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That night after I put the girls to bed I went into my room and put my pajamas on. After I got into bed I was sound asleep. The girls snuck into my room and each one of them took a shit in different spots of the room. The next morning I woke up and smelled something nasty. I looked around and found three different piles of shit. I went to the girls room and woke them up. Girls yes uncle Andrew. I just found shit in my room, do you three girls have anything to do with it? They all said no. ok girls get out of bed and let me check your butts. So they get out of bed and I pull down there panties and inspected there cute butts. Each one of the girls had traces of poop around there cute rose bud assholes. You girls are in big trouble. Take your pajamas off and your panties and come into my room for your spanking. They did as I told them to do and met me back in my room. I sat on the bed and said Amy your first. She had her head down. Get over my lap now missy! She went over my lap. Girls you’r getting ten spankings. Amy was over my lap and I started the spanking. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, by the fifth one her butt was red and she was crying. Smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10. Get off my lap and stand by your pile shit until Rachel’s and Stacy’s spankings are done.

Rachel get your dirty butt over my lap now! Yes uncle Andrew. She to had her head down. She was over my lap and I started her spanking. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10. She to was crying and her butt was red at the fifth spanking. Now I want you to stand by your pile shit until Stacey is done her spanking. Yes uncle Andrew. She went over to her pile and I called Stacey over. Stacey get that dirty hiney of yours over here and over my lap. She also had her head down. She layed over my lap and I started her spanking. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10. she was crying and has a nice red tushy. Then I told her to stand by her pile of shit. Ok girls since it snowed outside that’s where you are going to play today.

Oh in only your diapers. Before I put your diapers on your each getting a pill that will make you poop. Now lay on my bed while I go get the pills and diapers, from my bathroom. They got on my bed as told. Now girls I want you with your back down and pussys out in front. Ok uncle Andrew. I went and got the pills, and there diapers. Then I went over to my bed where the girls are and lifted each girls legs up and inserted 5 pills one at time in each girls cute assholes. They all yelled at me for putting five pills in there assess.

Then I added six to ten more pills. While they were crying hard I put there diapers on. Once there diapers were on I took them downstairs and took them outside so they could play in the snow. They started playing in the snow and 5 minutes later when they were in the middle of making snowmen they all came up to me holding there butts saying uncle Andrew we have to go potty, can we go potty in our little pottys. I told them no you are going to poop in your diapers. They all said yes uncle Andrew. After a minute they all let loose poop in there diapers and the bulges got bigger and bigger until they were done.

Ok girls take your diapers off then put six to forty pills in your butts all at once. Yes uncle Andrew. They took there diapers off and boy did they each make a huge mess in them. The girls butts were very messy. They inserted the pills. Then I told them to make that another fifty to eighty pills. They all said yes uncle Andrew. Now im going to make it three hundred to six hundred pills now and your going to go inside on your little pottys. Ok uncle Andrew. It will hurt to go poop. Aww but uncle Andrew we don’t want it to hurt. So I took them inside to where there pottys are in the bathroom. I sat them all down naked on there pottys and told them to go poop.

You could hear it coming out and the smell was horrific. They all made stinky faces by holding there noses. They all started crying cause of the pain. Im going to get the poop out because they asked me, six hundred to seven hundred times. I’m going to going to get the poop out while they are crying and pooping it out with your help girls because you asked me to do it, to put 800 pills in your asses. So now girls stand up so I can put a special pill in your pee hole. They stood up and I inserted three hundred pills into there pee holes. Then they said uncle Andrew we need to go pee pee. I said sit down on your pottys and go. Ok uncle Andrew. They sat down and you could see a fast stream of piss going into there little pottys were they just did there poopies. Ok girls I want you take your shit and shove it in your pee holes. They said yes uncle Andrew.

They each grabbed a handful of shit and rammed it in there pee holes. They were making a mess. Then I said Rachel Stacey you two are going to piss in amys butt. Yes uncle Andrew.amy bend over the tub and spread your butt cheeks now missy! She spread her butt cheeks well enough to see her pretty asshole. I had amy bend over the tub so that Rachel and Stacey could piss in her lovely butt.

They both stood over her butt and let loose a huge stream of piss in her butt. Amys butt was all covered in piss and looked so good. Then I got three butt plugs and inserted them in there butts and rediaperd them and sent them back out to play in the snow. I let there butts stay nice and poopie. A half hour later I called them in for lunch. The girls walked into the house and kitchen all wet and snowy. They sat at the table in there diapers they looked so cute.

I made them a special surprise food for lunch. I fed them five helpings of beans, and made sure they drank all of there special apple juice that will make them pee a lot in there diapers.ok girls you can go back out to play until dinner is ready. Yes uncle Andrew. They walked out outside in there diapers and started playing. It was dark out as well. Three hours later I called them inside to the kitchen. Girls I want you take off your diapers and sit in your highchairs. They obeyd uncle Andrew. They were sitting with long butt plugs in the cute butts. I put the trays in the high chairs and served them eight helpings of beans that all ate like good girls.

Once dinner was over I sent them outside to play and to go out side and poop in the snow and to also play with there buttplugs they took out. Girls put your butt plugs back in your butts now!if its not you can’t play in the snow. Im going to shove the huge butt plugs in your butts now hold still. If you don’t hold still your all grounded. I got through each girl but they weren’t holding still so I told them they were now grounded. Ok girls now your going to hold still and eat nine hundred beans. If you don’t hold still your grounded for ten weeks and wont be allowed outside. As I was feeding them the beans the girls were getting really fidgety and anzty. That’s it girls your all grounded no going out to play for ten weeks! Aww but uncle Andrew were sorry, and They all started crying really loud and with a lot of tears. Listen up girls your not allowed to poop or pee for tweleve weeks, and you cant pee or poop outside for tweleve weeks. Also your now grounded for twenty to thirty weeks. Aww uncle Andrew we will be good girls we promise. So girls you now must hold it in for forty to fifty weeks.

Yes uncle Andrew. Later the next day I walked outside and found poop and pee in the snow. Girls! I said. They came running outside to me and said what is it uncle Andrew. Why am I looking at three piles of shit and piss in the snow. You three took your butt plugs and made three huge piles of shit. Your all grounded for fifty to sixty weeks.

They all started to cry really hard and were saying we will try harder to be good girls uncle Andrew we promise. Now girls take those butt plugs out and shove forty none to eighty of your undies up your cute bottoms and butt plugs to, and reinsert your butt plugs. What I also did was sneak a poop pill up your butts. You girls can’t take those butt plugs for at least one hundred to two hundred weeks! I want your undies to get nice and smelly, and dirty. You will take your undies out in a week. Yes uncle Andrew. Listen up girls its now time to poop your undies out and butt plugs. Yay uncle Andrew. You girls must poop it all out in three to four hundred weeks I want you to push really hard to get it all out. They pushed so hard that the undies and butt plugs and huge piles shit came out of there butts. There undies were covered in tons of poop. Uncle Andrew our undies smell funny.

Listen up its time to play outside in the snow. Yay. First put your stinky diapers on with your black butt plugs in and a pill in your ass. then you can go outside and play. They listened to uncle Andrew and were outside playing in the snow making snowmen and having a snowball fight. Rachel threw a snowball at amy and it hit her ass and hurt her cute tushy.

I want those butt plugs to stay in your tushys for five hundred weeks. Girls come here. Im going to take the plugs out so I can shove mac and cheese up your buts. They came over to me I took there plugs out and shoved a handful of very hot steaming mac and cheese up there butts. They all screamed owwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now girls put those butt plugs back in and Stacey and amy throw a snowball at rachels ass. They did as I told them to and Rachel said oweeeeeeeee as the snowball hit her ass.
Ok girls nows it time to add the next meal portion to your butts, peas corn and lasgna. Aww uncle Andrew. I took them to kitchen took there butt plugs out and told them to lay on the floor with there butts high in the air. I then grabbed the peas they were steaming hot shoved a handful each up there butts. They screamed owwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Next was the corn they still screamed, and finally the lasgna. They were crying really hard while the food was shoved up there butts. I also shoved 500 to 900 more pills in there butts and told them they are not allowed to poop or for 500 to 900 days. Then I shoved there butt plugs back in. then I decided to et the cold mac and cheese out and shove that up there butts. Girls back down plugs out. This mac and cheese is ice cold and its going up your tushys. I took a handful each and shoved it up there tushys. They screamed owwwwwweeeeeeeeeee its very cold.. after that I got snow from outside and shoved snowballs up there cute tushys. Now listen up girls I want you to outside and each shove snowballs up each of your butts until it hurts. They went outside and shoved medium sized ones up there butts and screamed owwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now bend over girls while I shove 500 to 900 long icecicles up your butts. As I was shoving them up there butts they screamed really loud. Owwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee. Girls plug up your butts fast so the ice can melt. Daddy can we expel our poopy. NO sweeties but go outside and do it. As they let it out it was ice cold and very runny plus they screamed owwwweeeeeeeeee it hurts so bad daddy. I walked outside and saw there poopy mess. I told them that we would have redo what was up there butts again because they pooped with out permission. Later that night I shoved there butt plugs back in there butts. The girls told me no didn’t listen to me and then I had them to do it again. They were arguing with me.
They started kicking me while I was trying to get what they ate up there asses. They kept running and kicking me in the ass. Girls your getting 600 to 900 pills up your asses. Girls its cleaning time,

I want you to go outside and clean up your shit and shove it back in your asses. While they were doing that I poured poraxid in there asses. Owwwwwwwwwwwww that stings daddy that stings. You could see it was making bubbles.

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2012-01-31 18:25:28
Really good but outrageous 900 pills and crap be more realistic and keep writing don't listen the other people

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2011-05-22 17:54:55
this is the most stupidest and unbelievable shit i have ever read!!!!!!

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2010-11-24 10:16:16
Don't quit your day job

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2010-06-29 14:00:32
This story didn't make any sense at all. 0 out of 10.

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