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A married man finds new attraction to look at
Room with a View - A Voyeur’s Story - Part 1

As soon as my wife leaves our flat and the door closes behind her I move quickly to the telescope which would normally be pointing up to the stars. I often sit late at night with a glass of wine in my hand gazing up into the darkness above the city lights and out into the universe to see the wonders of deep space and infinity beyond. Or at least that is what my wife is led to believe! But during the daylight, when I am alone in the flat the scope will often be pointing in a very different direction to that of the solar system.

Standing only in shorts and sandals I swing the telescope around to face the block of flats opposite. Gazing through the eyehole I point it down to the basement flat and am met with the usual sight of the old fat Italian man making spaghetti in his kitchen area. He often does this as he chats to his equally fat wife. Having seen her close up it is clear that during her youth she would have been an extremely beautiful woman. But now age and the good Italian food her husband seems to be continuously feeding her has taken its toll on her body and looks. Whilst her big brown eyes are still extremely beautiful and deep in appearance her hair has greyed and the fullness of her figure had been overtaken with age and size.

And often, when she is away, I will see him stooped over his table, lit by a dim lamp, the table covered in pictures of naked teenage girls, probably matching the beauty he had married but now seems lost forever in his wife. And so instead, when his wife is out, he will ogle the busty teens in all sorts of revealing positions as he pulls on his small cock until it spurts across the two dimensional figures on the paper.

Smiling, I shift the scope up to the next floor. The flat is empty now, except for the small dog who roams around looking for a fight with anyone that cares to attempt to knock on the door whilst his single white male owner is at work. Up again, my anticipation is growing as I look forward to reaching the floor that is level with mine. The next sight is two girls, teenagers, arguing as usual. They argue over a man. They are both thin with straggly hair and slutty makeup. This is to cover their sad lives which are controlled by alcohol and drugs, rather than by enjoying life itself. The sound of their shrill voices wafts out of the open window and across the gap between the flats, only stopping when one of the girls is out. They argue over the same man, the man who says that he loves them both, but never together. The man who visits when the other is out and takes advantage of the young girl in the most explicit way, having self satisfying gratuitous sex to meet his needs rather than those of his……….. um……………… I pause to think!

I can never work out if they are his lovers or victims! But whichever girl happens to be in at the time will satisfy him in return for what he carries in a small bag, before he disappears into the night once again. That way both parties are satisfied in their own sad way.

But my mind is not on them, as I raise the scope level with my own flat. It is on something more beautiful, sexier and more eloquent and gorgeous than anything else within that block, and within the city. With trembling hands I steady the scope. My heart is beating hard in my chest as I aim the scope at the window opposite before sitting back in my seat to wait. Then I see her for the first time today and my heart skips a beat once again. The sunlight catches her platinum blonde hair through the open window and I smile to myself. With a shaking hand I refocus the telescope to check she is alone in the flat. I smile, he must be away again. He seems to be away a lot.

Her skin is tanned by the sun and her curves portray a real woman’s body, and what a body it is. My cock within my shorts starts to twitch as I gaze out upon her in the most voyeuristic way possible. I have seen her many times before and I reach a hand down to caress my growing manhood through the thin material of my shorts. I’ve seen her in the morning, during the day and at night. I’ve seen her clothed, partially clothed and naked. I have seen her husband’s lips on hers and wished they were mine. I have watched his fingers run down her perfect skin and ached for them to be my hands. I have seen his mouth on her perfect breasts, the flesh so soft and wonderful, just crying out to be touched, by me! And I have seen him make love to her, both soft and gently and then hard and furious. I have watched her take him in her mouth as he has used her and her body to meet his own needs. And I have seen her face as he cums and then see how he rolls over onto his back but she lies still as if it isn’t enough.

And it is never long until he is asleep and it is then I watch as her hands roam over her own body. Touching and caressing gently on her pussy and large soft breasts and nipples trying to satisfy herself since he has failed. And I have become so excited just dreaming that it could be me and played with my cock just dreaming of her. But knowing in my heart of hearts that it cannot as she is her and I am me, and we both have partners. But I still dream.

She is dressed today in a short skirt and tight top as she potters around the apartment before she finally makes my dreams come true and comes out onto the balcony to sit and allow her heavenly body to absorb the sunlight. Sipping on a cold drink she lays back with her sunglasses on. My vision from the scope is right up along her beautiful legs and full thighs and up under the crease of the skirt. I feel my cock jerk when I get a momentary vision of black panties. But suddenly she is sitting up and looking directly at my window. She can’t see me from there!

Embarrassed I fumble as she looks over. I pray that she will not see my scope pointing in her direction and lay back on the chair trembling through fear of being caught. A perverted Peeping Tom, the headline would say and I would be ruined.

Cautiously I raise my head again to look in her direction to see that she has moved back into the flat. I swing the scope around to her window. I am confused. Just for a moment until I see her standing behind her open window with binoculars up at her eyes, looking directly back at me. I freeze in horror and my cock disappears as if it now wants nothing to be with the dirty Peeping Tom. But slowly I look back through the scope and can see her clearly. She is looking but smiling. I watch intently as she drops one hand from the binoculars onto her full breast as she watches me watching her.
I am dumbstruck as I see hand stretch out across the material of her top, not big enough to fully cup her huge soft breast but then see her fingers close with her thumb around a hard nipple, clearly visible through the thin material. She drops the binoculars to the bed as I watch her close her eyes and bite her bottom lip as her fingers and thumb tighten around the nipple harder pulling on it and making it stand out through the material.

I am now trembling with excitement. I have seen her so many times in the past but she has never looked so beautiful nor as sexy as she does at this moment. The lump in my shorts is now at its fullest forcing the material out and I cannot help but ease my hand down onto it to touch the hot firm cock head through the thin material of my shorts once again.

But………………..I want her. I want to touch her………………to feel her…………… taste her. Now that she has seen me, and I have seen her I know now that there is no turning back. I have to meet her to see if she feels the same way as I do. Taking control and standing I straighten myself up and ease a T shirt over my torso.

The moment of truth has arrived.

I exit my flat walking down the narrow corridors to where she lives. With a trembling hand and heart beating in my chest I knock gently on her door………!
It swings open slowly but there is no sign of her. I enter her flat locking it behind me and start to walk down the short hallway looking for her in each of the rooms I feel I know so well having seen them all from my own flat.

Lying on the bed, she hears the knock on the door and the door lock click shut and her body tingles with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below her and now only wearing a black thong and a smile she awaits my approach. Finally entering the bedroom, I see her lying almost naked and proud as she wait almost expectantly for me. I gulp! I have waited so long just to meet her in person rather than through my voyeuristic ways and now she is lying on the bed in all her wonderful glory waiting for my next move. I flick off my sandals feeling the warm carpet beneath my feet and then my T shirt to expose my tanned firm body. Her bright eyes widen and shine with desire as I then allow my shorts to fall to the floor leaving me standing naked before her. The movement of the thin curtains in the room causes the sunlight to flicker light across her beautiful curves. She looks divine in all her glory.

I immediately cross the room and climb onto the bed to kneel beside her. She reaches up and places a finger across lips as if to say words are not necessary at this point in time. Her red painted lips curl in a soft smile. My eyes devour every inch of her wonderful body with all her curves and charms that she possesses. And a faint smile that I can’t hide demonstrates to her beyond measure that I adore what I see. With my delicious smile widening, I finally lower my face to hers and our moist lips brush gently against one another for the first time.

I feel a pulse of electricity shoot through my body alerting every nerve ending as the warmth of her lips and tongue touches mine. I have dreamt of her kisses and my passion is ignited as I feel her soft hands exploring my firm body. As we kiss I caress her face tenderly, feeling her soft smooth skin under my warm hands and our tongues delicately dance together within our open mouths.

I feel her hands reach down, almost absent-mindedly and begin to stroke my hardening thick cut penis. Her warm fingers entwine themselves over the soft skin covering the thick firm muscle of my cock as I feel her caress my shaft that enlarges under her soft perfect touch. I sigh involuntarily.
“I'll have to do something about this for you!” She whispers in foreign accent softly almost purring the words to me as her fingers encircle my thick cock. Kneeling up, I smile down at her, my shining eyes appealing, almost urging her, without words, to do exactly what I want her to do.

Receiving my clear message and wasting no time she kneels up to greet me with a gentle lingering kiss before easing me gently back onto the bed. Then leaning over me she gives me the most glorious vision of her huge luscious breasts dangling down below her, her nipples soft, supple and delicious. She kisses me softly on the cheeks and ears gently running her tongue into my left ear. This makes me gasp with pleasure and my hard cock twitches frantically in her hands. Her lips and tongue reach my neck and again my body is suddenly covered in goose bumps as electrical currents seem to surge through my body and soul. Still mesmerised by her full swaying breasts I watch as she makes her way down my body, kissing my chest and stomach before finally positioning herself between my legs. Parting my legs she kneels gently between them exposing me to herself in all my hard glory.

She looks exquisite as she kneels looking over to me with a devilish grin on her beautiful face and her big brown eyes dazzling in the sunlight.

Wrapping the fingers of one hand around the base of my thick cock she begins to move them slowly up and down while placing the other hand under my full sack of cum waiting to be released. Leaning forward, she flicks her tongue over my cock head and I moan appreciatively. Uncurling her fingers from around my shaft she make swirling motions with her soft wet tongue around the cock head, paying attention to the piss slit up the front. This sensation drives me into ecstasy and I| moan loudly. Smiling she lick along the underside of the thick shaft all the way from my balls to the tip and back down again, slowly, repeating the motion as she gazes up at me with her dazzling eyes.

I can’t help but moan again as she continues to tease me with her tongue, licking up and down the thick shaft before swirling her tongue around the head of my swollen cock. I bring my knees up and she leans forward, nestling my cock between her huge wondrous breasts. Smiling at me again she begins to move her body up and down with my cock enveloped between the full soft fleshy mounds. The feeling is clearly exciting us both as her nipples brush against the insides of my thighs and my hard cock oozing precum as it slides easily along the full length of her deep cleavage. The short hairs on the inside of my thighs tickle her sensitive nipples as she moves, sending fiery bolts of electricity through her body. I watch in awe as the nipples harden into the darling buds that I long to touch and lick and taste.

Lifting her hands she pushes her breasts together wrapping them around the hard shaft of my cock. Just the sight of this makes my cock swell even bigger and harder. I start to rock my hips gently as she slowly wanks me off with her amazing soft luscious tits.
“You like that, don't you?” She purrs in her gorgeous accent looking up at me with a delicious grin on her beautiful lips. Unable to speak, l simply nod as I watch her tongue flick out over tip of my cock as it comes up through the valley of flesh, causing me to moan again as my whole body begins to tense, as I breath deeply.

Her eyes flash hungrily at me as she licks her painted lips seductively. Slowly, with her mouth open she moves her face closer to my pumping shaft. Holding my cock steadily in place with one hand, she lowers her head.
“Oh fuck, yessss!” I groan as her lips finally encircle my cock slowly drawing me into the warmth of her gorgeous soft wet warm mouth. Swirling her tongue around my thick shiny cock head she slowly begins to slide her lips down my shaft, her mouth wide to take my full girth. Glancing up she sees me watching her and obligingly pushes her hair back to give the best view.

The view turns me on so much just to watch my cock disappear between the lips of the woman I have dreamt about and wanted for so long. And now, it appears, all my dreams are coming true. With one hand cupping my balls and gently squeezing them her lips continue to travel up and down my shaft creating such intensity of feeling. With her other hand between my open legs she slides it under my full balls and along my scrotum until her fingers reach my tight arse button. My cock swells again in her mouth as I feel her fingers circle my arse almost causing me to cum there and then, the feeling is so intense.

Bobbing her head up and down slowly, my cock is sliding in and out of her beautiful lips and at the top of each stroke she swirls her tongue around the head then flicks it across the slit. This causes my hips to surge upwards before settling back down to the intense feeling that she is creating below at my balls and arse. Sucking hard, slide lips slide down my shaft, taking as much of my thick cock as possible into her hungry mouth. I reach down with my hands to her head winding my fingers into her soft blonde hair as the moist warmth of her mouth begins to drive me wild.

Realising how much I am enjoying the attention she releases my balls and wraps her fingers tightly around the base of my shaft, beginning to move it up and down in time with her mouth. She circles my bum hole with her free hand while her mouth and other hand slide up and down in tandem along the shaft. It feels like the entire length of my cock is disappearing into the warm wet confines of her hungry mouth and I gasp my appreciation.

My moans grow louder as her mouth glides skilfully up and down my shaft. Varying the pace, first slow and gentle than hard and fast then slow again, sucking harder and then more gently as she bobs her head up and down. The bucking of my hips off the bed becomes increasingly frantic as she uses her mouth and hand to draw me towards an inevitable climax. I cannot hold on for much longer and holding her head lightly in place, I start to fuck her hot wet mouth, thrusting my cock between her lips as she tightens them around the thick girth with her fingers around my shaft.

“I'm getting close!” I gasped breathlessly. She can feel my cock begin to twitch inside her mouth, tasting my pre-cum as it oozes out.
“Oh fuck! I can't take much more!” My eyes are now closed.
Smiling inwardly to herself she can hear the strain in my voice as she drags the swollen head of my cock along the roof of her mouth. Pausing briefly, she allows my cock to slip from between her lips.
Smiling she says. “That's all right. I want you to cum. That way you'll last so much longer when you fuck me. Cum in my mouth! You know how much I love to taste hot cum. I have seen you watching me do that, remember!”

On hearing this I feel her tongue flick over my knob head again before her luscious lips engulf it once more. Her hand tightens around the base of my shaft prolonging the feeling and then I feel her other hand and fingers pressing directly onto my tight arsehole. I widen my legs further for her allowing her greater access. She looks up at me, her deep brown eyes smouldering as she catches my lustful gaze. Her lips slide down my shaft once again. My hips press forward with my cock slipping between her lips feeling it sliding against the roof of her mouth. She forces my hips down with my bum cheeks wife onto her hand and I suddenly feel the exquisite touch of her finger penetrating my arse while she continues to slide her lips up until only the very tip of my swollen prick remains in her mouth. Sucking hard she wiggles her finger playfully in my arse and grips my cock shaft tightly between her thumb and forefinger rubbing it up and down. My breathing deepens further as a mixture between a moan and a groan escapes from my mouth.

She suddenly feels my cock swell again and body stiffen as she drives me with such expertise ever closer to the edge. My eyes are closed and pulse is racing as my whole body writhes on the bed under her spell and beautiful touch as I feel my climax approaching. Her fingers in my bum and watch she is doing to my cock are feelings more powerful than I have ever experienced. With every ounce of strength I possess I try to hold back prolonging the moment of exquisite pleasure but her hands, fingers and mouth drive me relentlessly to the point of no return. With her lips securely wrapped around the head of my cock, she lets her mouth relax in readiness for what both she and I know is only seconds away. Tilting her head back and brushing her hair away from her face, her gorgeous big brown eyes meet mine. She winks at me, teasing me as much with her eyes as with her fingers and mouth. I am lost to the world of pleasure and let out an almost strangled groan as I struggle to deny the inevitable conclusion.

As she uses her fingers of one hand to stroke my shaft, she gives my arse a final finger fucking reaching for my most sensitive area. Unable to endure anymore, I feel my full sack start to empty.
“Oh, Fuck! Baby!!!!” I cry out as I feel my seed boil up through my rock hard prick.
“I ... I'm cumming!” I moan with a growl of sheer animal lust and I finally allow myself to let go. My cock, along with my pent up emotions, finally erupts, filling her mouth with thick streams of sticky cum over and over again.
Still sucking hard and licking on my tortured prick she swallows it quickly, savouring the sensations as my thick love cream trickling down her throat. Shot after shot hits the roof of her mouth until it gradually subsides and I feel the beautiful touch of her tongue once again on the slit of my cock head licking it clean as my climax subsides.

My spent cock finally slips from between her lips. A small trace of cum dribbles down her chin and looking me in the eye she licks her lips and smiles, making a show of wiping her chin and licking her fingers before sucking the last few drops from my rapidly diminishing cock. Finally, she moves her beautiful body up beside me and leaning over my face allows a dribble of cum still within her mouth to dribble down onto my lips and mouth before pressing her lips tightly against mine. Her tongue penetrates my mouth in a long cummy kiss.

“Mmmmmm!” She whispers as we break off the kiss. “That was nice. I hope there's more where that came from.” She purrs seductively as she presses her wonderful body against mine.
“Oh, there will be my darling, don't worry.” I manage to reply. “Just give me some time to recover.”
We kiss again deeply as my hands roam down over the soft skin of her back onto her full bum cheeks. Smiling and feeling the warmth and shape of her beautiful body against mine, my cock starts to stir again.

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