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This is a poem written to my lover. It is my first poem with sexual content so bare with me and tell me what you think. I am open to criticism. Please, if you use this as a poem to anyone, all I ask id that you give credit where it is due
Crack the whip and tie me down
Have me completely gagged and bound
Make the pain go ever longer
For it makes the pleasure stronger
Spank, and bite me
Make it so I can’t see
Have your way
I’ll do as you say
Make me scream all night
I’ll do whatever you want if you bite
Make me your slave
For I love to misbehave
I have been a naughty kitty
Don’t you dare show me pity
Punish me as hard as you can
Show me that you’re the strongest man
Whip my pussy ever so hard
Make my body feel so marred
Pull my hair, tighten the chain!
I want to feel more pain!
Make me bleed, make me moan
Show me that I’m your own
Make me beg for more
Fuck me more after I’m already sore
Control me so I can not move
Show me what I want you to prove
Hold a knife to my throat
Please don’t try to sugar coat
Anything you want I’ll do
I’ll do anything for you
Make me your pet
Show me what is set
Choke me harder, bite me some
I am yours till you’re done


2012-10-29 04:13:41
decent poem although certain parts were a bit hard to read along cause the tempo of the words changed a bit from how short some lines were

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2012-10-17 18:15:43

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2010-07-20 01:02:22
i loved it it is exactly wat i was looking for cant wait for more


2010-06-10 12:55:56
I almost forgot, since you are probably pissed at my honesty, why not PM me and I'll give you some tips on how to fluff up your writing so it's not nearly as disgusting and maybe we can arrange for me to duct tape you onto a chair and make you sad that you have only one dick for me to pleasure. I a sicko too so don't get bent out of shape gullyhog. P.S. I can almost taste your cum sliding down my throat.


2010-06-10 12:52:32
this sooooooo disgusting. People like you should be exterminated. You have 2 places taken up for the same pitiful work, if you call it that. Why not think about hanging yourself, save the world some pain.

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