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A brother is forced too rape his own sister at gunpoint
"Hey, kid, I'm talking to you."

That's how it began with my sister and I. Walking through the park at night, trying to take a short cut because we were late getting home. We should have gone around because it was often frequented by druggies and the homeless in it's less frequented areas after dark, but we thought we would be safe if we stuck to the lighted paths and kept together. We were wrong.

The man had been hidden by some trees growing near the path. He stayed in the shadows but whe I looked I could see the glint of a gun in his hand.

"We don't have any money," I said. "We're just trying to get home."

"That's too bad for you," He said. "There's a toll on this path." He looked around, checking to see if anyone else was near.

I did, too, but saw no one. If ever I hoped to see a cop, now was the time, but no dice. We were alone.

"That your girlfriend there with you, kid?" he asked.

"No, she's my sister," I said.

"Oh, really?" he said. I could see that he was smiling at the thought. Not a nice smile, either.
"Just leave her alone," I tried, but he cut me off.

"Get over here, the both of you," he snapped. "And make it quick or this thing might go off."

Scared of being hurt, we both walked over to where he was.

"No money, huh?" he said. "Then get out of those clothes. They oghta be worth something."

"My clothes...," I began.

"Both of you," he said. "And make it quick."

Beth had started crying by this time and he smacked her to try and make her be quiet. I tried to stop him and felt the muzzle of the gun hit me across the face, knocking me down. I heard a sickeningly loud click as he thumbed back the hammer.

"Shut up bitch,and get stripped, or your bro gets it. And you, too."

Beth took off her top and shoes, then pulled off her jeans leaving her in only her panties and bra.

"Get them off, too," He snapped at her. "I said strip like in naked."

She did, then tried to cover herself with her hands.

"Not a bad looking little cunt you got for a sis here, bro," The guy said as he looked her up and down appreciatively. I agreed, but her tits and ass were the farthest things from my mind at that point. I wished they were as far from his.

"Now you get naked, too, bro," He said, waving the gun my way.

I knew any kind of hero move would be idiotic, and would probably get us both killed. They never show you this part in a movie, I thought. The hero, unarmed and helpless, the girl about to get raped, both of them a trigger pull from getting killed. I stripped down, trying to take as long as I could about it. Maybe there was still going to be a scene where the calvery showed up.

No such luck.

Naked, I tossed over the last of my clothes. I didn't bother trying to hide myself. What was the point?

"That's it," I said. "All we have. Let us go now."

"Aw, I wouldn't want to leave you with nothing," the man said. "How about if sis gives you a blowjob?"

"What?!", we both said together.

"No way!" Beth said, and started backing up.

"You want me to shoot him then?" the guy asked nastily.

"No," she said. "Don't hurt him!"

"Then get over here and suck his dick, you little slut," he said. "I want to see bro here get a hard on for his sister!"

"Please, don't make her do this," I said. "She doesn't even know how! She's a virgin!"

"Ha!" he barked. "Guess who's gonna get her cherry popped?"

I felt sick at the thought of her being raped. Then he stuck his gun against the back of my head and I thought he was going to shoot me before doing it to her. I was wrong.

"And guess who's gonna pop it?"

Our shock must have shown in our faces because the guy grinned.

"Yeah, I can't get it up so well these days because of my habit, but here's a naked chick and you already got a hard on just thinking about it. No reason not to put it to use. Now get over here and start sucking him bitch, or I'll get bored and just kill him.

She knelt in front of me, her face streaked with tears, and took my cock in her hand. I didn't want to say anything that might make things worse so I didn't. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see her but there was no way I couldn't feel what she was doing. He must have noticed my eyes shut because he hissed at me to watch.

"Sorry, Beth," I said. "Try pretending he isn't here and I'm your boyfriend."

She nodded and took me in her mouth, tentatively at first to see what I tasted like, then more and sucked at the man's urging. God! I'm as male as the next guy and my sis was a sexy looking girl, but I had never thought I'd really have my cock in her mouth. It was strange and horrible to have it happen at gun point, but I was hard as a rock and couldn't help it. I winced a little as her teeth scraped my dick and she looked up at me, mouthed "Sorry" and went back at it, being a bit more careful. Soon my shaft was bathed in her saliva from root to tip. I couldn't help noticing that her other hand had slipped between her legs and she seemed to be playing with herself a little. Probably to keep from thinking about what, or at least who, she was doing.

"Good enough," the guy said after a few minutes of her sucking me. She stopped and I was almost sorry.

"Now get on all fours, slut. And you stick that cock of yours in her cunt doggy style."

She moved into the position he ordered and I knelt behind her. I tried just putting my dick between her legs but he was watching too close.

"I said fuck her, punk, or maybe I just shoot the two of you and get out of here!"

"Do it," Beth whispered. "He'll kill us if you don't!"

"Ok," I said. "Sorry, Beth." And pushed into her.

I felt the resistance of her hymen for a second, then it broke and I slid into her. She yelped and stiffened under me and I held still, thinking she was really hurt. I'd heard it was painful for most women to lose their virginity. In a moment, though, she let out a pent up breath and pushed back against me a little. I eased in and out a tiny bit to get her used to the feeling, then a little more. She took long ragged breaths as she tried to move with me, pushing back against my cock with her hips until I was in her pussy all the way. Then I started sliding my shaft in and out almost it's whole length as slowly as I could. I was fucking my sister and I knew she would hate me for it because I was liking it!

I almost didn't hear the guy urging me to do her faster and harder as I was becoming lost in just having sex with a beautiful woman, not raping my sister at gunpoint. And she seemed to be responding as well. I didn't know what fantasy she had managed to dredge up to cover the horror of our situation, but her pussy was hot and well lubricated as it gloved my cock in velvety warmth. I even felt her inner muscles clench and unclench around my shaft as she pushed her hips back at me, fucking me more with instinct than knowledge.

"Faster," she hissed at me. "C'mon, bro, do me hard!"

I felt her fingers between her legs, playing with her clit as I fucked her. I gripped her hips and thrust in as hard as I could, trying to get her over the edge into orgasm. If I had to fuck my sister she was going to get something out of it, too.

I don't know how long I was in her, pumping my cock in and out, but she stiffened and I felt her fingers slapping at her pussy as she let out a low groan.

"Cumminnnng..." she moaned, and I was right with her. Jet after jet of my sperm shot deep into my sisters womb. I'd wanted to pull out but was sure the guy with the gun wanted it this way. I could only think that I'd just gotten her pregnant. Her legs shook and collapsed under her and I fell down, too, almost on top of her.

Then I heard a sound I'd been praying for. Someone, no several someones were coming along the path. The guy heard them, too, because he took off without even grabbing our clothes. I got them and shoved hers at her, telling her to keep hidden till the people passed.

"You don't know who they might be," I told her. "They could be more like the last one. Or worse."

Beth nodded and kept silent as we struggled back into our clothes. Once dressed and the passers by were gone we pretty much ran to the nearest park exit and out onto the street. I flagged a passing taxi and told him to get us to the apartment we shared, passing him a twenty for a ten dollar fare. I'd lied about not having money but it hardly seemed to matter since the theif would have had it if he'd just taken our clothes.

When we got into the apartment I started to pick up the phone and report the assault to the police but Beth put her hand on mine and shook her head no.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?" I asked. "We can report it there."

"No, I.. I just.. no," she said shaking her head. Then she was holding on to me and shaking all over.

I made her a drink and downed one of my own. I never needed one so much to steady my nerves.

"Just get me into the shower so I can get cleaned up," she said, her teeth chattering a little. "You get in with me so I don't fall down."

I wasn't really thinking when I helped her into the bathroom and stripped down. Modesty was out the window between us after what we had been made to do. She held on to me as we got under the spray and I gently soaped her all over. Then she was washing me, too, and I realized that my face was cut from the sting of the soap. I realized something else and looked down in amazement as her hands soaped and stroked my cock.

"What are you doing?" I stammered as her hands fondled parts of me that had violated her just a half hour ago.

"You said to pretend that guy wasn't there watching and that you were my boyfriend," she said. "I've been pretending that for years. I just never told you." She looked up at me with water streaming off of her body. "You must think I'm awful for that. I came like a whore."

"Not awful," I said, holding her. "I think you are beautiful. And I came, too."

She smiled and kissed me, wrapping her arms around my neck. We stayed like that a long while.

"Um, can I ask you something?" she said.

"Sure. What?"

"Can we do it again?"

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2016-02-09 16:21:18
Nice one. a bit fast but it was alright. Spelling could been better. English 101

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2015-06-01 14:35:55
Harsh but a good read

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2015-05-29 21:28:43
Great story would like more

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2014-12-06 13:04:38
Wow so happy to hear incest stories. My aunt introduced me to her cunt when i was about 7 we continued till she passes away. When me and ashley my aunt Got caught we got locked down so baby sister had to learn About sex i still remember the look and moan she made When i finally got my dick in her. we have only recently slowed down i miss makeing my lil moan While we thrust our genatls into our sibling. I had 2 other cousins that i used to get off ans last but not least the step father who ised to fuck me eveeyday after school. I remember having to wear pink panties and lace stockins because i was his cocksleeve afterschool he would take me in the wio
ods And i learned quick. If it dont hurt enjoy it cause he lived hearing me beg him and scream when he would Rrr

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Always on my mind though

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