By the time I came in from school he was already gone. Finally, I could breathe without the worry of his anger. I would go about my evening like any other kid. Do homework, listen to records and dance. Feel the freedom while you can. I had two brothers and a sister, so I would cook dinner, give the two younger ones a bath. Get em ready for bed. The normal thing...When they were all in bed for the night I'd lay awake at night and try to think of a way to get out of this life. How could I make this end. I always tried to keep one step ahead of him. Finally falling asleep, only to be him....

Sometimes I'd wake to the feel of him trying to remove my panties. I'd roll over and act asleep. Trying to wake my baby sister..Forcing him to leave the room. This worked for awhile, but soon worn off. He came into my room, picked me up and carried me back to his room. Laying me on the bed. Still i acted like i was asleep. Somewhere in my childish mind i thought he'd stop if i didn't wake up.

Laying me down on the bed. Lifting my nightgown, He'd just stare at me. Slowly rubbing his hands over my tits. Lowering his mouth to suck my nipple. I'd just lay there, never making a sound. Taking his other hand he'd lower it to my panties. And start rubbing. I didn't understand why he was doing this.

Rubbing my panties, and sucking my tits. I just layed there. Not moving, not making a sound. Slowly he pulled my panties to one side...exposing my young pussy. He took his hands and was trying to spread my legs apart farther..I'd tighten my legs, trying to keep them together. He'd started rubbing my pussy...opening the lips and finding the wettness. " Mmm, You like what im doing don't you?". He whisper. I wouldn't answer. Just be still. Don't move or say anything. I'd think to myself. Rubbing my pussy more, I noticed I had become wet. And a feeling was beginning to take over my body again. I felt the fear deep within me. He opened my pussy wider and lowered his mouth. Licking, Slowly moving his tongue up and down my wet young, tight pussy. Pushing it in deeper as he goes.. Taking my legs he would lift them above my head, making my ass exposed. Letting his tongue travel down he'd lick my ass, while rubbing my clit, and fingering my pussy... Getting wetter, my body going crazy. Wanting him to stop. Yet needing to finish. Moving his mouth to my clit, he started licking, faster, harder. Flicking his tongue. Tears begin to fall. I grab his head and try to move him off me. Telling him to stop. " I'm gonna tell". I'd cry. Grabbing me by the throat. " You say a word little girl and i'll make your mom pay..". I could smell my juices on his face. Lowering back to my pussy, He'd lick, and suck....paying close attention to my clit...My pussy was on fire. My nipples were hard. He started sucking my clit, easy at first....Mmm that felt good..still crying wanting him to stop....while wanting him to continue...Sucking harder on my clit, my body begain to tighten....trying to ignore the feeling...sucking harder on my clit...putting a finger into my pussy, he started pumping fast. Sucking harder...I had lost control of my body....grabbing him by the back of his head, grinding my pussy in his face...i came....hard....His tongue right there to lick and enjoy my young juices...Closing my eyes...Crying.....Wanting this all to end....

Lifting me up,,,,,He'd take my hand and place it around his already throbbing cock....One look in his eyes and i knew what i had to do.....Either jack him off....suck him off......or let him fuck me....Those were always my choices. Slowly i start stroking his cock.....feeling it get harder with each stroke..." Mmmm that's it....Faster". He'd say...Putting his hand over mine, He'd begin pumping faster......holding my hand tight....faster he'd pump....I could feel his cock ready to blow...Then slowly the thick white creamy goo came from the tip of his cock....and run down my the tears ran down my face...

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I remember gagging when he shot into my mouth..and made me swallow all his warm sperm. He is in jail now..for raping a young girl...7.


2009-08-22 20:03:09
Just read this Part Two having just finished Part Three. The writer has enjoyed the sex, no doubt: you cum when you enjoy and no mistake. Readers who make disparaging comments and object to Incest are in the minority here and really should not start reading any Incest story because they know what Incest is before they start reading. Incest is an abuse of parental responsibility but it is SEX. Carefully achieved and gently achieved incest is, at least 9 times out of 10, enjoyed by partcipants and it is not unusual for participants to continue well into adult life. Well told story. Please, ladydreamer, write Part 4.

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