven months younger than him with her tits just starting to take shape was sexier than any of the girls who tried to get his attention at school. While he crossed the last few yards of grassy field Jason made a mental note to run the driving mower through the fields one last time before putting it away for the season.

While he rounded the Carter house Jason found his thoughts wandering back to the dream from the night before. He could almost feel his cock sliding in and out of Liz’s tight wet pussy while he sucked on her nipples and she screamed in pleasure just like the girl in the video. At least he hoped fucking felt that good, since he was still a virgin the only comparison he had was his own hand, and how good it felt when he jacked off. Jason wondered how long it would be before he actually knew how good it felt to fuck a girl.

Jason reached the front of the house and started to reach for the doorbell when he realized how tight his pants felt. He’d been enjoying his daydream so much he hadn’t noticed that he was getting a hard-on until it was almost too late. Thinking quickly Jason tried to get his mind off Liz and her hot slit until the lump in his pants shrank enough to go unnoticed when his best friend opened the door. With his cock back under control Jason rang the doorbell and jumped back in surprise when Liz opened the door before he had a chance to take his finger off the button.

“About time you got here,” Liz said with a good humored grin to show her best friend she was joking. The kitchen light shining through Liz’s dark blond hair seemed to turn it red and Jason had to suppress the reaction of his cock as he followed his friend into her house.

“I thought we’d work here in the kitchen so we have room to spread out our books and notes,” Liz said, gesturing for him to take one seat while she took the one across from him.

“Where’s your mom?” Jason asked when he noticed how quiet the house was.

“She’s out,” Liz said, “she’s having dinner and a movie with my aunt.”

“I didn’t know you had an aunt,” Jason said, opening his history text to the review chapters.

“Well I do,” Liz huffed, “just because you never met her doesn’t mean I don’t have one. Actually, if it wasn’t for this test tomorrow I’d probably be out with them.”

“So, is she your aunt on your mom’s side, or your dad’s side?” Jason asked.

“My mom’s side, I’ve never met anyone from my dad’s side - including my dad since he died before I was a year old.”

“Same for me,” Jason said with a thoughtful frown. “My dad died before I was a year old and I’ve never met anyone from his side of the family. My mom never even talks about him.”

“Mine either,” Liz admitted, “sometimes I wonder if my dad was married and mom doesn’t want to admit that she had an affair with a married man.”

“Maybe I should go back home,” Jason said thoughtfully, hoping Liz would talk him out of it. “If my mom finds out that we’re here alone she’ll be so pissed she’ll ground me for a week.”

“Well she’s not going to find out from me,” Liz said with an impish smile. “Besides, if you go home now you’ll never have a chance to play the review game I have in mind.”

“What game is that?” Jason asked, he’d noticed the smile on Liz’s face and was glad the table hid his cock when it reacted to the hope surging through him when his friend told him what she had in mind.

“I call it strip review,” Liz said with a knowing smile - as if she could see his erection through the table. “Here’s how we play, you’ll ask me a review question and if I get it right you have to remove an item of clothing. And if I get it wrong then I have to remove something. Do you like it? I got the idea from strip poker.”

“Sounds like it could be fun,” Jason said hesitantly, wondering if Liz’s naked body would live up to his imagination. “But what happens when we’ve lost all our clothes?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something when the time comes,” Liz said with a suggestive wink. “So what do you think, do you want to play? Or are you too chicken?”

“I’m no chicken,” Jason said with a quick blush. “Let’s play, but if one of us takes something off every time a question is asked we won’t get in much review before we’re both naked. So let’s say we only remove something when we get the question wrong?”

“Ok. You have the first question,” Liz told her friend.

Jason flipped through his text book for a question, wondering if he should make it a hard question in hopes that Liz would miss it and have to remove the first item, or if he should make it an easy question since it was the start of the game.

Coming to a decision Jason gave Liz a quick smile as he asked the first question, “Who was the president during the war of 1812?”

“That’s an easy one,” Liz said with a mischievous grin, “Abraham Lincoln.”

“You did that intentionally,” Jason said accusingly while Liz removed her left shoe and tossed it over toward the door.

“Maybe,” Liz temporized, “but now it’s my turn to ask you a question. Who was the general at the battle of New Orleans?”

“More like a slaughter for the British,” Jason said with a contemptuous snort. “Thousands of crack British troops killed in the attack, while the Americans only lost a handful of militiamen. But you wanted to know who the general was, right?”

“Right,” Liz said, impatiently tapping her pen on the table.

“The American general was Andrew Johnson,” Jason said, grinning at the sour look Liz gave him while he removed his own shoe and tossed it over to join hers. He couldn’t help but notice that his shoe landed upside down on top of hers and he wondered it that was some kind of omen about how the evening was going to end.

“Tell you what Liz,” Jason said, giving her a level stare over their books and notes, “from no on we both agree to play to the best of our abilities, agreed?”

“Agreed,” Liz said reluctantly.

Jason lost track of time as the questions went back and forth between him and Liz with most of the questions correctly answered on both sides but eventually Jason managed to get Liz down to her panties and then he found himself so distracted that he missed several questions in a row while he stared at Liz’s naked tits. He’d always wondered how far down the sprinkling of freckles across her nose and chin went and now he knew. The freckles scattered across Liz’s face were nothing compared to the band of brown specks that started just below her collar and grew denser until they were so dense around her nipples that it was hard to tell where the freckles ended and her areola’s started.

“You know Jason,” Liz said, giving her friend an impish grin as she pushed her chair back from the table and got to her bare feet, “I think we both know where this is headed.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked, wondering if he sounded as stupid as he felt.

“You, me, fucking our brains out here and now,” Liz said, sliding her powder blue panties down her legs to leave them in a puddle on the floor. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah,” Jason said getting to his feet in a daze and pushing his boxer shorts over his obvious erection and dropping it down to the kitchen floor. “Right here on the table?”

“No silly,” Liz giggled spreading her legs slightly to Jason had a clear view of her swollen pussy lips and the curly red pubic hair surrounding them, “I don’t think the table could take the good hard fuck I want. Why don’t we go to the livingroom?”

“Why not your bedroom? Or your mom’s room? Or the spare room?” Jason asked as he rushed to follow the lift and fall of Liz’s bare ass to the carpeted livingroom.

“Because, if we fuck in my mom’s room we’ll never be able to hide the fact that we fucked on her bed. The spare room is so full of junk there’s no room to fuck in there. That leaves my room or the livingroom and since the windows in both those rooms face your house there’s a chance your mom will notice when we turn the lights on. If she sees the livingroom lights come on she’ll figure we’re just taking a break and won’t think anything about it.”

“But if she sees the lights come on in your room she’ll know were up to something,” Jason finished for his friend.

“Exactly,” Liz said. “So you agree that the livingroom is the best solution?”

“I guess so,” Jason said with a sheepish grin once he realized Liz had everything figured out. He wondered how long she’d been planning this night.

“Hold on, I almost forgot something,” Liz said, stopping just short of the livingroom to skip down the hall to the linen closet. She stuck her head into the closet and pulled something out from the back of the shelf. As she bounced back to lead him into the livingroom Jason wasn’t sure which view he enjoyed more, her firm jiggling ass, or her bouncing tits.

“So what did you forget?” Jason asked when Liz flicked the overhead light on.

“I needed an old towel,” Liz said, holding the threadbare towel up for Jason to see before she folded it in half and set it down on the carpet. “We might get away with a few cum stains or cunt juice stains on this beige carpet, but when you pop my cherry we won’t be able to hide the blood stains. By using this old towel we’ll be able to get rid of the evidence and my mom will never know what we were up to tonight.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Jason asked, shocked that a girl as horny and sexy as Liz could plan her own seduction and still be a virgin.

“That’s right,” Liz said, “but you’re going to take care of that little problem right now, right?”

“If that’s what you want,” Jason said, wondering what Liz would say if she knew she was about to take his virginity as he took hers.

“It’s what I want,” Liz said, sitting down on the towel and grabbing Jason’s wrist to pull him down to the floor with her.

Jason’s knees hit the carpeted floor and he was surprised to discover how soft the floor was. “Come on Jason, don’t be shy,” Liz said spreading her legs as wide as they would go so he had easy access to her red furred slit.

“I’m not,” Jason said smiling as he looked at the swollen lips of Liz’s cunt. “I just want to try something else first.”

“What do you mean? What are you going to do?” Liz sounded a little unsure of herself for the first time that night but Jason gave her a reassuring grin.

“Don’t worry, you’ll love what I have in mind, all the girls do,” Jason didn’t think he needed to tell Liz that it was all the girls on the videos who liked having their pussy’s licked, he just hoped he’d picked up enough tips from the movies to get it right his first time.

As he brought his mouth up to Liz’s pussy lips Jason looked up past her belly and between her tits to see the look of anticipation in her eyes as he breathed across the light fuzz surrounding her slit. Liz gasped in surprise and pleasure and Jason glanced down to see her cunt lips open up slightly while her erect clit popped out of hiding at the top of her crack.

“I said you’d like my idea,” Jason said before he stuck his tongue out and ran it from the base of Liz’s pussy all the way to the top where he teased the blood filled nub with the tip of his tongue.

“When you’re right you’re right,” Liz said with another gasp before she grabbed Jason’s head and pulled his mouth tight against her slit, locking it in place with her thighs while he ate her juicy cunt.

Reaching up blindly Jason managed to find Liz’s small perky breasts and started playing with them. When he felt her nipples pop erect between his fingers he squeezed them hard enough to get another gasp from her before her whole body started to shiver with her approaching orgasm.

“Oh my God!” Liz screamed, her whole body arching off the floor as her orgasm slammed through her body. Jason managed to keep his mouth glued to Liz’s pussy lips, swallowing three times as his mouth filled with the girl’s cunt juice.

“Oh God, Jason,” Liz panted, opening her thighs so Jason could pull his head out of her crotch but Jason continued to lick the juices that continued to flow from her pussy lips. “I never knew it would feel that good, and you haven’t fucked me yet. If it feels this good when you eat my pussy I can’t wait to see what it feels like when you fuck me.”

“Neither can I,” Jason said, pulling his face away from Liz’s red furred slit and giving her an impish grin before he licked his lips clean. “So if you’re ready, let’s do it.”

In spite of the fact that Jason wanted to slam his cock into Liz’s virgin pussy right now he managed to hold back and work his way up the girl’s shivering body until he was able to give her a good hard kiss while his hard cock rested on her flat belly.

“I can taste my pussy juice on your lips,” Liz said with a smile when Jason pulled his mouth away from hers. “Do I really taste that good?”

“Even better,” Jason said with a grin of his own. “Now, are you sure you’re ready to lose your cherry?”

“Of course I am,” Liz said, wiggling her hips under Jason so that his hard prick jiggled across her belly. “I’ve been planing this night since I knew there was a difference between boys and girls. I always knew you’d be the boy to pop my cherry, so do it, I’m all yours.”

“Ok,” Jason said, pulling his hips back until the tip of his cock was sliding up and down her slick juicy slit. Liz reached down to steady his cock and guide it between her pussy lips.

“Do it Jason,” Liz said her lust hiding the fear in her eyes, “do it now.”

Jason put pressure behind his hips and felt Liz’s pussy lips part to let the head of his cock slide into her hot wet fuck hole. When Liz’s slit snapped tight behind the head of his prick Jason had to stop before he went deeper into the blond’s red furred cunt. He could feel Liz’s whole body pulsing around the head of his cock and it felt so good he had to wait before he continued or he’d be filling her belly full of baby juice before he popped her cherry.

“Liz,” Jason said when he realized what could happen if the two of them continued. “I’m not wearing a condom. “I can’t cum inside you.”

“Sure you can,” Liz said impatiently. “Mom’s had me ready for this since I had my first period. Mom knows I’m a horny slut and wanted to make sure I was ready. You don’t have to worry about cumming in my pussy. In fact I want you to cum in my pussy.”

“Well, if you say so,” Jason said with a smile that he hoped hid his disappointment. Up until Liz told him she was safe Jason would have felt terror at the idea of getting a girl pregnant, but as soon as he knew she was on the pill all he could think of was how much he would have enjoyed knocking her up with his baby.

“Oh well,” Jason thought, putting pressure behind his cock pushing it further into Liz’s trembling cunt, “even if I can’t knock her up I can still use my imagination to see my baby growing in her belly and her tits swelling with milk.”

Jason didn’t manage to get much deeper in Liz’s belly before the head of his cock met resistance. Liz let out a little grunt and pulled her pussy back from Jason’s cock before she was able to stop herself. “Do it again, Jason, I promise I won’t pull back this time.”

“Ok,” Jason said, looking down at Liz’s tense face as she gritted her teeth in anticipation of the expected pain. With a steady effort Jason pushed his cock into Liz’s slit, he felt her cherry spread against the head of his prick and pushed harder and harder until he felt his cock tear through his friend’s hymen and he slid the rest of shaft into her belly while she let out a scream of pain.

“Liz, are you alright?” Jason asked, hoping he hadn’t do something wrong and hurt her.

“I’m fine,” Liz panted. “Losing my cherry hurt more than I expected but your cock is already feeling better than I ever imagined. Just hang on a couple minutes before you start moving.”

“Whatever you want,” Jason said glad he’d have a chance to catch his own breath because he was sure he’d cum on the first stroke. Just having his whole five inch cock inside Liz’s hot wet pulsing cunt felt better than he ever dreamed it would, but at least he’d have a chance to recover some of his stamina while Liz recovered. While he waited for Liz Jason moved his lips down to her tits, kissing her freckles on the way until he had the girl giggling while he ran tongue across the heavy bands of freckles along the top of her breasts and then in swirls around her erect nipples.

“That feels good Jason,” Liz moaned, “almost as good as your cock in my pussy. I’m ready now, fuck me Jason, fuck me now!”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Jason said, licking his lips before he turned back to suck Liz’s closest nipple between his lips as he slid his cock out of her slit until only the head was held by her pulsing pussy lips. With Liz’s erect nipple caught between his teeth Jason looked down past her flat belly to see the bright red stain covering his shaft.

“Look Liz,” Jason said, releasing his lover’s nipple and lifting his body high enough to give the girl a clear view of his blood coated prick. “That’s all that’s left of your virginity. I thought you’d like to say good-bye to it.”

“Thank you Jason,” Liz said with a broad smile. “But I’d rather say good-bye with a good hard fuck and a pussy full of cum.”

“I’ll even throw in an orgasm if you like,” Jason said.

“I’d like,” Liz said with a groan of pleasure when Jason slammed his cock back in her pussy so hard his balls bounced off her bare ass.

With his mouth sucking on Liz’s tit for all it was worth Jason began to slide his cock in and out of her tight little pussy. He couldn’t believe how good Liz’s pussy felt as he fucked his cock in and out of her slit. Nothing he’d tried to imagine felt this good, and he knew that now that he’d lost his own virginity he wasn’t going to stop fucking no matter what. With his belly bouncing off Liz’s flat stomach Jason tried to imagine what it would be like if Liz’s belly was swollen with his baby and the thought made him hornier than ever.

“Oh yeah Jason,” Liz moaned when Jason picked up the pace, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy with enough force to push her across the livingroom carpet with every thrust. From the way his cocks was swelling in her cunt she knew it wouldn’t be long before Jason was filling her womb with his baby juice. She wondered what Jason would think if he realized just how her mother had prepared her for this night.

Jason felt his balls pull tight against the base of his prick and he slammed his cock as deep as it would go in Liz’s belly and screamed in pleasure when his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks.

When she felt Jason’s cum hit her womb Liz screamed even louder than Jason as her second orgasm of the night smashed through her body, her body bucked so hard off the floor that she was afraid she’d buck Jason right out of her belly so she locked her legs behind his shivering ass to hold him in place and make sure his baby juice went where it belonged.

“I never imagined fucking would feel so - incredible,” Jason said, looking down at Liz’s face and thinking how beautiful she looked with her sweety face flushed red from her fresh fucking. Her wet blond hair looked almost as red against the beige carpeting as it did with the light shining through it.

“Neither did I,” Liz said, grinning back at Jason. “I didn’t think anything could feel as good as masturbating but you proved me wrong, first with your tongue and then with your cock. Think we have time to do it again?”

“I don’t know, what time is it?” Jason asked, lifting his left arm to look at his watch.

“It’s a quarter to nine,” a voice said from the livingroom arch, “but you don’t have time to fuck my daughter again tonight.”

With a cold shiver running down his spine Jason turned his head to see Liz’s mother Mary Carter silhouetted in the light from the hallway.


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Great story, and super turn-on loved it.

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Tierra Oh my gosh I'm FREAKING DYING HERE!! These are so good and so adorable!! You did such a great job getitng amazing pictures. I want to have another baby now! I can't put into words how good these are. Seriously. Beautiful!


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How did Jason go from a 7" Dick in the Original to a 5" Dick in the Rewrite?

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Tierra Oh my gosh I'm FREAKING DYING HERE!! These are so good and so adorable!! You did such a great job gnitteg amazing pictures. I want to have another baby now! I can't put into words how good these are. Seriously. Beautiful!

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